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So, I read MaxFic's Naruto: The Gamer Files and was really inspired by that and thought, hey why not create my own Gamer Files with Lucy and Fairy Tail instead? Well I asked for permission and they said yes, so here I am. The concept's based off MaxFic's fanfic.


Heartfilia Heiress

Lvl 3 Lucy Heartfilia – The Gamer

Brown eyes that were framed by pale and flawlessly smooth skin barely blinked at the words reflected in the mirror. A slight twitch of her mouth was the only signal that she had noticed the uncanny string of letters floating above her head as the servants hastened to fit the blue gown onto her petite frame.

"You are ready, Miss Heartfilia. Now please come down to have breakfast." The head maid announced primly, standing stiffly as she waited for the heiress.

Lucy nodded once, eyes dragging away from her reflection, following Mrs Curtis down the halls.

Head Maid

Lvl 2 Sarah Curtis

It was about a week ago that these words popped up from out of nowhere. No one else could see it except for the young Heartfilia heiress, much to her confusion. At first she had suspected that she was under some sort of illusion spell, and a dangerous mage was out to kidnap her or something like that. Though after continuously observing the mysterious magic she was fairly certain this was not the case. Because in the past few days, she carefully watched the magic and apart from seeing floating words, it...

... Did absolutely nothing.

No villainous mage with an evil cackle came to kidnap her. No signs that a mad scientist with questionable morals was experimenting on her as a test subject. Nothing.

Which led to Lucy's next theory, that these words were actually conjured from her magic. That, or she was hallucinating. She favoured the former theory a tad more (Lucy had actually spent three whole hours locked in her room panicking over the fact that she was possibly going insane before Mrs Curtis used the spare key and opened the bedroom door).

The magic seemed harmless, so while she would still be cautious of it, there was no need to panic over it.

In concluding that this strange magic was not dangerous at this point in time, Lucy was able to mull over the finer details of the issue. All the people she had seen so far had 'Heartfilia Maid' or something along those lines on top of their name, while she was the only one with the phrase, 'The Gamer'.

Those words joggled an old memory shoved in the corner of her mind of Mrs Spetto, Aed and the other Heartfilia Konzern workers getting Lucy a Gaming Lacrima Console on one of her birthdays when she was a child. She had loved the gift, and the reprieve it gave her from the oppressive, suffocating atmosphere of the mansion had saved her from being driven over the edge.

Not that she was exactly great at the games (she spent most of the time dying from slimes which were apparently the weakest monsters around but it's not like it was her fault the controls were so confusing) but it had been a wonderful experience while it lasted.

"WHAT IS THIS?!" A deep voice boomed.

The silhouette of the man was shaking, the rage visibly seeping out from him as he stared down at the girl. She didn't remember him ever being this angry. She was starting to get a little scared, the way he loomed over her and glared at her with utter contempt. The towering figure reached out, fingers stretching towards the device the little blonde girl clutched desperately to her chest. The hand wrapped around the device and with a decisive tug ripped the device out of the girl's tiny, frail arms.

She cried out in surprise as she watched the figure raise the device up, high up, above his head, and with one swift movement brought it crashing down onto the wooden floor with a sickening crack.

"NO! Please stop! Mrs Spetto and the others gave that to me and it must have cost them a fortu-"


"Is the food to your liking, Miss Heartfilia?" the monotone voice of the butler interrupted her thoughts. Lucy set down the silver fork, the clatter echoing throughout the hollow room, and lifted the corners of her mouth into a polite smile.


Lvl 3 Robert Gilman

"Lovely as always, Mr Gilman."

He nodded indifferently at the satisfactory answer, bored gaze already shifting to focus on the clock.

The dining hall was exquisitely decorated, like the rest of the mansion. Fine silver cutlery was placed precisely on top of the red satin table cloth. All sixteen chairs surrounding the table had intricate patterns carefully etched into the fine oak wood by the best wood carvers.

'Heh. Why have sixteen seats when there's ever only one person sitting at the table at a time?' Lucy grimaced slightly at the thought.

"Your tutor has just arrived, Miss Heartfilia. Your father wishes to remind you that there is no need to report to him on Saturdays for the next four weeks as he is going on a business trip." Mrs Curtis spoke up as Lucy got up from her seat.

The young heiress nodded in acknowledgement of the head maid's words, turning silently towards the dining hall's exit. She'd have to try figure out this Gamer business later.

For now, she'd just go through yet another tedious day.

The Heartfilia Konzern, being the great mansion built on decades of wealth that it was, had a vast library like every other wealthy family in the kingdom of Fiore had. This library contained books of all kinds of subjects, from statistics and information about trading ports, to great works of literature and historical interpretations on ancient civilisations existing thousands of years before now.

And amidst these rows upon rows of books stood an elderly man, the one who cared for and tended to these books, day by day. His name was –

"Bero!" A voice cried out as the doors to the library slammed open.

Bero turned around to see none other than the Heartfilia heiress flopping onto one of the wooden chairs, legs pulled up to her chest and chin resting on her knees. He couldn't help but smile gently at the sight.

"Hello, Miss Lucy. How have you been today?"

Lucy lifted her head to face him and rolled her eyes, subconsciously registering the information above him.


Lvl 14 Bero Sturgin

"Oh I don't know old man, what do you think? I've had a wonderful day learning about how women should be submissive and obedient to their dear future husbands whilst memorising all the prominent wealthy families' relationships and alliances with one another." Lucy muttered sarcastically.

Bero frowned, "Now Miss Lucy, there's no need to speak to me like that."

The blonde sighed and looked down, a sliver of guilt invading her mind. "I know, Bero, I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't be so mean to the only person that I can actually talk to. It's just... ugh." She groaned.

The wizened librarian's eyes softened at the sight of the dejected girl.

"I know this is hard for you, Miss Lucy. Being the heiress to such a prominent family is bound to put a great amount of pressure on you. But different people have different ways of showing their love. It may not seem it, but I am sure deep down your father cares a lot about y–"

Lucy scoffed, "Please, Bero. Save your lies for someone else. Who are you kidding? We both know that my father holds absolutely no love for me. And the feeling's mutual. I hate this place, Bero. I hate it here. Someday, I'm going to leave, get out of here."

Lucy knew that to an outsider, she would just seem like a typical moody teenager in one of their self-pitying, angst-ridden moments, but she wasn't joking.

She knew that her father despised her.

He despised the way she was a carbon copy of his late wife, Layla Heartfilia, reminding him of all he had lost. He despised the way she defied his orders and refused to be another pawn on his empty goal to gain money, riches and wealth. He despised the way she held onto her dreams of becoming a celestial mage like her mother...

And Lucy hated Jude too. For all the things he did to her, and more importantly, the things he didn't do for her.

"Y-you see, daddy, I made a rice ball f-for you... and I wanted you to have it, because today... today was my birthday..."

... and for once, just for once I wanted you to pay attention to me. To be proud of me. To show that you cared, even a little, for me.

Lucy shook her head, dismissing those thoughts. 'No use dwelling on the past. I should only focus on the present. Speaking of which...'

Lucy looked up at Bero again. "Hey, Bero..." she hesitated, unsure if she should tell Bero about the Gamer issue before steeling herself (because Heartfilia's must never be indecisive), "I... have a question for you. It's related to magic."

Lucy had barely finished her sentence and she could see Bero noticeably stiffen. His back straightened and shoulders visibly tensed.

"M-miss Lucy... you know your father disapproves of such things." Bero replied carefully, his gaze averting away from Lucy.

"I know... but we could keep this conversation a secret. You're the only person I know who's even vaguely knowledgeable on this subject. Please... this is important to me." Lucy pleaded.

The elderly librarian sighed. He glanced at the pitiful expression the heiress was giving him, noticing the way her eyes glistened in hope that he would agree to her request. And how could he not? He never could say no to the girl he saw as his granddaughter after all.

"Alright Miss Lucy," Bero sighed, shaking his head, "I hope for the sake of the both of us that your father doesn't hear about this. What is it you want to ask?"

Lucy gave him a genuine smile, "So if you were to, hypothetically speaking, wake up one day and suddenly see things that were not there before... what kind of magic would you say you were dealing with?"

"What kind of things are you talking about here, Miss Lucy? You'll have to be more specific than that," Bero paused, before continuing, "Although... to suddenly see things... I would have to say illusion magic is your best bet."

Lucy nodded in agreement – she had been expecting that answer. She stood up to pace around the rows of bookshelves, trying to find the best way to describe her strange experience.

"Say it wasn't illusion magic. The things you see are more like... information, about other people. Like what job they have or how strong they are, I guess." She mused.

Bero frowned, eyebrows furrowing together in concentration, "Well maybe you're thinking of archive magic? It allows you to store information as magical data, so you can access previously stored data whenever you want."

Lucy pursed her lips, "No, I don't think that's it. The information is conveyed in a... game format... like those role-playing games where you have a character that needs to level up..." she said contemplatively.

Bero froze. "Miss Lucy, what are you on about? Are you talking about gaming lacrima consoles? You know you –"

"That's not it," Lucy interrupted, "It's... um... how do I explain this..."

Bero opened his mouth to respond, before hearing a knock. The pair turned to the direction of the sudden sound as the distinct voice of the head maid echoed through the doors.

"Miss Heartfilia, there you are. Please come take a bath while we prepare dinner for you."

Lucy composed herself quickly before replying, "Yes. I'll be there shortly."

The blonde haired girl gave one last look at Bero, nodding curtly to signify that they hadn't finished their discussion before following Mrs Curtis out the door.

Bero watched with a growing heaviness in his heart as the girl left. He noted the way her face smoothed into a blank, indecipherable mask and she unconsciously straightened her back, folding her hands together to rest on the front of her dress.

While his dear friend shifted her posture to one more befitting of an heiress, he couldn't help but wonder...

'What have you gotten yourself into now, my child?'

You have slept in your bed. HP and MP are fully restored.

The blue window appeared in front of Lucy as she groggily opened her eyes. With a great deal of effort she reached out and roughly jabbed at the box, still half asleep. The box disappeared with a pop.

It had been a week since she had last seen Bero, and in that time she had learnt a few things relating to this 'Gamer' issue. She'd earned a new 'skill' called Observe. How? She had no idea. She was just doing her own thing, looking around the Heartfilia Konzern, giving polite smiles to all the servants passing by when she was alerted to a popping sound.

A skill has been created through a special act.

As Lucy waved away the first notification, another one had appeared to replace it:

Through continuous observation, a skill to find the target's information, 'Observe', has been created.

"What...? A skill to find the target's information? [Observe]? What does that even mea– " As Lucy pondered on this new development, her thoughts were interrupted by several new pops resounding in the corridor.

Heartfilia Maid

Lvl 2 Maggie Turtis

HP: 125 MP: 20

Heartfilia Maid

Lvl 3 Samantha Aurelia

HP: 150 MP: 15

"Whoa..." Lucy murmured, eyes scanning the new data provided, "HP? MP? This really is like a game..."

And thus, just like that, Lucy had gained a new 'skill'. The other time she had learnt something else about the 'Gamer' magic was, ironically, in the middle of one of those stupid tutoring sessions she had so despised.

"[Observe]." Lucy whispered.

Etiquette Tutor

Lvl 2 Vanessa Rose

HP: 120 MP: 5

Mrs Rose was a prim, proper lady (like most of the women who ever set foot in the Heartfilia Konzern), and Lucy... disliked... her. The old woman loved to give her condescending looks and was almost as snobbish as her father.

"Now," Mrs Rose said, sending Lucy one of her fabled patronising smiles, "Miss Heartfilia, you have no doubt learned much from my lessons over these past few years."

Lucy suppressed a snort, if she was given a jewel for every 'important' lesson of walking in a straight line and bowing at different angles to certain people depending on their social status she learnt, she'd be richer than her tycoon of a father.

"So, our etiquette lessons are finally coming to an end," The woman continued, "And next week we'll be starting on ball dancing lessons. However, first you must pass the etiquette exam that I have generously created for you."

Quest Alert

Pass Mrs Rose's etiquette exam.

Completion Award:
50 Exp
Increased closeness with Mrs Rose
Dance lessons

Completion Failure:
Decreased reputation with Mrs Rose
Remedial etiquette lessons

Yes – No

Lucy blinked a couple of times before tapping the yes button while Mrs Rose wasn't looking. She could guess what quests were well enough – the little experience she'd gained from playing a bit of games had at least taught her that. She blanched slightly at the 'increased closeness with Mrs Rose' but frowned thoughtfully at the mention of 'Exp'.

'Exp' generally was an acronym for 'experience' in games, and once the player gained enough experience they would level up. The problem was that the blonde heiress had no clue just how much 50 Exp was in the grand scheme of things and how much experience she needed to get to the next level. In fact, she didn't have any information on the basic stats like strength and dexterity that game players usually had... assuming that these stats existed at all.

'I need to figure out how to see my stats...' Lucy idly thought as she went through the motions in the simulation exam Mrs Rose had created for her. She curtsied to the old lady, who was acting as an esteemed guest, making sure to show her to the 'exit' once the 'party' had finished.

Quest Completed

Congratulations, you passed the exam with flying colours.

Lucy tapped away the alert window as Mrs Rose began speaking again. She nodded vaguely as the woman rambled on about how great a teacher she must have been for Lucy to have done so well.

It was yet another tedious day.

... But admittedly, it wasn't without its own rewards.

So it was with these new revelations that Lucy hurried down (but not that hurried, because a lady always walks elegantly) towards the Heartfilia Konzern's only library. She finally had free time today and she had yet to explain her Gamer predicament to Bero.

Bero had been tending to the books when the doors to the library burst open and his favourite young lady flopped unceremoniously onto what he liked to call Lucy's chair. She leaned into the back, lifting the front two legs of the chair slightly.

"Bero," Lucy whined, extending the 'o' in Bero's name, "Mrs Rose is so annoying. She's the most annoying lady I've ever had the displeasure of meeting, with her condescending, annoying looks and annoying voice. And have I mentioned that she's annoying?"

Bero chuckled, having heard the young girl's complaints of the various tutors and other Heartfilia employees countless times.

"Indeed Miss Lucy, I believe you have told me on various occasions that Mrs Rose was... ahem... slightly irritating at times." Bero smiled in amusement as Lucy groaned in frustration.

"That's an understatement of the century, Bero." Lucy scoffed, before shaking her head slightly.

"But I didn't come here to complain about sycophantic idiots who kiss up to Jude Heartfilia." She continued.

Bero smirked, "Wow Miss Lucy, that's a first. I'm very surprised."

Lucy scowled, restraining the very childish urge to stick her tongue out at him. She may be fifteen now, a teenager, but Bero really brought out the worst... or arguably the best in her, making her feel like the child she hadn't been allowed to be since her mother had died.

"Careful Bero, or else you'll wake up tomorrow and find that a mysterious person's used your toothbrush to clean the toilet or something." She mock threatened, inciting a hearty laugh from the wizened librarian.

"That's a scary thought indeed. So what did you want then, Miss Lucy?"

Lucy paused, sitting up properly in her chair.

"Do you have any time right now Bero?" Lucy waited until the man gave an affirmative nod before continuing, "I'd like to continue the conversation we had last week. Related to magic, I mean."

Bero sighed, before nodding again. Lucy was a stubborn girl, he knew, and when they had been interrupted last week he had had a feeling that it would not be the last he'd heard of the topic.

"Yes, I had guessed as much. What is it you wished to ask?"

And so Lucy explained everything she had observed of her Gamer abilities in the past fortnight, while Bero listened intently to her descriptions of everything that had happened.

"What do you see when you use your [Observe] skill on me?" Bero asked the blonde heiress.

"So you believe me?" Lucy questioned hesitantly.

Bero was the person she trusted the most in the world, but Lucy couldn't help the slightly inkling of doubt seeping into her mind that her old friend and one she regarded as her grandfather wouldn't believe such a farfetched story.

Bero smiled reassuringly at the young girl, "Magic works in strange ways, my dear. I haven't heard of any kind of magic you've described before but... yes, I believe you."

Bero loved the genuine, heart warming grin that Lucy gave him. Involuntarily, the corners of his own lips twitched up to mirror hers.

"[Observe]." Lucy called out, hearing the familiar pop while information filled out on top of Bero's head.


Lvl 14 Bero Sturgin

HP: 240 MP: 390

[Observe]'s level has risen by one.

"What?" Lucy said confusedly.

That had never happened before.

"What is it?" Bero asked.

Although he did believe in Lucy's story, it was still slightly disconcerting to watch Heartfilia heiress seemingly stare into space and tap and nothing.

"It says my [Observe] skill levelled up... that's never happened before." Lucy narrowed her eyes.

Bero hummed in response. "Perhaps your skills can get better by levelling up? Try using [Observe] on me again, Miss Lucy. See if anything's changed."

Lucy nodded, before activating her skill yet again.


Lvl 14 Bero Sturgin

HP: 240 MP: 390

The librarian of the Heartfilia Konzern. As a retired mage and tutor, he is very knowledgeable on the subject of magic.

Lucy described what she saw to Bero. The wizened hobbled over to a chair and sat, leaning his walking stick on one of the shelves.

"Miss Lucy... you're such a trouble magnet aren't you," Bero sighed, rubbing his eyes with the palms of his hands, "You're situation is very unique, you must not tell anyone about your Gamer abilities."

Lucy snorted, "Bero, honestly, who am I going to tell in this hell hole? My father?"

Bero snapped his eyes open to glare at the girl.

"Lucy, I'm serious about this. I don't want you telling anyone about this, understand?" He demanded, raising his voice to impress the seriousness of the situation.

Lucy sat up a little straighter in her chair, staring at the old man. It was a rarity to see Bero this grim, and even in then he had never been so stern to the young girl.

"Is my magic really that dangerous?" She asked quietly.

"Well, it's not your Gamer abilities alone that makes it dangerous, Miss Lucy." Bero sighed, noticing Lucy's confused expression.

"You know there are two different types of magic, caster and holder. In this world approximately ten percent of people are born with magic. It's an innate ability. Well it's the same story for the type of magic you have. Some people are born with the potential to become a caster type magic, while others are born with the potential to be a holder type magic.

"Haven't you ever wondered why people don't learn both types of magic? Because the mage is born with the potential for only one of the two types of magic, it's impossible to switch to the other. Sure, you could learn different branches of one type of magic, for example for a caster mage to learn fire magic and then water magic, but even then it's extremely hard to do.

"This is because while you are born with the potential for all the different branches of magic, as you start learning one specific type then your magic moulds itself to suit the branch of magic you have chosen. Essentially, the better a mage you are the harder it is to learn new branches. You'd have to start very young or be very determined to learn different branches of magic."

Lucy nodded, frowning as she slowly started putting together the pieces.

"But I'm an anomaly... because I seem to have naturally developed a caster type magic, my Gamer magic, even though I already have my celestial magic, a holder type magic." Lucy said slowly.

"Yes. You are an unknown, Miss Lucy, born with the potential for not one type of magic, but both of them." Bero agreed.

Lucy felt a growing headache from this increasingly complicated situation. Really, why her. She had a magic-hating father for god's sake, she had enough issues to deal with without finding out she was considered different, weird, even to mages.

"So?" Lucy asked tiredly, suddenly wishing she was sound asleep in her soft, warm bed instead of having this conversation, "Remind me why this is such a serious situation again?"

"Think, Miss Lucy. You now have the best of both worlds, as they say. Holder type magic is a lot more flexible than caster type, and their mages have diverse powers, often it is easier for holder types to learn different branches of holder magic than casters. On the other hand, the caster mage's advantage is that their magic is a lot more powerful and concentrated," Bero explained, "You're in a position to take advantage of both types of magic. You have power, Miss Lucy. And what do people love more than gaining power?"

The old librarian's words sobered Lucy immediately.

"People want power, huh? Yeah, I can imagine that." She muttered.

"Exactly. And they'll do anything to get that power. And if they can't get that power, well they'll try to control it instead. Both of those paths don't bode well for you, Miss Lucy." Bero stated calmly.

Lucy sighed.

Greed. Fear. Hate. These emotions were what made people human.

But it was so easy for these emotions to grow stronger and stronger, louder and louder, out of control. For them to grow so much that they overtook you.

And suddenly, you weren't the one in control. You were the controlled.

"I know Bero. I won't tell anyone, I promise." Lucy decided.

And Lucy had meant it, when she said it.

But she had no idea how hard it would be to keep that promise in two years time, when she meets a certain pink haired pyro and blue talking cat.