Voight skipped down the stairs hoping to find Platt. "Trudy." He leant over the desk until he spied her coming from the back office. "Hey Trudy." He beckoned her over. "You seen this?" He handed her the piece of paper he was holding.

Platt nodded. "I have."

"Can find some way of getting Burgess in here this afternoon?"

"Sure." She smiled slightly. "Who would have thought huh?"

Voight smiled as he nodded. "Yeh. Thanks Trudy." He refolded the piece of paper and slipped it into his pocket.

Kim laughed as Angus pulled himself up against the table and proceeded to bop along to the music, waving his head from side to side and almost throwing himself off balance. "You dance like your Daddy." He squealed, loving the sound of his own voice lately. When her phone rang she moved away from the squealing baby to take the call, surprised to see it was from the District.

"Burgess." Platt barked when she finally answered.

She kept one eye on Angus who was moving around the table trying to get to a magazine, which Adam had left out. Hopefully it wasn't one of his favourites because there was no way it would still be in one piece once Angus got his little fingers on it, but then that was Adam's problem. She had told him often enough not to leave anything he valued near either of them. He'd flipped out when he found Polly 'writing' all over his latest bike magazine. His dream machine was now adorned with pretty sparkly scribble. "What can I do for you Sergeant?"

"I need to you come in a have a photo taken for your ID." Kim could hear her shuffling some papers around. "For your return to work."

"When?" This was feeling oh so familiar, what did Platt have up her sleeve this time? She thought they were past all this nonsense.

"When? Today. That's if you plan coming back anytime soon." She only had three weeks of leave left. It was hard to believe that Angus was almost one. It had been a long trying year and they had been tested like never before and Kim was ready to put it all behind her and going back to work was part of that. She adored being a mother but she also loved being a cop.

"Of course I am coming back, but does it really need to be done today. I could come in tomorrow?" The thought of showering and getting out of her gym clothes and heading into the District was far from appealing. At least picking Polly up from Pre-school she barely had to worry about looking half decent.

"No it cannot." Platt was doing her best to sound exasperated. "Is it going to be a problem?"

"Well I need to pick up Polly from Pre-school in an hour. How long will it take?" she was still confused as to why this needed to be done right now, although his was Platt and she was a law unto herself.

"Fine. Come in after you get her. It'll be good to see my babies. You've kept them from me for too long. What is with that?" She hung up abruptly and Kim just stared at the phone before looking at Angus and shrugging. "What was all that about?" she asked him and he just babbled back at her.

Platt had set up the camera and screen, which sent every other person in the building running for the hills. Her reputation for making this routine task a living nightmare was well known. "If you want to even get in the building when you get back I need to send it off today." She had Polly sitting up on the desk and tried to ignore Burgess the best she could and stall her a little by taking and retaking her photo to make sure 'she got it just right.' Like she ever cared before?

Adam jogged down the steps and Angus turned his head when he heard his father's voice and gurgled excitedly. "Hey Gus, my man." He held out his arms and practically dived at Adam and he bounced up and down in his father's arms and babbled, Dad, dad, dad. Platt helped Polly down from her perch and she grabbed hold of her Daddy's hand as they headed upstairs. "So what did Platt want?"

"My photo for a new ID." Kim grabbed Polly's other hand and shrugged. "She's acting weird about it though, but you know Platt. Weird is what she does and she does it so well." As soon as Polly hit the top step she ran straight to Atwater knowing that he had candy in his desk just for her. Kim had given up trying to stop Kevin from feeding her habit; she didn't get much of it at home.

Voight came out of his office and walked towards Ruzek. He held out his hand, which Adam took despite his confusion. "Congratulations." He shook it firmly. "Detective Ruzek."

"What?" Ruzek looked at Voight then Kim and back to Voight as the words sunk in.

"We finally got approval to replace Lindsay. So…" he smiled. "Congratulations."

"Thanks." He stuttered. "I don't know what to say."

"You've earned it." He patted him on the shoulder.

Kim stood back and watched proudly as the rest of the team congratulated her husband. She knew it was something that he wanted and had worked hard for, passing his Detective exam easily and then it was just a waiting game. After accepting all their congratulations he finally found his way to Kim.

"I'm so proud of you." She rested a hand on his cheek. "Congratulations Adam."

He snaked one arm around her waist and kissed his wife. "This is good right."

Adam was hit in the head by a screwed up piece of paper. "Cut it out you two." Dawson rolled his eyes. "Think of the children."

Kim looked over Adam's shoulder and noticed that Voight was standing at his office door, he smiled and nodded at her and he looked proud and happy. Platt appeared behind them. "So I didn't really need to have my photo taken today?"

"Of course not." She snorted.

Platt held out her hand to Ruzek. "I never thought in a million years we'd be here today. Congratulations Detective Ruzek." Kim wiped a little tear from the corner of her eye as Al came and slipped an arm around her shoulder. Polly had disappeared into Voight's office. They had no idea what Voight had in his desk for Polly, it was their little secret. The amount of times they found Polly hiding out with Voight in his office was alarming and he always just smiled when they asked him what went on in there.

"He's done good." Al whispered. "I'm proud of him."

Kim nodded. "He owes it all to you Al, you know that. You know how he feels about everything you've done for him."

"He did the hard work. I just pointed him in the right direction." Kim kissed his cheek.

The team decided that a celebration was in order and Kim was swiftly ordered her to organise a baby sitter…or they would. Adam looked at her and shrugged. He wanted to celebrate but only if Kim was with him. She had been beside him almost from day one and now it was time to enjoy everything that they had achieved together because he couldn't have done it without her. She had always been his biggest supporter.

The boys went to Molly's while she took the kids home and waited for Amanda to come over and pick them up. "Are you sure you don't mind?"

"No, not at all. It's great news. I am so happy for you both. Go and celebrate and congratulate Adam for us." She gave Angus a quick feed, packed them some bags and also sent some more milk for Angus, not that he drank that much anymore particularly from a bottle. He really did prefer his mother and Adam was adamant that it was just because he took after his father, he was just a boob man.

"Ah, here she is." Adam shouted happily when Kim finally arrived. "My beautiful wife." He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in for a kiss. He leant back and whistled. Kim had grabbed a quick shower and changed into a short tight dress that he had never seen before. "You look good, really good. Polly and Angus all good?"

"Yep. Amanda is taking them home so we'll pick them up tomorrow."

"So, does that mean I have you all to myself later?" He whispered, his hand slipping down over her hips.

"Honey, you'll be three sheets to the wind later."

"Don't count on it. I suddenly feel a little less like drinking here and a little more like taking you home."

Jay leant across the table and punched Adam lightly on the arm. "Knock it off." He laughed, but he did like how they had put themselves back together. A few months ago he watched as they battled and fought to keep going and they had come through it stronger than ever. They had weathered the storm.

He watched them for a little while, Adam was constantly touching his wife if she was nearby, Kim would lean into him and they would share a few quiet words and when they weren't sitting together they would glance at each other and smile.

Kim slipped into the seat beside Jay as he was busy looking at his phone. "Why are you smiling?" she teased him.

"You know Ruzek's promotion. The reason we are all here."

"Yeah sure. What's her name?" Kim was having none of it.

"What makes you think…."?

"Jay." She rested a hand on his arm. "Humour me."

"Kate." He winked at his friend. Kim squealed a little and clapped her hands. Atwater was starting to get serious with Elise, Roman and Becky were happily married so it would be good if Halstead found someone too. He had a huge heart and was a loyal friend and they both wanted him just to be happy with someone. Mouse was just a lost cause; he seemed determined to sleep his way around Chicago.

"When do I get to meet her?"

"Maybe soon, you know I am not sure I am reading to unleash this unruly mob on her just yet." He nodded around the table. "She's too sweet for that."

"Oh come on, we'll play nice. I'll make sure Ruzek does." Kim did like how happy he seemed though. It had been a rough ride for all of them lately but that's what made this family tick. When the ride was rough, you never had to go it alone.

As far as Erin was concerned they had caught up a few times and each time they seemed to relax a little more around each other and they were slowly getting back to being on solid ground. Adam was still a little reluctant and she couldn't blame him but he was happy that Kim was enjoying their friendship again.

Adam was holding her hand as they waited for a cab. "Did you have a good night?"

"I did. You seemed to enjoy yourself."

"Not as much as I am going to enjoy the next few hours." He nodded and shivered a little, pulling Kim against his body for warmth. There wasn't a cloud in the night sky so the night was a little cool. "I need some loving." Adam nuzzled her neck. "My own personal celebration."

They jumped in the cab when it finally arrived and Kim did her best to keep Adam under control. His hands were everywhere. "I know you are excited baby." She pushed his hand away as he slipped it down between her thighs. "Just cool it."

There was no holding him back as soon as they were through the door and Kim was more than happy to let go of the reins. She ran up the stairs like a schoolgirl, giggling as Adam tried to catch her and she squealed when he grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up and threw her lightly on the bed. "It's a special night for you." Pulling his shirt over his head without undoing any buttons. "Are you ready?"

"For what?"

"You are about to have sex with a detective. I know it's been a fantasy of yours for a long time."

"I always imagined it would be a little more sleazy."

Adam laughed out loud and grabbed both her legs, wrapping them around his waist. "Is that why you wore the this little number?" He ran his hands down over her hips and tugged on the hem, which had ridden up her thighs a little.

"No, not at all." Kim smiled sweetly. "If I thought I was going to have sleazy sex with a detective I would have worn that lacy white thong you bought me."

Adam pushed his hands up under skirt and she watched as the smile spread across his face. "You are freakin' amazing."

"Why thank you Detective."

He helped her wiggle of her dress. He ran his hands up her long lean legs and slipped one finger under the soft white lace. "You rock my world, you know that?"

Kim fumbled with his belt, her warm fingers brushing against his skin and it made him shudder. "You look a little cramped in there baby." Kim purred as she unzipped his jeans and pushed them down over his hips. He kicked them off and quickly removed her shirt and planted soft kisses on her breasts as they spilled out of the lacy white bra while he unhooked it with one hand and tossed it aside.

"Ads." Her eyes fluttered closed as he left a trail of kisses down over her stomach.

"Yes Baby." His breath was warm against her skin. His fingers worked to slide the thin fabric of her thong over her hips and crawled back up and captured her lips in a fierce kiss.

Their breathing had eventually returned to normal although he could still hear her heart thudding beneath him. His hand ran lightly up and down her thigh.

"What you thinking about?" Kim brushed a hand through his hair as he rested his head on her chest.

"You and me Darlin'." He lifted his head slightly and gazed up at her. "You and me."

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