Myth: noun \ˈmith\

1: a usually traditional story of ostensibly historical events that serves to unfold part of the world view of a people or explain a practice, belief, or natural phenomenon

2: a person or thing having only an imaginary or unverifiable existence


I'm not completely sure where the idea of creating Overmyth came from. One day I didn't have it; the next day I had started to create a very vague outline in my mind. If I had to guess, the idea itself started when a friend and I were talking about how monsters would be received by humans. He had finished Undertale, and he was pretty enthusiastic about such concept. Once I realized there was something to be written I started planning it all.

At first the monster who'd need help wasn't even defined. I considered many options, and ended deciding a child character would be the best fit, better than an adult monster. Monster Kid, creating an original character for the story, and Asriel Dreemurr were the characters considered there, and at the end I decided to go for Asriel! Mainly because his life, personality and general status as the future ruler of the Underground had a lot of potential growth.

The idea was simple: Asriel needs help to return to the Underground. The problem was what would go from the beginning to the end. It took me around three weeks to finish the 23-page long draft of what the story would have, and of that draft only around half of its events actually happened. The rest got changed or erased, and many other events got added.

Creating Patta was the most difficult part, I'd say. The lack of human characters in Undertale forced it to happen,'s always a challenge to create an original character to fit in a fictional universe. As a whole I think I succeeded on that regard.

The rest of the story planning was much easier. I always had the idea of using the six human SOULs, and since there was the smallest amount of information available about them (the color, their weapons and armor) I started building from there, and ended with six characters. All that remained was linking everything and creating a place for everything to happen, and then...there it was! A first draft of a summary of everything! Sure, many things got changed before the first chapter and all was posted, but you get the point.

And now, after all these months, the end result was Overmyth, and I'm very satisfied with how the story went! I had a lot of fun writing it, and it was rather well received, apparently! I'm grateful for everyone who gave the story a chance and sticked around until the end. Thank you for that!

I'm sorry for rambling and all, but I figure talking about the story, the characters and what I intended is a good way to finish Overmyth once and for all. Think of it as an elegy, a way for me to honor something I spent who knows how many hours working on.


It wasn't decided from the beginning that the story would have a, uh, a 'topic' so to say. I mean, a cohesive concept that linked the characters and the plot points, but while I was creating the summary I noticed it did have something! So I kept building on that, intentionally creating the theme it ended having:


It isn't meant to be as dramatic as it sounds. Rebirth, something being gone and one starting something based on the absence of that something, it's a very common thing. We don't even realize it happens. As it was said in Chapter 36 'Overmyth':

"Ananas would continue treating life as a game of favors, uncaring unless it directly affected her. Frisk would continue living with Celia, having to depend of his own wits and other people's charity to survive. Celia would continue alone, without a family to depend on and waiting for a miracle that may never come. Graham would continue hating humanity, yet smiling and pretending he hadn't lost all faith on everyone. Byssa would continue blaming herself and Mt. Ebott for a couple dozen people's deaths, letting those feelings eat her up from inside. Ciruel would continue at the mercy of his SOUL, forcing himself to trudge through life. Cohen would continue being in the Youth Troop, being with friends that he may or may not be better without"

Each SOUL had their own problem, something they needed to change, or something that was chaining them down. The loss or getting free of all that allowed them to develop as better people. Each one of those will be touched upon in each character's individual section, but the point of this all was that rebirth allowed to become better people in some way. Frisk and Patta had their own character arcs based on that, too. Asriel's rebirth-related development was more related to the setting, instead of something directly affecting him.

There was a secondary theme to Overmyth, though, but it's something that's going to be talked about in the section about the Main Characters, as it's something exclusively related to those three.

It's literally starting in the next two lines.


The characters will be talked following this simple template:


Main motivation:

Tarot Arcana (First iteration):

Tarot Arcana (Final version):

I'll explain near the end what's up with the arcanas, but for now, I can say it's a huge help when it's about defining a character.


Main characters, yes. The story had three main characters, although one maybe could be said to be...kind of a secondary main character? So, the theme the main characters had was personal growth. Yeah, almost everyone in this story had growth too, but the three main characters represent different types of growth, which you'll see when each one is mentioned.


Main motivation: Expanding horizons, going in a journey, influencing people spontaneously.

Tarot Arcana (First iteration): The Fool

Tarot Arcana (Final version): The Fool

Asriel is practically the bringer of change. He didn't tell anyone how to change, or what to do – except to Ciruel - but most of the SOULs gained new insight after talking to Asriel, and Asriel didn't even realize it, most of the time.

That is one facet of what Asriel represents. Asriel as a whole represents successful growth, the ability to not only influence others to change for the better, but also to change oneself for the better. Asriel was the classical innocent child, thrown into a world he's completely unfamiliar with. It's a fun experience, and all is good! Of course, not everything can be good. Asriel had to face the fact that the human world had a lot of problems too, both as a whole and for each person he met, and that those problems would affect him and the rest of monsterkind. At first he tried to take everything with a smile, but soon the weight of everything took a toll on him, which led to a lot of self-doubt and fear of what'd happen to monsters once they resurfaced.

The point of Asriel's journey was to realize that, no matter what, he should continue fighting to achieve something good, no matter how difficult it was. Asriel's initial fears – Patta disappearing on Mt. Ebott, getting caught by humanity while he was still on the surface, being a burden for Patta – were faced, and new situations were piled onto him immediately. Once he managed to get over those three and continue despite it all, he was able to face everything and just...keep going. Even Frisk's death, although it hurt him a lot, didn't stop him for long.

His growth was successful, and he was mature enough to recognize it. He didn't want to be a different person because he knew all he had gone through had contributed to make him a better person. Even when Patta offered happier circumstances – some stemming from the implicit possibility of Asriel never having met Frisk or Patta – Asriel clung onto who he was now, and rejected Patta's offer.

I admit I was nervous at first about writing Asriel. I esteem the kid a lot, and it's that same esteem what got me nervous, I feared I was going to trample the character into the ground in an avalanche of stupidity. Children characters are difficult to write, especially those that are especially kindhearted as Asriel. There's a fine line between being innocent and being too naïve to live. I'm hoping I managed to stay on the right side.

Developing the friendship between Patta and Asriel was difficult, there's a limit on how much trust a child can have for an adult they met recently. Asriel may be trusting, but I think he has enough social smarts to know one doesn't just go with the first stranger one meets. Sure, it wasn't like Asriel had an option here – he wouldn't be able to return to the Underground by himself – but while I imagine he'd seek an adult to receive guidance and protection from, he'd keep some distance, at least at first. Once I judged Patta and Asriel had bonded enough to have implicit trust towards each other, it turned easier to write about it.

Asriel and Frisk's friendship was an entirely different matter, of course! They were both of the same age, and Frisk was always willing to give a hand. As a whole I meant their friendship to be one where Frisk acted a slightly savvier kid, guiding and helping Asriel, while Asriel in turn provided unconditional friendship and turned into Frisk's crutch when Frisk needed it, didn't end well for Frisk.

Overall I think I achieved everything I could want with Asriel's role in the story. I don't have any regrets.


Main motivation: Focusing inwards, desiring a new direction, being of help.

Tarot Arcana (First iteration): The Magician

Tarot Arcana (Final version): The Hermit

Patta was the last character I defined. It's tough to make an original character who is likable, isn't it? I mean, this is fanfiction, and one is familiar with the characters from the universe the story came from. Any original character sticks out as a sore thumb and would need to show it deserves to be liked and rooted for, and that's hard. Did I succeed? ...maybe I did, Patta seems to have been generally well received.

I'd say Patta represents failed growth. As a whole, Patta is a good person but he's...really kind of an idiot. He tore himself apart from his family because of something he had assumed, and when his dream had a problem that wasn't even permanent he gave up and resigned to a dull life. He was the opposite of a determined person, and it was all because of his own emotional weaknesses. There's no doubt that, if things had continued like it had for a few years more, Patta would have turned irreversibly misanthropic, if not dead in a ditch. Look at how he has so little enthusiasm even about his own identity that he influences the narration to call him 'them' instead of 'him', as if he weren't even sure of that. He was already deep into a hole.

Asriel saved him. Patta needed something that'd rock his world, force him to face himself and the world outside. Asriel, a child who was scared and helpless, tugged Patta's heartstrings enough to get him to want to help him, and it all got better for Patta during the trip. He rediscovered traits long forgotten, and created the hope he needed to actually want a better life. Through helping Asriel, Patta got in contact with a variety of people that ended bringing out both his best and worst traits. He learned, made promises and bonded.

The problem is that Patta's issues couldn't be solved in five days. First than all, he's an adult, not as malleable as children, and second, he has been wallowing in his misery for nine years. One would need more than five days to achieve something worthwhile, and there's no time for that. Patta did start to change, but due to how short time he had those changes were rather flaky, and by the time he entered the void he hadn't steeled his will to fulfill his promises. Patta learned, but wasn't able to apply what he learned. That's why despite his promises it seems like he hadn't done much least that's how I intended. A reader will know better than me what the text says, instead of what I intended.

Patta's name comes from päättäväisyys, which would be 'determination' in Finnish. It has been months since I named him that! Defining his age and where he lived was a bit trickier. I needed an age that wouldn't be too young, as that'd mean he wouldn't have spent enough time in the bottom of the pit, so to say. Twenty-six years old seemed enough. Then the location, because the closer Patta was to Mt. Ebott, the less of an excuse he'd have to actually help Asriel. The point was that Asriel had no chance to get to Mt. Ebott by himself, if Patta were living in the same city, then he'd just tell Asriel to get going. Originally he was just a city away, but then...then I got the idea of making him not know about monsters, so instead of being just a city away, instead I placed him a couple continents away. Hah!

I have some regrets on how I dealt with Patta, mostly about Chapter 11. I had problems with that part, and I still think the way he told Asriel may have been melodramatic. I mean, Patta was immature emotionally, that's a huge flaw he has, but it may have gone overboard there. I also fear he may have overshadowed Asriel. I mean, they were both meant to be the main characters! None should have been more important than the other. I tried to keep a balance, but it's hard. I think by the time Asriel returned Underground, the story focused on Patta more than it did on Asriel, which was to be expected, now that Asriel was back home, but it may have been too much focus.

Other than that, I'm overall content with how Patta was written, and...well, all I hope was that Patta was a worthwhile protagonist character, someone you could actually care about and hope to see succeed, even if I, the author, planned from the beginning to see him not achieve a happy ending.

After all, I'm not done with him yet!


Main motivation: Vitality, providing reassurance, being confident, believing in their worth

Tarot Arcana (First iteration): The Tower

Tarot Arcana (Final version): The Sun

Frisk is a much needed stable presence. Not only they aid in crossing the city, they also provide support and helps unite Asriel and Patta. Frisk plays well their role of friend towards Asriel, being a calmer and a person Asriel can trust. Being of the same age than Asriel helps a lot, Frisk is someone Asriel can feel comfortable relying on, at first because Frisk is a child too, and later because Frisk showed unwavering support and reliability. Their relationship with Patta was different. While they never had a friendship to the same caliber any of them had with Asriel, Patta and Frisk respected each other and knew they could trust and look for help together. In the moments something may have happened to Asriel it was important for them to have each other to rely on and stay calm enough.

Unfortunately, Frisk was designated to be the one representing negative growth, so to say. Character development exists, yes, but negative character development exists too. Frisk doesn't take well the news of Celia's future departure, and although they express their feelings to Asriel, Asriel let himself be convinced. Why did Frisk lose hope? It's simple:

They were going to lose the only two close friends they had. Celia was going to move away, and Asriel was going to return to the Underground. They wouldn't have anyone who would support them like they wanted. It was true they liked some adults and relied on them, but there are differences in a friendship between children and a friendship between a child and an adult. One can't replace the other.

What Frisk needed at that time was reassurance everything would be fine, and they didn't obtain it from Asriel. Asriel's support involved helping Frisk achieve what they wanted instead of trying hard to stop them from doing something they'd regret. Once again, Asriel didn't enforce his own feelings and thoughts and went along what his human friend wanted.

Only after Frisk's death and the absorption of their SOUL they realized clinging to a friend like that wasn't right, but by then it was too late to correct it. Still...the least they could do is give their support to Asriel and Patta, and so they continued doing that.

Curiously enough, I don't think I had many problems writing Frisk. They bonded with Asriel quite quickly, but they didn't start trusting Patta much until after they talked about Patta's fears of causing someone's death. After that point they stopped replying to Patta in just a few words and started building a bond with him too.

Frisk is the only main character who had changes to their arc, at least regarding how they had been written in the first summary draft! They were slated to survive, you know! You know who was going to die? Celia. More details about that in her section. Frisk would have decided to continue living in the city as a way to honor her memory, and returned to the city while Asriel took Patta into the Underground. That all was why Frisk had the Tower card as their arcana. However, I felt dissatisfied with that all, so I scrapped that original plan. I think it's for the better, as what happened to Frisk allowed for further growth from Asriel and Patta, which would have been diminished if it had been Celia.

I don't have any concrete regrets about how I wrote Frisk.



Main motivation: Responsibility, acting on ethical principles, facing her mistakes.

Tarot Arcana (First iteration): The Empress

Tarot Arcana (Final version): Justice

How unoriginal can that get? The Yellow SOUL gets Justice as the arcana. Oh well!

Ananas was meant to be like a remote friendly presence for most of the story. At first she's of help – if only because she felt the need to compensate for her first mistake – but once she feels she did enough she tries to forget what had happened and go away, leaving Patta and Asriel to deal with everything by themselves. That by itself doomed her to not to intervene in the story that much, but after her realization she had made everything much harder for Asriel – leaving them on a street near the boundaries of the city led to Asriel being seen by someone by the first time – she tries to help further, and by then Asriel refuses to take the easy solution of being driven by her to Mt. Ebott, for a variety of reasons.

Not to say her help was useless! Not only she got Asriel and Patta all the way to the city, she also helped Asriel get the fortitude he needed to learn to defend himself when needed, which I'd say was an important contribution to Asriel's development.

I liked writing Ananas, although dealing with her extremely contrived way to talk was...definitely something I should have thought better, hahahahaha. Oh well!

Originally Ananas was actually going to be much more of a motherly figure. In the final story, yes, she was motherly to a fault, but not as much as she would have been in the original summary. Heck, one of the scrapped plot points was that she'd take Patta and Asriel to her home! They would have met her family, and it would have been Asriel's first exposure to different types of behaviors humans could have towards monsters.

However, I wasn't satisfied with that. I felt she was way too bland, and her family, while they were meshing well with Asriel – Ananas' children were both younger and older than him, and therefore had behaviors not really seen by anyone else in the story – I think it all came to the cost of Ananas just...not being good enough. I mean, she wouldn't even have much development, and that bothered me. Everything related to Ananas' household was deleted, and instead she was written in a way that allowed not only to give some conflict to herself, but to allow her to grow.


Main motivation: Patience, endurance, acceptance

Tarot Arcana (First iteration): Strength

Tarot Arcana (Final version): Strength

What's with Overmyth and homeless children? Really. Either way, Celia's plight and way to deal with it was a test of endurance. No one other than Frisk is helping her, due to reasons no one can control – cruel relatives that go out of their way to force her to not to be effectively helped – but she takes it stoically. It isn't that she doesn't mind what's going on, she hates her situation and would like it to change, but there's nothing she can do.

That's why, in the very first occasion there's of actually being able to do something, Celia jumps to the chance, even if it means doing something unlawful she wouldn't do otherwise. It could even have led to Asriel's death, which would have broken her. There were many, many better ways of dealing with it, so why did she do that?

The problem Celia has is that she's way too passive. Look at the way she died in who knows how many timelines: she stayed inside the empty Ruins house, waiting for things to get better. All she did was try to keep herself alive, but she didn't know how to take care of herself yet. Once it was clear to her there was no more option than taking action or die, she went out and tried to eat a monster. Her way of coping with the need of being active is to do something extreme, she doesn't know how to act otherwise.

She wasn't always like that in the stories, though. You know what was in the original draft? She actually went with Asriel, Patta and Frisk! Yeah, there were actually four main characters. She also was going to be the one to die on Mt. Ebott. There are a few reasons why I changed all that, though. One: four main characters is pretty difficult. I couldn't find a way to develop four main characters at once. Two: Somehow didn't mesh well with me regarding killing Celia. It's true it'd affect Frisk and push them to stay in the city, and Asriel and Patta would undoubtedly be hurt by her death, but I feel she wouldn't be close enough to Asriel or Patta to actually help develop them. Third, and the most important one: it didn't mesh well with what I had planned regarding Byssa in that original draft. It would have ruined all her development. More details about that in her section. The changes to the plot and all led to Celia having a lesser role in the story, but I think it was for the better.


Main motivation: Increasing understanding, imparting ideologies, loyalty

Tarot Arcana (First iteration): The Emperor

Tarot Arcana (Final version): The Hierophant

You notice the SOULs were linked in pairs? Celia and Byssa, Ciruel and Cohen, and Ananas and Graham. The link in these last two was much closer in the first draft, shown even in their first iteration arcanas. Yeah, Graham had a fatherly role of sorts.

Graham is the character that changed the least from his first depiction in the summary. He was always the type to be content with hating humanity and living on, not turning misanthropic despite that dislike. He also strived to impart his vision of the world with younger people, mostly with Frisk and Celia. Asriel was his newest student, so to say, Graham was Asriel's first impression about the possibility humanity is to be hated...although most of the conversation was offscreen...

Originally it wasn't. There was this conversation full of feelings and bitterness, buuuut...but I felt it was a tad too heavy-handed. I mean, at the end of the day Graham is a minor character. I couldn't burden the story with something that wouldn't come up again in some way beyond a couple mentions. Almost every other information about the other SOULs people had something to do with an obstacle in the group's way, or was a reason to care for the human SOULs, but I felt that scene didn't do any of that, so...yeah, I cut it away.

This man's role in the story wasn't major, but I think his presence and the setting he owned were important for the development of the main characters. He and the inn helped them bond, he pushed forward the interactions with Ciruel and Cohen, etc...

I think maybe I should have gone into more detail as to how and why he was starting to trust humanity more, and why he gave Patta the task of giving him reasons to believe. I admit I'm unsatisfied with how I handled it.


Main motivation: Relationships, sympathizing with others, establishing personal beliefs, struggling with temptation

Tarot Arcana (First iteration): The Devil

Tarot Arcana (Final version): The Lovers

Byssa is the character who got the worst treatment when the summary got tweaked over and over. In the first iteration, Byssa could have been considered the major antagonist of the story. Fueled by grief and demanding explanations, she was going to try capture Asriel, as well as rally people against monsters by using Mt. Ebott as the main part of her accusation. At the end of her arc, like it happened in the final version, she'd learn to deal with her grief and guilt about her brother and the rescue party's disappearances, and she'd move on.

She was even going to appear several times during the trek! She was going to be rather important!

But no, the more the story was modified, the less importance Byssa got, until it ended with her being the most minor character of the six SOULs. It all started when I realized Celia dying – and Asriel potentially taking her SOUL – would undo all the development Byssa had. After fixing that, I saw another minor problem, then another, until yeah, it ended like this. I feel bad for doing that, to be honest.

Still, the core of her character development is intact. Relationships define Byssa. Her relationship with her parents – the people that restrict Byssa and keep making Celia be abandoned by people – her relationship with Celia, and later her relationship with Asriel, even though it's for a very short while...all that influences her behavior and her way to see the world. Only after sympathizing with Asriel and starting to leave behind her grief she was able to do something meaningful and stick with her real beliefs.

And that's all she did! Her arc started in one chapter, and ended in the next. Sorry, Byssa. Maybe next time she'll have a bigger role, but...but it isn't a promise.


Main motivation: Obsession, being tied against his will, experiencing limitation, doubting

Tarot Arcana (First iteration): The Hierophant

Tarot Arcana (Final version): The Devil

Ciruel is a fun case. His actions both troubled and benefited Asriel and his friends. His interest in seeing the monster led Asriel to decide not to go straight to Mt. Ebott, which in turn caused many of the problems he encountered. Ciruel's earnest behavior and hope to connect with Patta and Asriel led him to be considered annoying and dense. Heck, he's the one who told Cohen about Asriel and got him involved, which caused a lot other problems.

But it's undeniable Ciruel has his heart in the right place. He felt constricted by the legacy left by the six Ciruels who existed before him. He loves monsterkind, and everything related to it, but the pressure made him vulnerable and affected his SOUL to the point it turned unhealthy and delicate. It was a sign of the mental imbalance he was suffering, and although it wasn't something that could be solved in a few days, Asriel got him to calm down and start taking everything at his own pace, stopping to worry about his ancestors and what they did.

In the original draft, Ciruel was rather unhelpful and much more negative. He was going to attempt to keep Asriel on the surface to parade him around the world, all for selfish reasons. He was also going to be the one to insult and demean Asriel directly, instead of admiring monsters. But you know what, I like this version of Ciruel more. I think it fits him better and allowed for something better to read and write about.


Main motivation: Victory, determination, focusing on a goal, holding in anger.

Tarot Arcana (First iteration): The Chariot

Tarot Arcana (Final version): The Chariot

I already talked about how Byssa's role turned minor. Well, that didn't mean I didn't like some of the situations she was going to get into when it was about causing problems! I modified them a bit, deleted a couple, added one more, and the end result is that Cohen is the closest thing to an antagonist Overmyth has.

He never really meant being an antagonist, though. While he opposed Asriel's return to the Underground, it wasn't like he had bad intentions. He was doing what he thought would be better, at least at first, and then it all was warped into what happened in the story.

He wasn't always like that, though. In the original draft his role was much friendlier, and actually different in the sense he wasn't even in a youth club. He was more of a high school athlete, and it was with his help that Asriel, Patta, Frisk and Celia would reach Mt. Ebott. He was also going to be Byssa's main opposition, and a big contributor to getting support for monsterkind.

I feel bad for Cohen. I think his role would have been so good in that original draft, but after all the modifications done...there was simply no way I could make it all fit, so it changed drastically, and now you see how it was. Sucks for him. Something good came from it, though. It allowed me to turn Cohen into a foil for Patta, in the sense that Cohen and his loss of something he cherished was something Patta could empathize with. I think that's something irreplaceable, and couldn't have been done it with anyone else.


Main motivation: Transition, inexorable forces, opening doors, cycles, endings.

Tarot Arcana (First iteration): Death

Tarot Arcana (Final version): Death

Lucia is the most minor character in the story in terms of "screentime", but her actions permeate the whole story. It was partly thanks to her meddling that Frisk felt like they did - partly because Frisk's own decisions and emotions did the rest, if they had taken the time to think and change their mind Lucia's effect wouldn't have done anything - and led to their death. Frisk's death led to Asriel absorbing their SOUL and taking Patta into the Underground. From there Patta entered the void and turned a perfectly normal timeline into an anomaly.

Why did she do that? For no forgivable reason, that is. She just wanted a story to see.

However, her effects reincarnate the meaning of the Death arcana. She caused transitions, cycles, and at the end, gave Patta/Sisyphus the means to leave behind his past and start a new life. In turn, if Sisyphus manages to create the new timeline, everyone else in the Undertale universe would have new lives too.

As a whole Lucia has her influence everywhere. It's not good, but it's not bad either. It all depends on how Sisyphus and everyone else deals with the consequences of her meddling. She's just going to stand aside for the moment and see everything unfold.

But that's a thing for another story.


Well, there's a story in the works already. It has been in the planning stage for a few months already. Now that Overmyth is over, I'll start seeing what's there to change or correct, and in a few weeks – or a couple months - I think the first chapter will be posted. What's for sure is that I'll need time to write and plan, as usual.

It's a sequel of sorts, but no one would need to read Overmyth to be able to enjoy the new story, I think, despite Overmyth being a large part of the motivations of a few of the characters.

There's a big difference in that story, though: it's an Undertale/Persona crossover. Basically, it has the setting of the Undertale universe, the characters from the Undertale universe and most concepts from the Persona franchise, as well as Igor. Here's the summary:


Sequel to Overmyth.

Thirty years. That's how long it took Sisyphus and Lucia to create a new timeline. It's the chance he had looked for to see everyone achieve the happy ending Sisyphus wanted for them. There are two problems, though:

One: 'Syphus' must assume full responsibility for his actions and decisions. That's what the contract demands.

Two: The Barrier must be broken without using not even a single human SOUL. That's what Lucia demands.

There shouldn't be much of a problem when one has the power to use Personas, right?

Unlike Overmyth, 'Aeon' takes place in the Underground, and while the events of the timeline are largely similar to what happens in many others, there are many vital changes Sisyphus –or Syphus, as he's going to be forced to be called – will have to pinpoint and discover why it happens. As you can guess, practically all the characters you can expect from an Undertale story intervene in the story. Besides them, the six SOULs feature too, as well as Igor, and two original characters (Sisyphus/Syphus and Lucia).

As to what Persona concepts it has...well, of course, it has Personas, a party of eight (humans and monsters) the battles one can expect – modified to fit a written format – character development, the Velvet Room...yeah, you get the gist...

...oh, and Social Links. There's a total of twenty-two Social Links. The majority is Undertale characters, as you may have guessed, plus the six SOULs, plus Lucia and Syphus. It isn't guaranteed any characters shown in Overmyth keep the same arcana in 'Aeon'. The Social Links are spread throughout the story, woven in a way that should allow a natural progression of characterization and the events that'll happen during the story.

The exact nature of the challenges and problems the characters will encounter will be kept under wraps until the story is posted and you see it all by yourself, but I'm reasonably confident it'll be well received, the plans I have right now, it seems it'd take a few chapters for things to start falling into place. 'Slow burn', is that how these things are called?


Finally, have my heartfelt thanks for taking the time to read Overmyth. It was fun to write it, and the least I hoped to achieve with it was to create something interesting and enjoyable. Personally I think I achieved that goal!

See you in a few weeks in a new story, supposing nothing unexpected happens.