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Later, just after midnight, Maya returned to the hotel with Caleb. Hanna greeted her and informed her that Emily had gotten up and was in the shower. Hanna and Caleb left before Caleb could get comfortable, to their room a floor down. "We'll see you tomorrow morning. I'll come up so we can go the Fields' house for breakfast," was all she said before closing the door behind her.

Maya carried a bag she packed over to the bedroom and put it on an empty chair. She heard the water from the shower shut off so she decided to change quickly into her pajamas before Emily came out. Except she wasn't fast enough, and Emily came out wrapped in a towel while she had just slid off the dress she was wearing at the club. So there she was standing in a strap-less bra and lace underwear, while her hair cascaded over to her left shoulder. Emily's jaw dropped instantly, and she couldn't help but stare. Maya quickly reached into her bag to take out a t-shirt. As she pulled it out and pushed an arm through, Emily stretched out the hand she wasn't using to hold her towel up and objected, "Please don't!" She had a teasing smile of amusement that went to her eyes, and although glossy from still being somewhat inebriated, Maya knew exactly what that smile would lead to.

"Well there you are." Maya said in a very flirty tone. "I'm surprised you're up. I figured you tapped out until tomorrow morning, you never really were a drinker."

"You see, that's where you're wrong love, my current lifestyle has taught me a thing or two about curing hangovers quickly." Emily giggled, "except I'm still a little drunk so I'm still hoping this shower stuff blocks out a potential hangover." She took a couple steps closer to Maya and took the shirt she tried to put on out of her hands and threw it over to the side of the bed, as she looked Maya up and down very slowly and deliberatively. "I know what else might help." Emily slid the tip of her fingers on the waistband of Maya's underwear from her hip to the middle of her back, before parking her hand right above Maya's voluptuous backside.

"I do know one thing hasn't changed about you: how horny you are when you do drink!" Maya said with a big smile, as she caressed Emily's arm softly and slowly, causing Emily to get very visible goose bumps on her skin.

"Guilty!" Emily leaned her head forward and softly kissed Maya. They both smiled into the small pecks they initially shared and enjoyed the closeness. Emily, being pressed against Maya, let go of her towel and used that now free hand to stroke the side of Maya's neck and shoulder before softly kissing her way up and down. "But your scent is what is intoxicating me right now." Emily's hand gripped Maya's ass which caused her to let out a whimper and toss her head back, allowing Emily to latch on to her neck and trail open mouth kissed to her collar bone. Emily's other hand when towards the strap of Maya's bra. "I definitely wouldn't mind this hangover."

Maya threw her arms around Emily's neck gripping her hair. She pulled Emily's head back so their mouths would connect, and began to take steps backwards towards the bed. Maya kissed Emily with a lot of intensity, and Emily remembered that Maya was always this devoted to her when they made love. Emily loved feeling like Maya could devour her all in one moment, but then take her to the highest level of ecstasy and be so gentle and protective the next. Maya could also be very submissive to Emily in other times, allowing her to take full control and live any and every fantasy she desired. Maya legs finally hit the bed, and as Emily pushed herself on top of her, she also managed to get Maya's bra off, and let her towel drop simultaneously. Maya slowly raked her eyes over Emily's body, reacquainting herself with every part of it. There was no doubt in Maya's head that this woman would never cease to drive her crazy. Emily quickly linked her index and middle fingers on the sides of Maya's panties and pulled them down and off of her. As she was about to reposition herself on top of Maya, Maya grabbed Emily by her hips and kicked a leg over to flip them, leaving her on top of Emily. There she was: the 'Aggressive Maya' Emily would always want to play with.

As Maya began to feel Emily's breasts and kiss her chest with open mouthed kisses, slightly biting and sucking Emily's skin, some sudden thoughts hit Emily like a freight train: Was Maya this aggressive with Alison? Did Alison enjoy this side of Maya as much as she did? Did Maya make Alison squirm like she had all those years ago? Emily couldn't control her thoughts from continuing to wander and she felt disgusted by it, but she went back to that time where she touched Alison for the first time. She remembered how rosy her cheeks got and how the beads of sweat rolled down from her forehead, and how sexy her moans were. No, she had to stop doing this to herself.
'Concentrate Emily!' She quickly reached for Maya's face and pulled her back to her lips, in hopes that these thoughts would dissipate. She kissed her hard and hungrily. She loved Maya, and Maya deserved her full attention especially after all this time. She flipped them over again causing Maya to gasp at Emily's sudden sense of control. Emily wanted to make Maya lose it completely and utterly. She needed to hear Maya's sexy moans and wanted Maya to be screaming her name. She wasted no time in finding those spots she knew very well drove Maya crazy and dove right in. She kissed and sucked on her breasts and found her favorite spot right in between the valley of the two. Her hands wasted no time at all in tickling down Maya's thighs, and teasing around her center. Emily kissed Maya's abdomen and inched over to the left hip, where she bit her gently and caused Maya to squirm, right before Emily's mouth met with Maya's welcoming center, Maya cradled Emily's face with one hand and lifted her chin so their eyes would meet. "I love you," Maya said between deep and heavy breathing. Emily's eyes were dark with desire, but her smile caused them to light up a tad and she responded with, "I love you too," and continued on her mission to bring extreme pleasure to the girl that lay with her. And she did not disappoint. Maya moaned and screamed and reacted in every which way that only turned Emily on even more. With all thoughts of jealousy she had of Maya and Alison, or Alison and Maya buried away, Emily allowed herself to love and be loved in more than one way by Maya. Finally, after a few hours passed the two were exhausted and fell into deep sleep in each other's arms.

In a different part of town, Spencer and Aria were helping a very drunk Alison into her apartment. "I didn't think she could drink this much!" Spencer said to Aria as she dragged Alison to the couch.
"Oh, you know Ali, she's always full of surprises." Aria chuckled a little and put a blanket over Alison and then took off her shoes. "She was on a mission tonight though. It's been a while since she drank this much. Actually, since she started dating Maya she kind of calmed down a bit."
"I'm so glad Toby was there. Those creeper guys would've tried something and I'm not too sure Alison was at all able to defend herself. She probably would have gone home with them!" Spencer's phone buzzed and she looked down to read a text. "Speaking of Toby, he's downstairs waiting for me. Do you mind if I leave?"
"Of course not Spence, go! God knows the poor guy has missed you all this time. He's been such a grouch actually!" The two girls laughed at Aria's comment. "Oh, before you go, did you get a text from Emily?"
"Yeah, you mean the one where she called us cowards but still invited us to her mom's house for breakfast? I got it. She probably got wasted tonight too. I think it's better if we're there. We need to get over this hump and I don't want her to think we're picking sides or something."
Aria sighed and sat down on an empty chair. "True. Hanna text me and told me they were staying in at Emily's hotel room, probably to avoid the paparazzi. Gosh, so much for attempting to get these two to talk it out. All this just probably made it worse. Anyway, I'll be there in the morning. I'll just make sure this one is alive enough to be left alone." Spencer said her goodbyes and left Ali's apartment.

The next morning, Emily woke up first, as usual, and popped two advils and drank a bottle of water before any headache lingered in from a possible hangover. She felt slightly tired, but amazing. She looked at Maya sleeping on her back with the sheet barely covering her and couldn't help but want to touch her again. She was careful as she balanced her weight on her arms and knees not to smash Maya, and slowly slid down so her hands were under each of Maya's shoulders, and she lightly kissed her cheeks, nose, and lips causing Maya shudder a little as she woke up.
"A girl can get used to waking up like this." Maya said with her eyes closed but a huge smile on her face. "Except, I doubt the morning breath is anything but sexy." She couldn't help but laugh and turn her face to the side.
Emily laughed with her and kissed her cheek and her neck. "I guess sometimes I can take one for the team." Emily kissed her collarbone and the top of Maya's chest and made her way back up to the other side.
"Mmm, babe, as much as I love this and would like to continue, we can't. Your parents are expecting us. And I'm actually hungry for food right now!"
Emily buried her face in Maya's chest and groaned. "Ugh! You're right. I am too." She rolled off of Maya to her side of the bed, taking the sheets with her leaving Maya's upper body uncovered. She bit her bottom lip as her eyes surveyed Maya's naked body. "But I'll definitely be hungry for dessert later." She winked at Maya and quickly pecked her lips before getting up and making her way to the bathroom. Just as she was turning on the water, she saw the curtain open and Maya come inside the shower with her. Emily eyed her and gave her a small smirk.
"What? I figured we could save some time and water." Maya said with a teasing smile on her face. Emily didn't object to her underlined suggestion and immediately leaned in to kiss Maya, while grabbing her by her hips and leading the two under the running water. After their quickie in the shower, and their actual shower, Maya and Emily got ready and waited for Hanna and Caleb to meet them before heading out the Fields' residence.

As the four arrived to Emily's parent's house, Spencer and Toby were also pulling up. Hanna, Caleb and Maya went forward to meet them and say their hellos. Emily stood back a few steps and just waited for Spencer to acknowledge her. Spencer being the intelligent person she is, caught on quick to the serious demeanor in Emily's face.
"Hey Em."
"Spencer." Emily was short. They both stood outside on the sidewalk while the others went to sit at the porch to wait.
"Look Em, I know you're mad. I'm sorry. You know that I wouldn't do anything to intentionally hurt you ever. It's just a hard place to be between you & Ali! None of us meant to hurt you. Please, don't be mad at me for too long... Please?" Spencer held her clasped her hands together in a begging motion as she asked Emily not to be mad at her.
Emily breathed in and sighed loudly, her hands in her coat pocket. She pressed her lips together and looked down the street avoiding Spencer's eyes for a moment. "I'm mad, I won't lie." She turned to face Spencer finally, "but it's nothing I won't get over. You might have your reasons for keeping quiet, but maybe next time, if there is a next time, just try me and tell me? Let me have the option of deciding if I care or not."
"Deal!" Spencer quickly responded. They both kind of looked at each other with a mischievous grin and couldn't help but finally laugh. Emily embraced Spencer and finally pulled her into a hug.
"You girls are like my sisters. You know I can't be that mad for long. You still suck though!" Emily hooked her arm with Spencer, "now let's go eat cause I'm starving!"
A while later Aria and Ezra arrived to the Fields' home, and Emily had a conversation with Aria similar to the one she had with Spencer. Aria explained that she technically lived in the same city as Alison, and that they would spend a lot of time together so it was really hard for her to say anything. Emily did her best to understand and forgave her friend. Of course, with a new pact made that they will always try their best to be completely honest and forthcoming with each other in the future.
The girls enjoyed breakfast together and laughed liked they used to. Mrs. Fields didn't upset and served up some amazing food. There were a few awkward moments when reminiscing about the past, Alison would be mentioned, but then Hanna took it upon herself to make a silly comment, which would bring back the laughter. Emily really missed being around her friends like this. She felt lucky to have this life that allowed her to be successful and have her family and friends with her, as well as someone who she loves and loved her back. It felt like everything was just as it should be: perfect.

Alison woke up in her apartment, on her couch with a really bad headache. She remembered Aria trying to wake her up before she left, and only heard something about Advil and water on the table. She opened her eyes to them right in front of her on the coffee table and felt so grateful to have friends that were sober and cared. She instantly put the pills in her mouth and downed the water. "Gosh what the fuck did I drink" she yelled into her pillow. She decided she was unable to adult today, and was thankful for the fact that she never planned much on Sundays so she could stay in all day. She checked her phone and responded to Aria telling her she was alive. She decided to text Paige and see if she'd come over and watch movies. She would have loved to invite the girls over to lounge around her apartment and have a lazy Sunday while she got over her hang over, but she figured they were with Emily and Maya… ugh, the thought of them being together again made her sick; although, it was probably all the alcohol still lingering in her system that was giving her the nauseous feeling. She felt super jealous, and the pounding headache didn't allow her to determine who she was more jealous of. "Oh Alison, you fucked up real good this time." She definitely regretted lying to Maya. However, she remembered Maya telling her that if she knew who she was, she probably wouldn't have given her a chance. "Damned if you do, damned if you don't." Alison groaned in her pillow again and got up to her kitchen to grab another water bottle, or two. Paige texted her back saying that she'd come by in an hour. Alison threw herself on her couch again and decided to fall asleep. She had no energy to think or even have a pity party at this point.

The next couple of days were calm. Hanna was "working form home" as she called it and decided to stay the week. Her reasoning had to do with the fact that they never knew when Emily would come back to Rosewood. Spencer on the other hand left Monday morning and promised to come back Thursday night. They spent Tuesday in Philly, and Wednesday Emily and Hanna went back to Rosewood, without Maya, since she had a few music classes to give and rehearsal with her band. They promised to come back out with Spencer and Aria on Friday and spend the day there. On their way back, Emily and Hanna decided to surprise Aria by showing up to her studio with a little lunch and some wine.

"Hello! Is anyone home?" Hanna shouted as the pushed the door and walked in. "We bring gifts!"

Aria came out of the back room with a rag and a lens. "Hey girlies! What kind of gifts?" She asked while she set down her lens and peeked into one of the bags Hanna set down on an empty table.

"Oh you know, the edible and drinkable kind." Emily responded as she flaunted the bottles of wine she had in her hands. .

"Oh those are the best kind!" Aria laughed out. "You do not know how much I need this right now. The bride whose wedding I'm shooting on Saturday is totally driving me up the wall crazy! She has so many demands and I'm just glad all I really have to worry about is the pictures. I can't imagine how crazy she might be driving Ali with the rest of the wedding planning."

Emily flinched a little when she heard Alison's name, but continued to sip her wine and act like it didn't affect her. "Well, I'm sure the pictures will be marvelous! Is Toby going to help you?"

"Yea, he's going to be with the groom for most of it." Aria took a gulp of her wine. "The groom is such a chill guy though, I don't see how he puts up with his future wife."

Hanna refilled Aria's cup, which she seemed to be drinking rather quickly. "It's called balance Aria. Imagine if they were both insane, God bless the world! Like Caleb and I; he's super not like me at all. We have almost nothing in common, but he fits. He's the calm one. I wouldn't be able to handle someone just like me. And it keeps it interesting I'm assuming for both parties if he's stuck around this long."

"I guess you're right." Aria agreed with Hanna. "Ezra is always the logical one. We have stuff in common, but I think I always flip out and stress while he is more solution oriented and calming. I'm so bummed he's going to finally be here this weekend and I'm barely going to spend time with him."

"When's the end of his book tour?" Emily asked as she bit into a pita chip with hummus.

"He's still away like this for two more months. I guess it will go by quickly." Aria responded.

"It's hard. I know when Misha was away for long periods of times I would secretly try and surprise her. Or I would try to come home as often as possible when I was shooting out in Ireland to see her even if it was only for a couple days. She tried to come see me when she could too. It just has to be a two way street." Emily stated. "I guess having money does have it's perks when it comes to things like this. The hardest part was hiding from the paparazzi."

"I would love to be able to fly out and meet him everywhere." Aria got up to grab a wine bottle she had in her fridge in the back room. "He invited me to join him here and there, but if I really want to do something with my photography I have to concentrate on it and work. When he comes back, I guess we can hibernate for a while or take a little vacation."

"Oh, watch this little one get kinky!" Hanna teased. "Hey Em, have you thought about what's going to happen between you and Maya? I don't suppose you plan on moving back out here or Philly now do you?"

Emily looked at Hanna kind of thrown off by the question. She hadn't at all thought about this minor detail. "Well, we haven't really talked about it. I guess I'd be coming and going for a while. Maybe she could come live with me if she wanted. I mean, there's a lot more possibilities for her out in L.A."

"What about her gig out in New York? Isn't she supposed to go up there next week to discuss that?" Aria asked Emily.

"Hello!" Hanna interrupted before Emily could answer. "That would be perfect! She could come and live in New York and you will just go between L.A. and N.Y. and we can hang out like ALL the time! Eventually you could always just move to New York, too, y'know?"

Emily couldn't help but laugh at Hanna's suggestion. "Well, that could work. Depending on whatever projects I may be working on." Emily's phone rang in her purse and she got off the couch to go grab it. She looked at the screen and saw it was James, her assistant. "Hey James!" She said as she picked it up. She walked over to the corner to listen as he spoke. "Hold on James, - hey Aria, do you mind if I sneak off to the back real quick. It's work stuff." Aria motioned for her to go and was left in the main room with Hanna.

"She looked totally off guard with that whole Maya living here bit didn't she?" The small brunette asked Hanna.

"Well, I guess she didn't realize that Maya lived in Philly now and not in California. They've been in that honeymoon phase so it's not like they are thinking about anything past today and tomorrow probably." Hanna replied as she ate into her salad. "Gosh, I love day drinking and lunch with my friends. Why can't we all just live in the same city!"

"This is fun. I miss you all being here. We should make a pact to meet up back here at least every other month. Y'know? Small goals first then we'll figure out how we can all live in the same city. It'll be easy, especially since we're getting Emily back cause of Maya!" Aria joked.

"Hey let's just buy a mansion and all live together!" Hanna carried on. The two girls laughed about their silly ideas.

Just then Alison pushed in the door to the studio with her back since she was carrying a small box and had some papers in hand. "Hey Aria, here are some more props bridezilla would like to set up and the actual invitation and badge so you can get in." She turned to put the box down on a small table by the door, and then took her sunglasses off. When she looked up she noticed Aria wasn't alone and acknowledged the other blonde. "Hanna! Hey!" She said excitedly. She hadn't seen Hanna at all since she got to Rosewood because of the whole Maya thing.

Hanna immediately got up to go give Alison a hug. "Hey you! How have you been?" Alison and Aria looked at Hanna because obviously, the question was probably not the best to ask. Hanna realized it a little too late, nonetheless and tried to recover. "You know? Apart from all the drama we all recently witnessed this weekend."

"Well, you know," Alison sighed, "Other than that, extremely busy. It's good to see you. I have been meaning to come down to New York and do some shopping. You know I could always use your input."

"Anytime Ali! You know you're always welcomed at my place. There's a new line coming out and I'm sure you'd love it." Hanna exclaimed. The two blondes might not be as close to each other as they are with everyone else, but they did care for one another. And they couldn't deny their connection for the love of fashion.

Alison noticed the little set up of wine and lunch snacks. "Are you two day drinking?" She asked with her infamous grin and raising her eyebrow.

Aria suddenly felt a little awkward. "Yeah, Emily and Hanna kind of surprised me this afternoon and showed up with these goodies."

Alison got really tense at the mention of Emily's name. "Is Emily here?"

"Umm, yea she's in the back," Hanna answered the worried blonde. "She got a work related call just now so she stepped away."

Alison quickly went to take her purse out of the box she set down on the table. "Well, I just wanted to bring over this stuff to you Aria. I'm going to go. I don't want to interrupt or cause any problems with you know who." As she looks up she realizes Emily is already in the room, looking at her. "Great." She mumbles under her breath.

"With me?" Emily asks with sarcasm dripping in her voice. "I doubt you could cause anymore. But then again, it is you Alison, so who knows."

"What's that supposed to mean?" The blonde snaps back. She held her eye contact with Emily. Suddenly the room was filled with tension.

Aria quickly tried to calm everyone down. "There isn't a problem with you being here Ali. Right, Em?"

Emily was still staring Alison down. "Not at all. It's your studio Aria. You can have whoever you want in here." She took a couple of steps forward, her demeanor still challenging Alison. "She's the one who didn't want to cause any more, right?"

Alison was over trying to play nice with Emily. She had no idea what the brunette had against her, and she was done wondering. "Look Emily, I have no idea why you are like you are with me, or what problem you have against me to begin with. What did I ever do to you?"

Aria tried to say something to stop the girls from getting into an argument, but Hanna put her arm up and held her back. They shared a look of agreeing to finally let these two go at it to see if they could hash things out.

"See that's so typical of you Alison. You always seem to like the victim role. You don't see how you lie and use people like they are your toys. I mean, I got over you using me, but I am not ok with you lying and trying to use Maya. She doesn't deserve to be treated like that."

"I explained to Maya why I did what I did. I never meant to hurt her or play with her feelings. I actually cared about her. And anyway, what happened between her and I, has nothing to do with you." Alison shot back.

"I love Maya and therefore it has EVERYTHING to do with me!" Emily shouted. She was fuming now.

Alison took a deep breath and tried to not shout back. "You used to love me too." The words escaped her mouth as the thought crossed her mind. Her eyes started to swell up with tears she concentrated on holding back.

Emily didn't expect that statement to come out of her mouth. 'Was Alison mocking her now? Could she actually be that cynical?' "Yeah, I did. I was super naïve and stupid, and I loved you like a fucking idiot. But you never loved me; you only love yourself. You used me because you like the attention. I was just a play thing to you."

Alison couldn't understand why Emily was saying those things to her. She remembered the last conversation they shared, where she declared her love to Emily, over and over again. "How could you say that? Right before graduation, I told you once and again that I loved you. You're the one that just left me here without saying anything. You ran off and didn't even bother to say goodbye, or answer a damn phone call or text. You broke my heart Emily." A tear started to run down Alison's cheek.

All Emily could think of was how good of an actress Alison was. She was not moved at all by her tears, it just made her angrier. She started to clap slowly, "Wow, Alison. You really should look into acting, cause your performance here is amazing." Alison and the other two girls witnessing this interaction were in awe of Emily's response. "You really expect me to believe you? You're a liar. Yes, you said you loved me before graduation. It didn't take you long after saying that to go off and kiss someone else though, did it?"

Alison's eyes opened wide. "What?"

"Yeah, Alison. I saw you. And I heard you. You kissed Noel at the graduation party, right after you told him that he would always be the last boy you'd ever want to kiss." Emily stepped over to pick up her purse and slipped her phone inside. "I guess that forever was short lived too, right? I never thought you'd come back to try girls again though, you might just be real bored."

"It isn't what you thought you saw Emily." Alison answered after a few moments of processing, tears unable to be contained anymore.

"Wasn't it? Stop lying. Just stop it's not going to bring you anything. I'm just glad I came back in time before Maya was trapped with you. Funny how timing can work, hu? If I never would've walked to Noel's backyard that night, you probably would have made a fool of me a whole lot longer." Emily took her keys out of her purse and turned to the other girls. "I'm sorry Aria, I'm going to go. Maybe we can hang out later tonight or tomorrow. Hanna, you ready?"

Hanna who was surprised by the confessions just made nodded. "Yeah, I am. Aria, I'll text you later." She gave the small brunette a hug and then went and put a hand on a baffled Alison's arm, before heading towards the door.

Alison just stood there and watched Emily quickly hug Aria. As she walked past her, Alison grabbed Emily's wrist out of instinct. "I promise you, it isn't what you thought you saw."

Emily pulled her arm back and out of Alison's grasp and rolled her eyes. "You know, after seven years, I really don't care. I've been over it, although I will admit I feel a little more liberated finally letting it out. Nothing you say will change my mind anymore. Just stay away from Maya." And with that, Emily left Aria's studio.

Once she heard the door shut, Alison started to cry uncontrollably. She couldn't believe that that was the reason Emily left her. "Aria, I swear it isn't what she thinks it is. It's a stupid misunderstanding." She fell to her knees and cried into her hands.

Aria was a little puzzled. She understood now why Emily didn't want anything to do with Alison. "Oh Ali, what did you do?" She felt a little mad at Alison for Emily, but even then pushed through and tried to console her other friend.

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