The moment I first saw you, I thought nothing of you

The moment I first fought you, I acknowledged your power

The moment I started working with you, I noticed you were human

The moment I pretended to love you, I noticed you were beautiful

The moment I saw you wonded, I noticed you were mortal

The moment I nurtured you, I noticed you were vulnerable

The moment I first made you smile, I noticed you were god-like

The moment you firt called me Oliver, I noticed you had a warm side

The moment we first kissed, I felt regret

Though it was replaced by ectasy when our lips first met

The night that followed

was my life's greatest delight

It surely paid off

the evening's earlier fight

The moment i woke up, I felt a warmth in my heart

The moment my eyes setted on you, I realised...

It was love.

I love you,

I've loved you from some time now

whether your confidence or your sultry stance

I desire every fiber of you

From your seductive voice

and sexy grin

To your soft cheeks and chiseled chin

From your auburn eyes

capable of deadly stares and tantalizing glances

Though I prefer your sweet lips

with the sharpest tongue and the sweetest of kisses

Your flirtatious grin makes my resolve flinch

Your accent alike a silky pinch

You showed reluctance to let me in

out of pain of psted memories

Sara, a joyfull figure

with a mango scent

She was a woman of kindness

with great strenght

But would she want you

to endure such a great pain?

To linger in a sea of sorrow

almost in vain.

She is gone, and though

everpresent in our hearts

It is time to move on

to a future not so dark.

Let us end the loneliness

and suffering of any kind

There is no need for sheltering

of the body and the mind.

Both in battle and in spirit

together we are stronger

We will conquer all advirsities

be they the demon or eachother.