Mike was so lost. He had no clue on how to proceed after the disaster of the mock trial. His mentor was heavily disappointed in him, Rachel hated his guts for reasons she refused to hear, and Donna was on Harvey's side in nearly every endeavor. Aside from the three of them, Mike realized how many people were really lacking in his social circle. He could literally count his 'friends' on one hand.

Sighing, Mike got up from his desk and began to pack his things. There really was no point in staying in the one place he well and truly didn't belong unless he wished to be subjected to hateful glares all day, not that there was much of the day left. If he was gonna be all alone in the office then he might as well be alone somewhere a little more comfortable, like his apartment.

While he was packing some unfinished files into his satchel, Mike's eyes were drawn to a bright, yellow post-it note sitting on his desk. He must of missed it when he arrived and accidentally covered it with a never ending stack of briefs. Momentary panic took over for a few seconds thinking he might have missed a memo from Louis, or worse, Harvey, but it quickly subsided upon realizing that no one gave him grief for missing it. And if it really was urgent, he was sure that a post-it was the last form of communication anyone would use.

Quickly putting away the needed files, Mike focused his attention on the note. The handwriting was definitely Donna's but it didn't seem like they were her words. Of course, it was a flimsy deduction considering there were no words, only a phone number. Now not only was he feeling lost but he also felt utterly confused. Why would Donna leave a post-it on his desk without any context whatsoever? Was he expected to approach her about it? Did she want him to approach her? Doubt it. She and Harvey have wiped their hands of him for sure. Harvey for obvious reasons and Donna because her loyalty lies with Harvey at all times. Still, none of that explained the mysterious post-it note. Deciding it was better to just ask Donna rather than play detective, Mike grabbed the note and headed for her desk.

On his way there, he felt a strange sense of nervousness. Donna wasn't exactly going to kill him (though she was perfectly capable of doing so) but he hadn't interacted with either Harvey or Donna since his pathetic defeat in the mock trial. Admittedly, he was a bit scared of their reactions to seeing him after his embarrassing performance. Why was he even asking Donna about this note? Why not just call the number and find out for himself? Somewhere deep down, Mike knew he was using it as an excuse to exchange some words (hostile or otherwise) with the only friends he had in the office and outside of it too. He really just wanted to see them, maybe even be able to explain himself to Harvey though he knew that possibility was next to non-existent.

When Mike arrived at Harvey's office, the nervousness grew into something heavier and more real. He didn't realize how anxious he was until he noticed his hands slightly trembling. Taking a deep breath, Mike strengthened his resolve and straightened his posture before walking towards Donna. He hadn't even fully reached the desk yet when she spoke,

"He doesn't have time for you, Mike."

Her voice was cold, hard, and downright unimpressed. If that didn't make him second guess his trip down here, he doesn't know what else would.

Mike swallowed hard and tried to maintain his posture and feigned confidence. Donna wasn't looking at him but he didn't need to ask how she knew it was him. Like everything else, she just knew.
Trying very hard to not sound distraught and nervous, Mike moved closer and extended the hand holding the post-it note.

"Uh, this was on my desk..and...I thought I'd ask if you knew what this is for."

The secretary looked up from her work and eyed the post-it note, recognition sparking in her eyes before gazing back down at her papers. She remained silent for a few moments, as if to decide whether it was worth responding to his question or if she should simply leave him be. In the end, she decided that the quicker the response, the quicker he was to leave before Harvey noticed him.

"I got a call from someone asking to speak with you. She insisted that I leave a message for you otherwise she wasn't letting me hang up." As if to imply that she went out of her way to plant that note and that the action brought her much distress. Which, if he were honest with himself, she probably did feel exactly that. Not much of Mike's dignity was left to be salvaged at this point.

It was only later when the words caught up with him that Mike became more concerned with the caller and why she'd specifically request him. Perhaps she left a name.

"Did she leave a name or some point of reference? Other than the number. "

Noticing the change of tone in his voice, Donna looked Mike in the eye held his gaze for a few seconds, trying to interpret what this caller must mean to him. As far as she knew, Mike didn't have a whole lot of friends outside of his office life, which secretly made her feel rather guilty for giving him the cold shoulder like this.

"She did, actually. But it was such a foreign name that I neglected to write it down altogether. Though she did mention the name 'Kimi' a couple times."


Donna didn't need to ask Mike whether or not he knew her. His pale face seemed to say quite a lot on its own.

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