Brand New World


Late again. He lived so close, yet he was going to be late again. He pumped the pedals of his bike with all he could, the muscles in his thighs beginning to burn
as the wind blew against him when he rode the slope of the sidewalk
upward, cars driving past without effort. His backpack was weighted
down with a laptop and books. The traffic light turned green as he
made the top of the slope and he rode onward, riding the slope gently
downward and feeling the ease in his legs. The campus began to swell
as he pedaled closer. The sidewalk ended and he went onto the stretch
of road bordered by a thick white line, the lane reserved from the
passing cars, and turned with the road towards the college. As the
road led to the parking lot, he turned his bike onto a cement pathway
that led through the campus. The library, buildings, cafeteria and
recreation building idled past as he headed towards the campus
center. The bicycle rack near the glass doors already had a couple
bikes on it, and he needed a few moments to put the lock and chain on
his "This is what happens when you decide to sleep in,"
came the familiar voice. He looked up and saw a young woman, no older
than he was, standing next to him as he locked the bike in place.
Pointed ears perched at the top of her head and her visage was
lupine-like in appearance, face covered in soft gray fur with white.
A small black nose perched itself a the end of her snout as she
looked down it with smiling sapphires.

"Sorry, I didn't
know my conscience was in charge of keeping track of time, Tasha,"
he replied sourly. The girl pouted.

"Then wake up on
time, so I won't have to chastise you." The boy didn't reply as
he almost jogged through the building to the other exit and to the
building on the other side. He saw the wolf girl waiting for him on
the other side of the glass doors and walked next to him. "At
least today has only one class,"

"Thank Christ,"
the boy muttered.

"Yes, your scheduled
nap time will not be interrupted today," Tasha teased. As he
reached the doors of the building, he looked beside him to see the
wolf girl gone, per usual. He let out a frustrated sigh and walked
into the building. He walked past the glass case and saw the trophies
within it, but focused more on his reflection. His skin was white
underneath his white jacket and black shirt with a large skull. His
blonde hair was curly and unruly as he straightened his shirt over
his build. He was big, but had hardly any fat on him, most of it
being muscle. He dashed down the hall and up the steps towards the
second floor, twisting the maze-like hallway to the class room. He
entered and looked up at the clock, and saw he was only a couple
minutes late, the teacher just now giving roll.


"Here," the
boy replied, taking a seat at one of the tables near the back.

"Well that's lucky,"
Tasha said in the seat next to him.

"Who knew?"

"I certainly did,"

"Did not,"
Jason whispered harshly, trying to keep quiet. If one were to look,
they would see a man arguing with no one. He does not know when she
came to be, perhaps as early as when he was born, but he felt Tasha,
the wolf girl he had known for years, had been with him for at least
as long, but only recently had taken shape for him. He knew her to be
a part of himself, maybe the part that dwells in everyone when they
imagine that perfect someone, their soul mate. She had been with him
in different forms, not just as a wolf; his first high school crush,
some pics of girls, human and furry, till he decided to make a more
permanent form for her. She doesn't seem to mind much, if at all. In
fact, she seems to enjoy teasing him with it. While the teacher was
jotting down formulas and notes, Jason looked to where Sam was, but
saw her gone. He then looked up and saw Tasha standing at the front
of the class room, the rest of the class, all five of them, unaware
of her. She had a smile on as she teasingly pulled at her clothes
before stripping. She pulled her shirt off first, her bust concealed
in a bra as she tugged at the cups softly as she licked her lips. The
teacher passed in front of her, inches from touching her, to write
on a different place on the board as he explained the problem. When
he passed from her, Jason saw her bra was gone, and her breasts
hidden behind her arm as she held the bra in an outstretched hand in
front of her, dropping the pink garment to the floor. Jason's mouth
twitched at the corner as he saw this, her arms covering her chest.
He was about to object, but not vocally. He knew better than that.
'What do you think you're doing?!' he
thought harshly.

getting more comfortable," Tasha replied, sitting on a table
where a female student sat, swinging her shapely legs over her head
as she jotted down notes. Tasha raised her legs up in plain view, her
shorts stopping at her thighs, her stockings covering the rest as she
removed her shoes with her feet. With a smile, she began to play with
her stockings, pulling them down to reveal shapely legs in soft gray
fur. She dropped them on the table, right next to the student.

'Why are you doing

you rejected me last night!" Tasha replied.

'I fell asleep!'

you promised."

'You know that I have
to take those sleeping pills if I want to get a full night's sleep,'

you don't! And that's no excuse for ignoring me!" Her arms fell
from her chest, her breasts in full view. "So now, I'll have to
punish you." Jason ground his teeth as he tried to ignore her
and jot down what was on the blackboard. However, when he looked up,
he saw Tasha stood in front of him, blocking his view.

'Sam, I'm
giving you one chance to stop this before I imagine something
Tasha laughed.

and what army?" Jason smiled as he slowly looked up, his eyes
glinting evilly. Tasha lost her smile at the sight.

'Oh no, not
he thought darkly.
'Tentacles!' From the
floor came several, gray colored tendrils. Tasha backed away in
shock, but they wrapped around her, dragging her to one side of the
classroom, out of Jason's view of the blackboard as the tendrils
started their work on her. Some entered her shorts and she shrieked
wildly while others held her arms back as they forced her to her
knees. He heard her shrieks turned to moans as he looked over and saw
the tentacles had pulled her shorts and panties down past her pelvis
and two had entered her slit while another teased her clit. Two more
rubbed and teased her breasts, the nipples poking out from under her
fur. She was blushing madly, her mouth hung open as the tendrils in
her slit began to undulate and pulse, making her clench. Jason
chuckled lightly as he felt himself harden under the table.

she whimpered, between moans and gasps. He looked over to her, and
lightly nodded. The tentacles were gone, and Tasha was fully clothed.
She felt her body and found it as though she had never been touched.
She looked at him with angry eyes. "You know how I hate
that!" she raged, standing
up with trembling fists. "You know that it's like raping
someone when you do that?!"

'Then don't
tempt me,'
he replied. The
teacher went out and was handing out worksheets. Jason jotted down
answers and steps as Tasha fumed and vanished. After a while, the
teacher dismissed the class and Jason put the worksheet in his bag.
Walking out the door, he found then she wolf leaning against the wall
next to the stairwell. He walked to her but she brushed him off and
vanished again. He knew that when she got this angry, and willful,
she's sometimes able to resist his influence. He felt a little
sadness tugging at his heart. He never intended to hurt her feelings
like that. 'Her feelings,' he
thought. He smiled a bit, despite himself. He walked down the steps,
and out the door. He walked into the campus center and into the main
hall, where the door to the theater to the right of him, and the rest
of the large room with chairs, benches and tables filled the rest.
Walking down, he found his preferred spot, undisturbed. Cushioned
long seats with coffee tables between them filled up one part of the
room. He saw a couple students drawn out on them, sound asleep, as he
would like to be. He set his backpack, a
camouflaged-color thing that had seen better days, next to the seat
and sat down at the seat. He closed his eyes, his mind drifting. In
his mind's eye, he saw Tasha, facing away from him. He reached out to
her, touching her shoulder. The she wolf let out a small pouting
grunt and pulled away from him. "Tasha, come on. You
know I was just having a little fun."

you weren't! You were taking advantage of me, again!"

sorry, but I had to do something to get you to stop! Doing stuff like
that is very distracting."

"I was
just trying to get you to pay a little attention to me,"

this for a night when I fell asleep?"

more than just that. Lately, you seem to be distant."

know, and I'm sorry."

sorry, sorry! That's all you ever say, but you hardly mean it!"

"I do
mean it! It's not my fault I have a mountain of homework waiting for
me! I still have to write that poetry reaction for Creative Writing,
study for a test in History, finish both this worksheet, and the work
sheet he gave us yesterday, for Math, and study up on my Greek Gods
and Goddesses for Mythology! And you knew, you
that there would be times when I can't put all my focus on you alone.
In fact, you even supported me."
she wolf shuddered and it looked like she was crying as she still
didn't face him.

alright. You're right"

when we get home, I'll, uh..."
ears perked up and she looked at him. Parts of her facial fur looked
a little damp, especially around her eyes.


you know,"


you the attention you want."
smiled broadly at his statement, and embraced him with a soft sigh.
"Happy now?"

she squeezed him in response.
Jason let out a sigh as he closed his eyes, then opened them again.
He grabbed his bag, shouldered the straps and left.

began life as any other person, born to parents and raised by his
family, the first of three boys. Only, being born to the military was
a little different. His father, being in the United States Air Force,
had to be moved around from base to base, sometimes overseas, and
that is where Jason's trip around the world began, starting from
Arkansas, to Japan where he spent half of his childhood, then to
Alaska, the Dakotas, and finally back to Alaska, where his father
retired. However, his mother, unhappy with her life, decided to leave
and try to find a better one for herself, leaving the father alone to
raise the boy. He tried, but it was getting harder as they grew up.
Even though is father remarried,
Jason never fully accepted his step mom into the family, no matter
how hard they both tried, and wondered if it was really his fault
that she left. It was something that haunted him ever since he left,
and has never admitted it to anyone. And it was then, after years of
wondering, he got his first letter from his mother. She had waited
till he was old enough so he could tell her why she left, how it
wasn't his fault, and that she had a new family of her own that he
could visit. Furiously, Jason tore up the letter and left without
looking back. After high school, he entered the army as an armored
crew member, which won him praise from his family, especially his
father, who thought he would never understand his son. Serving for
four years, having a tour in Afghanistan and Iraq under his belt, he
left the service and entered college, where he hopes to make it as a
writer. All he had with him were his belongings, college benefits
and a loan from his father, and Tasha.

was starting to get warm, traces of winter still chilling the air,
but lessening in its hold. As he pedaled down the sidewalk, the sun
rising to its peak, he saw a man with a hat standing in front of a
fence. He passed by him without looking at him, but noted through his
peripheral that he was wearing a jacket, jeans, and a cap. His face
was always hidden by the bill, but he noted the upwards turn of a
smile. When he stopped to look at him, he was gone, and striking it
from thought, Jason pedaled on, not far
from the house he rented. It was pale blue and small, the pain
peeling off of it in some places. A brick chimney jutted from the
roof, the base heading towards the ground. The shingled roof had
pieces missing and falling off, the lawn littered with trash from
other people, and even cars parked next to it and the fence to avoid
cluttering up the small road. He pedaled into the open gate and
stopped in front of the steps, picking up the bike and carrying it up
to to lean against the house as he fished his house key from his
wallet. Opening the door, he was greeted with a coolness from within,
despite the efforts of the space heaters in the house to try and warm
the place. Wheeling his bike inside, he guided it past the small
living room with a single chair and entertainment center with a flat
TV and game consoles, while there was a dresser behind with movies
lined up in a row. He wheeled the bike into the small dining room,
and made it to lean against the wall. Setting his bag down next to
it, he looked up and saw Tasha standing in front of him. The door to
the bedroom was open, and he followed her into it, closing the door
behind him. She had vanished again, leaving him alone in the small
room with nothing but a suitcase, two duffel bags, and a small
mattress with covers, pillows and a blanket. He lied down on the bed,
and closed his eyes, his mind drifting. In his mind's eye, he saw her
coming to him, and when he opened them, he saw her sitting on his
bed. With a playful growl, he lunged forward and grabbed the she wolf
in a loving embrace as she giggled and both fell onto the bed. Tasha
was atop him, but fell into his arms again when he sat up, looking up
him as she placed her hands on either side of his face. The human
leaned down, and kissed her lips softly. He gently fell onto the bed,
lying on his side as Tasha lied on her back, looking up at him
longingly. As they kissed, Jason's hand traveled downward, lightly
brushing past her breasts, tickling her exposed belly, and resting
between her legs. He rubbed her pelvis, then his hand went into her
shorts, rubbing her panties underneath and feeling her heat grow.
Tasha moaned and whimpered as Jason kissed her neck. "This will
always be yours," she moaned.

like I always will be," Jason replied into her ear softly.
Tasha moaned again, kissing and nipping her ear as she held it in her
teeth. Her could feel her body tense from his touch, and tremble as
his lips traveled the same way as his hand. Starting from the neck,
then going down to the chest, past her ribs and pausing to tease her
exposed navel with his tongue, a whimpering sound escaping her
throat, till finally he stopped at her shorts. Undoing them, he
gently pulled them down and kissed her pink panties. A shuddering
whine sounded from her as her body quivered from his attentions to
her sex. He pulled her panties down and nipped her inner thighs, her
legs spreading for her, feet raised off the bed. He nipped closer and
closer to the folds of her slit, and each one made her whimper more.
A shuddering gasp tore through her when he pulled on one of the folds
gently with his teeth before teasing the entrance with his tongue.
Tasha felt her body tremble and her hips move from his tongue
entering her most holy of places, the tip touching that forbidden
spot. Her whines turned to gasps, her moans to short cries. Her hands
went to her chest as she squeezed her breasts as hard as she could as
she felt his hands around her waist, holding her firmly in place. She
couldn't move away, no matter how much she tried. Jason saw her slit
grow wetter and wetter from his tongue in her slit, and moved it out
to tease her swollen clit. He nibbled the nub above the entrance to
her sex, making her cry out even more, her thrusting actions
increasing. He sucked upon her nub and her body arched. He went back
to her slit and tasted her sweet essence again, teasing her forbidden

she whimpered in between gasps. He sucked upon her folds, then pulled
out to insert a couple of his fingers in her, finding that spot while
his mouth teased her clit again. With a cry, her body arched again,
shuddering, as her pelvis thrusts against his hand as hard as she
could, her essence almost pouring onto him. A shuddering moan rocked
her body as he went up to lie next to her. He nuzzled into her neck
and kissed her. Her hands went around to her back as she looked up
with half-lidded eyes, her face blushing madly. He worked his pants
off and pulled his shirt over his head as he hiked Tasha's shirt up,
exposing her breasts. He suckled on one of the nipples, gently
pulling on it with his teeth before going to the other one and
teasing it with his tongue. She felt his desire, and positioned
herself underneath him, her legs open before him and weakly rubbed
against his already throbbing shaft with her drenched slit. He looked
up and saw her face. Her ears were back, her eyes were cast down, a
look of total submission. He
lifted her face up to make her eyes meet with his, and he smiled
warmly at her, kissing her lips softly, as he had done a thousand
times past. She felt his desires again, and smiled back, her hands
going to caress his face and neck. He entered her, softly and gently,
his shaft filling her up as she moaned with her eyes closing. He
pulled out and added a little more thrust, over and over and over
till he had a steady rhythm in her. He felt her clench as hard as she
could at first, but, due to her last orgasm, her muscles could only
clench for so long till they eventually relaxed. He found himself
feeling the entrance to her womb, the tip almost entering. Her hands
fell from his shoulders as she moaned and keened softly. She tried to
hold onto him, but her body wouldn't obey her, and his shaft entered
her freely. Her legs tried to stay raised, but fell to rest behind
his knees. She felt one of his hands massage her thigh as he thrust
into her, a whimpering sigh in her throat. He buried his face in her
neck, kissing and nipping as he nuzzled into her. She felt his urge,
his need, to unload in her, and the only thing that would let him
would be for her to let go again. She imagined his seed, warm and
full of life, entering her womb and filling her with the promise of
life. The thought made her body turn hot, her hips thrusting against
his as her body longed for him. Her slit burned like a furnace,
hungry for his seed, and she could feel Jason was nearing his end
with her. He slowed, only to thrust as hard as he could, the tip
entering her womb. She thought of it, and thought of it expelling his
white stuff into her. The thought sent her over the edge, and made
her orgasm again. With a shuddering cry, she held onto him as if for
dear life, while he reached his own climax. He felt himself erupt
into her, his unending flow filling her womb. He cried out her name
as he reared up, then finally, when she stopped thrusting against his
shaft and was starting to relax, he lowered himself gently onto her.
His arms went about her waist and back, his face met hers and their
lips locked, his nose nuzzled against hers. He saw that she was
drifting off, and whispered into her ear "I love you,"
before she closed her eyes and snuggled against him. Jason did the
same, and when he opened them again, he saw he was fully clothed,
except his pants were undone and his belt was unfastened, and the
sheets were stained again. With a sigh, he picked himself up, redid
his pants and went out the door. He had plans for the weekend, and he
needed to see to them and soon.

The man stood outside his house, a twisted smile under his cap. Of all
the others, he would be very promising.