All For a Revolution by Takato's Dreamer (rainytears)

a/n: This is just a little poem based on my favorite character in the book.... M. Enjolras!

Disclaimer: Victor Hugo, the master, owns Les Misérables.


France often sings of a hero

Of the student with a marble brow

Her song is like a sonnet

To a loved one, young and brave.

France smiles down from the clouds,

The mother many miles tall.

She looks down at the barricades

And smiles upon the leader.

Enjolras, young and passionate,

His soul on fire and his eyes bright.

While his true love France extends her welcome

And he reaches up an eager hand to the sky.

Enjolras, only a mere boy, but with a spirit of flame.

He rises up past the streets, past the barricades,

To his true love France who waits behind the clouds,

There they shall dwell when it all is over,

Walking quietly in the fields of Peace.

One student, one country, one cause.

Enjolras, the student who could never be kept down.

Enjolras, the bird who soars beyond the streets.....

And he falls into shadow, his blood painting the barricade.

It is over now, he realizes as he no longer moves.

He will still continue on, for France..........

And it was all a game, they say.

But we know better.

It was all for a revolution.


Hmm, that was sad and strange and symbolic..... what did you Les Miz fans think? Was it truly Enjolras, or was it not.............?