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Everyone stiffened when they heard the soldier's words. "The Spirit King says that you must enter the spirit world in peace and reincarnate as another being when the time is right." "Guys, what's going on...? What's the soldier saying?" Donnie kneeled down in front of Mikey. "Mikey, we're sorry, but because of the spiritual laws, we...we can't stay in the physical world anymore..." "What...?" Mikey was at a loss. "Mikey, we're sorry." Tears began to flow from Mikey's eyes.

"YOU GUYS ARE LEAVING?!" Mikey yelled. "WHY CAN'T YOU STAY LONGER OR SOMETHING? YOU PROMISED! You promised..." Mikey started to cry. Donnie hugged him tightly while his own tears flowed down onto his cheeks. "We're sorry, Mikey. I'm sorry. We can't stay in this world for long, since we would then be disobeying the spiritual laws. Spirits and living beings are two separate beings. We managed to stay here with you as our deaths were not avenged. But, now that our deaths are truly avenged...we have no further reason to stay in the physical world anymore. We have to go..." "WHAT? AM I NOT A REASON FOR YOU GUYS TO STAY IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD? I just..." Mikey started to sob. "I feel lonely, bros. I would be truly alone." More tears began to pour.

"No, you won't..." Leo said and he hugged Mikey tightly while Donnie backed away to wipe his tears. Raph put a comforting shoulder on Donnie. "We would still be watching over you. Just from a different place. You will never be alone, Mikey. You will never be..." Leo's tears started to flow out. "Don't worry, Mikey...We will see each other again soon. You'll see..." "You sure?" Mikey asked with uncertainty. "Yes, Mikey. We will be watching over you from a different place. This is not the end, neither are you alone, ok?" "Alright." Mikey finally calmed down.

"You do not have to worry about forgetting about us, Mikey. Besides, just remember, if you feel lost, scared or alone, our bandanas should remind you, Mikey. We will always be with you, right here." Leo pointed at Mikey's heart. "Ok, Leo." Raph finally approached. "Knucklehead, I am not the one for compliments, but..." Raph pointed at Leo. "What Fearless said was true. We will never truly leave you behind. We will always be watching over you, no matter what." "Thanks guys." He quietly mumbled. The 3 turned towards Master Splinter.

"Father..." Leo said. "We will miss you. We love you, Father. We really do." "And I love you, my sons." Master Splinter said sadly. He knew that this was goodbye. "Goodbye, Father. I hope that we will see you soon. And Mikey..." Mikey raised his head. "We love you bro." "I loved you bros too." Mikey smiled sadly and waved. The soldier understandably brought them into the doorway to the spiritual world without pushing them. That would not be helping the griefing family members. With a flash, everyone was gone.

"Look, Mikey's waking up." April said. "Michelangelo, are you alright? Do you have any injuries?" "Uh, I'm ok." "Is something wrong, Mikey?" "Leo, Donnie and Raph..." "What's wrong? Did something happen to them?" Slash said. "Uh, they have...crossed over to the spirit world...in...in peace. They are ok now." Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. It may not have been the best news ever, but they were happy to hear that they are at peace now.

Just then, Rahzar spoke up. "I may have been your enemy, Michelangelo. But, I will graciously postpone our battle. Next time we meet, you shall perish!" "And I will be waiting." Mikey determinedly said. Rahzar left. Everyone else left as well, except Bebop who said, "This ain't over yet!" Bebop left after the speech. Even though Mikey had no idea of what the future might bring, but he looked at his brothers' bandanas and smiled. Everything will be alright. "Don't worry, my brothers." Mikey whispered. "I will be fine, I promise."

In The Spirit World
After the 3 turtles crossed the spirit world, the King pondered for a moment. He had seen the close-knit relationship that the brothers had and to not say that he was touched by it was an understatement. He thought about it for a moment before saying, "Colonel Lawrence, please bring the turtles to the resurrection area. They shall be resurrected and joining their youngest brother very soon."

-THE END (At least, for this book)-
(Sequel confirmed!)