"Time to go, Sammy." Dean leaned in and spoke quietly to the boys. "We gotta meet up with Dad by tomorrow night."

Sam nodded, "Just a few more minutes, Dean, please?"

Dean hesitated, but then he noted the comfort his little brother received from Jeremy, and though he couldn't quite push down a small niggle of disappointment that it was no longer Dean that Sam seemed to need when he was hurting, the older boy understood that for the good thing it was.

"Okay, but then we really need to get going."

Dean straightened up and turned to Molly where she stood reloading. "So you're just full of surprises."

She smiled without looking up. "Appearances can be deceiving, Dean."

"You're not kidding."

"I only have one regret about this whole thing, you know." She offered, moving close.

Dean grinned down at her, "Yeah? What's that?"

"That you're not ten years older, Dean Winchester."

Dean's eyes shot open in surprise. Whatever he'd thought she'd been about to say, that hadn't been it. He suddenly struggled to look taller and shot Molly his sexiest smirk.

"Hey, I'm legal."

"That you are." She agreed. "And I hope we cross paths again someday." she offered, smiling.

Dean tried to appear slighted, but he couldn't. Molly's smile was too contagious.

"Thank you for saving my brother." He murmured.

"Thank you for saving my son." She said, leaning up. But her kiss brushed his cheek instead of his lips. And then she was gone, disappearing into her car with her son.

And Dean and Sam watched in silence as they drove away.


Author's Note: Thank you to everyone who stayed the course til the end. Thanks for all the kind reviews and the follows and the favorites. And keep an eye out for a possible sequel somewhere down the road. Molly and Jeremy kind of grew on me :)