The Last Chapter: After Math By: Namu

The Egyptians of the Eighteenth Dynasty wrote mostly lyric poetry .... This is a New Kingdom love poem describing the longing of a lover who for a full week has been denied the sight of his beloved.... Egyptian lovers were refered to as brother and sister:
Seven days to yesterday
I have not seen the sister,
And a sickness has invaded me

My body has become heavy,
Forgetful of my own self,
If the chief of physicans come to me,
my heart is not content with their remedies;
the lector priests, no way out is in them-
My sickness will not be probed.

To say to me:
"Here she is!" is what will revive me;
Her name is what will lift me up;
The going in and out of her messengers
is what will revive my heart.
More beneficial to me is the sister
than any remedies;

She is more to me than collected writings
My health is her coming in from outside
When I see her, then I am well.
If she opens her eye,
my body is young again
If she speaks, then I am strong again
When I embrace her,
she drives evil away from me -

But she has been gone forth from me for seven days!

~The Next Day~

It seems as if it's all over. Malik has remembered light and…well I'm not sure about his father being avenged. Yuugi and the rest don't have any reason to stay here. And Isis has already made it clear she'll get us new airplane tickets since our others are expired.

Isis has also been busy lending money to those of us who don't really have that much. She also made sure Akila and Seto had something to wear other than the cloaks they had on now. She was such a generous woman. And then I remembered something; if it wasn't for her, all of this would never have happened. I would never have arrived here and met all of these people. Who knows; what would have happened if Isis had not done several things that she had?

I was determined to use the money I had for school supplies and getting into high school and college. Maybe now I could finally become an Egyptologist; maybe now I had a chance at achieving something. As for the rest, Yuugi and his friends would be going to school soon, Akila and Seto would be out searching for Mokuba, and I would be in school.

I looked around and saw everyone else packing. Isis had given Mai some of her extra clothes and Jounouchi offered to house the girl until she could find a place and job of her own.

Yuugi and his friends (including Jounouchi) would meet their grandfather at the Domino Airport and then return home.

I would also be on the plane, but my destination was New York not Japan.

But one thing saddened me; Malik would be staying here in Egypt. I would not be able to see him again for a long time. I felt tears come to my eyes as I packed away the dozen of notes I had taken in the tomb of the pharaoh. I started to pack away my camera when I realized something.

"Hey everyone! Picture time!" I exclaimed, holding up my camera.


We took a few serious pictures and a few funny ones. Also, we alternated picture takers so that I would have a picture of everyone.

It was so sad. The feeling of sadness hung thick in the air. Yuugi and the rest went back to their inn to get their stuff. My stuff had already been brought here. And now…now it was all packed away.

"Akila, why don't you come with us to Japan? I'm sure we can find a room for you to stay at in my grandfather's Game Shop or at least an apartment somewhere," Yuugi said, looking into Akila's eyes.

"I know it's tough, but I have to help Seto find his brother. I mean, Seto's been a brother to me all these years. The least I could do is to help him find his real sibling," Akila explained sadly.

"But what if…I never see you again?" Yuugi asked, looking into Akila's eyes.

"Then at least you'll remember me, right? I know I'll remember you," Akila said, with a sad smile.

Then the two leaned forward, closer and closer, until their lips touched…

And burst into flames.[0]

A tingling sensation ran through both of them, starting at the mouth, and spreading to the remaining parts of their bodies. Yuugi, completely shocked and never really having that much more experience in kissing than Akila[1], opened his eyes wide and almost pulled back in shock.

But a certain someone in the pair had the instinct (and the guts) to wrap her arms around his neck and pull him closer, sliding her eyes shut lazily.

And Yuugi could take a hint[2].

He put each hand on its respective side of her waist while his mouth began caressing her lips. Akila leaned into the kiss and moved her hands to Yuugi's shoulders, squeezing only just.

Neither realized both of their knees had been weakening until they had both simultaneously collapsed on the floor. Yuugi had landed on top[3] so he had to shift his weight as to not completely crush the young girl beneath him[4]. This left him in a straddling position[5]…

His hands moved to her sides which he also let caress her skin. Akila's fingers threaded their way into Yuugi's hair, massaging his scalp and clinging to him as if for dear life.[6]

Yuugi fought entry inside her mouth and she accepted him with a small moan.

There's the forward-in-kissing record for you: 1 minute.[7]

"Hey Mai, it'll be great. They'll be plenty of places for you to shop at and you can even enroll at my school!" Jounouchi said happily, finishing up his packing.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I still can't believe him. I mean, after all I did for him he dumped me out on the street!" Mai said in an aggravated way.

"Forget him…he was a good-for-nothing to-be murderer. You didn't need him," Jounouchi said.

"Ok, thanks. I'm so glad you're here," Mai said, smiling and hugging Jounouchi.

"Soooo, that was an eventful vacation, what do you think?' Honda said, packing up his clothes.

"Yeah, really. So exciting, and all the fighting and such. Just like the movies!" Anzu said happily, while sticking some magazines in her bag.

"Know what, they should write a story on this," Honda said.

"Yeah and it would be called The Exciting and Mysterious Vacation," Anzu said.

"No, that's too long. How bout An Inch from Death?" Honda suggested.

"An Inch from Death? This isn't a murder mystery ya know," Anzu said, raising an eyebrow.

"Fine, don't listen to my brilliant ideas," Honda said, turning away.

"…" Anzu stood watching him go Friends aren't supposed to fight. She thought.

"Hey! I think I can feel my legs again!" Malik exclaimed happily, getting off of the couch.

"That's great!" I exclaimed, running to where he sat up, "Here, let me help you up." I said, offering him my hand.

Malik accepted my hand and stood up.

"Well…it was fun. I'm really glad I met you," I said, smiling.

"Yeah, and you'll come back to see me some day, won't you?" Malik asked me.

"I'll try. I have high school and college to complete," I said.

Malik just nodded.

"So, you done packing?" he asked.

"Yeah…the plane leaves in two hours. We'll all be heading towards the airport soon," I explained.

Malik turned away, "I'll miss you."

"And I'll miss you. Just don't forget me. Ok?" I asked, hugging him tightly.

"I…don't think…I will. Too…tight," He managed to get out.

"Oh sorry," I said letting go.

The kiss may have been short but it left an imprint in their mind. Yuugi got up and then helped Akila up off of the ground.

"Not bad," Akila said with a wink as Yuugi blushed.

"Hehe yeah…" He said bashfully.

"Hey guys! Time to get going!" Isis called out.

"Bye Yuugi," Akila said, as he picked up his bags.

"Yeah…bye." Yuugi turned away and headed out of the room.

"Don't be sad sis," Seto said, stepping up behind Akila.

"You'll see him again. We're riding the plane too ya know," Seto said with a smile.

"Oh yeah! Stupid me…" Akila said, grabbing her bags. TZ: That sounds like me too…IF NAMU FINDS THIS NOTE I SHALL LAUGH MY @$$ OFF! XD

The two headed out of the room and joined the rest outside of the house.

"I won't be coming with you guys to the airport. There's not enough room in the car and Isis suggests that I rest," Malik said.

"Oh…well then I guess this is goodbye," I said, my eyes becoming watery.

"Aw don't cry. Come here" Malik said.

I went over and sat on his lap.

"But…you realize I probably won't be back until I'm twenty something. That's at least *sniff* six years!" I said, crying into his shirt.

"So? Better than nothing. Here's my address. I expect some letters, ok?" Malik said, handing me a slip of paper.

"Ok," I said, taking the paper and rubbing my eyes. "Ja ne!" I said, getting up and running out of the room before the tears started again.

"Ja ne!" I heard Malik call after me.

We all sat there, stuffed in the car. Our luggage packed in the trunk. Isis had called an extra large taxi to come get us. She gave us our tickets and then stood there waving goodbye as we left. 

Now for a thirty-minute ride to the airport.

"That was fun, don't ya agree?" Jounouchi asked.

Nods and murmurs of 'yeah' and 'it was great' replied to him.

"Sure we had an overdose of adventure but it was still awesome!" Anzu said happily.

"Hey Trinity, don't look so sad. You'll see Malik again. I'm sure of it," Akila said reassuringly.

I just nodded and turned around to see the area where Malik's house was.

"So, I take it we're staying here in Luxor?" An empty voice asked.

"Yes, we are. Now that the rest are gone, their defenses will be down. Plus they no longer carry the items with them," a sinister voice said.

"What about the cards?" the empty voice asked again.

"We have one of the three. He owns the second and the third is yet to be found," the sinister voice said, holding a blue card in the light.

The name of this powerful card? Obelisk the Tormentor.

It felt so different. He was gone and now and I could finally live in peace. The Millennium Rod and Tauk were set back down where we could protect them. The house was so quiet now. No one spoke. I heard Isis setting up dinner in the other room. I went into the kitchen and got a glass of water to drink.

"Hey brother, do you feel better now?" Isis asked me.

"Yeah…I feel different. The sense of loss is gone and my vision has cleared," I said happily, taking a sip of water.

I saw Isis just nod gladly as she placed our plates on the table. Dinner was already on them and it consisted of chicken, bread, and a few random fruits and vegetables. I sat at my place and began eating quickly and hungrily as soon as Isis sat down too.

It was just the two of us now. However, my sis would be going back and forth to her museum at times. So I would be here alone.

I continued to stuff bits of chicken and corn in my mouth as Isis ate more like a lady.


"That was good, sister. Thank you," I said getting up.

"Glad you liked it," She said with a smile.

I turned and went to my room. Now how would I spend my free time? I knew now that I could never avenge my father because the pharaoh's soul vessel was both out of reach and it just didn't seem worth killing him anymore.

"Brother, I have something I must tell you," Isis said, standing in the doorway.

I jumped slightly; I swear she could teleport 'cause half the time I don't even hear her coming.

"What?" I asked, sitting on my bed.

"Well, the pharaoh was not the one who killed your father. It was your other self that was guilty for the murder," she said calmly, "I was there and I witnessed him die. You weren't acting as you usually do. Suddenly you took the Millennium Rod and knew how to use it. You used it against us. And the blade that had harmed many of the people you know killed your father," she said.

"WHAT? So basically I killed dad? It was my fault that he died, my fault the two Millennium Items ended in our possession. Urg! Why didn't you tell me, Isis? Why?" Malik yelled.

"Because I had a feeling that if I did, your other self would never be destroyed. Don't you see brother? All of the events that have happened; every single one, led up to this. You remembering your light and losing the dark spirit within you," Isis said, sounding very convincing.

"I guess you're right. Now leave me be. I have to think of some form of entertainment," Malik said, looking around his room.

"Ok. But I have an idea…" Isis said with a secretive smile.

"What?" I asked, looking at her.

"I challenge you to a duel," She said simply, taking out her deck.

"I accept," Taking out mine as well.

I looked at my deck and picked up the first card. It was: The Winged Divine Dragon of Ra: One of the three God Cards needed by the pharaoh to help regain his memory.

I will mail this to the boy. It could help, in the future. When he gained the other two, if he past the tests that is, then the pharaoh's soul will finally remember his past. The guardians will finally be able to rest. They have done well guarding this card despite the fact the other two were stolen. The thief had one and the clan member owned the other. I'll just send this one to the boy. He can keep it for now and let its soul rest until the time is right.

Finally! After who knows how long from Egypt to Japan, then Japan to New York City; I was here. I went up to the apartment I had been staying at and checked in for the first time for who knows how long.

I got on the Internet and began searching for possible high schools. Eventually I chose one of the best high schools (according to a bunch of people) in NYC: Stuyvesant High School. So, I headed towards the High School and applied.

"Yuugi, this came for you in the mail," an old man said.

"Thank you grandpa. I'll open it right away," Yuugi said happily, taking the envelope from his grandpa's hands.

Yuugi quickly opened up the envelope and began to unwrap the item. It was a duel monster card. However, instead of having the coloring of a normal monster card it was red. Its type was Divine-Beast and its effect was powerful. This card was called Saint Dragon- God of Osiris.

We had gotten off at NYC as well. Seto was determined to find his brother so I was determined to help him.

He said that the best place to go was the adoption center where he and his brother had stayed. Well, we were on our way there. Seto's eyes sparkled. He was so close to the first step in finding his brother. Now if only we could find something better for him to wear.

Luckily we had been given some money as well. Isis was such a kind and charitable person. I had some nice outfits to wear, but Seto only had jeans and a shirt. We past several clothing stores on our way when something caught my bro's attention…

"Look at that trench coat! I want that outfit," Seto said, entering the store and going to the clerk.


I contained my laughter as he stepped out wearing a white trench coat with a black turtleneck shirt and black pants.

"What are you laughing at? I like this outfit, for your information," Seto said, sounding full of it.

"Just buy it. It…looks great," I said, letting out a small laugh.

So he bought it and wore it right out of the shop. Now he seemed egotistic. His head held high, his eyes sparkling, and the way he walked made him seem even taller. He'd have to get a haircut later too 'cause his hair had grown a little bit too long.

We walked several more blocks and crossed several more streets; and there it was.

The orphanage that my bro had been adopted at years before and the place where his brother had been was here, right in front of us.

Ugh…school was just around the corner. I had all that I needed for the new school year: supplies, food, clothes, books, and plenty of floppies. Well, all the fun and games were over now. For the next five years I'd be in high school and then on my way to college. Sure I had the summer, but I decided to dedicate that time to going to camps and courses on archeology and Egyptology. I felt so lonely. I didn't have anyone now. Maybe I'd meet people at school, or maybe not. Ah well, at least I had some addresses to send letters to.


C'mon Trinity. You're ready for this. With a fake half smile I entered Stuyvesant High School.

Goodnight, sleep tight
No more tears
Goodnight morning, I'll be here
And when we say goodnight,
Dry your eyes
Because we said goodnight,
And now goodbye
We said goodnight
And now goodbye
-Lyrics for the song Goodnight by Evanescence

~End of Story

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