An Assassin's Virtue

By Midnight's Assassin

I do not own any of the original characters from this story, those of which belong to Ubisoft and the Assassin's Creed franchise. This is simply a fan fiction dedicated to such. Enjoy : )

Chapter 2:

A Breath on Frosted Glass

Evie and Jacob Launched up and over the old church building, before grappling to a nearby Tea House and taking refuge behind the large 'ABBOT'S TEA' sign.

"Evie, what did Greenie drag us out here for?" Jacob "whispered" as he scratched the cut in his stubble. That was the last time he was going to let Jaya shave his chin.

"Were you not paying attention?" Evie fluttered her eye lashes sarcastically.

"No, of course I was! I just…"

"Wasn't listening?"

"Precisely!" Jacob squealed waving his hands in a gesture of triumph.

Don't know why…

"How typical. Leave it to you to arrive at a mission you know nothing about." Evie crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.

"Oh woe is me!" Jacob sarcastically grabbed his top hat from his head, held it in his hands and continued in a high pitched voice, presumably impersonating his sister. "Woe is my lowley life as I cannot, will not ever be able to look at Henry with the love struck eyes of my air-headed sister!"

"Jacob…" Evie quietly ushered to him, but her brother wasn't listening and continued with his hurtful ranting.

"Oh Mr. Green! Won't you analyse this book with me Mr. Green! Share my kills with me Mr. Green! Come and stand-oh-so-close-to me Mr. Green!" His voice grew deep and intimidating at the last few words.


Evie's sniffily voice finally interrupted his wicked teasing and left him in shock. Jacob looked angrily to his sister, but his expression softened when he saw her ocean eyes begin to swell with fluids, tears catching on her eyelashes like rain beading on a single stem of delicate grass. And knowing his sister, there would soon be a storm to follow.

"Evie I…"

"Save it." Evie cut him off, her voice still shaky.

"Go back to the train. You obviously don't won't to be here, so I won't force you to be."

"Look I'm sorry, please, just don't do this, I…" Jacob tried to embrace her, only to be pushed away.


"Just go!" Evie's whimpering voice rang in his ears.

Jacob did as he was told. He paced over to the edge of the building before glancing back to his sister, her scornful gaze haunting him as she looked away, a long clear stream decorating her freckled cheek.

Feeling very guilty, Jacob launched a strong grapple line, the sharp hook seemed to be aiding his sister's wish as it dug into the cement corner of house a few buildings away. Whilst zip lining, he once again peeked over his shoulder to see his sister with her hood on, face and body concealed by her garbs and her gaze at her feet, Kukri firmly gripped in one hand.

I'm sorry.

Pushing her feelings aside, Evie found the target building and began to press onwards, but try as she might, her previous engagements erupted back into her frame of mind.

Shaking all thoughts of her brother, Evie remembered the mission Henry had given her.

'You are to intercept Breechwald Manor.

My spies tell me that within the manors' studies are Templar letters, containing important information about plans for the remaining gangs.' Henry had instructed.

'Jacob, Evie has asked if you would accompany her on this mission. She believes it would be a great way for the two of you to catch up on some quality time, seeing that the two of you rarely get a chance to do so now.

Good luck to you both.'

"I thought wrong." She muttered to herself as she sucked the last of her snot back up the cavities of her nose.

Evie made her way up the side of a statue beside the Manor, and sat perched atop the decorative hat of the landmark's tributer. Calling on her training, Evie engaged what her father had donned 'eagle vision' and watched in a hungry anticipation as the world around her faded to a subtle grey. Using her incredible eyesight, the female assassin scanned the courtyards below, and surely found five Blighters, each one a pulsating red glow in her adapted vision. Before making her move, Evie assessed each and every one of them, gaining knowledge on their weapon status and combat skills.

She waited on top of the monument a moment longer, watching where the guards stood and taking note of their patterns as they patrolled the area.

Two of them stood completely still outside the only entrance, their backs to the wall and facing the road, watching for any civilian who might 'stumble a little too far from his planned path'. The third guard walked up and down the middle stretch of cobbles, and met at the end with the last two guards who strolled the length of the square courtyard.

With that noted, Evie prepared for her decent. Leaping forward, she tucked her legs together and thrusted her arms outwards. At first she flew straight, but soon nosedived as she plummeted head first, she angled her body forward as her legs over took her head to give her a completely horizontal form. Evie landed with a soft thud accompanied by the rustle of leaves as she sunk down into the cart of leaf litter and hay. Her landing was, aside from the multiple leaves that she spat from her mouth, perfect.

Letting out a sharp whistle, she attracted the attention of one of the guards walking the length of the court. When he went to investigate, Evie jumped out of her hiding place, shoving her hidden blade clean through the man's throat before throwing him over the edge and into the hay bale, retracting her blade and sheathing it again.

Leaving the safety of the cart, Evie ghosted her way to the tall hedge that stretched the length of the cobblestone path up the middle of the court, before stopping at the last quarter from the wall to allow another path that connected with the other, forming a 'T-shape'. Peeking from behind the hedge, Evie saw the guard walking up the middle path approach, and thought this to be a unique kill opportunity. When he was all but a few meters from her, she ejected her grapple, the sharp hook went straight through his chest. The assassin retracted it, and the line sped back towards her, delivering the man straight onto Evie's kukri. A gruesome death indeed, but she suspected he was dead upon impact of the grapple.

Evie made short work of the three remaining guards, killing the two by the entrance with a double assassination, and the last suffered her grapple. She had come to be quite fond of that new trick. After disposing of the bodies in the hay cart, Evie scaled the side of the Manor and took out the sniper on the roof, she breathed a sigh of relief that she would not have a repeat of the events that took place a few nights ago, learning that he was a leathery old man who smelt of cigars and alcohol.

Now on the roof, Evie once again engaged her miracle vision and targeted an approximate of fifteen Blighters taking up residence in the Manor. After tagging as many of the scum as she could see, Evie did a belt check, making sure she had plenty of ammunition, throwing knifes, smoke bombs and now voltaic bombs thanks to Aleck, and dropped from the roof to an open window on the second floor. Peering in through the white window's archway, Evie, seeing no imminent threat coming down the hallway, hastily jumped through and ran to take shelter in an open doorway.

Inside the room was an old woman dressed in a black jacket fast asleep at a desk, a quill in hand and a spilt inkpot, she must've fallen under the sandman's spell whilst writing a letter late in the night. Placing a gloved hand on the framework to silence the squeaky hinges, Evie quietly closed the door. Her muffled footsteps echoing only in her mind, Evie approached the sleeping Hag, her grey hair had been quickly tied up into a messy bun, locks that she had missed draped around her wrinkly cheeks, framing her round face. Quietly engaging her blade, Evie kept the long, slender piece of metal close to the woman's neck, the only reason she was not yet dead was that her 'captor' saw no indication of her being a Templar agent. The blade still inches from the sleeping woman, Evie used her free hand to search the letter that lie guarded by the body's sleeping position. The handwriting was messy, very quickly written most likely. From what she could make out, Evie decided that the note read:

'Dearest Love,

I haven't much time, they've found a way into the Manor. Lady Elloway is dead, and I believe they've killed the Master.

The police refuse to investigate, they almost seem anxious. Gossip from around the Manor suggest that the other maids seem to think the authorities refuse to get their hands dirty, but I think otherwise. I believe that they are being black mailed by the Templar forces! The rest of the staff think I've gone mad, say I've a few screws loose, but I know that there is something else going on. Pray tell that I overheard a conversation in the Master's study a few weeks ago. He was talking to a man with a deep voice, said he was 'a messenger for the new corporation leader'. Once he emerged, I saw he was a man dressed in black, the Templar symbol draped around his arm. He was then escorted by two men dressed in red jackets out to a carriage. Later that night, Master went out, and he hasn't been seen since! I knew I should've looked into it. For the sake of the Elloway family name, I wrote a letter to Henry, but I didn't want him to know it was from me, he would've worried for my life, lord only knows how much that boy has to deal with now and my safety does not need worry him as well, so I marked it with the Elloway family crest.

Since the Master's disappearance, the man he spoke to has come to run the household, 'look after everything' until the Master returns. Ever since that man returned, more and more men and women dressed in red have taken up residence in the Manor, and more and more of the staff have disappeared, says they've 'retired'. Last night the Mistress did not come for supper, so I went in search of her. I found her body in the study, located in the west wing of the basement. Clutched in her hands were letters, after reading them I discovered they were Templar plans, many of them blueprints for heists, robberies and murders, but one was addressed to 'that man', it was from the supposed 'New Templar Leader.'

A new leader? I thought Crawford Starrick was dead. I have yet to decipher what this means, but fear I may not be able to, last night I was almost discovered when two guards heard me rummaging around. Luckily, I escaped back to my quarters with the letters before they could find me, but now I fear for my life. I know too much, now I am certain they will kill me.

If that is the case, whomever this reaches, please deliver this letter to a Mr. Henry Green, Owner of The Curios Shop in London town. Henry if this ever does reach you, know that you have given many of your years in London to care for me when we lived in the tunnels, and I am very grateful to have had the pleasure of knowing you.

Yours Truly

Maggie Reith,

Maid at the Breechwald Manor.'

Astonished and frankly, lost for words, Evie thought that this woman deserved shelter for being so brave, she could stay with them at the train, and be reunited with Henry once again, however she knew him.

"Maggie." Evie whispered prepared to calm a jittery awakening.

But the old woman didn't answer. She must've been half deaf at her age. Before she could try again, Evie noticed the woman's breathing, or more frank, the lack there of. She expected to be gazing upon the steady rise and fall of the lady's chest, back and shoulders, but all was still. Was she even breathing? Startled, Evie tried again.

"Maggie?" she said louder this time. Evie placed a hand on the woman's shoulder, but she was cold. Even through her glove, she could feel the icy chill of the woman's pale skin shivering up her own. Evie Began to panic, and taking the woman in both arms, moved her head up from the desk.

"Maggie? Maggie?" Evie began shaking the maid's seemingly lifeless body.

"Maggie?!" Finally, with one last shake, the woman's head flopped upwards, stunned at what it showed, Evie lay a hand over her mouth. When Maggie's head moved to the side, it revealed a large bullet wound right through the middle of her neck.

'Oh Maggie,' Evie quietly whispered,

'I'm so sorry.'

Gently placing the woman down back down on the desk, Evie retrieved the letter and went to exit the room. Now driven even more by the maid's determination, she glanced down the hallway and noticed a woman in red coming to investigate the commotion. Ducking back behind the door, Evie readied a knife, aimed for the woman and threw.

The Blighter caught sight of her just as the silver knife went speeding through the air.

"Oi! There's an intrud-" She fell to the floor, the long slender knife, large and obvious as it protruded from her cranium, caked in blood.

After hiding the body, by throwing it out of the nearest window, Evie proceeded down to the next floor, killing many a Templar along the way. She came to a long hallway, paintings of posh people decorated the walls. The largest being the portrait of a man in a black suit. He had white hair combed back and a large handle bar moustache. The painting's plaque bore the name; Winston Elloway. Evie smiled at the funny looking man, until she look closer at the military badges decorating his suit pocket. The longer she looked, the more obvious it became, as there, amongst meddles like the Victoria Cross and the Memorial award, sat a badge bearing the Templar symbol, as red as blood and as plain as day. Disgusted, Evie's smile faded at the one painting baring the intrepid mark of a corrupt society.

Come to think of it…

Evie backtracked to another painting she had already passed, this time a woman. A mean look on her face and a large mole decorated her chin. 'Margret Elloway' it said on the plaque, and as she had thought, on the collar of the woman's shirt was the same badge.

To double check her theory Evie continued on, checking every portrait she could see. 'Lisa Elloway, Jackson Elloway, Theodore, Albert, Nora. All Elloways', all wearing the Templar symbol.

So it was as Evie had thought. The Elloway Family of Breechwald Manor had always been involved with the Templars, and now they were using the Manor as a safe house to harbor important information about the remaining boroughs.

Clever. Very clever.

She had to make her way to the Maggie's quarters to find the letters. Thinking that the room she'd found the maid's body in was indeed her living quarters, Evie searched the room, but to no avail as she soon realised Maggie had retreated to one of the Manor's many studies to write her final thoughts on paper, before meeting her grisly end. Checking every corridor, every bedroom, every study, Evie didn't stumble across the staff's living spaces until she reach the basement level.

How typical of a rich family to put the help on the bottom level.

Where had all the Templar's gone? This was a question that plagued Evie's mind as she proceeded checking every bedroom. T'was a good question indeed, but her mind instantly forgot it all as she came to the last bedroom. There was a sign on the door, it read; Miss Reith's quarters. Why it would be labelled? She had no clue, although Maggie did seem to have been with the family for a long time. Racing into the room, Evie totally destroyed any privacy the corpse of Maggie Reith had left, and as terrible as she felt about doing so, she needed to find the letters both Henry and Maggie had spoken of. Evie checked each draw, each nook and cranny, but didn't seem to find anything. One last look under the bed, and once that came back with nothing, Evie was almost out of ideas.


Not only did her enhanced vision tag enemies, but it also highlighted chests and mysterious objects in a silver lining. Standing by the doorway, Evie once again engaged her vision as the world around her faded to a dull grey. Scanning the ground, Evie's vision picked up something interesting as a single floor board became highlighted in a white tinge. She immediately deactivated her vision and went to investigate. Upon closer inspection, Evie noticed that one of the floorboards had no nails in it. She knocked a gloved fist along its length and the sound rung out along the room.


Exited, Evie grabbed her kukri and lodged the tip of the long blade between the single plank and the neighbouring one. Of course, leave it to Evie Frye to have a sophisticated, thousand year old weapon, and find another use for it. Well, that's what Jacob would've said anyway. With one backwards movement, the plank popped open, and once removed, revealed to Evie a large whole in the ground, a small wooden chest was hidden inside.

Not only was Maggie Reith a great detective, she was also intelligent, brave, secretive and very cunning. No wonder she was friends with Henry.

Evie carefully lifted out the chest, blowing dusts from the etching before she opened it. Inside the chest was a small leather bound book, whilst scanning the first few pages, she discovered it was Maggie's journal. She would keep that and give it to Henry, surely he would wish to read the thoughts of his late friend. Setting the journal down, Evie continued to look through the chest, pulling out lovely trinkets like a snow globe from Moscow, a large spiralling sea shell, and a pump perfume bottle. Ribbon was wrapped around the neck of the vile, and a tag was attached.

Happy birthday Maggie, Love Jayadeep.

Evie smiled and pumped the little bag, as the bottle expelled a mist. She inhaled expecting to smell a sweet, enchanting aroma. She was sorely mistaken. It smelt of dust and mould. This time she tried again, but shook the vile first, and the scent of jasmine and lavender mixed with wildflowers and tea rained down upon her and gently dabbed her skin. Now she could kill people and smell great.

Evie moved the perfume aside, and surely enough, there were the letters that Maggie had written about. She picked them up and shuffled through the small pile. Each of the wax seals had peen popped, well, Maggie did say she had read them. Evie thought she couldn't be any happier, but everything else failed in comparison as she reached for the last thing in the box. There in Evie's hands was a photograph of a younger Maggie Reith, sitting with a young Indian boy in the park. Both of them looked so happy. She flipped the photo over, on the back was Maggie's hand writing.

Myself and young Jayadeep on his 16th birthday. A.K.A, Henry Green.

Tears welled in Evie's eyes as she trace their smiles with a gentle finger. "Oh, Henry."

Henry seemed to be all Maggie had in her old age, and news of her death would destroy him.

Evie wiped her eyes and gently packed everything, excluding the photograph back into the chest, and tucked it into a large compartment in her jacket. Henry would surely treasure it.

Evie's question of the Templar's disappearances soon came hurtling back into her mind when she heard an alarm bell sounding from the vicinity outside.

"They must've found the body."

Her eagle vision told her that Templar carriages had arrived, and now reinforcements were pouring into the building, to many to fight on her own. She had to find an escape route, but there were no windows in the basement level. So running down the long corridors and up flights of stairs with the chest, Evie found an open window in the kitchen. She flung both legs over the windowsill and fired her grapple gun to the farthest building it could reach. Just as she the hook anchored into the cement roof, a Templar came running around the corner and into the kitchen, spotting her in the window and fired his revolver. A thick silver bullet tore through her pant leg and lodged into the skin of her calf. She cried out as she went hurtling forward, putting a hand to her wound as Evie flew out of the window and into the open air.

She. Was. Safe.

But halfway across, the photo of Henry and Maggie went flying out of Evie's pocket.

"No!" she cried as she let go of the steel cable and began plummeting.

Evie leaned forward and grabbed the photo just she fired another cable that sent her speeding back onto the roof of another building.

"Where is she?"


Voices shouted behind her as Evie kept running, the stinging sensation in her leg made it hard to breathe, but wheezing and panting, she made it far enough from the Manor until the voices where but a faint echo.

Slowly, but surely, Evie limped her way back to the train that had pulled into a station in Westminster. Her vision was blurry, and she left a trail of blood as she continued running, and she hadn't stopped. Her farther had trained her to be a master assassin, and assassins didn't feel pain, but it was it was hard to ignore a bullet-embedded-in-her-leg! Every step saw what felt like a million knife being stabbed at every inch of her skin shoot up through the left side of her body.

And putting up as good a fight as she had was very, very tiring, so it was understandable when she collapsed in the first carriage of the train.

Two Rooks sitting in a booth saw her and helped her two her quarters. There they set her down on her bed and panicked, seeing as Henry, who had taken up role of 'gang doctor', wasn't on the train.

"I'll go get Mister Jacob!" one of them squawked, thinking it was a brilliant idea, but it only made Evie cringe at the thought of what her brother would say.

Soon enough, Jacob came bounding through the door.

"Evie, are you alright!"

"Go on, laugh." Was her reply, thinking that he was being sarcastic, but when she turned to look at him, a look of serious concern was etched onto his face.

"Why would I laugh? You've been shot!"

"Hmm… suppose I have, haven't I?"

Without any hesitation, Jacob lunged at his sister and took her in his arms before she had a chance to object, and to his surprise, she hugged him back.

"Evie, I'm so sorry. I've being such -"

"A jerk? An idiot? An arsehole of a brother? Evie chimed in.

"Well, I was going to say meanie but sure, I guess that sums it up to."

Both twins laughed and kept each other in a warm embrace until Jacob gave her an affectionate slap of the leg.

"Ow!" Evie breathed as she finally broke her brother off of her.

"What?" Jacob questioned her sudden pain, as if he had only just joined the conversation.

Evie gave him a dead expression. "I don't know if you recall, but I've been shot in the leg."

Her brother glanced down at where his hand rested on her knee. "Oh! I'm so sorry, I forgot! Ugh I'm such an idiot!"

"Yes you are." Evie smiled at him as she hugged him one more time.

Night fell, and Henry still had not returned to the train. Evie was falling in and out of consciousness and every time she did so, it convinced Jacob she was dead until the next time she woke up.

"Why isn't Henry back yet?" he asked bitterly, gazing out the pane windows from behind the red curtains.

"No clue…ugh…" Evie's moans and sudden motion sickness put Jacob's patience to the test, a test he failed when he decided to operate on his sister himself.

"UGH! NO!" Evie suddenly sprang to life at the idea, "Why can't you just take me to the hospital?"

"I told you Miss Nightingale's asylum is the only hospital around and it's full!" Jacob squeaked back as he chased her around with a scalpel.

"Well why don't you just ask Miss Nightingale to make a house call?"

Jacob waved his finger in the air "Because I…didn't think of that…" his deflated finger fell back to his side, as did his ego.

Soon enough though, Jaya and a few other Rooks had fetched Miss Nightingale in a carriage and had brought her to the station.

"Mr. Frye! PUT-THAT-DOWN!" she yelled as she saw Evie fending off Jacob who was still holding the scalpel.

"Thank heavens you're here Florence." Evie breathed from underneath the duvet.

"Of course Miss Frye, I came- ugh- as soon-as I could." She said as she wrestled the scalpel from Jacob.

Florence set up a table and laid out all of her equipment, before ushering Jacob out of the carriage and locked the Florence coated Evie's leg in antiseptic, she could see the top of her brother's head through the small round window on the car door as he jumped to see what was happening, it reminded her of a lonely puppy, always wanting to be by your side.

"Now this may hurt a tiny bit." Miss Nightingale instructed her patient as she pulled a pair of long nosed tweezers from her bag. Watching the alien like device head towards her wound, Evie quietly whispered to Florence,

"Good thing you locked Jacob outside, he's terribly squeamish." Florence laughed as she gently dug the long slender tweezers into Evie's leg, rummaged around in the flesh and then slowly retracted, pulling out a small bullet. Evie felt her whole body go limp, she'd been tense for so long she'd forgotten she had feet.

Taking a huge breath of painful relief, the wounded femlae heard a loud thud outside of her door that made her prop herself up on her elbows. When Miss Nightingale opened the door, she found Jacob out cold.

"Ugh, what happened?" Jacob said sorely, rubbing the newly formed egg on his head.

"You feinted whilst watching my surgery." Evie giggled at him.


"Yes, don't you remember?" Evie smiled as she stuck the foot wrapped in gauze bandages under her brother's face.

"Oh, yea, how did it go?" Jacob asked half-heartedly, his head was pounding like his sister's foot as she slapped his chin with her toes.

"Well it turns out that it was only a pellet lodged in my leg, not an actual bullet, so I can do everything normally again. It only hurt because it hit very soft tissue."

"Oh, and Miss Nightingale put it in a jar of water and let me keep it!"

"Keep what?" her brother really wasn't good at listening.

"The bullet!" Evie said as she sloshed the jar around in Jacob's face.

"Look! You can still see a little bit of fat stuck to it!"

Jacob raised a hand to his mouth to stop himself from wrenching, but it was good to see his sister back in her assassin's garbs and on her feet. Evie smiled and sat down next to her brother, while Henry had been gone, she had shared with him the tale of her findings of Maggie, the chest, and all the Templar Letters, including the rumours of a new Grandmaster.

"Do you think it's true? Must we complete our quest all over again to end another crazy Templar reign?" she asked as she kicked off her other boot to begin poking Jacob's thigh.

"I don't know, but if it must be so, they'll be no match for the incredible Frye Twins!"

"So modest." Evie laughed and began shaking the jar in Jacob's face again.

Just as Evie was toying with her brother, Henry walked into the carriage.

"Henry! Where have you been?"

"I met with Sgt Abberline, he told me some very disturbing information."

"What is it?" Jacob had suddenly abandoned his queasiness for a newly found sense of question.

"Fredrick told me that there have been recordings at the National Bank of England of a new name on the ownership papers of Starrick Industries."

"So it's true, there is a new Templar Grandmaster" Jacob said sadly.

"Yes, her name is Miss Cecelia Frost. Her name was on the registry papers in Starrick's will" Henry said whilst looking at Evie questioningly, eager to find out what happened to her leg, why his medical equipment was scattered across the floor, and also why she wasn't wearing shoes.

"How did you know there was a new Grandmaster?"

Evie noticed this and began putting her boots back on, before striding over to Henry.

"I think this might answer your question." She said as she handed him Maggie's letter.

After he read it, a small smile crept to the sides of his mouth. "So you spoke to Maggie?" he asked happily.

"No, I didn't."

"But I don't-"Henry began inquisitively, then looked back down to the letter, read the last paragraph, and looked again to Evie, with water eyes.

Evie slowly nodded "I'm so sorry Henry…"

Without hesitation, Henry wrapped his arms around the small girl's frame, burying his head into her shoulder. Evie, taken aback by this at first, hugged him back, surprised for Henry to be confiding so much emotion in her, but at the same time, expecting no less from the man who had lost a woman who was like a mother to him.

Henry realised what he had done and instantly let go, sending Evie back a few steps. "I am terribly sorry Miss Frye, I-just…"

Evie silenced him, telling him he need not explain himself, it was a hard situation for anyone. That being said, Evie wondered why Jacob had not yet shouted at 'Greenie' to unhand his sister or told Evie that she could do better, and when she glanced over at him, she realised that he had fallen asleep, and was thankful that he had.

Evie pulled the chest from her compartment and handed it to Henry. "This belonged to Maggie, she loved you very much."

Going through the chest, Henry smiled at the birthday cards and gifts he had given the old woman as a child.

Evie then handed him the photograph of Maggie and himself, and a single tear rolled down Henry's tanned cheek.

"I'm sorry, I apologise for my hysterical behaviour, it's just that,"

Evie cut him off, "It's ok, I understand exactly how you feel." And again they hugged, only this time Evie wrapped her tiny arms around his muscular torso as he rested his arms around hers. Shivers ran down her spine as she felt the warmth from his body radiate onto hers, and it didn't help that he was sweaty.

They stood in silence, and Evie could hear his heart beat as she propped her head against his chest.

She squeezed him tighter, letting her friend know that she cared, and that…

"I'll always be here for you, no matter what." She breathed into his shirt as he almost suffocated her in a death grip. Evie then began to feel the light pitter-patter of tears against her dark hair, she looked up to see tears dripping down Henry's face as his dark brown eyes stared down at her own.

"That's what Maggie used to say ."