If you have been reading all of the pamphlets, books, scrolls, stone tablets, or bought audio books or heaven forbid watched the movie of the Demigods of Greece and Rome, heroes of the northlands or magicians of Egypt then you already know part of my tale. Except you probably don't have the slightest idea of who I am or even where I'm from. I will tell you but now allow me to congratulate Rick Riordan on making people interested in the classical world, without him interest in roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology wouldn't be where it is today. He has written about the four cultures that have shaped western civilization. Or has he? "What could he be missing?" You may ask "He has culture, from Egypt, science, from Greece, discipline, from Rome, and strength from the Vikings. My dear readers he is missing one of the most influential aspect of western culture, money, and where's there's money there is Qart-Hadasht. My homeland, Carthage.

One reason that he forgot or never bothered to write our story is we have been swept under a rug. Carthage and Rome have always tried to one up us and isn't surprising that they would soak up as much publicity away from us as possible. Of course another reason would be that Riordan simply doesn't have time, or he could be waiting until after his Norse novel is finished. I suppose that I wouldn't even have to do this if that was the case or perhaps I could send my script to him and let him deal with the publishers… oh I'll just get on with it. My story, Carthage's story didn't end with Rome's salting of Carthage's fields. Oh no, we were still alive, some of us fled, Hannibal Barca was one of the ones who was eventually able to create a new living for himself, sure this new living was fighting the Romans in the east, but still he survived. Until that is the Romans broke through. Hannibal was still a marked man, wanted by Rome. He didn't give them the satisfaction of killing him he drank poison to avoid being captured by the Romans. Some of the mercenaries we had hired to fight the Romans defected and joined them, I can't really blame them considering what happened to the rest of us. Those Carthaginian citizens that had remained in Carthage to the bitter end were all killed, sold into slavery or like our leaders' wife, thrown themselves into a fire rather than succumb to roman rule.

My story begins where all New Carthaginian stories begin, in New Carthage on Guanahacabibes peninsula Cuba. Since it is a natural park we use what you would call the "mist" we however call it "I don't know what you're talking about I don't see anything out of the ordinary"... Mist does have a better ring to it…

Never mind my story started on my eighteenth birthday,

I'm sorry for the overuse of novel stereotypes about teenagers and all of the cultures becoming an adult ceremony but this is how it happened. And it's not like there is anything significant about it anymore it's really more cultural now especially since you're not technically a fully fledged adult until you twenty one anyway, sorry I have a habit of rambling on, to keep this shorter I'll have my personal assistant Elissa keep me on task.

"Elissa get in here!"

"You don't have to yell brother I am just in the next tent over and yeah you do need someone to keep you on track"

Now I begin