Harry Potter stared out of the window of the Hogwarts Express, watching the trees zip past. He wasn't necessarily looking forward to his upcoming term at Hogwarts. The Prophet and the Ministry had taken it upon themselves to slander him and Dumbledore. The last year had been tragic for Harry. Dreams of Cedric Diggory's death still tormented him in his sleep. The Triwizard Tournament and Voldemort's return both had ruined his fourth year.

Ronald Weasley, Harry's best mate was currently rambling on about the Chudley Cannons, while Hemione was desperately trying to read the transfiguration textbook for the upcoming year. They were both trying not to mention what had happened in the last year, especially with the trial which had happened over the summer break.

Harry decided he needed to get away from the chatter of his supposed best friends. He had wasted away the whole summer wondering why his friends were being so vague in their letters, and had begun to feel that they were distancing themselves from him. He later learned that it was Dumbledore who had made them swear not to give him too much information. Nevertheless, Harry was still upset with the both of them.

Harry quietly excused himself from the compartment, earning him confused and concerned looks from both Hermione and Ron.

"I'm fine, I just need some air" he assured them.

As he walked along the corridor of the train, his eyes were fixed upon the ground. He wondered what was going on with him. Ever since the night of Cedric's death, he had been different. Something in him had snapped. He was angry all the time, and had no control over his temper. Although he knew his friends were only trying to help, he couldn't help but feel angry at them.

It was while he was in deep thought that Harry Potter found himself in a most awkward situation. One that would change his life forever.

Daphne Greengrass had had enough of listening to Draco Malfoy going on and on about how great his father was, and how many muggleborns he had tormented on the way into the compartment. Of course, Pansy Parkinson had been all over him, exclaiming how 'dazzling' he was. Daphne had no patience in listening to the prat talk about his many accomplishments, trying to win her over. In the end, she had stormed out of the compartment, after telling Draco to take his blood status and shove it up his pure blood arse.

Daphne's family had never been on Voldemort's side, contrary to popular belief. They were a relatively new pure blood family, and did not care about blood status. The Greengrasses had always been a neutral family, but because the whole family had been in Slytherin, they were labeled as 'dark' with the rest of the gits.

Tracey Davis was Daphne's best friend. The two families had known each other for the longest time. Daphne and Tracey had been best friends since birth. Daphne was rarely seen with any other person, except perhaps Blaise Zabini.

Daphne knew she was probably the prettiest girl in the year. Her bouncy blonde hair cascaded down to her chest, and her deep blue eyes sparkled. She knew she had an impressive chest, which combined with her other features made her increasingly striking.
She was nicknamed the Ice Queen. This was largely due to the persona she wore in public, which was cold and uncaring. People who were close to her, like Tracey, knew that truly, she was compassionate and funny.

As Daphne stormed along the corridors of the Hogwarts Express, she murmured to herself about "greasy haired gits" and "bloody wankers"

She was so engrossed in cursing Malfoy under her breath, that she didn't see the messy haired boy walking towards her, and ran right into him. The impact knocked her on her backside, and she huffed as she looked up to see who it was that had knocked her on her butt.

Her icy blue eyes stared into the emerald green eyes of Harry Potter.