Eggman's Plan

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Chapter 1

"SONIC!" A female voice called. It was Amy Rose the pink stalker. She was a pink hedgehog who wore a red dress with red boots and was wearing a red headband and she was looking for Sonic as usual. Amy had this insane crush on Sonic since she first met him. Anytime she saw him she would be chasing him, asking him out on dates, or even asking him to marry her. She was looking throughout the streets of Station Square for him.

Finally, Amy saw Sonic sitting near the Chili Dog Stand with Tails and Knuckles. "SONIC THERE YOU ARE!" Amy cried with delight. As soon as Sonic caught sight of Amy he groaned "Dammit why is she always chasing me?" The three of them looked at Amy with annoyed looks on their faces. They were getting pretty tired with her antics and people were starting to think she was crazy. She immediately gave Sonic a big hug.

Amy…..can't…..breathe" Sonic said struggling for air. She let him go. "Amy if you are going to ask me out on a date the answer is no!" Sonic said "Amy will you please leave?" Knuckles asked irritated "We are having our lunch". But Amy ignored him and continued to annoy Sonic.

"Will you at least marry me?" She asked

"No" He replied

"Please Sonic will you go on a date with me?" Amy asked again


People walking on the streets noticed the commotion going on and stopped to see what was happening . "YOU ARE ALWAYS CHASING ME AND ASKING ME TO MARRY YOU!" "You don't love me?" Amy asked on the verge of tears. "NO I DON'T PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO THINK THAT YOU ARE CRAZY!"


When Sonic was done yelling at Amy he was glaring at her. "YOU KNOW WHAT!" Amy yelled back "I HATE YOU SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!" "YOU'RE NOT WORTH MY TIME! YOU ARE A DAMN BASTARD!" The three of them were shocked to hear Amy say that. "Tails and Knuckles let's get out of here I've lost my appetite" Sonic said once again glaring at Amy and gritting his teeth.

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles stormed off leaving Amy on the floor in tears. The people who were watching gave her weird looks before leaving.

"I should probably get out of here" Amy thought "Sonic probably hates me".

She got up, wiped the tears off her face and took off running for her house.

Amy's house was medium sized and the outside walls were painted pink and red. It had two guest bedrooms. Once Amy reached it she quickly unlocked her front door and went inside and slammed the door. She ran upstairs to her bedroom where she continued crying. "I can't believe Sonic hates me". Amy thought "So the rumors are true"


Amy was sitting at a small restaurant drinking orange juice. She couldn't help but overhear the conversation of two blond girls sitting behind her. "So Celine have you heard about Amy Rose that Sonic fangirl?" "Yes" the second blond girl replied "Good cause I have news to tell you". "ooh tell me" "yesterday Sonic was near the mall signing autographs and you may think I was imagining think but I swear he winked at me". "Really?" The second blond girl asked "Maybe you have a crush on him". "Maybe or maybe not" I don't know". Celine the first blond girl replied.

"But I'm gonna tell you where Amy comes in. You know how she's always chasing Sonic and asking him on dates?" "yes". Said the second blond girl who was called Sara "Everyone is starting to think that Amy is insane now she is even asking Sonic to marry her I'll bet that the two of them didn't know each other for that long. Well I heard Sonic say that Amy is annoying and dumb and that she does not get the hint that he does not love her".

"He could possibly hate her" Sara replied "Now that I think of it that could probably be true since Sonic rejects her most of the time". The two girls started laughing and began talking about something else. The two girls were unaware that Amy was sitting in the seat right in front of them. Amy got up from her table, quickly paid her bill and left the restaurant.

End of Flashback

Amy took her Piko Piko hammer and started destroying everything that would remind her of Sonic. She suddenly took notice of a picture of her, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. They were having a picnic at the beach. Amy immediately took the picture out of it's frame, crumpled it and threw it in the garbage. She then saw another picture of her and Sonic but they were alone. And above the picture it said Best Pals Forever.

"I am done with my life here" Amy thought "I am sick and tired of dealing with this crap everyday"

And so Amy grabbed a suitcase that was under her bed and began packing her belongings. She went to her wardrobe and began taking all her clothes inside and started dumping them in her suitcase. Next, she went into her bathroom and grabbed her toothbrush, her toothpaste, her sponge and soap. Once she was done packing everything, Amy went downstairs to her kitchen, grabbed some snacks and put them in her suitcase. After that, she then grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and began to write a note for anybody who happened to stop by. She then grabbed her suitcase and stormed out of her house. Once she was outside, she locked her front door and put the key under the welcome mat on the doorstep.

Amy took one last look at her house. A tear dropped from her eye because she knew that she was leaving everything behind. She then walked away.


Eggman was in his base howling with laughter. He had watched the whole thing from his monitor. "Orbot!" He yelled to one of his robots. A red robot then walked into the room.

"Yes sir?" He replied.

"Is the invention done?" Eggman asked his robotic servant.

"No sir" Orbot replied.

"Well I'm gonna go and check on it" Eggman said "I have an excellent plan to destroy Sonic and his friends. I need you to kidnap Amy Rose.

"Why sir?" Orbot asked

"I am going to use this substance on her" Eggman replied "I just heard that Sonic yelled at Amy saying some hurtful things to her and she yelled back saying she hates him and that he is a bastard". "So now that Amy hates Sonic it gives me the perfect chance to use this substance on her and that will destroy Sonic and his friends.


"All right sir I will gather a few robots to help kidnap Amy Rose and bring her here" Orbot said.

"Good" Eggman said. He then switched off his monitor. "You can go now"

"Yes sir" Orbot replied. He then left the room.

After the robot leaves the room, Eggman had an evil smile on his face.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Eggman laughed again "Very soon, Sonic the hedgehog I will destroy you and your friends and I could possibly take over the universe" "Nobody will be able to stop me now" "I'm going make your little girlfriend hostage" I'd love to see you stop me again".

So Eggman spent most of his time boasting about how he was going to use the substance on Amy. He grinned as he started making plans.

To be continued….

Please this is my first time writing a fanfic so no flaming. I will reveal later in this fanfic what the the name of the substance is and it's purpose. Chapter 2 will be ready soon.