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Aviva POV:

I was in the garden. Why? I want to. I sensed Chris's creature pod approximating me.

"Hi Chris." I said. It was really him.

"How did you know it was me?"

"I felt your CP."

"That's new … I can detect when any animal is around..."

Then started to rain hard… We walked till the door.

"C'mon…OPEN!" Chris tried once and once again. No use. Locked.

Chris POV

Aviva started to shivering.

" Here. Cover your self." I gave her my jacket. She put it on her head to protect from the rain. I wished I could turn into o wolf or even a fox to warm her a bit but I need Foul… When I looked at my self I was a fox… It looks like I don't need Foul to make emergency tranformations. I placed myself near her.

" Thanks Chris." Aviva said.

"No problem." Then I looked to my jacket. I think it's time. I transform my self back to human and pick up the little black box. I knelt in front of her. And opened the box "Aviva, would you like to be my girl friend?"

She looked at the ring and to my eyes. She kissed me. It wasn't a short one. It was a long one. When we ended I put the ring on and... We heard a lot of people inside the party yelling?! The door is still close! Then I remembered our ghost powers. We crossed the wall and for our surprise Xavier was using a black ring and his eyes were yellow and red.