Skipper walked back into the hotel room and was stopped by the sight of candles lit about the room and the sound of soft music playing. His eyes moved over to where Erika was standing wearing a lovely pink gown and her blonde hair pulled up on top of her head. A smile was on her face. "Hello Jonas." She greeted.

"What's all this?" He asked walking over to where she was.

"I thought it would be nice to spend a romantic evening here. Just the two of us." She replied with a smile.

"Oh." He said. "Well that does sound very nice." Skipper then noticed the dinner table set up. "Looks like you went all out."

"It's a special occasion." Erika said. "A very special occasion."

"It is?" Skipper said puzzled. "What kind of special occasion are you talking about? It's too early for an anniversary.."

"No dear." Erika said with a laugh. "This is better than that. I have some marvelous news to share with you! Simply wonderful!"

"And what would that be?" He asked. "You got Queen Elizabeth to allow us to hold the wedding in Buckingham Palace?" Skipper joked.

"Oh Jonas you are too much." Erika said smiling. "No it's about our wedding. It's…Jonas you and I…We are going to have a baby!"

Skipper looked at her completely stunned. He stood frozen in place taking in the words she just said. It was a minute or two before he found his voice. "A baby? You mean you are…We are…A baby?"

"That's right!" Erika squealed. "A baby! Isn't that wonderful!"

The sea captain was still in a bit of shock and he sat down on the sofa. "Wow." He said. "I'm going to be a father. Me. I can't believe it. A Dad. I'm going to be a Dad."

Erika nodded., "I know! It's the most joyous news! You and me are going to have a little baby of our own!"

Skipper looked over at her. "You are absolutely sure? You are…"

She nodded. "Yes I am. I have a friend who is a doctor here who was kind enough to see me. He ran a test and confirmed that I am going to be a mother."

Skipper stood up still reeling from it all. Never did he think that…Imagine…him a father. A son or a daughter of his very own! It was true that Mary Ann and Gilligan were very much like his own kids but he knew that they really weren't. They were someone else's son and daughter. This child..this would be his! The things he could teach him or her. The more he thought about it the more excited he became at the idea of being a parent. He turned to look at Erika. "This is incredible." He said. "I can't even describe…"

"Are you happy dear?" Erika asked with a smile.

"I'm very happy." Skipper replied wrapping her up in his strong arms. "I'm so very happy. This is the best news I have ever received. Nothing could top this amazing...this is"

"I think so too!" Erika said her arms going around him . "I couldn't be more happy than I am now. The idea of having your baby. Now I know we probably won't be able to have any more children…"

"Hey Hey." Skipper said cutting her off. "That is not important. It doesn't matter if we have one child or twenty. What is important is that we get to have this child. We are going to give this child the best life and all the love in the world!"

"You are so right dear." Erika said. "That's what matters."

"Say." Skipper said. "What would you like? A boy or a girl?"

Erika sat down on the sofa. "In the end I'll be happy with either but I'll be honest I always wanted a little girl. Of course having a little boy who looks just like you would be just divine."

Skipper sat next to her and kissed the top of her head. "I know it may be early and all but have you thought of any names?"

"Well." She said. "I never told anyone this but when I was twelve I imagined what it would be like to be a mother and I had a name all picked out for a daughter I would have."

"And what name was that?" He asked.

"Josephine Melissa." She replied.

"That's a pretty name." Skipper said approvingly. "I like it."

"The Josephine is after my father Joseph." Erika explained. "The Melissa part is just because I always liked that name."

"I think it's lovely." Skipper said. "What about a boy's name?"

Erika shrugged. "You know I never gave that much thought. What do you think?"

"Well." Skipper said. "I always liked the name Benjamin."

"Benjamin." Erika said. "I like it."

"We can call him Benjamin William. The William part being after Gilligan. I feel like any son of mine should have his name." Skipper stated. "It just wouldn't be right if I didn't give him that name."

"I understand." Erika said. "I think Benjamin William is a strong name. I think we should name the baby that if it turns out we are having a boy."

Skipper smiled at her. "You know I never in my life thought this would happen."

"What? Having a baby?" Erika asked smiling.

"Not just that. Having a terrific lady like you. You are so classy and..I was always just a gruffy sailor. I didn't think I stood a chance. But I was wrong." He said putting his arm around her. "And I am glad I was. I love you Erika."

"I love you too Jonas. I can't wait to be your wife." She pressed her lips to his and they were in a very passionate embrace.

A month later

Ginger stood in the banquet hall checking the decorations. She wanted everything to be just right as did the other two ladies Mary Ann and Mrs. Howell. The three women spent a month making sure everything would be perfect down to the finest detail. Mrs. Howell managed to book the finest hall in L.A. for the occasion. Mary Ann hired the best caterer and Ginger found a terrific party planner to help. A jazz band was hired and it was going to be a grand black tie affair. They loved Skipper very much, he was family and he deserved this.

"You three ladies did a terrific job my love." The Professor said to Ginger. "Skipper and Erika are going to love this."

"Thank you darling." Ginger said. "I hope they do. But I am curious about something. Skipper hinted that he and Erika have some big news to share. Any idea what that could be?"

Professor shook his head. "I haven't a clue. Skipper didn't say much more than that. And I don't think Erika has said much to anyone either. I can't imagine what news they would have."

"I suppose we will find out soon enough. Come on darling. We need to get home and get ready for the party." She said taking his hand.

Professor shook his head. "No. We need to get home so you can sneak into the shower with me and then make it very difficult for me to dress and then we end up 10 minutes late."

Ginger glared at him. "That's not true. We were not ten minutes late that time. It was only seven minutes."

"I stand corrected." He said kissing her lips. "However this is an important night and I think it would be appropriate for us to arrive as scheduled. Do you think you can keep your hands off me long enough to accomplish that?"

"I promise nothing." Ginger grinned returning his kiss.

"That's what I thought." The Professor said as they headed outside to their car.

The Professor helped Ginger into the car and shut the door. She looked down at her stomach smiling. Little Sigmund was kicking up a storm. How she couldn't wait to see him! And he was very healthy. Her doctor said so at her last appointment and assured multiple times that Braxton Hicks contractions were common and it was nothing to be concerned about. Well she couldn't help it. It was scary thinking something was wrong with her baby. Pregnancy was new to her and she was sure she may have drove her husband crazy analyzing every little thing. Consulting books and showing them to him swearing up and down it was the case and he had to calmly explain it was not the case.

Ginger was amazed at his patience. He knew she didn't mean to be so jumpy about everything. She wondered if Mary Ann would be the same when she was pregnant. That was a long way off yet though. She and Gilligan needed to get married first. Still it would be nice to take their kids to the park or zoo together.

The Professor started up the car and they drove off. Ginger glanced over at him and smiled. Damn he was hot! The way that shirt fit his body…and how his hair was just tad rumpled…Her eyes wondered over him some more and she began to slide over.

"Stay on your side." The Professor said sternly. "And keep your hands to yourself."

"You are just so…"

"Mean." The Professor finished for her. "Yes I know I am very mean. I apologize my love but I need to concentrate on the road and not your seductive charms."

"You love me." Ginger said with a slight pout.

"Yes this is true." He replied turning a corner. "I would like to not almost get into an accident if you don't mind."

"We didn't almost get into an accident." Ginger frowned. "That idiot pulled out in front of us out of nowhere that time. You know he did."

"That may be true but you forget the time you almost made me hit a mailbox." He came back with.

"Oh hush." Ginger pouted. "It wasn't that big of a deal. And it's your fault you know. You are the one…'

"I get the picture." The Professor said as their house came into view. He pulled into the drive and then stopped the car turning the engine off. Ginger grinned at him. " Darling you are so sexy..." With that she pressed her mouth against his and kissed him deeply. Things got steamy very quickly and the temperature inside the car increased. The windows were fogged up and Ginger rested her head against him. "You are wonderful darling."

"You are an insatiable minx and I love you." He said kissing the top of her head.

The fixed up their clothes and headed inside the house. They walked up the stairs to their bedroom. The Professor insisted Ginger shower first hoping that after she was finished she would be distracted by fixing her hair and make-up and not give a thought to joining him however it backfired. Ginger enticed him to join her and well he couldn't help himself. He loved his redheaded wife so much and he simply could not resist her. They spent a very passionate round in the shower and once again on their bed before the Professor managed to untangle himself from Ginger's clutches and shower for the party.

Ginger went to her closet to retrieve the gown she was going to wear. It wasn't easy finding one as her figure was advanced but being a Hollywood star she had connections to designers. And the one that Dana Miller designed was just perfect. A strapless dark blue satin gown with a small slit in the skirt. She was sure her husband would love her in it. She placed the gown on the bed and sat down at her vanity table to apply her make-up.

As she did her eyes went to her wedding photo. She smiled looking at it. The happiest day of her life. Marrying her darling Roy. No one could ever rip him away from her. Not that stupid Evelyn that was for sure. She was glad that woman was out of their lives. Who did she think she was anyway? Acting like Roy was some plaything for her own personal enjoyment. She didn't love him at all. No she just wanted him sexually and for her to think that Roy would be okay with that? Like she was some prize? Boy that woman had a giant ego!

It wasn't just that either. It was planting stupid stories in the papers to try and wreck her life. Nothing but pathetic lies. Why anyone would believe her beloved Roy's head would be turned by the likes of Mary Ann was beyond her. Roy told her time and time again that she was by far the most beautiful woman in the world. She was a goddess. Of the three woman, he chose her as the white goddess. He said himself no one could pull it off but her because she was so beautiful. He loves her and always will. Case closed.

The door to the en suite opened out walked her husband with a fluffy white towel around his waist. Little beads of water were on his bare chest and Ginger got that look in her eyes. He noticed this and shook his head. "Don't even think about it."

"Think about what darling?" Ginger said standing up her eyes wandering over him like prey.

"You know what." He replied gently pushing her back down on her chair. "Hands to yourself. We are not going to be late to this party."

Ginger ignored this and stood back up approaching her husband as he walked to his closet. Her arms went around him and her hands were on his bare chest. "You are too yummy to keep away from." She said her lips at his earlobe.

He swallowed hard and carefully removed her hands. "Stop that." He said trying his best to sound firm. "I need to get dressed and so do you. The party is in less than an hour…"

"Roy darling you remember that time you said that I should think that you in a towel was more important." She purred at him.

"Um." Was his only reply. "The party. We need to…"

"I love you." Ginger whispered before kissing his earlobe once more and then retreating back to her vanity table.

The Professor stood there speechless and always feeling very hot. He forgot was he was supposed to do for a minute before he recalled he was to dress. As if in a trance, he picked out his clothes and began to dress. He looked over and saw Ginger peering in her mirror. "Will you stop watching me." He said.

"What are you talking about? I wasn't watching you." Ginger lied.

"You were too." He said pulling his jacket on. "You finish dressing. I'll meet you downstairs."

"Wait darling." Ginger said standing up after finishing her hair and make-up. "I need you to zip me up."

"I'm not falling for that again." He said. "I recall what happened the last time you told me I needed to zip you up. I'll be downstairs." He walked to the bedroom door and Ginger pouted. "Meanie!" She exclaimed. "I'm pregnant and need help and you don't care!" She sobbed.

The Professor sighed and gave up. What was the point? "Okay fine." He said. "I'll help you with your dress."

Ginger smiled. "Thank you darling." She said. Her robe was dropped and the Professor did his best to not react to the sight of her but it was damn near impossible. She picked up her dress and he helped her in it. The zipper was pulled up and Ginger stepped back. "Well how do I look?"

"Like a goddess." He replied.

Ginger giggled. "Which do you prefer? Dress on or off?" She grinned.

"We need to get going." He said before she could wrangle him into something again. "Let's go." He took her hand and they headed out.

Erika's Home

"It is so nice of girls to throw us this party don't you think?" Erika asked as she applied her eye make-up.

"I do." Skipper said adjusting his tie. "I am glad the three woman came around to you. To be honest I wasn't sure.."

"Yes I know." Erika said. "But things have changed. I love you and we are getting married. Jonas how do you think they will react to us having a baby?"

"I think they will be surprised." He answered. "But I think they will be very happy for us. I know how much Ginger is looking forward to her son being born. I know Mary Ann will want a baby once she marries Gilligan. Mrs. Howell is going to spoil those kids rotten I know it. I think they will relish us being parents and want to buy a million toys for the kid."

"I think you may be right." Erika said. "However I think perhaps it may be more for you than me. I mean I know they have accepted me and all but I think there is still a little hostility. I wasn't invited to Ginger's baby shower for one thing."

"I am sure they didn't mean it." Skipper said. "We were over in Europe."

"I know but…I guess I'm just being silly." Erika sighed. "I want so much for us all to be friends. At least I know they are making an effort. You know Mary Ann did call me the other day asking my advice on bridesmaid dresses. She wants her colors to be pink and white and she asked my opinion on what shade of pink the dresses should be. And Ginger. We had a nice lunch the other day. Sure it was more of a business lunch but she was very pleasant. I'm not sure about Lovey Howell however when we did have dinner with them the other night she was very sweet."

"You just need to give them time." Skipper said. 'I'm sure you all will be best friends very soon. Like you said they are making an effort. And they are throwing this nice party for us. I think that means something."

"You are right of course." Erika said. "That's why…well I wanted to ask them if they would be my bridesmaids. Do you think they will?"

Skipper smiled. "You know something, I think they just might. The girls love weddings. And believe me when I say they will want to help you plan ours. I think they would love to be a part of it."

"I hope so." Erika said. "I would really like for us to be a family. I know how much those six people mean to you. I think it's important for us all get along. I don't want any tension. I know Ginger is probably still miffed at my attempt to marry the Professor."

"I think she's not quite as miffed as she used to be." Skipper assured. "She's married to him now. And she said time and time again that she is glad we are together. She thinks we make a great couple.'

Erika stood up. "I guess you are right. I know I can't push them. And perhaps we will all be like family soon. I would like that very much. And I want our child to have those six wonderful people in his or her's life. I made a mistake a few years ago by not seeing you for the terrific man you are. I am glad I see it now. I regret not making it back to the island. I always will. I just hope that eventually those six others will forgive me."

"I think that they are on their way to doing just that." Skipper said. "You don't need to worry. Just one step at a time."