Ok hey guys so… merry late christmas and happy late new years. Sorry for the late update but you know i have been pretty busy with my family and… stuff. Things are pretty wired right now but you know fuck it. So i decided to rewrite The Black Cat Brings Bad Luck and make quite a lot of changes, the plot will kinda be the same... in a way. I didn't really like the names i chose for my characters and the back story kinda became complicated, even for me. So i have changed a lot even the story's name and the main character's name, i will still leave this version up just to remind myself of what a monster i made out of this story and what mistakes not to make again. Any ways the newly written prologue of the story will be up in about 1-2 weeks and after i see your reactions to that i will put out the first chapter that i'm actually writing now or re-writing now. Anyways i will answer any questions you have over the next 3 days about the rewrite so feel free to question me. And if you have any changes that you think will be great i would love too hear them anyways i will write/answer soon. I hope you will all have a great day or night wherever you are in the world.

Misker out.