Chapter 5 Arrows of Thor

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"Ugh…what happened?" one of the moans with their speech slightly slurred.

Astrid looked up to see a well-seasoned wooden bar and across was a shape of a monstrous nightmare. She turned around and the others in the cage started coming around.

She rushed over to Hiccup and shook him awake. Not that he was any more better condition than her.
"Did we get captured?" Fishlegs questions but still with a daze.
Tuffnut wiped his eyes and looked at the feet. "My feet is all tingly…" –sniff- "And smells like spoiled yak milk".

"That's my feet, genius! And it doesn't smell bad! It's better than yours- which probably still smell 2 times more worse" Ruffnut smacks him with her helmet.

Tuffnut glares at her, "Well, in that case yours smell 5 times. No, 7 times worse!"

"Yeah right. That makes yours 70 times more!" Ruff growls at her twin.

"Say what you want, me and chicken agrees that it's 70 times worse and 2 times worse! That makes it….." He proceeds to count with his fingers. "….1 times worse! Plus a yak and the chieftain's boot!"

Snotlout crosses his arms across his chest, "Uh no you two. Both of you smell bad. Now let's get to why are we stuck in a cage, in. the. Middle. Of. NOWHERE!"

"My…my…my who do we have here?" Dagur laughs for 2 seconds and stops.

"Wait, HICCUP! What are you doing here? How did you find our secret base?" With the little drastic spike of volume here and there.

Savage raises his hand, "Uh sir, you put them there."

Dagur sighs and rolls his eyes, "Hold on a second Hiccup."
And he turns around and shouts at him, "DO I LOOK LIKE A YAK?"

One of the guards whispers yes to his partner with a spear.
Savage looks at Dagur and gulps, "No."

"Okay…."With a light tone. "…Well DON'T tell me WHAT I already know!" Dagur hysterically answers. Snotlout points to his head and draws a mini circle while a descending whistle. Astrid casts him a glare nodding to Hookfang still down on the ground. That wiped off the small smirk off his face.

Dagur turns back to the group and asks, "Now tell me. How did you get here?"

Fishlegs opens his mouth to answer, "Well-"
"I WASN'T asking you. Was I?" Dagur stares at him dead in the eye then looks at him up and down very closely.

Fishlegs gulps. He could feel the cold shivers on his neck.

"Sorry, that was my feet. I needed a place to put it so I could see how high I can put my feet up. So far I'm winning" Tuffnut explains.
Snotlout hisses, "Can you two be more serious?" Then in a more petite, affectionate tone, "My precious dragon is tied UP!"

Fishlegs shuffles away rubbing his neck. Then remembering something, raised his hands to his nose. "Yuck" with a short remark. He noticed that Dagur was still inspecting him. "Uhh…"

Dagur breaks out in to a weird laugh before getting in a serious face. "You're a funny one. I don't see something that Hiccup has." He pauses for an effect. "You don't wear the same clothes!"

Savage face palms. And the guard with a crossbow in a deep voice says to a person holding the spear, "I was going for the leg."

Hiccup grabs the bars and speaks in a weak but firm tone, "Dagur, will you please just tell us what you want. At least get our dragons some water."
Dagur diverted his gaze slowly to him, "Ah! Brother! I finally caught you now!"

Astrid looks at Hiccup with a very confused look which he responded with a shrug. The warrior in blue turned and saw Stormfly tilting her head at her which she smiled and gave her a signal to break the cage at her call. She whispered to the rest in the cage that they will move quickly to get their dragons and get off of the beach. Hiccup stalls, "Yeah great you caught us now. What do you want to do now?"
Dagur opens his mouth then pauses. "Oh ho ho I know what you're doing Hiccup!"

Astrid darts her eyes at him with a wide eye whispered inaudibly, "Wait is he that smar.."

"You're trying to make me come with more plans on how to finish you guys off!" Dagur pronounces with a big laugh.
"..course not" Astrid rolls her eyes with a little bit of relief.

Hiccup looks to the right and left, "Oh…. Uh ahhaah! Yes! You figured out what I was trying to do!" With a little arm swing to the right with a fist.

Astrid waves and suddenly the cage's joints fell apart with a mighty crack like a whip, which they began to escape charging for their dragons. Dagur watched mortified of what's happening. Savage calls for more guards but then Dagur cuts him off, "Hold on… they won't get too far…maybe they'll leave a leg or two…" with an evil grin.

Hiccup ran straight for Toothless when out of nowhere, an arrow shot right infront of him. Just then a big trap immediately sprang which could really, would of taken his dear leg.

"Where'd that come from? Stop everyone! There are traps set all over…I would've been called Legless and Toothless if it wasn't for the arrow." Hiccup joked half-heartedly.

Astrid looked around to see Dagur giving off a smirk and saw no crossbows raised.
Fishlegs noticed too and asked the unspoken question, "Who shot that?"

Snotlout looks around with a fist, "Well whoever it is, they missed and they won't get us and our dragon that easy."

Tuffnut shouts, "Yeah!"
Ruffnut joins in, "Yeah! ….wait what are we celebrating about?"

She suddenly feels a strong narrow current of wind as something flew past her ears, which they all looked at another arrow shot with an incredible speed and-accuracy, which they lay another trap that sprang.
Dagur shouts angrily, "WHAT'S HAPPENING? WHO'S SHOOTING THESE ARROWS. They're ruining my beautiful plan!"
Recovering in a split second, "Get 'em!"
Savage asks, "But sir, we don't even remember where we put the traps. It's all over…some of our own will get struck by them for sure!"

Dagur rubs his chin and looks at the 6, "Well they aren't going anywhere fast anyway. Get the rest of the men and pick em off one by one"

In less than a few minutes, arrows shot out across the landing to the cages where all the traps nearly simultaneously sprung, clearing the way.
Hiccup looked with some amazement, "Thank Thor! Let's take this chance while we can! Let's go get our dragons!"

Tuffnut asks, "Wait. Doesn't Thor carry a hammer?"

Fishlegs nods, "Yes, Thor does very well carry a hammer. Very powerful."

"Does he use arrows? Why did Hiccup talk about Thor if he doesn't?"

Astrid sighs, "Does it matter? Let's get away from here for now!"

They all went after their dragons and freed them.
Fishlegs pointed out, "Look Hiccup, the mist is getting thicker… how will we fly out of this?"

Snotlout gets on Hookfang, "Who cares? If you want to get shot by those nasty crossbows Dagur's men got aiming right now at us, be my guest."
"Snotlout is right, we need to get out of here. We'll think of what we'll do from here. Let's go!" Hiccup points to the sky.

Dagur picks up a piece of the cage and throws it on the ground again in anger, "Why isn't anyone hitting them!"

One of the men explains, "The mist is blocking a clear shot, we can't get them."

There was a silence which they could only hear the flaps of dragon's wings and some cheers in the fading distance. Soon all they could hear was the low roar of waves sliding in and out of the beach. All of a sudden, a deadly snap nearly took Dagur's foot.

"WHO PUT THESE UP? They are going to go hungry for tonight's dinner for this! WHAT A STUPID PLAN SAVAGE" he shoulders bumps him as he walks back to the tents.

Savage looked at him deflated and signals the rest to clear the beach for any more unsuspecting traps. They of course, didn't want to lose their foot either.


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