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Pretty Boy

Chapter 1

Mascara. It was such a bitch.

"The package SAID it was waterproof! A little rain, and I look like I've got war paint on." the handsome youth muttered to himself, struggling to balance three bags of groceries, find his key, and avoid ruining his expertly applied makeup. He had about an hour to get inside, fix something edible, and change for the night shift.

He worked weekday mornings at the Quick-E-Mart down on the boulevard. Then, he'd head over to the park and feed the ducks. After that he had a few hours of free time. Most of the time he'd end up grocery shopping and visiting friends. At three he reported home to eat an early dinner, watch his favorite soap opera, and get some sleep. He woke up at nine, got dressed, and went down stairs. He had a corner he worked each night, but more than often he hooked up with a regular and was back in bed by one. He slept for a couple hours and by six he was ready to be a Quick-E-Mart with a smile on his face.

Life had given him a lot of lemons, but he managed to make lemonade. The rent was paid comfortably, and he ate respectably enough (discounts from Quick-E-Mart went a long way). When some extra money came his way he took in a movie or bought new clothes. It wasn't what he'd dreamed of, but it worked well enough. Besides, one job didn't always pay the rent and keep him fed. And, the job market for magical school dropouts wasn't a large one. He had left muggle school when he was eleven, and after that point he had no education as far as muggles were concerned. He'd struggled through one year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry before he'd been declared an official squib, and regretfully asked to leave the school. He'd been orphaned as a baby, and his uncle and aunt kicked him out a year later when they discovered he was bisexual.

Compared to all that, his structured little routine was paradise. He was his own master, and if he needed something, there was always a way to get it. Now he was seventeen, and he was healthier, happier, and safer than he'd ever been at Hogwarts or with the Dursleys. In the magical world, an evil tyrant was trying to take over, and he seemed to have a grudge against him. He never really made any friends there, and after an attempt was made on his life, he left. Albus Dumbledore had offered to let him stay, even though he was a squib, but Harry didn't want to live with some maniacal madman breathing down his neck. At the Dursleys, he wasn't much better off. He was starved quite often, and his uncle used him as a punching bag. All things considered, he did pretty well on his own. It wasn't Hogwarts, and it wasn't the Dursleys, so he was happy.

But he still couldn't get inside. And his mascara was running in blotchy waves down his tanned cheeks. It was Sunday, and he never worked on Sunday. He had gone to get some groceries, and had put on mascara simply because he liked how it looked on him. He wore dark jeans, tight on his thighs and loose around his waist. His hunter green tank top, the one that showed a good few inches of his stomach, was snug against his chest, even darker now that it was splotched with polka dots of rain. He wore fishnet stockings up to his elbows, and his nails sported chipped black nail polish. The granite sky loomed over his dingy apartment complex, and all of it summed up to an overwhelming desire to get inside, get dry, and watch his soap opera. He'd bought strawberry ice cream and everything required for making tacos. If he could just get inside his apartment, the day might not turn out too bad.

Severus happened to glance out the black tinted window, noticing they were going through the 'slums' as his driver had so eloquently put it.

"We'll have to go through a slum neighborhood if you want me to get you there on time, otherwise we can go the long way and you'll be a half hour late." The burly driver informed, watching him in the review mirror for his response. Severus looked agitatedly at his Rolex. Lucius would have kittens if he were any later.

"Take the quick way." He informed briskly; returning his attention back to the laptop propped precariously over his legs. Voldemort had a large empire that spanned both the magical and muggle realms. Severus was of a privileged few in his inner circle. That meant he was a multi-talented man. He was a shrewd businessman, and his potions skills were unmatched. Lucius worked hand in hand with him, and did enough bitching and stressing for the both of them.

He noticed a shift in the atmosphere outside the lavish black stretch limousine. The buildings were decaying and the roads were suddenly filled with potholes. It was late afternoon, and the setting sun looked reluctant to land in a town so dirty.

Harry couldn't find his key. He groaned and hurried back out to the front of the apartment buildings, jogging quickly through the thickening sheet of rain. The apartments were on both sides of the street, and on the other side he had a friend he worked the corner with that would let him stay there until the rain slacked off. When he reached the road, thoroughly soaked, the grocery bag in his left arm gave out and sent his food going in every direction. Cursing lightly, he bent over to salvage a nearby bag of apples when something knocked him brutally to the ground. Thinking instinctively that he was being mugged, he tried to whip out the knife he carried, only to find that it had slipped out of his back pocket during the fall and had given him a nasty little cut somewhere in his lower back. He defensively curled up, hands protecting his head. If they were going to mug him, he was going to suffer as little as possible.

Severus was just about to finish his business on the laptop when the car lurched to a stop, sending the black contraption sailing across the car and smacking dully against the leather seat in front of him. He fell forward, preventing breaking his neck by gripping the table in front of him fiercely. The deep voice of the driver cursed loudly.

"God damn I hit someone!" He roared, flinging his car door open and rushing out of sight. Severus caught his breath and realized what had just been said. Quicker than lighting he too was out in the rain.

Just as he reached the collision scene, the driver returned to the car and said he was going to back it up. Severus soon saw why. The boy they had hit was half under the car, the rain beating on his exposed lower half mercilessly, watering down the pool of blood forming under him. Gritting his teeth in frustration, Severus wrestled his wand out of his outer black coat and levitated the figure out from under the car safely. The driver soon backed up and immerged again. Not knowing where else to put him, Severus had gently taken the levitating boy into his arms. He quickly strode to the limousine and waited for the driver to open the door. With all the grace he could manage, he laid the wounded man on the seat, able to see him clearly for the first time without the obscuring rain.

Severus had to remind himself that the boy was injured and loosing blood; lest he would begin to gain blood in a certain area that had no business demanding attention at the moment. He waspishly turned to the driver.

"Get in and get us to the hotel!" He barked as he jumped in beside the disoriented boy. He was fearfully opening his eyes, squinting as if expecting a blow. Severus cradled the delicate, boyish face in his lap, the mass of wild wet black hair curling around his brow. With deft precision he pulled a small potion vial from the belt he constantly wore around his waist. He lifted the boy's head, tipping the uncorked potion bottle against his raspberry lips.

"Wuh? No.Ugh." He moaned unintelligibly, futilely trying to reject the healing potion. Severus used an elegant hand to force his jaw open, pouring the substance into the unwilling mouth. He spluttered, finally drinking it down when he had no other option. A few seconds passed and his features relaxed into drug induced sleep. Severus sighed, much relieved when he felt the gash on the young man's hip melting back into a scar less seam. The potion contained a strong painkiller, wound healer, and intense muscle relaxant. No doubt the boy couldn't even keep his eyes open after the dose he'd been given.

"Is he okay?" The voice of the driver asked, obviously trying to drive at top speed but still avoid anymore accidents. "I swear I didn't even see him in this rain."

"He'll be fine." Severus replied assuredly, absently stroking a black tendril off the boy's forehead. He studied the lightly tanned face, with the smudged mascara and the thick black lashes. His beautifully colored lips, just the right size, were invitingly open. A small silver hoop glistened in his right earlobe, catching the dim light in the limousine. Severus was captivated by the elfin face, so graceful and boyish it could be described as feminine. After what seemed like hours he was able to tear his eyes from the vision in his lap to have a good look at the rest of him. He was thin, but not overly so, dressed like a hooker, and one of the prettiest boys Severus had ever beheld. The plump lips let out a needy little sigh as his cheek rubbed against Severus' lower belly, snuggling into the warmth there. Knowing the boy wouldn't awaken, Severus couldn't help dropping a hand into the mass of black hair to feel its texture. The moist locks slipped through his fingers as he gently encouraged the boy to nestle further. He half rolled, scooting himself a few inches lower on Severus' lap. He hissed as the pretty mouth dragged over the crotch of his pants, and as one tanned hand curled up against his thigh.

All too soon they reached their destination. Severus glanced up at the driver, raising his wand as he did so. He froze the driver, opening his own door and turning his wand on the boy. He deftly undid the top two buttons on his trench coat and used a spell to levitate Harry into his arms again. The boy was small, easily fitting against his chest. He hooked his arm under the boy's ass, holding him firmly against his body. His head lolled against his neck and his arms sluggishly wrapped around him. With his other hand he tugged his billowing black trench coat around him to protect him from the rain. He cast a spell on the bulge to prevent anyone from giving it a second glance. With that, he cast a memory charm on the driver and told him to bring up the bags.

He had stayed at the posh hotel several times before, and he faced no questions when he requested his key from the front desk. No one in the hotel gave the lump in his heavy black coat any attention. He moved through the lobby quickly, reaching the penthouse with relative ease. When he unlocked the door to the posh rooms, no one was waiting inside for him (much to his relief). He quickly relinquished his hold on the boy and laid him out on the leather couch. Soon a bellhop knocked at the door with the bags. He took them from him and set them by the door, tipping him and listening to the message he had to tell.

"A mister Malfoy called ahead and told us to inform you that his flight was delayed, and that the meeting would be re-scheduled for tomorrow." The bellhop left then, leaving Severus to ponder over what had prevented Lucius from arriving. Lucius could easily apparate there, so the nonsense about the flight was simply a cover up story. No doubt the Dark Lord had summoned him for something or another, and he wouldn't be able to get back to work until tomorrow. Severus would have simply apparated to the hotel, but he had made the flight with two important muggle contacts, using the time to tie up some unfinished business. Then, he realized he no longer remembered a clear enough mental image of the hotel to apparate there, so he'd called and had the hotel send him a driver. Muggle travel always left him exhausted, but his curiosity about the beautiful boy kept him from the sea of satin and silk bed covers.

The thought of covers made him think to fetch one for the boy. He took the heavy comforter off the king size bed and draped it over the sleeping youth. He used his wand to clean the boy's face, still smudged with rain and mascara. When he was satisfied that the boy was sleeping comfortably, he went about unpacking his bags and cleaning up.

A hot bubble bath did him wonders. It eased the tension out of his muscles and helped him clear his head of the constant swirl of thoughts. He let the water drain and wrapped his lower half in a fluffy towel. He brushed his teeth and hair, and checked his immaculate nails. By the time he'd immerged from the bathroom, he'd almost completely forgotten about his patient.

The boy was nervously standing in the center of the expensively decorated living room, hesitantly touching a large arrangement of fruit on the coffee table.

"Do you feel any pain?" He asked after observing him for a few moments. The boy jumped skittishly, resembling a deer caught in the headlights. His hand disrupted the arrangement of fruit and sent apples and oranges toppling to the floor.

"Shit!" He exclaimed as he fumbled to put them back in the bowl. "I didn't meant to mess up your.fruit.thing." He spoke haltingly, finally loosing the battle against the fruit bowl. He was fidgeting, looking at him with confusion and fear. His eyes dipped to the towel and back up to his face. Severus remained silent, eager to hear what he would say.

"Did I do anything you should pay me for?" He asked finally, his eyes narrowing in suspicion. Severus looked downwards, surprised at his towel, eyebrows raising when he realized what the boy had implied.

"No! No.my driver hit you. You were bleeding, but I patched you up and left you to sleep on the couch. If anything is still sore I can have the hotel send you a heating pad, or an ice bag." He said smoothly. "And of course, I can reimburse you for whatever inconvenience it caused." On an after thought, he approached and extended his hand. "Severus Snape. I'm sorry for the towel, I just finished bathing." The boy worried his lip and then extended his hand. Severus noted that he bit his nails. For some bizarre reason it struck him as endearing.

"Harry James." He replied. When he'd left the Dursleys, he started using his middle name as his last one. Even though he'd left Europe (where his name was mildly known) to Hollywood, he still didn't want anyone to connect him to the brief appearance he'd made in the wizard world as Harry Potter. Especially this man, who had a pronounced British accent. His own had long since faded. It gave his speech a unique sound, but it wasn't defined enough to pin him with an origin.

Severus Snape was looking at him thoughtfully, as if he had something on the tip of his tongue. Harry breathed an inward sigh of relief when he shook his head and dismissed whatever he'd been thinking. His identity remained anonymous.

"I feel like the least I can do is give you a good meal and get you home safely. Just give me a few moments to change." His mysterious host said, abruptly heading for the bedroom. Harry watched his slender hips sway with a subtle grace, unable to look at anything else as the man retreated. He certainly had a unique look about him. His long black hair (which Harry thought was very sexy hanging down his back like that) framed a pale, aristocratic face. Smoothly arching eyebrows accentuated coal black eyes. His nose was pronounced, but seemed to fit his facial structure well. His lips were pale like the rest of him, slender and smooth. The lack of clothing allowed Harry to drool over the firm body that sported muscles in just the right places. Each time he took a step, the towel slid just a little bit lower. Harry realized with a growing blush that he was sexually attracted to this mysterious rich man.the first time that he'd felt that way in a long time.

When his sexy rescuer disappeared behind the bedroom door, he let out a sigh and raked a hand through his hair.

'So this is how the other half lives, huh?' He thought amusedly to himself as he eyed the massage chairs and the ritzy decoration. His thoughts wandered away from him, and before he knew it the sexy stranger was back, asking him something.

"What'd you say? Sorry." He said distractedly.

"I asked what you were thinking so intensely about." Severus informed. Harry snorted as his face lit up in a bright smile, emerald eyes twinkling.

"It just occurred to me that your rug here would probably sell for more than I would on the black market." Harry stated. Severus jumped on the opportunity.

"And what exactly would you sell for?" He asked slyly. Without giving it much thought, Harry replied.

"Depends on what you want me to do." He seemed to realize what had slipped out of his mouth and he snapped his jaw closed. "I.uh."

Severus had guessed right. He was a hooker. He idly glanced towards the balcony, seeing that the sun had set long ago and it was getting late. He realized he didn't want to send this boy back home just yet.

"How much to stay all night? If you aren't still hurt that is." There. He'd given him an offer and a way out if he didn't really want to stay. Harry seemed to recover from his bout of embarrassment and smirked at him playfully, crossing his arms and arching an eyebrow.

"All night? You couldn't afford me." He said. Severus smirked at his reply. He walked to the phone and continued staring at the boy while he ordered some champagne and strawberries. When the order was done, he hung the phone up and glided towards him casually.

"Try me." He said simply. Harry's look morphed into one of consideration. He seemed not to notice Severus moving closer and closer to him.

"Three hundred." He finally answered, chin jutting out a bit stubbornly, as if to say he wouldn't back down from his price. He soon realized Severus was mere inches away from him.

"Deal. And quit fidgeting." Severus replied in his silkiest voice, leaning forward to brush his lips against Harry's jaw as he spoke. Harry's hands wrapped around his robed waist, but it was as if he was holding air. Severus was walking away from him to answer the door. The room service was there.

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