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"What happened"? Elissa, Bethóc and I asked. After we had safely made it back outside of the museum.

"There was a magical seal keeping Khasis out of our world, Even though I couldn't destroy it completely I was able to weaken it enough for him to slip out."

Bethóc frowned "If he was freed where is he now"?

"My guess would be on top of Mount Zephon recovering his strength. He had to use his strength to destroy the seal altogether, like I said, I was just barely able to weaken it."

"Is anyone going to bring up the white elephant"? Elissa asked. "That man was definitely not from the Netherlands he had a French accent."

"That's what you're asking about him"? "He seemed to forget about us to quickly, its like he's used to people attacking him with swords." I said.

"I'm just glad you were able to buy me time, I don't want to know how it would feel to be ripped out of a spell in the middle of casting it."

"Well," I said straightening up, "We should return and report our success."

"And see what he'll do to my bow." Gisco added.

The public transportation still acknowledged our tickets so we made it back to the John Hancock Building without any difficulty, and got into the elevator going down without a problem.

"Welcome back." Himilco greeted us. "I see that your mission was a success." He said leading us into the meeting room. "Khasis has already been busy here; along with his brother they have constructed an elevator down hear that leads to the base of Mount Zaphon. They've asked me to send you up as soon as you can make it."

"Then we should get going than." Gisco said rising.

"Yes, though after, you all finish writing up reports on your mission." Himilco said narrowing his eyes at Gisco. "Place them on my desk when you've completed them and then you can head up."

I was done in about ten minutes with Elissa already waiting for the rest of us. Bethóc was another five and Gisco was done in ten.

"Let's go."

I can't say I was expecting much but what I saw was a little disappointing. The elevator doors opened and revealed an arid snow covered mountain with one lonely road leading up to a small marble temple, what I presumed to be the home of the gods.

"It's rather small, how do all the gods live in it"? Bethóc asked.

"Only two gods are occupying it at present, it will grow when more gods are freed." Gisco responded.

When I described the temple as small I meant the total ground area it covered not the height each of the columns at entrance of the temple that were supporting the outer ceiling were as tall as some of the redwoods that grow in California.

The roof was flat, unlike that of a Greek temple, but still maintained the elegance of one.

Walking closer brought into view pine trees at the sides of the temple and twin horses standing on top of the outer ceiling, and two golden emblems of Tanit that were flanking the immense doorway that peeked out from behind the outer ceiling.

Flanking the entrance there were two bronze statues, one of Kothar and the other of Khasis.

"I can see they didn't waste any time praising themselves." Gisco said quietly. Which was lucky for him because both of the gods chose that minute to great us.

"You have succeeded, of course I didn't doubt you for a second." our friend from New York said greeting us.

"That's new." the other one, Khasis, said. "You're the down to earth one; you're supposed to be the glass is half empty all of the time." Khasis said entering our view. He was just what one would expect a magician to look like. A man wearing a tuxedo with white gloves and black hair almost entirely hidden by a top hat with some sort of glowing orange feather tucked in it.

He must have noticed because he winked and looked at me "It's a phoenix feather; I thought it would add some flair to my attire."

"Please excuse my brother he can be a bit, much at times." Kothar said like he was contemplating using a different word. "This way please." he said leading us through the temple and into a workshop.

"My brother was able to finish your quiver." he said handing a Gisco a leather quiver with the sign of Tanit engraved on it.

"And for the young lady we wish to present to you a lance." Khasis said handing Elissa a thin Iron shaft with a Mithril tip.

"A soliferrum" I said forgetting my manners.

"Correct." Kothar said smiling; I assumed it wasn't because of my knowledge of weapons as much as it was his pride of making it.

"Soon we should have made a city at the bottom of the mountain for all of you lucky enough to be granted the honor of living next to our home." Khasis said with a smile that was far too big.

"Yes, well as lovely as that sounds I'm sure they must be on their way, isn't that right"? Kothar asked.

"Oh, all right."

I was about to protest but then I noticed the warning in Kothar's eyes and bowed to the gods and ushered my friends out of the temple the way we had came.

The walk back to the elevator was uneventful except for the constant questions coming from Bethóc about how a soliferrum functioned and why not just use bows and arrows for range like everyone else.

I tried not to get too annoyed and explained its function as best I could, I figured her living in a small village composed of hunters, farmers, and craftsmen granted her the leeway of not knowing much about the finer art of horseback riding or hindering the enemy by creating holes in their armor.

After we parted ways and returned to our room, Gisco and I decided to rest a while before we tried anything else that could endanger our lives.

So naturally I just endangered my own.

"Mago do you know what's happening to the properties of Celestial Bronze"? I asked, laying down on my bed, the sheets still covering it.

Mago having propped his bow and new quiver up against the bookshelf sighed and looked out of the window.

"I wish, all I know is that my mother was apparently a goddess."

"Well not teq…"

"Yes I know," Gisco responded cutting me off.

"But after feeling that hunter's blade cut my skin…" he said turning around and then narrowed his eyes.

"Why are you bringing this up now"?

"Well other than the fact that I attacked an Egyptian magician there's also the fact that when we first encountered Luke I could feel his blade against my skin." I said sitting up.

"But then…" Gisco's eyes widened "how did the hunter's blade pass through your sister." his words were almost inaudible.

He walked back to the bookshelf and picked up the nearest book, which just so happens to be a book about different mythological elements.

"Celestial Bronze," Gisco read. "One of the substances that can be used against creatures and beings of the magic worlds." he read closing the book. "I'm going with that the more power the deities get the more of a magical world we, the Carthaginians, become. Congratulations, Mago by freeing Khasis we've probably just written all of our own epitaphs.

I had that pleasant thought running through my head the rest of the evening. Even having an actual meal, the first time in what felt like, a year, wasn't enough to get us out of our own misery.

Bethóc and Elissa seemed to be having the time their lives though and just shrugged off our gloominess as if it were a common occurrence.

(We are not gloomy. I mean I'm not, Gisco can fend for himself.)

"Can I have your mozzarella sticks"? Elissa asked.

"Go ahead." I responded.


"Very mature." Gisco mumbled under his breath so that only I could hear.

The following morning all four of us found a small cafe for breakfast. Bethóc and Elissa started planning their route and Gisco was looking over a pile of books that he had brought with him from our room.

After Bethóc and Elissa left a stayed a couple minutes then decided that I should probably make my way back to Himilco and see what is was that he wanted.

"You ready"? I asked Gisco.

"Nah, I think these books will suffice for now, don't worry about paying I got us this time." he said all the time with his face in a book about classical literature.

I had barely left the cafe when I ran into Himilco and someone who was dressed in ancient Greek hoplite armor, complete with a helmet that covers all but the person's mouth and eyes.

"Mago it's my pleasure to introduce you to Xanthippus Argyris son of Ares. He will be your second in your quest."

"Quest, what quest? And shouldn't I be able to choose who comes with me." I asked. Then i turned to the Greek "No offense Xanthippus, you seem like a wonderful guy,"

"None taken." the man said with a voice that reminded me of a younger of King Theoden.

"But why can't I take who I want to." I asked, a bit whinier than I intended.

"One, because I have something else I need Gisco to look into, your sister isn't yet fully trained, Bethóc needs to help train your sister, and that's why they get the easier mission. That leaves you and Xanthippus. I wish I could tell you more about it but time is of the essence. Xanthippus will answer all of your questions about what you are doing and where you are going.

With those parting words he turned around and headed from our sights.

"Come on the stables are this way." Xanthippus said leading me through the streets of Chicago with his crimson cape fluttering in the wind.

This was the last chapter since the story will be split in three, one branch following Mago Barcid, one following Gisco Anderson, and the final following Elissa and Bethoc.

Ignore my typo last chapter calling Mago Barcid, Mago Anderson

Update, the sequel is called Elissa's Tale. How original. It can be found in the Percy Jackson category without crossover.