I finally got another review. THANKS!! So I thought I should update this script. It's still not done and i'm working on it between original and fan fiction works so updates will be far between. Thanks for reading. OH yeah. I own nothing.

Halloween Vengence


The camera faces a door as it opens and Tommy Doyle walks in. The camera dolly's back staying just in front of Tommy's face as he turns left. The camera dollys behind him to see Scott working on his stereo system. We see Tommy have a seat on the couch and watch Scott.

Scott: Is that what your wearing tonight Doyle? I would have thought that in 15 years you would have found some class. Or at least a little flash.

The camera zooms in on Tommy's smiling face.

Tommy: Look who's talking. All you wore in high school was hawiian printed.

The camera moves back as both men chuckle slightly. Scott moves and sits opposite Tommy in a recliner.

Scott: Anyway. The girl I want you to meet..

Tommy holds up his right hand to stop Scott from talking.

Tommy: No.

Scott smiles and chuckles.

Scott: You both have alot in common. Your both really uptight. Your sense of humor stinks. Hell you've both faced Michael Myers. Come on man! You know you wanna meet the chick.

Tommy sighs in defeat and sits back in the couch.

Tommy: Fine. When's the party start anyway?

Scott sighed and looked at his watch.

Scott: Three hours and counting Doyle. Better start getting ready.

The camera moves in on Tommy's face as he sighs and stands.

Tommy: Fine. I'm going to take a shower. So? This girl is hot huh?

The camera pans around to see Scott's grinning face.

Scott: Oh yeah.


EXT. MYERS HOUSE (backyard)

The camera shows a wide panned image of the backyard. Lonnie Elamb walks in from off screen.

Lonnie: God I hate this place.

FLASHBACK to the original Halloween. The scene with Lonnie, Richie and Keith on the steps of the myers house. Loomis scares them. END FLASHBACK

Lonnie: Freakin Leland. Sending me to do this shit. Why can't he do it.

The camera moves from its position to follow Lonnie to the back door of the Myers house and push it open.

Lonnie: Hello! Any freaky men in mechanic coveralls here?!

The camera dollys into the room behind him the door closing is heard off screen.

Lonnie: Damn I hate this place.

Lonnie pulls his gun and flashlight from his belt. The camera pans around to a close up of his face.

Lonnie: What's that smell?

Lonnie covers his nose and mouth with his elbow the flashlight momentarily lights up the room behind him. A quick flash of Michael standing in a dark doorway. Lonnie moves his arm back to his side and the Michael is once again in darkness. The camera moves back to a wide shot of the dark room. only outlines are seen. A sliver of light flashes in the dark. we hear something hit the ground from off screen and light spins around the room. the camera pans left to see a bloody butcher knife. It then pans down to see Lonnie Elambs throat slit.



The camera is in a high angle from a corner infront of Tommy and Scotty who are talking.

Tommy: I think I'm going to stay at a hotel tonight.

The camera moves in on Scotty's smiling face.

Scotty: No your not. Your going to wait here for twenty minutes and meet Sara. Then your going to get laid and forget about all your problems.

Tommy couldn't help but smile and chuckle as the camera pans around to his face.

Tommy: Fine. You win.

The camera pans around to Scottys' face.

Scotty: Don't I always?



The camera starts in a mid level angle on two young women. One with dark hair at a computer screen and a blond sitting on the bed beside her.

Jessica: So?

The camera moves in close as the dark haired girl turns from her computer.

Sara: So what?

The camera pans back to a wide view.

Jessica: Are you going to Scottys' party?

Sara nods slowly that she is and the camera moves in on Jessica's smile.

Jessica: Is Decker going to be there?

The camera moves to Sara as she rolls her eyes.

Sara: No Myles isn't going to be there. He's out of town for the weekend. Besides we're only friends.

The camera moves back to Jessica who smiles and nods.

Jessica: Scott said he has someone he wants you to meet. An older man.

The camera moves back out to see Sara turn back to her computer without a word. Jessica only sat on the bed smiling.



the sheriff sits at his desk with a thoughtful look on his face. The camera moves back from his expression to show the entire room as Shelly walks in.

Shelly: Lindsey just called looking for Lonnie Sheriff. I told her the last time we heard from him he was checking out the Myers place. She kinda got hysterical.

The camera zooms in on the Sheriffs face as he sighs.

Sheriff: I better get over there. Thanks for telling me Shelly. Why don't you go on home. Have some fun tonight.

The camera shows Shelly smile and turn from the office. The camera pans around to a full view of the room as the Sheriff stands and stretches.

Sheriff: I hate Halloween.



The camera fades in to see Lindsey with a phone to her ear.

Lindsey: Come on Lonnie pick up.. Answer the damn phone!!!

She sighs and puts the phone back on its cradle then sits beside it.

Lindsey: He's fine. I know he is.



Tommy sits on the couch watching a Halloween Special on Haddonfield.

Scott (o.s): Turn that shit off Doyle! The guest are starting to show up.

The camera cuts to Tommy's face as he sighs and pushes the off button on the remote. Camera moves back to see the entire room.

Tommy: There dickless.

A laugh is heard off screen and Scott walks in with Sara and Jessica.

Scott: Tommy Doyle I would like you to meet two of the most beautiful women on Haddonfield U campus. My favorite student Jessica and her most beautiful and intelligent friend Sara. You and Sara have some things in common Doyle oh buddy o' mine.

Tommy nods to the girls before looking at Scott.

Tommy: How did you talk me into this again?

The camera cuts to Scotts face as he rolls his eyes then pulls back to show the four.

Scott: Okay I'll recap since you seem to be retarded. YOU wanted to stay at my place while you researched your boogeyman and I said that it was fine as long as you met someone I wanted you to. THEN YOU said that it was a deal and here we are. And here.

Scott points at Sara.

Scott (continued): is the girl I wanted you to meet.

Before the two can began talking the doorbell rings. The group walks to the front door with the camera dollying behind them Scott opens the door and the camera .


Close up Sheriff.

Sheriff: Tommy Doyle. Your under arrest for suspecion of the murder of Deputy Lonnie Elamb.

Camera swivels around to show the shocked faces of the group.

Tommy: I've been here all day sheriff. I haven't done anything.

Camera pulls back to show entire group The sheriff's gun finds it way to point at Tommy.

Sheriff: We will settle this at the jail. Come with me Tommy.

Tommy sighs and walks out the door but not before turning back to the others.

Tommy: Call my lawyer Scott. The number is on my laptop.

Scott nods while looking at the gun pointed at Tommy by the shaking Sheriff. Tommy seems normal.

Scott: Sure thing man. Just hold on I'll be down in ten minutes.

Tommy nods.



Camera is in corner showing from from a corner view. Scott is franticly trying to work with the labtop.

Scott: I fucking hate computers!!!!!!!!

Sara walked into the room with a somewhat worried look on her face.

Sara: Can I try?

Scott throws up his hands and motions to the computer then begins pacing. Sara moves to the comp and begins to type for a second.

Sara: Brad Arnold 701-555-7653.

Scott picks up the phone and dials walking out of the room as the phone rings. quick cut to Sara's face as she types on the laptop.



The camera shows Tommy Doyle sitting infront of a desk his hands cuffed infront of him and a looked of aggrivation on his face.

Tommy: I told you I didn't do anything!

Sheriff (O.S): Would you shut up for a minute Tommy? I'm just doing my job alright.

The camera pans around to see the Sheriff on the other side of the desk with a frown on his face.

Sheriff: Where were you from 2 P.M this afternoon until 4 p.m this afternoon.

Tommy(O.S): Steven Fremans. Look Leland you have nothing on me. Let me go or I'll get up and leave.

The sheriff's face seems to harden for a second.

Sheriff: I can hold you for 24 hours Tommy.

The sheriff sighs in defeat and the the camera moves back to show the entire room.

Sheriff: Just give me the statement and your free to go.


Streets of Haddonfield. NIGHT

POV ragged breathing as it slowly moves down the sidewalk. Abrupt stop as the POV turns toward a house. Slight head tilt as it seems to remember the place. Then it turns and walks toward the door of the Wallace House.