"Dark Inspiration"

By Ellie

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"Sharing Memories"

'You have no power over me!' The words that had both started and ended what was to be the catalyst of her life.

Sarah Williams remembered a time when twenty-two seemed mature and sophisticated…But now that she'd reached it? Well, she found that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

* * *

Twisting her thick mahogany hair on top of her head, Sarah deftly secured the messy knot with a pencil and bit her lip in frustration.

To the casual observer, the petite brunette was dressed down in clothes designed for comfort- not design- and was scrutinizing a bookcase stuffed with binders and manilla folders. However, the casual observer would have no way of knowing that it was her life's work that was tucked neatly away inside those innocent binders.

Sarah Williams was an author. And the papers inside that bookcase were worth their weight in gold.

* * *

Hazel eyes scanned the shelves efficiently- sweeping back and forth, up and down. Giving an exasperated sigh- elegant hands snatched a folder from its cramped perch. Mumbling to herself, Sarah quickly skimmed the old manuscript.

Jareth, son of King Jaron, Lord of Illusions and Dreams, has been chosen because of the nature of his gifts- to become the Caretaker of the Labyrinth. He will be granted the right to pass through the worlds without a gate… as the Law of the Land has allowed all of the Caretakers to do in the past. Should the dreams of a mortal ever attract the attention of the Labyrinth, it is decreed by the High King Jaron himself, that the Caretaker is to use his gift to bring the mortal to the Labyrinth and allow it direct access to the dreamer. Once the 10 hours are up- the Caretaker must use his gift to influence the dreamer and ensure that the mortal is bound aboveground and can not use the same portal that it traveled with ever again.

Prince Jareth will reside in Illensor- the Castle of Dreams, which rests in the middle of the Labyrinth, until his life force is extinguished, or a new caretaker is chosen.

Let it be noted that if King Jaron and Queen Esterelle should ever die, Jareth is released from his position as Caretaker, and will claim his parents' throne to become High King of the Fae.

So it is written, and so it will come to pass!

History of the Kings

~Helton Numar- Keeper of Knowledge

Sarah stared at the pages in shock… They weren't typed like most of the manuscripts that she kept on her shelf- and they were rather untidy… As if written by someone who had just regained the use of their hand.

What was stranger than the fact that Sarah couldn't remember EVER seeing the contents of the open binder- was that while the writing *was* untidy- it was unmistakably her own.

Curious and a little apprehensive- Sarah quickly read the next page.

The Gnomes of the Labyrinth usually range from any height from 1 foot tall to 4, though most are rather short. They are an unusual race- living off of the land in little houses and huts that they carve out of the very earth itself. They are generally a sociable people- living in tight-knit villages gathered near the center of the Labyrinth. Though I have found one gnome that seems to dislike the companionship of others- he lives alone on the outskirts of the Labyrinth. Close enough to be slightly affected by the Labyrinth's magic- but not close enough to be truly influenced.

Gnomes are characterized by their pointy ears and rough, tanned skin. Most gnomes have a passion for all that comes from the earth- precious stones and metals especially.

They also have wonderful memories; they can remember any path shown to them so well that they can follow it through the dark.

And lastly, once you earn the true devotion of a gnome- they will never give you cause to doubt them and will remain true to you until the end of your days.

History of the Creatures of the Labyrinth

~Helton Numar- Keeper of Knowledge

"How weird… Hoggle sounds like a gnome! In fact, Hoggle sounds like the gnome 'Helton' was talking about…" Sarah spoke aloud thoughtfully- her voice echoing in the empty apartment. Her eyebrows were furrowed, and she began to flip the pages in the binder mechanically with her gaze fixed on a blank spot on her wall.

"I don't remember EVER writing something like this!"

Ah, but don't you remember all of those times when you woke up from a dream and started to write whatever comes to mind? Half of that bookshelf is filled with scraps of stories that you wrote in the middle of the night… Why would you remember? And what else do you have hidden in that bookself? A little voice in the back of Sarah's mind seemed to answer her unspoken question for her.

Automatically, Sarah's eyes swung back to the crammed bookshelf.

Before she could follow where her train of thought was leading, a clock struck midnight.

"Damn! I have to go to a book signing tomorrow!" Tossing the binder onto the coffee table haphazardly, Sarah strode quickly to her bedroom and began to get ready for bed.

The cat that had been sitting outside Sarah's window, slowly rose and then leapt out into the shadows.