Hey... And I am back with another khr story. Here I am trying take a completely different touch to what I usually write- humour, morbid humour, tentatively humour. It will be a fairly dark approach this time. There will be two parts, one in the present, the other in the past.

Pride. Wrath. Envy. Lust. Sloth. Gluttony. Greed.

Seven sins.

But the gravest sin,

Most deserving of judgement's purge,

Is the one you've forgotten.


The past will always come crawling back.

Drag you down.

Drag you down to hell.

Chapter 1: Stop Dreaming Already

A year had past since the Acrobaleno trials.

And Tsuna could definitely affirm that his quality of life was not getting any better since Reborn announced him to be Neo-Vongola Primo. He had seen Bermuda thrice that year, schemes that involved the Vindice time and time again, and Tsuna would lament about it. If he were to be honest, Bermuda also wasn't all that pleased to see him either.

"After all, meeting the Young Decimo here only assures me this situation is definitely akin to a world-dimensional-level scale catastrophe." The gentleman had once said.

Not to mention that, he had dealt with twenty other hostile famiglias from attempting assassinations to rewriting Mafia history;indeed Tsuna and his Guardians went back in time again to stop the ambitious madness.

The year then came to an end, and it was the beginning of Spring after Winter. And Tsuna finally had his first taste peace since fourteen. For a week, everyone activities collided coincidentally, and majority had to leave Nanimori.

Gokudera and Bianchi went back for family matters and reconciling after a tearful farewell (on Gokudera's side) at the airport. Yamamoto had to attend a baseball camp in Kyoto. Ryohei and Kyoko were on a family trip in Hokkaido; Haru's in Germany. Mukuro and the Kokuyo gang went to deal with the remnants of the Estraneo Famiglia, in which they denied Tsuna's help; they said that he had done too much for them earlier on.

Or in Mukuro's language, "The Vongola should not butt his nose too much into the my business. Enough is enough."

Chrome garnered enough courage to visit the family that had abandoned her. She insisted that Tsuna had done his part for her and she would finish things up with them once and for all. I-Pin went with her master for some minor affairs to complete in China, Tsuna was not sure. Fuuta was needed for a temporary mission of one of Vongola's ally families.

As for Reborn, Nono had called him. It had to be serious business, Reborn before disappearing, after all did have a grim look on his face.

In the end, Tsuna was only left in the care of Lambo, or in this case, it was the other way. The Bovino head decided that the child would not return and best remain in the Decimo's care. Lambo had not mind, he preferred Tsuna's home more than anywhere else.

And Hibari, of course, remained in Nanimori as per usual.

Yet nothing felt right.

It did not feel right, not because it was too eerily quiet, or that it was too eerily peace. There was a foreboding of danger, a strange fear which crept down his skin and tugged painfully at his heart strings.

The door rang.

"Reborn?" Tsuna rasped, it was still too early for the hitman to come home. Reborn said he would be away for a week, but the hitman often did not stick to his schedules, finishing things earlier or later than expected. However, Reborn never rang his door bell, not ever since he first came to his household. He fiddled with the doorknob uneasily, before twisting the it the second time the bell rang.

Kawahira stood there, in his usual attire and a paper umbrella. In that moment, Tsuna felt his breath hitched.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi, I have been looking for is a need for talk." The man begun plainly.

Somewhere in the kitchen his mother then called. "Is it one of your friends, Tsu-kun?"

"A-ah. Yes..!" Tsuna answered stiffly, breaking out from his moment of surprise, though carefully eyeing the man still. He then took a glance at Lambo who was still in the midst of his afternoon snack

"We go upstairs. To my room." He harshly whispered.

Kawahira nodded, folded his umbrella and placed it proper against the coat stand. He then quietly followed the boy upstairs, footsteps barely making a single sound on the old wooden floorboard. There was a moment of silence, until Kawahira pulled out something from his pouch hidden behind the layers of his outfit.

"I rarely come to the Vongola, and even rarer do I even talk to them. Yet, I wish to ask. Have you seen this before, young Decimo?"

He placed a black-like box weapon on the table, on it engraved the Roman numerical XIII. On first sight however, Tsuna felt a nauseating urge to run.

"I don't know what it is." He furrowed his eyebrows. "But it makes me uncomfortable."

"It was my people's only weapon to contain Powers, and we named it the Pandora's Box. This was so as Powers that were placed inside were never to meant be opened. One time, there was a Power too big for us to contain and we spilt it into all thirteen boxes to be sealed." Kawahira said.

"Why do you tell me all this?" Tsuna asked weakly.

"Because, one of the sealed boxes has been forcefully pried open, and it would lead to other boxes opening up again. And that Power, if all released, has the ability to overthrow the Trinisette and change dimensions to come. There are more of its abilities, and even that I do not know. That is a severe issue, is it not?"

"Isn't this like a big secret? And what do you mean again?" Inside Tsuna's mind, questions were raging. He was confused, perplexed and the fear was somehow still nagging behind him. It took all of him to suppress his first primal instinct to run.

"Indeed. It was never told to a single human, and that how they knew, is what I wish to know too. As for your second question. I would not lie. Yes, it was opened once before- all thirteen boxes. There was one from the Vongola who came to manage the situation- temporary. For the present, since you have the purest and strongest sky flames I see, I've come to seek the Vongola again, ironically." Kawahira explained. Tsuna looked at him blankly.

"Again? Vongola? No one in the Vongola seems to know anything of this. In fact, this is the first time I've actually heard or seen of it." Tsuna went through his mind the possible list of people.

"Ah, but the man is dead." Kawahira had a rare frown on his face. "Though I did request him to keep the boxes secret, do you really not know of him?"


"Sawada Tadanaga, and your uncle, if my memory doesn't fail me. I don't go into detail with the human world."

Tsuna blinked. "I don't have an uncle, and even if I did, Dad never mentioned it once!"

Kawahira did not seem the least bit surprised, he continued as if it was all normal. "I bring a final warning to you, never underestimate the Flames of the Abyss. They consume anything in their way. Now that I have done my part in an attempt to help the world, I will take my leave now."

"Can't you fight?"

"You are mistaken, Sawada Tsunayoshi. I don't fight, I don't interfere, I just speak. I will follow my own rules, just as Sepira followed hers."

Tsuna turned to inquire the man once more, but Kawahira had disappeared, and Tsuna was left with lingering feelings of confusion and a thought that all of this was merely a figment of his imagination. The only thing acting as evidence that everything that took place was real, was the box that Kawahira left behind.

Five days had passed since the worrisome encounter, and this time he was pulled by the collar to a lone alley on his way to school, and he wondered why of all days, Enma had not accompanied him. Somewhere in his head, there was a memory of the young Coazart mentioning that the Shimon Famiglia had to go back to their home island yesterday to sort some things out. A punch then made contact with his face, causing to halt all thoughts in his mind.

"Trash." Tsuna, despite his cheek throbbing, he knew that voice. "What. The. Fuck. Did. You. Do?"

"Xanxus." He breathed, and he felt his a short buzz in his ears when he saw Xanxus, his glaring red eyes, hands curling on his guns. Even though ablaze with anger, there was some sort of unknown fear written beneath, and Tsuna knew those better than anyone did. He after all had them too, when he saw the Pandora's Box that was.

"What did you do?" Xanxus demanded once more.

And within every box in the mind, is a fragment of a memory, and know not if they are truth or lies.

Chapter one: Young Xanxus of Vongola

It was an old mansion at the front of a dense forest, with faded milky white painted brick walls and a brown top, where tiny hairline cracks ran across the edges, paint flaking off along the areas of slightly rusted steel pipes. The vines would run beneath the windows near the far sides, even if it was so often neatly trimmed away.

There was a large garden beyond the front porch, cultivating various species of flowers, mainly roses, raises and hydrangeas. At its heart, where the fountains laid, however was an entire patch of anemones. There was no question as to why a single different species of flower laid in the middle of the garden, it had been there and it would always be.

And this was the Vongola headquarters, home to the Vongola Nono and his four children, and monument of the Vongola's history.

A figure loomed at one of its windows, watching intently as a black car pulled up to its porch. A young man stepped out, sleek hair and a prim suit. He greeted the guards before opening the door of the car's backseat, revealing a young woman with a child in her arms. The man moved a few steps, however suddenly hesitated and looked up. Immediately, the figure retreated.

He opened the door to a corridor where he could hear excited chatters among the servants. They claimed about an important man having to deal underworld businesses with his father. He strained to listen more, however all that remained after were just mere gossips about the man's breathtaking looks and his wife's stunning beauty.

Biting his lip, he went to the hallway where father's office was located. There he saw his three elder brothers gathering outside, which was extremely rare. The eldest of them was called Enrico, and his features were oak brown spiky hair, green eyes and a sharp chin, all of which resembled father's first wife. Other than that, he knew nothing of Enrico.

"Xanxus." He called to him. "Perfect timing, we can be introduced to Vongola's Outside Advisor now. "

"We Vongola had an Outside Advisor? I thought Outside Advisors were even rare among Mafia families." Messimo quickly asked, he was second oldest, yet he had the biggest physic among all of them. He bore the same hair colour as Enrico but his eyes were hazel, like his father's.

"Always did. Well, father told me of this once." Enrico replied.

"I knew too." Federico mentioned as well. He was the third, and if Xanxus would judge, he would say that Federico was the most genuine person among his brothers and if he might add, also a carbon copy of his father, looks and personality wise.

"Then maybe Messimo did not listen well." Enrico laughed and proceeded to open the doors, with Federico behind. They had missed the ugly frown on Messimo's face. Xanxus didn't.

"Buongiorno." His father greeted politely. Xanxus took a good look at him, it had been weeks since he had last heard his father on a call, much less seen of him. The man whom had been on missions for more than his fingers could count every month, ever since his first wife passed last early summer. He had aged a lot. Xanxus barely recognised the man to be his father. He used to be much bigger, much firmer, more so charismatic; however what remained in front of him, seated at the chair seemed to be to be a shell of that . There were heavier creases along his forehead and his hair seemed to now covered in more streaks of white.

And like his brothers, Xanxus shed not a single bit of emotion, and neither reaction.

"Nono, good strong boys, aren't they?" The man grinned and waved at them casually, too causally- as if he had known Nono for years. His father nodded slowly and gave them a small smile. The man spoke in a language called Japanese; Xanxus knew, he was heavily educated on it after Italian.

"Pardon my manners. This is Sawada Iemitsu, also known as 'The Young Lion' of Vongola, and he works as our outside advisor for quite some time already."

"Why tell us now, father?" Messimo said, but Xanxus could hear a hint of snide beneath the expressionless tone. He knew it all too well, one who came and borne from the streets.

Sawada Iemitsu narrowed his eyes a little, interjecting quickly before his father could respond. "Haha, Nono, please. Down with the formalities. Well Messimo child, is it just so important to know that Vongola has an Outside Advisor? We will not step in unless Vongola is in the stead of an emergency." He said, too cheerily.

Messimo stiffened, but said no more.

When the introduction ended, Iemitsu proceeded to open the door, in which revealed a young lady and her child, presumably.

"Nana? I told you to wait in the guest room!" Iemitsu exclaimed, surprised.

"Eh? But Tsu-kun really wanted to see his Papa!" She laughed softly, and lifted a young toddler. He was a little small, but was a mess of brown hair and had the most lively eyes Xanxus had seen in his entire life.

"Besides I am here with her. You don't have to worry so much." Another man stepped out from behind the shadows, like Iemitsu, he had the same shade of hair and eye colour. Except that he seemed a little more unkempt than the other.

Xanxus flinched a little. He had not seen him from the windows.

"Haha, Tadanaga. Thanks for your help all this while." Iemitsu laughed sheepishly, in which the other shook his head in return. He then proceeded to turn back to elder man. "Oh yeah, Nono, this is my brother, Sawada Tadanaga."

"I've heard." His father stood up from his seat, and shook hands with the other male.

"My wife, Sawada Nana, I've mentioned before." Iemitsu continued and Nono nodded. Nana greeted him too with a lady-like bow.

"And who is the young fellow over here?" His father asked as he tickled the cheek of the toddler, who only gurgled happily in reply.

"Haha, I came today to also introduce this little guy to you and your family. My son, Sawada Tsunayoshi."

His father paused for a slight moment, and then Xanxus could see the extinguished candle relit in the man's eyes again. His father smiled ever so real, more than before as he cradled the toddler in his hands. Tsunayoshi, the boy, played with the edges of his father's suit, as he excitedly gurgled some incoherent words.

"Tsu-na! How could you get used to Nono so quickly? You took like two days to get used to me!" Iemitsu whined as Tadanaga chuckled.

"Tsu-kun. This is grandfather, call him that." Nana gently coaxed the child who muttered something that sounded like 'grandfather'. His father laughed, and turned to him and his brothers.

Federico was the first to approach and he played with the child's hair, who giggled at his touch. Enrico came next, but had a sort of a political mask to his actions. Though, he eventually softened after a few seconds, and came to greet the lady and the men. Messimo, however, did not seem too interested. He did give his greetings, but soon claimed that he had an important task to attend to, and left the room without glancing back once.

There stood only Xanxus, who remained confused on actually what to do, until Iemitsu approached him.

"Xanxus, right? I've heard about you. How about trying to say 'hi' to Tsu-na?" Xanxus shuddered a little at his cooing, but he went over eventually.

He watched the boy, and Federico made space for him to come in. Tsunayoshi looked at him, and Xanxus slowly lifted his gaze up, a little awkward with his actions.

"Xanxus." He said, as his greeting. He was not keen on saying much and expected his brothers to lecture. But neither Federico nor Enrico rebated him about his poor mannerisms, instead there was Tsunayoshi stretching out his little hands to him.

"You'll have to carry him." Iemitsu said or insisted, and the boy had no choice but to eventually allow the tiny warm body into his arms.

"Father, both me and Enrico will take our leave now. There is a rumour going about of the Rango Nero Famiglia targeting the Vongola, and we have to investigate." Enrico then broke the short silence.

"Be careful." Nono nodded, his eyes were serious and so were Iemitsu's and Tadanaga's. Nana however seemed very confused.

"Nana, Xanxus and Tsuna should leave." Tadanaga said. "There are businesses to attend too."

"Then I will see you in the guest rooms!" Nana smiled and bate her farewells. Xanxus just followed her and watched silently as the doors to the office closed.

"...and so regarding the Shimon... Pandora's Boxes..."

"Shimon? Pandora's Box?" He thought, until Nana broke his thoughts.

"Tsu-kun seems very comfortable with you!" She chortled at the sight of her young child snuggling further into a flustered Xanxus' arms. She pondered for a moment before saying. "I will go get some snacks in the kitchen. Meanwhile you could help me take care of Tsu-kun!"

Xanxus did not even have a chance to protest.

"Xhan-shush." Tsunayoshi said, when Nana had left the room.

"What?" Xanxus replied, flabbergasted.

"Xhan-shush." Tsunayoshi giggled as he pressed his cheeks onto Xanxus' suit.

"If it's my name, it's pronounced as 'Xanxus', kid."


"Xan-xus." He corrected.

"Xhan..." Tsunayoshi begun.

"Xus." Xanxus concluded.

"Haha, is the infamous loner Xanxus having trouble with a kid?" It was a young voice Xanxus long knew.

"Dino." He growled. "This kid-"

"Yeah I overheard in the kitchen when I snuck in by the back door." Dino gestured at the direction of kitchen. "Tsu-kun, or something right? The maids couldn't understand Japanese well, so they ended up calling him 'Bambino' in the end."

"Firstly, he's Tsunayoshi. And secondly, you didn't sneak in. It's because your guard Romario happens to be good friends with Carlos and that's why you were let in." Xanxus scoffed, as he glared at the boy. However, Dino just shrugged it off.

"And I am best friends with the fourth son of Vongola Nono!" Dino instead added.

"Xhan-Xhan." Tsunayoshi called out suddenly.

"Xan-Xan?" Both boys chorused. Immediately Dino broke out into loud guffaw as Xanxus remained shocked.

"How am I Xan-Xan? You were on the road to pronouncing it well!"

"Xhan-Xhan!" Tsunayoshi giggled and the other sighed in defeat.

"Xan-Xan!" Dino followed. Xanxus then raised his free hand, coated in the Flame of Wrath.

"Dumbass Dino. I will beat you to death, scum trash."

Xanxus woke up. A sense of unease clouded his senses.

He could not dismiss it no matter, and the only thing in his head was just to find that scrawny trash of a brat.