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I don't care, was the response. I love you, only you.



This was enough. For the time being, as their lips met again… and again, as if trying to make up for all the opportunities wasted.


Chapter Eight

"Do you know what is happening to me?" Rose asked him.

The TARDIS has strengthened her connection with you, haven't you noticed?

She grinned. "Yeah. Another thing I've noticed is you keeping things from me. Why can't you simply tell me the truth? The fact merely snogging me has done something… Something that has never happened whenever I did the same thing with other blokes-"

The Doctor took her by the hand, trying not to get bothered by Rose mentioning other men kissing her. He was no better.

"Please, why don't you sit down, Rose?"

In the best scenario, she would know. Would be able to identify what sharing this small act of intimacy with him meant.

"What is it? Have you done something? Have I done something unacceptable?"

"Both of us did," he muttered.

The kiss? Her hazel eyes darkened with worry.

The Time Lord shook his head. "We have allowed… I have allowed for the transformation to begin. Without having asked you first."

The girl seemed to have missed the final sentence, terrified. What transformation? Rose's eyes were wide. She has suddenly thought it best to make use of telepathy. At least then, her voice would not shake. Will it hurt? Rose glued her eyes to his. No matter the unconditional trust they shared, not knowing what to expect in this situation was making her incredibly tense.

"Does it hurt now?"

"No, but-"

The Doctor sighed in relief. "According to my more or less impeccable mathematical skills," he winked at her, "the TARDIS has resumed fixing you up the moment you returned, Rose!"


"Is something seriously wrong with me or have you just come up with the phrase to frighten me, Doctor?" She got up, unable to sit still.

"I could never," he assured her. "In fact, I might have asked one Mickey Smith a favour, yeah? To keep Martha company," the Doctor spoke nonchalantly. "Er- assuming that's okay with you, Rose?"

Rose blinked at him once, twice. Then, she broke out in laughter. "It's fine, more than. What have you given him for it?"

The Doctor was suddenly uncomfortable. "Well- I have offered him the trip, in the first place!"

Rose shook her head. "Off worldly computer games? Recordings of football matches from other planets? Results of the matches, so that he could bet and win money? Have you updated his telly? His computer? Console?"

The Doctor eyed her searchingly. "Er. Might have done some of these things. But why does it matter to you?"

"Don't be jealous, Time Lord."

"Me? Jealous? Never. I think you should go get some rest, love, before-"

"Before-" She needed no explanation. Knew what was happening, knew why it was happening and accepted being lulled into sleep by a drop of a potion from the 61st century.

Martha Jones has abandoned her prior wishes to check out what the ultra-expensive hotel had to offer. Instead, she kept staring in front of her, too shocked and sad to care about these things any more.

A knock on the door was what made her get off the bed. She opened the door a crack. A young dark-skinned lad was looking at her expectantly. "Martha Jones?"

"I need nothing, want nothing, won't buy anything," she exhaled.

She looked exactly as Mickey Smith imagined she would. Exactly as the Doctor had described her. It was always better to stay sure, though. "But you are Martha Jones?" He clarified.


"Oh, great! You look like you need someone to talk to," he showed her his card. Some over-scientific position shone above his name. Mickey Smith.

"Where would you like to have our chat? In the hall? Outside? In the hotel restaurant?"

Martha giggled. He sounded like a trainee. At least he was excited about his occupation. "What's so special about me?"

"I have been told to choose at random. But you appear to be someone special," he admitted. The Doctor hasn't mentioned anything about this girl being so beautiful! He cleared his throat instead. "Have you chosen yet?"

Without sparing any additional thought, Martha suggested they could have the discussion in her room.

Mickey shrugged. "Only if inviting a stranger into your room does not disturb you."

"Not really," she smiled. What could possibly be worse than being dumped over some undereducated, bland blonde?

"Love issues?" The stranger hit straight to the point.

"Yes. How do you know?"

"I have been in a similar situation," Mickey said. "My girlfriend – or so I liked to believe – has flown away with someone else." Only after having said that did he wonder if that would be too much information. The man remembered it was never a good choice to spill everything at once.

"A tiny bit similar, maybe," she agreed. "But this was never supposed to happen! She was not supposed to enter our lives and win him over, killing off my hopes without even trying!"

"Did she really arrive out of the blue?" Mickey could remember exactly how it went. Every slap and tear, everything he, the tin dog, the best friend, was ready to go through for his sad, lonely, hopeful friend. According to the Doctor, Martha has known he went to bring back Rose. What happened, happened.

"No, not exactly."

"Is it safe to assume they knew each other beforehand?" Mickey was already feeling like a master of psychology. All he needed to do now was make the girl see he was more familiar with her situation than first believed.

Martha nodded. "He did. Kept talking about her almost every day. Talking fondly about someone gone forever is one thing- Then bam! Here she is!"

"Look, Martha – can I call you Martha? It's simple. He loves her and she loves him. You have only entered his life at the wrong time," Mickey tried to soothe her.

The woman was watching him with interest, not the slightest bit afraid. "How do you know so much about my situation?"

"About time travel? About a certain Time Lord taking my Rose away from me with less than ten words?"

Martha gasped, but believed in him.

"Trust me, the love these two share – it goes beyond everything I have ever seen. If you would have been unwillingly forced to witness the way Rose kept changing more and more every day, becoming more and more like him…"

Martha exhaled. "I don't think I need the details."

"All she needs for the changes within her to go into full motion is to exchange some bodily liquids with him," Mickey shrugged, having repeated the same sentence for one time too many for Jackie Tyler.

"Ewww. This is disgusting." Disgust or any unrelated feeling was better than the realisation there was no way for her to try her luck with the Doctor again, not when she might eventually turn into one- how would one call her? Time Woman? Time Miss? Time Lady? The unwelcome thoughts were giving her a headache. Maybe she would need a massage, after all.

"Is it?" She realised Mickey must have been thinking of something different. "The exchange of saliva during a juicy snog also counts," he clarified. "Whatever it was you were having in mind," he placed a hand onto her shoulder, feeling it should help the girl.

Martha did not remove his hand, welcoming the touch.

"Doesn't it sadden you, Mickey Smith? Having your girlfriend stolen away by some other man?"

"No, not any more. If kissing a Time Lord is all it takes to free her new nature-"

Martha eyed him searchingly. "That's enough. Are we even talking about the same person?"

Mickey grinned at her. "Does it change anything if we do?"

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