Hello! Welcome to my first story! This story has been bouncing in my head for a while, so I thought I'd get it down. I'm writing this for fun. I hope anyone reading this has fun reading it, too.

Universes used: Sailor Moon (a mix of manga and 90s anime elements), Devil May Cry (Classic)

Obviously, I own none of the characters within these established canons. Only the occasional background player belongs to me.

Eva closed the door to the room of her sons as softly as she could. It took over an hour of story time, but she did it. Both Dante and Vergil were finally asleep. Raising two young boys on her own was hard, but worth it. She loved them both, even if they were more than a handful. She tip toed away from the room. Experience taught her that Vergil was a light sleeper. Better safe than sorry.

Slowly, she made her way to the kitchen. A glance at the clock told her that it was 10:30 at night. Her body was tired, but her mind unwilling to comply. Eva pulled a clean glass from the cabinet, and poured herself a glass of water. She moved to one of the wooden chairs at the table, and plopped. The cool water soothed her throat. Telling stories to young boys was thirsty work for a single mother. She turned her gaze to the window. It was a lovely night. The sky was clear, and so full of bright stars. One of these days she would show her boys how to spot the constellations on the night sky. As it was they were either too full of energy to sit still long enough, or their eyelids were dropping, still insisting they weren't tired. Eva allowed herself a small sigh, and took another drink.

For as beautiful as the night was, she couldn't shake the feeling that something was off.

It wasn't the kind of feeling she could put her finger on either. Just something wasn't quite right with the world. Eva's gut lead her to strange places, one of the strangest yet exciting being in the arms of the Dark Knight, but it never failed her. She rose out of her seat, and strolled to the window. She felt restless, despite being tired from a full day of taking care of her children.

Eva took in a deep breath, and closed her eyes. "Maybe I'm just losing my edge. I've been in the suburbs too long, not in the field." It certainly seemed like a logical to her. Five years as a full time mom left no time for keeping the forces of darkness at bay. This new life was fine to her, though she wished things were different at times. Namely, to change the untimely death of her husband, Sparda. But no one was powerful enough to stall death, not even a devil.

She began to move from the window when she heard a soft voice. A girl's voice. Someone calling to her. Eva froze. There were no words, but a voice called to her none the less.

Whether it was motherly instinct or the new rising sense of danger brewing in her, Eva moved swiftly to the backdoor of her home. She pushed the door open, and stepped out.

"Who's there?"

Except for a few toys the boys forgot to bring inside, the yard was empty. The voice in her head fell silent. Her shoulders relaxed.

"I've been awake too long." She concluded, and rubbed her dry eyes. Sleep is what she needed, not shouting at nobody in the middle of the night.

Eva turned to head back into her home, but again she heard a voice. Not a young girl's, but a baby. She was so focused on the yard that she never looked down at her feet. Before her was a little baby wrapped in a thin sheet on her porch. Her eyes widened. She scooped up the little bundle, and carried the child inside. The baby was cold in her arms.

"Poor thing, how long were you out there by yourself?"

Eva placed the baby on the table. Seemed all the child had was that little blanket. Quickly, she fetched the much thicker blanket from the front room off the couch, and wrapped the baby girl up. She rocked the girl in her arms gently, and hummed a lullaby she often sang for her own sons to calm the child. The girl cried and cried in her arms, little tears rolling down her fat cheeks. "Are you hungry?" She asked, as if the child could answer her. Eva bit her lip. If she was, then she'd have to go the store to get baby formula. At this rate, all of the crying would wake up the boys. "Shhh, it's ok. Shhhh."


Too late. In the doorway to the kitchen stood two little boys, still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. Dante held onto his stuffed dinosaur while Vergil yawned. Eva suppressed the urge to groan. It took so long to get the boys to sleep...

"Don't Mommies get really big, and then have a baby?" Vergil asked her, looking quite confused.

"They do, honey. Please go back to sleep."

"Why do you have a baby, Mommy?" Dante asked her.

"I'll tell you in the morning. The both of you need to go back to bed."

"Tell me now." He whined, and Vergil followed suit. She sighed in frustration. Her boys were so in sync, but sometimes it could be a headache.

"If you two don't go to bed right now." She paused to think. "I'll call Santa Claus and tell him you're both being naughty."

Both of them stared at her with wide eyes.


"I'll be good!"

"If you don't want me to call Santa, then you'll both go to bed right now. I'm going to count to three. One..."

They scampered out of the room before Eva could get to two. She smirked a little. Santa's phone number worked like a charm. "Now then." She turned her attention back to the crying baby. "Let's see if I can help you."

Ruined buildings surrounded her, and the sky unnaturally dark. The world around her was bathed in an eerie red light. Even someone out of commission as long as she could feel the evil that filled the air. Something was horribly wrong.

Her stomach sank to the bottom on her being. It happened. Mundus invaded the human world. Without anyone to fight him, all was lost.

Where were her sons?

"Dante?! Vergil?!" She cried out. Silence. "No." Fear gripped her heart. There was no doubt in her mind that Mundus would take revenge by proxy. Her boys were in danger. She had to find them, now.

She broke into a sprint. Eva had no destination, but walking was insufficient. She shouted for her sons as she ran, hoping to hear their voices. "Please, just let me find them." She tripped over broken debris, landing hard on the ground. Broken glass sliced her skin and rubble bruised her. It should have hurt, but she didn't care. Her well being didn't matter. Dante and Vergil were important. "I don't care what happens to me." She pushed herself up. "As long as they live." The now limping Eva moved onward, still calling for her children.

Her desperation lead her to the center of everything. It made sense. This is where Mundus would be. If he had taken her boys, then this is where they would be. Eva couldn't fight him, but she would convince them to spare her boys. Take her life instead. She had to.

"Please." Her breath was ragged from running. "Let them be alive."

She reached it. The core of the destruction.

It wasn't Mundus.

It was huge, like another planet collided with the Earth. It was pure black, like staring into an empty void. A blood red fire burned inside it's core. Eva's first thought was demon, but it wasn't like any demon she had ever encountered before. The world around her bathed in this thing's eldritch light. Not even Mundus seemed quite this unnatural.

"Who are you..?"

No answer.

"Where are my sons?!"

A sudden wave of energy knocked her back, and Eva fell back onto the broken rubble beneath her. She struggled to sit back up, and failed to stand. Legs broken. Her clothes were torn, hair a tangled mess, and bleeding. Eva looked back up. The fire burned brighter than fire should. Unnatural and terrifying. Dread filled her. Somehow, she knew this destruction would have no end. This was the end of everything. She failed to protect her boys. Tears burned her eyes. She shut them tight, and waited for this abomination to finish her off.

"Don't be afraid."

Eva opened her eyes. A girl in strange clothes stood before her. She was young, yet so calm. In her hands was a scythe like weapon. Violet eyes stared into her.

"Who are you?"

"I am the Soldier of Death and Rebirth. I'm sorry, but I needed you to see this. I need you to understand."


Without warning, the world fell away. Both she and the girl were surrounded by the foul energy that abomination emanated. They were caught in it's malestrom. Yet they were still falling. Flashes of color overwhelmed her vision. Twisted cries filled her ears. She clamped her hands over her head to make it stop, but she still heard the screeches and groans of things that shouldn't be. She shut her eyes to block out the flashes, but their pierced right through her lids. She looked back up a the Soldier. She was still calm, despite everything. Eva didn't understand what was happening around her, but she desperately wanted it stop.

"Where are we going?!" She cried out to the girl. No answer. The girl was gone, leaving her to fall further into the core of the beast. "Wait!" Eva stretched out her hand, a last pleading effort for the girl to help her.

"Don't be afraid." The girl—the Soldier's voice echoed in her mind.

A sudden, bright light consumed them both. The last thing Eva saw was long, shining, blonde hair and the light of a butterfly. She felt a warm hand grasp her own.

"This monster is already dead."

Eva nearly fell out of her chair when she woke. Blonde hair matted to her forehead with sweat. Thankfully, she didn't scream, or she would of woken the baby. Her legs were still shaking as she tried to stand— legs that weren't broken, thank god. Now on her own two legs, Eva quickly made her way to the bathroom. She needed to put herself back together before any of the children woke up. The mirror showed no lies. She looked like a frazzled mess.

Here she was, the bride of Sparda and mother of two half demons, yet left shaking by a nightmare. She splashed cold water on her pale face.

"Get it together, Eva." She muttered to herself. "Just a bad dream." Still, she felt a powerful urge to check on Dante and Vergil. Make sure they were still safe. She took in several deep breaths before heading to their room. Carefully, she opened their door. Relief washed over her at the sight of her two boys sleeping in their beds. She shut the door, and walked back to her bedroom.

The baby was still sleeping. Good. It would give her time to think. Eva wouldn't be sleeping for the rest of the night she was sure of that. She rubbed the sides of her head. A nightmare like that couldn't be ignored. It was too vivid to just be a bad dream. It seemed too real.

The Soldier of Death and Rebirth, an abomination, and butterflies? Eva pulled out a book she had on dreaming. A life heavily involved with the supernatural left her with a library of books on particular subjects. She thumbed through the pages.

Death. New beginnings, self sacrifice, and change.

Butterflies. Creativity, Joy, Spirituality.

The dark abomination. The unknown, evil, failure.

What all of it together meant? Eva had no idea. She frowned. The Soldier had said something about wanting her to understand. But so far, she understood nothing. Perhaps she was looking in the wrong place. Soldier of Death and Rebirth. Maybe there was something on that in her books.

But a tiny cry took her attention tore her attention away from her books. She shook her head, now wasn't the time to research dreams. Eva turned back to the baby. "Good morning." She smiled at the babe, and scooped her up. She looked up at her with big, violet eyes.

Ultimately, Eva filed a missing person report on the baby. Someone must be missing the child. It was the right thing to do. She couldn't just keep the girl. The baby was to be cared for by official authorities until someone claimed her. If nobody stepped forward, then she would become an orphan.

No records on the girl were found. Not even a name. Odds of someone stepping forward to claim her were slim. Eva felt sorry for the girl. She didn't want to leave her alone, but this was the right things to do.

"Then why do I feel so bad about it?"

She shook her head, as if her worries would shake out of her mind. Eva relaxed on the park bench, watching her children play. Dante swung across on the monkey bars, while Vergil went on the slide for the fifth time in a row. She smiled to herself. Moments like this were precious. Peaceful, happy moments they all could enjoy being together. The boys had plenty of energy after lunch, and hopefully would be tuckered out by dinner. The warm sunlight shined on her, and she gladly drunk in the rays.

They both were confused when Eva didn't come back with the baby. They truly thought she had another baby. It was silly, but they were only five. They didn't understand how life works. The two would someday. They were growing up so fast. She wondered how they would turn out. Life as half human and half demon wouldn't be easy, and she worried for them. Her boys would be torn between two different worlds. A day may come where they would have to choose a side. It was a scary thought.

No matter what they did with their lives, Eva would always be with them. She was their mother, and she loved them.

A thump caught her attention. Dante fell of the monkey bars, and scraped his knee. He cried for her. A mother's work was never done.

"Do you have a boo boo?" He nodded. Eva knelt down next to her son. "Let me take a look at it. I'll help make it better." She wiped the blood off his knee with some tissue in her purse. "Look, it's already getting better." Surely enough, his flesh knitted back together. His knee was as good as knew. "See? All better." She smiled at him, and he smiled back. "Now, why don't you go play with your brother."

"But Vergil said I smelled!"

"Tattle tale!"

"Don't call your brother names, Vergil."

"He started it! He called me a booger!"

"Well, I'm ending it. If you two can't play nice, then we'll just go home."

"I'll be good." Dante mumbled beside her.

"Me too." Vergil said more to his feet than to her, but she accepted the answer.

"Good. Now go play."

That night, Eva had another vivid dream.

Thankfully, she didn't find herself in torn city scape, but rather surrounded by starlight. It was beautiful. Calming. Her body floated in space freely. The planets of the solar system surrounded her. She found that she could fly through the solar system. She passed Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. Eva had flying dreams before, but having one in space so lucidly was new.

"It's lovely here."

"I agree."

Eva stopped on her approach the planet Saturn, and looked over her shoulder. The Soldier stood behind her. She looked the same as before. Maroon bows, purple skirt and collar, flower petal sleeves, and eyes that stared right into her. Notably, she didn't carry her weapon. Eva took that as a positive sign— that all she wanted was to talk.

"It's you."

"Do you remember everything I showed you?"

"I do, but why? Why would you show me something so horrible?"

"Because, I gave my life to defeat that monster."

"You're dead?"

The Soldier looked away from her a moment, staring off into vast emptiness of space. "I need your help."

"I can't bring back the dead." Eva shook her head. "I'm sorry you died, but nobody can undo that."

"That's not it." Then, the Soldier stood in front of her. Eva's eyes widened slightly. How did she move so quickly? "You found a baby girl, didn't you?"

"Yes, but—"

"I need you to raise that girl."

"What?! Why? I don't know anything about her."

"You know what it means to take care of a child who's special. Someone who's different."

"I don't understand."

"Haven't you figured it out yet?" The Soldier gave her a small smile. "She and I are one in the same. I am her, and she is me."

"But, you're dead!"

"We were reborn, together. One day, a time will come that she'll need to wake up again, to carry out a duty only Sailor Saturn can. Until then… it would be nice if she could have a good life." Then, Sailor Saturn looked at her with solemn eyes. "Her life before was hard, painful. She didn't have many happy memories. Then, she gave her life to save the Earth. This time I would like her to be with a caring family."

"So you brought her to me." The Soldier nodded. "This… this is a lot to take in."

"Take your time."

"What if I say no? I already have two sons, and I don't have help raising them." No matter what, her sons come first.

"Are you saying no?"

Silence passed between them. Eva bit her lip in thought. Could she realistlicy care for another child? Dante and Vergil were already such a handful. She ought to say no. She was a single mother with two boys. How could she take care of another? But, the thought of that little baby growing up alone, strange with no one who understood her was heartbreaking.

Sailor Saturn watched her carefully. Her eyes showed little emotion, despite her pleas. "Will that girl really grow up to be her?" So cold. Practically emotionless. It was a sad thought. "But maybe… if I take care of her."

"You really think I'm what's best for her—for you?"

"I do." She nodded.

"Ok. I'll do it." A short laugh escaped her, despite the situation. "I've always wanted a daughter."

For the first time, Sailor Saturn fully smiled at her. "Thank you. This means a lot to me, and to her."

"How will I know when it's time for her to..?"

"When she'll reawaken as me?" Her golden tiara vanished. In it's place a symbol appeared on her forehead. It shined from her in an ethereal, purple light. "You'll know when the time comes."

"I don't understand. Please!"

But the Soldier turned her gaze away from Eva, instead onto the planet Saturn. "I can't stay. I must fall dormant in her until the next calamity arises, but it's for the best. The longer I sleep, the longer of a life she can have."

"Wait, you mean she'll lose her life if you wake up? Am I going to be raising a child with a predetermined fate?"

"Don't worry about that now. The other Soldiers are awake. They can protect the Earth without me for the time being." Already, Sailor Saturn was beginning to fade away.

"But I still have so many questions!"

"Don't trouble yourself. Just love her like she was your own."

"Wait!" Eva reached for Sailor Saturn, but her passed right through the other girl.

"There is one more thing. Her name is Hotaru." With one last smile, the Soldier of Death and Rebirth faded away. Eva was alone in the vast emptiness of space.

Eva remembered everything when she awoke the next morning. It was so vivid, as if the conversation had been real. Sailor Saturn, agreeing to raise her, Hotaru… She jumped out of bed. She agreed to do it, and would not go back on her word. The girl would be her daughter, for better or worse.

She wondered how her boys would like being big brothers.