To Remember Light

By: Rikku24

Chapter 1: Memories

A/N: This story is AU (Alternate Universe). You need to remember that throughout the WHOLE story. Characters like Malik will be VERY out of character (OOC). There will be one Original Character in this story. I worked really hard on this and will be VERY unhappy at any flames received, so please no flames. Also, the first one to three chapters may be a bit boring but they're kind of like one big prologue. I promise that the story will get VERY exciting. Please take note that Rishid does not exist in this story. I wrote this story BEFORE I knew much about him or Malik. But now I'm an expert on Malik. That's why I've gone back and edited most of this story. If you're just beginning to read this, don't take note of that, k? I don't want to confuzzle you.

Oh, one more thing. Yami Malik is known as Ishtar and Yami Bakura is known as Bakura.

As an extra feature I have added Ancient Egyptian Proverbs and poems to the beginning of each chapter. I got this idea from lost in Tears of Hopefulness, but in that story the authoress just used quotes and such rather than Ancient Egyptian Literature.

Some of the literature will pertain to the chapter while others might have to do with upcoming events or Egypt itself. If you don't understand some, that's okay because some of them are a little 'advanced'. I try to use the best that I can that fit with the story the most, okay?

I wish we could have a third genre because this story is also contains some angst too. 

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Yu-Gi-Oh! I wish I did, though…

"The second concerning the 'way': the seeker has need of a Master to guide him and lift him up when he falls, to lead him back to the right way when he strays."

-Ancient Egyptian Proverb

/Flash Back/

The area…was pitch black. No light shone from it. It was just there. This place…was it a part of the universe? Or was it just there? Where…where am I? This place…it looks familiar. But why? Why does it look so familiar?

He looked up. So there wasn't total blackness. No…there was some light. Each little star scattered about on the ceiling. Each little star held some light. Like me…this place. It's…it's my soul room.

Why? Why was I in my Soul Room? It didn't make sense. Someone had to be controlling my body, but who? They'd have to be in my mind, but I'm the only one here. It's all so confusing. Why though? WHY?

Then, with a flash, he could see. He was no longer in his Soul Room, now he was in control of the body.

In his hand…it was the Millennium Rod. The dagger, the dagger was bloodied. His clothes…bloodstains covered them as well. He looked around. And then looked down, there was blood on the floor. His eyes followed the trail of blood, cautiously and curiously. And then…then the landed on his father's dead body.

"FATHER!" the eight-year old cried out.

But there was no reply.

Tears began to form on the rim of his eyes.

There was a glow. It came from the dead body. And then…a man appeared.

He was in spirit form. This man was a native Egyptian. He began to speak, but the boy was too traumatized to hear.

But there was one phrase, one sentence that caught the boy's ear.

"Grave Guardian, now starts your destiny, the tragedy that spilt blood in your family for the family to continue…this is all the will of the pharaoh " the man said.

The Pharaoh, I will have his life! The little boy thought. He would avenge his father, and that was a promise.

And in this moment of despair, horror, and anger, Malik Ishtar lost every drop of joy, happiness, and light in his soul.

/End of Flashback/

Here he sat, gazing out of the window. That memory came from about six years ago, possibly seven. Yes, Malik Ishtar was fourteen now. But unlike other teens his age, he did not go to school nor did he have any friends. Well, he had one. But that friend lived in Japan. Bakura. The two had made deals and plans together in the past.

The thought of Japan brought another thought to Malik. Japan was also the home of the Pharaoh's Soul Vessel, Yuugi Mutou (AN: His name is spelled too many ways. Re! I wish people could just stick to one spelling. I myself just spell it this wa since this is the version I put in my Microsoft Word Dictionary).

He looked out the window, watching the sheets of rain come down. He watched the lightning flash in the distance and heard the thunder roar across the desert.

That day…the day his father died. It had been raining like this too. Was this a coincidence? Or did it mean something? Malik had heard, a while ago, that rain was a sign of change. CHANGE?! Nothing was going to change here. For both Malik and his sis lived isolated here guarding the Pharaoh's secrets.

Isis thought to herself in her room. Lately Malik seemed in a state of depression. She did NOT want her brother to go suicidal. Their family was small enough already. It's just. Malik needed something…or someone. Whatever he needed, it couldn't be found here.

She decided to go check on her brother.

He was sitting by the window, crying. Tears poured down his cheeks, like the rain poured down upon the earth. Isis had never seen her brother like that since their father's death.

"What is wrong brother?" Isis asked, standing in the doorway.

She could hear his sobs come to a slow stop. When he turned to face her, only tearstains were left on his face.

"Everything and nothing," He said, wiping his eyes. 

Isis wasn't satisfied, "Why are you crying?" she asked.

"Memories…why did they die? Our parents…why?" Malik asked, looking into his sister's eyes.

He sounded so desperate. He really wanted to know.

"It was destiny and fate, brother. Everyone, everything has a destiny and fate," Isis explained.

"Destiny?! Fate?! It's fake I tell you, nothing but a bunch of myth. Isis, I know you try…but just go. Leave me here to be alone," Malik said.

"I am sorry for disturbing you, brother. I will leave," Isis said, leaving the room.

Malik watched her go. Then he turned his attention back to the storm. The outside was as dark and chaotic as Malik's tainted heart. The reflection upon the window showed hard and icy purple eyes on tan skin. The mouth, it looked stern but it quivered. Malik sat there, looking at his reflection. What had happened to the innocent boy seven years ago? Where had all of that happiness gone? Was it just hidden from Malik? Was it hidden along with the Light? Or was he just blind?

An image of his father's dead body flashed before his eyes. Another of the day he got the carvings on his back appeared. Memories flooded his mind like the rain flooded the ground. It threatened to tear his mind apart, to break it open. He clutched his head in pain. It hurt so much. Why? WHY?! Why couldn't he just be happy? Why couldn't he just remember light?

Isis sat in her room, deep in thought. The answer…the answer to save her brother. Where would it be? Where could she find it?

Then Isis knew. Her museum. It was all about Egypt, and something told her that the answer would be connected with Egypt. Isis began to pack her bags. A jet would pick her up at the local Egypt Airport. It would take her to New York, New York, the location of her museum.

Malik's thoughts and dreams were plagued with horror and despair. Memories kept on appearing, one after another. He couldn't quite make it out. He couldn't quite understand it. But he knew one thing. His father would be avenged very soon.


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