Summary: What would have happened if the outcome of our heroes if they had a reliable and caring doctor? That cared for them and was so much more? Enter legendary Sannin Tsunade Senju, Godaime Hokage.

Pairings: Undecided.

So yeah this idea just came to me. Good or not? By the way I'm making Tsunade younger. Lets say it had something to do with Jutsu and seals. I'm not going to go too much into detail with it. Just go with it.

She didn't know where she was.

Tsunade had woken up in an area filled with trees, dense with all sorts of plant life. She was not injured thankfully, so she could focus on her mission to survey her surroundings and try to find a way back to Konoha.

The last thing she had remembered was that she had been fighting Madara. The lunatic didn't know when to give up. Madara had been on the verge of dying hen he had attempted to try one last desperate attack against Naruto. She had acted instinctively and before she knew it…


"Baa-chan!" Naruto cried out as he saw her get in the way of Madara's attack.

Tsunade merely grunted as she felt a searing pain all over her body. She didn't pay mind to Madara's scream of outrage nor the cries of her fellow shinobi.

"Tsunade-sama!" Kakashi was by her side she noted, along with a few others who she recognized to be mostly from Konoha but she couldn't be sure. Her vision was getting blurry.

The last thing she saw before the world turned dark, was Naruto's teary blue eyes.


'Where am I?' She wondered as she began to make her trek through the unknown lands.

Her footsteps were unheard. Her senses were finely tuned to her surroundings as her ears strained for any sound.

Inwardly she was amazed. The fauna around her unlike anything she's ever seen before. The trees were something to look at as well. She was also extremely worried as well however. She was in perfect health. There was no hair out of place nor was there nary a bruise. All there was, was the blood of her enemy on her robes. However, in all her time since waking up, she could not sense a speck of chakra at all.

It was very concerning, considering that there was chakra in all living organisms. It could be sensed by anyone if trained to do so and more so if you were very well off. As a medic, she had to have a keen sense for chakra as it could make a difference in the health of a patient, so her sense of chakra was through the roof so to speak. She could feel chakra in everything from the blaring amount of Naruto's chakra to the lowliest amount of an untrained civilian.

She gritted her teeth. 'There is not a chance that this is an enemy attack. With the war, never has there been such a sense of unity… If they attack me, it would be considered an act of war and that's hardly anything anyone needs nor wants right now. Especially since we just finished the war with Madara.'

However, concerning was the fact that there was no chakra, there was another strange feeling intruding on her senses. It felt like chakra however it was completely different from it. Whereas this new sense was flowing it was unlike the dense feeling of chakra. It was peculiar and it also gave Tsunade a hint that perhaps she was not anywhere near her home at all.

She broke through the wilderness soon enough and she came upon a road and presumed to follow it. She came upon what seemed like a village and it was not what she was expecting at all. Before that though she, took off her robes and sealed it away in one of the many scrolls she had sealed away in one of the many seals she had on her body. The Strength of a Hundred was not the only seal she had, after all she needed more tricks to deal with Madara and his machinations and Jiraya and Naruto both helped her with that.

It was unlike anything she has ever seen before. It was like a village but it looked like it was a bit more advanced than Konoha. It was very, very different from Konoha. The way the people dressed, the way they acted... she knew of no people that were like them in the Elemental Countries. Far off in the distance she could see a structure that stood out from the rest and she could see a diamond shaped logo on it. The village itself seemed to be dirt roads and little wooden houses and there didn't seem to be a large population.

Tsunade walked towards the village like area. as she walked in people looked at her oddly. as she passed them they would stare at her oddly and some looked like they were weary of her. 'It's understandable that they would act this way but... just where the hell am I?' Tsunade growled as she searched around for someone to give her answers.

"Miss?" A voice called out and Tsunade turned. In front of her was a boy, about 14-15 she had to guess. He had black hair and blue-violet eyes. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet and Tsunade couldn't help but smile.

"Yes? How can I help you?" Tsunade's eyes widened as she schooled her expression as to one of a smile instead of one of surprise. What had happened to her? Was it a jutsu? The language that she had spoken in was not her own or any that she's ever encountered. There weren't many languages in the Elemental Countries. Everyone had the same language and currencies.

"Are you lost?" The boy asked innocently with big eyes aimed up at her.

Tsunade hesitated but she responded all the same, after all the boy may be able to answer her questions. "Yes, I am. I was traveling with a few friends of mine but we got separated. Can you tell me where I am? Ah, what is your name? My apologies, I forgot my manners."

The boy smiled sheepishly as he rubbed at the back of his head and a faint blush spread across his cheeks. "Sorry Miss. My names Zack Fair and right now you're in Gongaga!" He said excitedly.

"Gongaga?" Tsunade asked confused. 'I've never heard of such a place. Is it a hidden village?'

"Yep! It's near Cosmo Canyon!" The boy continued on happily. "I can take you to my Ma if you want. I'm sure she can explain better but I'm sure you'll like it! I mean, it's not Midgar but it's nice here too! Wait, are you from Midgar? Have you seen the SOLDIERs?!" The boy rattled on without seeming to need to catch his breath.

Tsunade's mind raced to try to understand what the boy what saying. She didn't know what most of what he said was. Midgar? SOLDIER? Just, where was she? 'This was that damn Uchiha's doing. I know it was. Could he have used a time-space jutsu to send me here? I know its not a Genjutsu. In order for it to be able to a Genjutsu then he would have had to manipulate the chakra of my mind and surroundings and there is none here, as far as I could tell. Could he have used Kamui? No... that was Obito's own special ability.' Tsunade was dragged out of her thoughts by a hand that wrapped around hers.

Zack smiled widely at her, pearly white teeth gleaming in the sun. "Come on! I'll take you to Ma." He turned around and began to drag her away seemingly to his home. Tsunade kept her guard, though she could tell that the boy had good intentions, as he wore his emotions on his sleeve.

She let the boy drag her along. It may very well be the place where she can get some answers.

As they walked, Tsunade once again noticed that people were whispering as she passed by. They whispered and giggled as she walked by, some looking away when they noticed her looking their way. It grated on her nerves but she bore with it.

In Konoha no one had dared to look at her the way they were. It was always looked of the utmost respect, and later on loyalty. Of course, she had garnered those looks because she had earned them. She was considered a princess in Konoha as she was one of the last Senju along with her being the granddaughter of the Shodai Hokage. Then, she had proven her strength numerous times and she earned the title of Sannin and the best healer in all of the Elemental Countries. Her last amazing feat was gaining the coveted title of Hokage. Had she stayed to see the end of the Fourth Shinobi War, her status would have increased even more for fighting against Uchiha Madara and having the gall to lecture him, to tell him about the Will of Fire.

'I am no weak woman. The will of the dead shows its strength in those they left behind.' Tsunade thought determinedly. It was folly, what Madara said. The more he spoke, it became more and more evident that the Uchiha was twisted by rage and that he had been taken over by insanity as all the Uchiha were prone to.

"Are there shinobi stationed here?" Tsunade asked, not worried about her question seeming strange because chances were that the boy would just think she's a foreigner with weird customs and with how hyper he seemed, he might as well forget their exchange later.

Zack turned his head to the side. "What are shino-bee?" He asked, butchering the word.

Tsunade sighed. 'I guess that's a no then.' she sighed. "Never mind. Hey gaki... what made you come and talk to me, huh?" She asked curiously. In Konoha a child would have never approached a stranger. Shinobi could be hiding anywhere and most weren't the friendly sort, though with the war then there would be less chance of attacks...

"Uh, I don't know. You just seemed like you needed help, plus it's a hero's job to help those in need!" Zack grinned brilliantly at her and for a moment she saw Naruto. I'm going to be Hokage one day, dattabeyo! (?)

Tsunade stared at the boy for a moment before threw her head back and she just laughed. Loudly. Zack just pouted at her as he glared. "Hey! I'm serious here!" Tsunade only laughed more but after a few moments she calmed down. She smirked at the boy.

"Don't worry gaki. I'm not laughing at your dream. You just reminded me of someone I know." She ruffled his black hair good naturedly and the boy blinked but then he just smiled widely at her again.

"Come on! We're almost there!" Zack reaches for her hand again and he begins to lead her to his home with new vigor.

The house is small and quaint but it had a homey look to it. There's a woman outside kneeling in the dirt and she's tugging at weeds. Her black hair is shining in the sun and as she hears them, she turns around with a hand up to keep the light from her eyes.

"Ma!" Zack grins and he runs up to her. "This is Tsunaede" He said, stumbling over the name and he frowns. "No wait. It's Tsuna- something."

The woman gets up and he turns to stare at her. Tsunade doesn't look away. Besides, there seems to be little that would be of a threat to her. Tsunade walks forward to her. The Godaime Hokage makes for an interesting sight, what with her dressed in her gray sleeveless kimono styled blouse, a blue obi tied around her waist, dark blue pants that came a few inches below her knees, and dark blue heeled sandals.

"Who are you ma'am?" Zack's mother asks.

Tsunade debates giving her name but if she was anywhere in the Elemental Countries then they should know her name, after all she is known far and wide by many. She is one of the Legendary Sannin. "My name is Tsunade Senju." She declares even though no one knows her name, she is proud of it, of her clan and all the ups and downs that comes with her name, the name that was given to her.

They offer her a room in their home and she gladly accepts. She observes their family and she takes in their customs and habits and they puzzle her, because where ever it was that she was... it wasn't anything like home. For example, they had no shinobi, didn't even know what one was, and it unnerves her because having a village defenseless like it was... it was baffling. They don't take off their shoes when they come inside a home, they don't eat with chopsticks, they don't bow, she can understand them but their written language is different even though she can strangely understand that too, and the list goes on.

They have a nice family dinner, with Tsunade introducing herself to the gaki's dad. "My name is Tsunade."

"Well it's nice to meet you Tsunade." He says but he looks a bit embarrassed when he butchers her name. "What brings you around these parts?" He asks curiously and a bit weary.

Tsunade smiles a bit as she puts her tea down. 'He has good instincts.' She praised mentally, 'Although nowhere near good as a shinobi. I'll have to tell them something...' She crossed her hands in her usual way before resting her head on them and her eyes bore into them with intensity. "I am here because I have lost my home, you see. I was wandering around looking for a job, along the lines of a medic." Her voice was strong and did not falter.

They blinked at her before looking at each other and Zack's parents seemed to be having a silent conversation.

"Well there was a few things that you could help with..."

Later that night, she sat outside and stared at the stars that were completely foreign to her. She closed her eyes as she concentrated on her surroundings. Tsunade could hear and sense everything and she concentrated to filter out unnecessary distractions, leaving her mind empty. There was a gentle thrum that was beneath the earth that couldn't be identified. She breathed in and out, her senses attuned to her surroundings.

She sensed him before she could hear his footsteps. She was aware of every life in the little village. They were like tiny flames to her mind that shone brightly and at different intensities.


She turned her head and amber eyes stared at blue-violet eyes. 'He's going to be a real lady killer when he grows up.' She thinks before turning to look up at the sky.

Zack sits next to her and says nothing. "Are you fine?" He asks, his voice quiet and unlike his usual boisterous self.

She nods without turning to look at him. "Tell me about your dream, gaki."He gives her a bright smile that could light up the sky and once again she's reminded of the blond.

He launched into his dream immedietly, his voice strong and kind. He tells her about his dream of being a hero and hope to make it to First Class and to be with the people he admired, the Shinra Trinity. The elite of the elite, apparently. Zack fills her in, unknowingly, about what SOLDIER and Shinra is. She gains some information about the foreign place she is in. She listens in rapt attention and she could only smile as he goes on.

It's only later that they go to sleep.

She wakes up early in the morning because of the deeply ingrained habit of watching her surroundings and years of combat. The others are also awake and she learns soon why. Zack was leaving to Midgar to enlist to Shinra and become SOLDIER. His mother looks teary and his father resigned but proud.

Zack says his goodbyes and he turns to her and at first neither of them say anything. Tsunade smiles for a moment before taking off her necklace, the necklace that she had given to Naruto but he had returned it to her for safe keeping. I'll be back to get it dattabeyo!~ She didn't know the odds of her going home but she was also very sure that Naruto would approve of what she was about to do.

She steps forward and she places the necklace around his neck, the blue crystal glowing brightly in the sun and with the chakra that it had absorbed through the years from her grandfather, her and Naruto. She smiles brightly at him, and she couldn't help it if it was a bit motherly.

"Zack, I only just met you for a while and I can already see the potential in you. I know that you'll accomplish wonderful things in your life and I know that your dream will come true. Don't ever give up or lose your way Zack, no matter what, you hear? You are something special, I know you are." She says and it's for Zack's ears only.

Zack is tearing up a bit and before she knows it, she is engulfed in a hug and she could feel tears dripping onto her. He hugs her tight and in a deep voice filled with happiness and sadness at the same time he says, "Thank you."

Tsunade stays behind in the village, fulfilling her duties as an assistant medic. They hadn't trust her yet as she was a stranger and although it irritated her, she understood. If it was a shinobi village it would have been far stricter. There has still been no word from Zack but she doesn't worry. She knows that he is fine.

She clothes and cleans wounds, gives out medicine and so on. It was only until a few months later, 3 moths to be exact, that she prepares what money and belongings that she had gathered and she heads out to the entrance of the village.

"You're leaving?" Zack's mother asks, her eyes glinting with a bit of sadness as she had grown a bit fond of the mysterious woman that had stayed in their home.

"Yes. Thank you... for everything. You don't need to be sad either... I'll be back one day and so will Zack." She starts walking and without looking back she waves. "I'll see you later!" She doesn't say goodbye, it was a parting but they were going to see each other again, she was sure of it.

She spends a long time wandering around the lands gathering information and learning new things. She learns about the place she's in. It's called Gaia, and there's a suspicion that the earth is alive and she believes it. What she felt beneath her feet was the Lifestream, the life blood of the planet. There's little magical balls called materia that could grant power that were like ninjutsu only so much more limited. The closest thing to shinobi were SOLDIERs and she hasn't heard the best of the company that commands them.

From the rumors that she has heard, Shinra is slowly but surely killing the Planet and that there was also a group of activists against them doing their best to change Shinra, more like trying to force their hand. It was… a work in progress.

Tsunade keeps in top form by training away from cities and in places where there was hardly any human life and pits her strength against the many monsters that infest the Planet. She reaps their rewards and soon enough she's gaining a lot more money than she would gambling. She takes great care not to be noticed.

She knows what would happen if she was noticed and it wouldn't be anything good. There were many, many rumors about Shinra and most of them were about a scientist that was rumored to experiment with humans and if she knows anything about rumors, is that they always hold an ounce of truth in them and one could never be too careful.

Before Tsunade knows it, she has spent nearly two in a half years wandering the lands. She arrives at the one place she has steadfastly ignored for the past few years.


The Shinra building looms over the city menacingly and she is appalled by what she sees. The city is made up of two sections, one is a plate that is held up high into the sky. The bottom of Midgar is dark and she can see the misery and despair that perpetually fills the air. It makes her shake in rage at what she sees but she knows that if she doesn't control herself, she'll end up with a lot of destruction on her hands. She knows better too, but she is Tsunade Senju. She'll deal.

She sneaks her way up to the plate and she arrives at her destination, Shinra Headquarters.

She enters the building and her heels click against the solid marble floor. There are SOLDIERs passing by as well as other Shinra personnel and she sees smartly dressed people but her senses tell her that they are a threat.

Tsunade plasters a smile as she walks up to the receptionists. "Good afternoon, I am here for the job opening in the Science Department?"

The receptionist's stares at her for a bit. She eyes her big chest with envy before a sense of awe fills her with the authority that Tsunade projects. Whoever this lady was, she was impressive and beautiful. She was unlike anything that she's ever seen, with a curvaceous body, long blond hair, and enough elegance and grace to make her look like a stomping monster. The mark on her forehead only adds on to her exotic beauty.

"A-Ah, yes. Right this way."

The receptionist leads her to a separate rooms and they inspect her for weapons or anything lethal. They find nothing of course. Tsunade doesn't need anything. Her pinky was more than enough to be a lethal threat.

They lead her up to an elevator and they go up several stories until they get out. They walk in the hallway for several moments before they arrive at their destination. The receptionists walks in and she whispers to Tsunade, "Good luck." before she takes her leave.

In the room are several people she has heard rumors about and has seen on Tv's and newspapers, the president of Shinra, a few of whom are called Turks, and the Shinra Trinity and what looked like a First Class Soldier.

She calmly walks forward, her gaze confident and her poise strong. She radiates strength and she casually observes that a few straighten in her presence. She looks at the president of Shinra and inwardly she sneers in disgust at what she sees. He was nothing but a blond pig dressed in expensive rags and to her, he was no better than Gato.

"My name is Tsunade Senju. I have come for the position in the Science Department, if it is still open."

She hears a gasp and she turns before she is greeted with a familiar sight. He is a bit taller than her, his eyes are more violet than blue that glow with an inward light, his dark hair is as messy as ever, and he looks stronger than the he had stood before her. Around his neck she could see a necklace that is nothing but a string and a sapphire crystal that still shines bright.

She smirks at the teen. "Well brat, it looks like you've gone and made your dream come true. See, didn't I say you could do it?"

The teen gapes at her for a moment and looks at her with wide eyes before he rushes at her. The next thing she knows she's being lifted and twirled around in the air. "Tsunade!" She laughs at his enthusiasm before she drags the other into a hug, accidently smashing his face into her breasts.

"Good to see you too brat!" He pulls away from her with a bright blush that she smirks at the sight of before turning to the president of Shinra. There are stares directed to her but they drip off her back like oil on water. She throws a stack of papers to his desk that she had brought with her. On those papers are lists full of recommendations, accomplishes, and her some of her medical works and she knows that she will get the job. There is no but, if's, or what's.

"Well are you going to show me around or not?"

The President frowns as he gives her a once over before looking through the stack of papers. He doesn't say anything before he scowls. "You are that confident you will get the job? Even as impressive as this is?"

Tsunade plasters a fake smile before a confident smirk takes over. "I know I will." She turns away from the man before flashing a look around the room before her gaze lands to a small and thin man. He looks sickly and his hair is in a pony tail that looks like it hasn't been washed in weeks. The lab coat is the last clue she needs to identify who he is.

She steps forward to him, her face impassive. "You are Professor Hojo I take it?" The other sneers at her and immediately she wants to punch him through a wall. She knows that this is the man the rumors are about. She can see the signs clearly. It's written in the way he holds himself, his expression and even in his scent. She takes a deep breath and then she wishes she hadn't. There's a perpetual scent of blood on him and she's not sure if the others notice. Blood, antiseptic, chemicals, and so on.

He laughs at Tsunade and it grates on her ears and she could see others in the room tense at the sound of it.

"I highly doubt that you'll be of any use here in these facilities, woman." He sneers at her before he offers a hand to shake out of courtesy, fake of course but Tsunade takes it either way.

"We'll see about that, won't we now?" She says as she squeezes the other's hand to painful proportions. She wants nothing more than to break the idiot's hand but she holds back. It won't do to get fired.

She lets go of the hand and resists the urge to wipe it. Ugh, she knows she'll have to wash her hand and soon. "It was pleasure meeting you, Mr. President. Professor." She walks to the door and leaves the room, calling out as she does so. "Zackary?"

She hears footsteps following her and in a second Zack is by her side and she knows that there are more following. Tsunade scowls at her hand before wiping it on the wall. 'Disgusting.'

"Holy shit, I can't believe you just did that!" Zack is smiling at her and there's a faint look of disbelief on his face. Tsunade can't help but stop and she abruptly brings him into a hug again. She laughs at the chocked sound that he makes, "Aw, brat you don't know how much I missed your chubby face!"

He wretches himself away from her and he takes a deep breath. "I am not chubby!" He winces as he holds a hand to his neck and again there is the raging blush on his face.

"Well puppy, aren't you going to introduce us to the lovely lady?" A man steps toward them, others trailing closely behind. The Shinra Trinity and the Turks.

They go to Sephiroth's apartment, mostly for security reasons as most of the buildings were bugged as well had surveillance. It was an annoying thing but Sephiroth valued his privacy and they knew that if he found someone or something spying on him in his own home there would be trouble. He knew better though. He knew he was being monitored.

Most of them sat down and some stayed standing. Tsunade opted to sit down as she took off her green robe. She still wore her sleeveless kimono top with the obi around her waist that accented her impressive bust. She placed her hands neatly on her lap as she glanced around the room.

Some of the items were things that had been foreign to her and that she had to learn about during her years traveling. Other things only looked familiar because they could only have been seen in the Land of Snow. Not for the first time, Tsunade couldn't help but feel out of place.

The silver haired General triggered her senses like no one's business. He was a major threat and she wasn't sure if he was as much as a threat like Madara but just by glancing him she could class him as S rank, at least in the context of Gaia. In the shinobi world, he would have been ranked differently. There were limitations in Gaia that the Elemental Countries didn't have and vice versa. The other two as well, the red head and the dark haired one would be ranked as S class. She knew that those three would have ended up in the Bingo Book if there was one here.

There were three Turks in the room. There was a red head, a dark-skinned man, and a man of Wutain descent. If she had to guess, they'd be mid to high A class threat, of course to the people here. If they were back in her home... well she wasn't sure they'd last. They would put up a hell of a fight for sure.

She sighed. She missed having a good fight but she knew that if she showed any of her strength she'd end up as an experiment. Of course, if the situation called for it she would not hesitate to retaliate. She was Senju Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato. She would not go down without a fight and if she was, she was bringing her enemy with her.

"So, pup do you mind?"

Zack grinned sheepishly and she smiled at the sight. She was reminded her more and more of Naruto and it made her sad to think about but she could only hope that the others were fine.

"Tsunade, this is my mentor Angeal Hewley," he pointed to the big dark-haired man. He gave her a small smile. They were handsome she mused. Zack continued, "That's Genesis Rhapsodos." The red head smirked seductively and she scoffed at the sight of it. "This is General Sephiroth!" The General was quiet and he merely nodded in acknowledgement, green eyes assessing.

"Those are Turks." He points to the ones that were standing and they were dressed smartly, well two of them anyway. "Reno." He points to the red head and then to the dark-skinned man. "Rude and finally, Tseng." The last one nods at her.

"Guys, this is Tsunade Senju." He grins brightly at the others. "She's the one who gave me this necklace and... she believed in me." His grin becomes softer and Tsunade can't help but grin softly at him. It tugs at her heart to know that he still remembered her.

Angeal blinks and he could tell that whoever this woman is, she is very fond of his student. Zack turns to Tsunade and she could see the questions on his face before he says it. "Why did you come here? I mean I know that you came for a job but why here of all places? And I heard from my parents that you had left Gongaga... where did you go?"

Tsunade sighs before she closes her eyes. She opens them after a moment and she stands to look out the huge window that offers a view of Midgar.

It was nothing like Konoha and she hated it. There was hardly even any natural plant life.

"I left Gongaga because I had nothing to do there. I mean I had a few tasks there but my abilities were not up to full use, to put it bluntly. I appreciated your family's hospitality but I felt like I was intruding... so I left." She grips both of her hands behind her back. "I don't have much family, Zackary. In fact, the most valuable thing I own was that necklace I gave you."

Zack gapes at her in shock. "What?"

She smiles slyly at the other. "That necklace is a family heirloom. Back home, anyone would have killed to get their hands on it and I can't even tell you how much it's worth. This belonged to my grandfather. I had given it to two others before... but they died. After I gained it back I had given it to my godson but later on he gave it back to me for safe keeping and then... I gave it to you."

Zack stays quiet before gathering courage to ask something he feels might be a bit too personal... but he wanted to know. "Godson?"

She smiles bitterly. "I don't know what happened to him."

Zack stays quiet for a moment before he sighs. "Thank you for giving it to me. I can't tell you how much this thing has brought me good luck." He was immensely happy and it made him feel really warm to know that he could be trusted with such an item that obviously meant so much to his friend.


"Yep!" He grins before he drags her to sit down next to him. She laughs at his enthusiasm before remembering the other questions. She leans back before she crossed her legs, one over the other.

"Anyway, when I left Gongaga I spent a while traveling. I've been pretty much everywhere except for Midgar."

"Why not Midgar first?" Genesis asks, breaking into the conversation.

"I was avoiding Midgar. I wanted to save it for last and I wanted to see how Zack was doing... so I came here." She explained.

Sephiroth cleared his throat, startling a few in the room. He had his hands crossed across his chest, looking ever imposing and elegant as always. His cat like green eyes bore into hers as he contemplated. "I understand that you would want to have full use of your abilities however a normal hospital would have achieved the same purpose as well, would it had not?" He questioned.

The others remained silent. The question had been on their minds as well.

The General continued, "I would assume that you have heard that Shinra does not have the best of reputations." He finished, patiently waiting for a response.

Tsunade shook her head at the question. "I'm afraid it's personal."

Sephiroth narrowed his gaze but he nodded nonetheless.

Reno flicked his lighter but he knew better than to light a cigarette. "Wait, so are you Wutain?" He asked bluntly, seeing no reason to beat around the bush.

Tsunade raised a blond eyebrow and Tseng looked vaguely interested as well. He could see why Reno would make that assumption what with the mark on her forehead and her... unusual looks.

"You could say that."

Reno gave her a look and she elaborated, "I know better than to tell everything to someone that I don't even know." She narrowed her gaze at him, a menacing look coming on to her face. "Don't even think about harassing Zackary either. He doesn't know anything."

Reno raised his hand in surrender.

Zack snapped his fingers as if he came to a sudden realization. "Do you have anywhere to stay Tsunade?"

She blinked at the question before smiling softly. "Yes. I rented an apartment a little way from here." She glanced at the clock and she sighed at the time. "I think I should get going Zackary. It's getting late." At Zack's disappointed gaze she elaborated, "I'll see you around brat. Don't worry about it." She turned to the others and she leant forward into a small bow. She refused to let go of her culture and mannerisms. No one said that here wasn't a way home. She just had to find it.

They looked surprised at the action, especially Tseng. When she rose they nodded at her and she left and the others were left to look at each other in silence.

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