AN. So this is an idea that came to me a while ago and I'm just interested to see what the response is, if people like it I will continue to update on a regular basis hopefully, so take this as a kind of peek/chapter 1 of my planned story. A word of apology to any who expected to see the trio here as neither they nor any other major HP characters will crop up. Please leave a review as it gives me an idea of what you think.

Jon woke up to the sound of Arya slipping on the staircase with her trunk, the resulting clatter purged any chance of further sleep as its significance was not lost on Jon. Today was the last day of the summer and that meant it was finally time to return to Hogwarts.

He stuck his head out of his door just in time to see Robb look sheepishly out of his own from across the hall, Jon started to laugh as he realised that Arya had not had an accident and rather was covering the sound of Jeyne's disapparition from Robb's bedroom. Jeyne Westerling was a Ravenclaw and Robb's girlfriend of three years now. Ever since she had turned seventeen her and Robb had been sneaking into each others house all summer. "Sleep well?" Jon asked, a smirk on his face. "Wouldn't you like to know" Robb bantered back. Jon laughed and turned back into his room to get dressed.

His snowy owl Ghost hooted at him from his cage and Jon sighed as he realised he had forgot to let Ghost out last night. He opened the window to let the owl out, briefly considering the cage Jon stuck it on top of his trunk with a sticking charm. A violent crack spit the air as the house elf appeared in his room. "Breakfast is ready young master" the diminutive creature stated in a somewhat regal tone. "Thanks Luwin" Jon replied, as he stepped towards the door, he could already smell the bacon wafting up the stairs and throughout the house.

Sansa was already seated at the table when he got to the kitchen, she was digging into a batch of fresh lemon cakes, not a hair out of place as per usual. "Where are Bran and Arya" Jon asked her, "Arya is out with Father exercising the hippogriffs and Bran is talking to Hodor" she said back to him.

Hodor was a giant who had recently arrived to live on the Stark estate of Winterfell, located high in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland it was the perfect place for a Rather small giant to hide in. Bran and Hodor had become fast friends for some reason and none of the rest of the family could fully understand it. Jon however understood exactly the longing Bran felt, as Hodor was one of Bran's few links to the Magical world outside of their family. Bran was a squib and it plagued him constantly.

Jon sighed as he helped himself to bacon and a bowl of porridge, as he was doing so Robb arrived in the kitchen still pulling his jumper over his head, "morning San" he grunted. Sansa replied with a withering look at her older Brother. "You do realise my room is directly below yours don't you" she stated, "and as much as it might please you I do not enjoy hearing my brother bonk all night long".

Robb took a long look at his sister and then laughed. "I really don't understand how on earth you got head boy mate" Jon said, "cause Professor Selmy thinks the sun shines out of his golden arse" shouted Arya from the door covered in mud from riding the hippogriffs. "Arya! Language! Admonished her father from behind her. Eddard Stark was dressed in riding leathers like his daughter but not half as muddy. "Now hurry up you lot or we will miss the train, our portkey leaves in forty minutes. Jon smiled at Eddard thinking back to his sorting ceremony when their relationship had changed so much, he understood why his father had kept the secrets he had but it was all so much easier amongst his family now.

"Jon stop daydreaming, move!" laughed a new voice from the kitchen, Jon was pulled out of his thoughts as Cateyln Stark smiled at him. Jon laughed as he realised he was the last child in the room and ran after Robb and the rest.

Once the entire family minus, Cateyln, Rickon and Bran were ready, they trooped out to the portkey which was a rusty screwdriver in front of the huge house. "Write to me soon" Cateyln waved t them from the front porch. Just before Jon felt the familiar tug in his stomach he spotted bran in an upstairs window with what looked like tears on his face. But before he could confirm it the portkey yanked them away.