The rain is coming down now, I can feel it as it seeps into my hair making it stick to my face. Everyone else left hours ago, leaving me alone with my thoughts, and with you.

We had so much going for us, everything had changed between us and we were finally beginning to find ourselves.

But then it all happened.

And you were ripped away from me.


Three months ago…

Opening the door to her office I see Willow sitting in front of her computer, a sight that would have been weird to see a little over a year ago. When she started losing herself in magic she drifted further and further away from the things that made her Willow. She was always the one who researching things on the computer while Giles looked in his books and Xander and I went for donuts. It was our thing, our routine.

She looks up from her computer and waves me in, pointing to the chair across from her desk, silently telling me to sit. Naturally I do as I'm told, as if I was back in high school. "I swear it wasn't me Ms. Rosenberg," I say in the most teenagey girl voice I can muster up. She looks up at me and rolls her eyes. "Sorry, I couldn't help myself."

"I've been research the gorgon sisters," she says typing vigorously on her keyboard.


"Of course I started off with Medusa, the most common one, also she was the only one how was mortal." She looks up at me for a second before looking back down at her computer. "They say she was a beautiful woman who caught the eye of a man, Poseidon, and proceeded to be unfaithful on the shrine of the Greek god Athena." She continues scrolling, her eyes darting back and forth reading the passages. "It was Athena who cursed Medusa, turning her hair to snakes, and also making anyone who she gazed upon turn to stone."

"Wait," I stop finally snapping back to realty, it felt like I was just in a history class. "She was mortal?"

"So they say," she comments. "But her sisters were immortal," she continues.

"Does it have a way to kill an immortal God in there," I say pointing to the computer.

"Well," she comments tapping on the keyboard. "The last person to take down Medusa was Perseus, a demigod; he was the son of Zeus."

"Do we have a demigod anywhere, just lying around?" I joke, leaning back in my chair, feeling defeated.

"That isn't the unnerving part Buff," she says gaining my attention again. "These are three gods, who can look like anyone."

"They have snakes for hair," I comment looking at her confused on how no one can notice them walking around.

"Not all the time," she comments. "Over the years, there is myths that say the other two sisters learned to hide their head of snakes, and only have them appear when they needed them too. Now if they bring back Medusa, and teach her how to do that," she pauses. "Buffy she's said to be the prettiest of them all, she'd be able to lure anyone into her trap."

"So the question now is," I pause standing up. "Which one is here and what are her plans to bring her sisters here too." I walk towards the door. "If your see Kennedy before me, no one patrols alone to night, all of us are going out. Look for a spell the might be able to help us repel the stoning," I say opening and leaving her office.

It's been a long time since I've dealt with a god.


It took me sacrifices myself in order to stop her.

What will it take this time?

"I want you to take a small group out with Spike, Kennedy is taking a small group out with Willow, and I'm going to take a small group out with Xander." I say pulling my shirt down over my stomach. Faith is sitting on the bed, tying her shoes and getting ready for tonight's patrol. "I had Willow talk to Kennedy, it's a short patrol tonight Faith," I cross our room to the night stand where my cross hangs, the same cross that Angel gave me over ten years ago. "We're sweeping the cemeteries and that's it," I look at her. "I mean it."

"I got it B," she says looking up at me. "Who do you want me to take?"

"You're with Ashley, Heather, Julie and Spike. I have Emily, Mary, Anne, and Xander. Kennedy has Jamie, Elaina, Jen and Willow. Three groups of five. We each hit the three major cemeteries, and then we come back. At least until we know more about what we're dealing with."

She comes over to me and places her hands on my arms, steading me. I didn't even realize I was fidgeting. "Buffy," she says my full name, something she rarely if ever does. "We've trained them all well, and we're only sending the ones out that were with us in Sunnydale so they're the ones with the most experience. Everything is going to be fine. Stop worrying. You're reminding me of Giles." She smirks.

"You're right," I nod, not looking her in the eye; she'd know instantly that I was lying. How am I supposed to not worry when I'm sending all these girls out with a god on the loose that could literally turn you to stone with just a thought. "I have to go and see if Willow was able to come up with anything to help with the whole turning to stone thing," I say kissing her softly before leaving her behind.

"What am I doing?" Giles is sitting at his desk looking at me over his cup of tea. Okay so I lied to Faith when I said I was going to see if Willow had found anything yet. Truth is, I don't think she has, and I'd be seeing her in a bit when we all go down to the weapons storage area to get stuff before we go on patrol. "I'm sending these girls out, and they could be killed or worse, turned to a stone statue!" I yell.

"Buffy," he says in his calm Giles voice. "You're sending out girls who have already been battle tested. And you're sending them out with your second and third command." His cup tings a little when he sets it down on the plate. "Faith and Kennedy both know what they're doing and they both know how to lead, you don't have anything to worry about, besides the obvious of course."

"I guess," I say looking at the clock behind his desk. "I have to go meet up with everyone, we'll come see you when we get back," I comment turning and leaving him behind.


Three months ahead….

I drop to my knees in the mud and look at your tombstone. Everything changed that night that we went out. And not for the better.

I wish we never went.

I wish we would have stayed home in bed.

At least there we were safe.

At least there we were alive.

What did I do?