"Dark Inspiration"

By Ellie


Deep within the Underground, lay an enchantment of great power. Its strength was fueled from the dreams of all living creatures. And for many centuries it thrived- the perfect balance of good and evil, magic and mortal, plant and animal.

The Labyrinth (as it was called) was not created- but born. Born of the hopes and fears of all. The Humans with their constant wonderings, and the Fae and all creatures and beings that lived in the Underground. Created by the contribution of both worlds.

But the Humans soon evolved from story telling and magic, to that of science and technology. The dreams that had helped shape the Labyrinth were beginning to fade, until only handfuls of people were left to sustain the enchantment..

The Fae and creatures of the Underground soon noticed that without the help of mortals' dreams to mold it- the Labyrinth was changing… What had once been the main source of their lands power was thinning- and what was beautiful and lush, was becoming a barren land of dirt and weed.

The Labyrinth altered all it's creatures; the gnomes that had once lived in villages beyond the Castle became ugly and dim-witted. And the small fairies that had once fluttered the Labyrinth, tending the flowers, were reduced to mindless gnats.

The Entity, or life force of the Labyrinth was dimming, and with it- all of the creatures of the Underground. Darkness threatened to fall over both worlds… For even the humans needed to dream.

It was during this time that the Labyrinth chose its champion. The one person who could stop the decay of the Underground and restore the Labyrinth to its former glory. One dreamer to heal the wounds of two worlds.

Her name, was Sarah Williams.

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