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Bride of a Dragon

By: Katrina


Rain fell lazily outside the Muggle bar, slapping hard against the windowpanes. It was very dark outside, as it was midnight, but Ginny Weasley couldn't care less. She had finished her sixth glass of Muggle beer and was feeling very lighthearted, and to her everything looked like a blur. Just like my life, she thought, as she demanded for another glass of beer from the bartender, although she was very near knocked out by all the alcohol.

Ginny wasn't addicted to alcohol, and she usually hated the smell of it when Fred and George had their share, but she found that her brothers were right that alcohol could chase away your problems. Her mind was so clogged up currently that she could barely think straight, and if it weren't for the huge sign inside the bar saying TONY'S BAR she wouldn't have even known where she was exactly. Not to mention that it was well into midnight, and Ginny had never once stayed past the curfew her mother set up, especially since she had a very important Ministry meeting the very next day. But today, she just couldn't care.

Harry and Hermione had married. Harry married Hermione instead of her. Actually, Ginny knew perfectly well that Harry and Hermione were extremely happy together and that she was merely a sister to Harry, but still, she was shocked when the news came. To her, the wedding had been most unpleasant. Especially when she was the maid of honor in the wedding. It had taken Ginny everything not to scream and strangle both the groom and the bride as she stood there, watching Harry tenderly kiss Hermione as he slipped the ring onto her finger. She had to force herself to clap and congratulate the couple with a big smile on her face, and right after the wedding she'd run out of the church and stormed into the first bar she saw. Luckily, she had some Muggle money from her father, and she'd been in this bar ever since.


Ginny looked up with bleary eyes. The unfocused image of the bartender loomed before her. "Yes…?" she said, her words very slurred. "How much do I owe?"

"You don't owe anything, miss," the bartender replied, eyeing her with subdued curiosity, "but the bar is closing soon."

Ginny shook her head. "Give me five more minutes," she said in the same slurred tone. "Pour me another glass."

The bartender looked torn between earning more money and the health of his customer, but eventually, greed took over. He filled Ginny's glass to the brim and went instead to the other remaining customer in the bar, in the other corner, as well-hidden as the young woman who was almost knocked out by the alcohol. Both of them are rather classy, the bartender thought, as he stared down at the blonde hair and the muddled gray eyes. Too bad both of them just had to get drunk.


Draco Malfoy couldn't believe it when Lucius told him that they were to move to France immediately. "What?" he'd said. "Father, I can't. I like it here. I have a job. I'm happy here. I have no intention of going to France where I don't know anyone."

At first, Lucius tried to convince him as nicely as he could manage, but soon, father and son both turned very nasty. "Look!" he snarled. "That meddlesome Harry Potter and the Muggle-loving fool Albus Dumbledore are going to destroy Master's armies. There's no doubt that Potter's going to defeat him in the near future. Just look at how confident he is. He's getting married, for Slytherin's sake!" He glared at his son. "You, I hope, know that I myself is a Death Eater, and fully aware of the consequences should I be caught?"

"Azkaban," Draco replied in a monotone. "So what? What does that have to do with me? I'm neutral, all right? I've never stepped into a Death Eater meeting nor an Order of the Phoenix meeting, so you take your vacation in Paris and let me stay here." Draco wasn't really that in love with Britain, of course, but after years of just buckling to his father he was tired of it. For once, he was going to defy the oh-so-great Lucius Malfoy.

But he wasn't so lucky. Lucius grabbed him by the collar. "You dare defy me, son?" he spat, spraying Draco with his spit. "I will make sure that you're sorry you've every been born! The Aurors are definitely going to question you if you stay behind, and I daresay that you will tell them of my whereabouts. Well, that's not going to happen if I can help it. You are coming along, or you die. Only two choices." He laughed wickedly. "And don't forget, I can frame you as a Death Eater as well, and that's your fate if you stay behind."

How could Draco argue with that? He wasn't exactly upset that he was leaving the country, but he was incredibly ticked off that once again, he was overpowered by his father.


The voice seemed to be coming from faraway. Draco must've swigged down at least ten glasses of those Muggle liquor. He had no idea why he was in a Muggle bar, but he figured that if Lucius' son was found in some Muggle place, he'd be pretty shamed. Draco knew he was like a trapped animal, fighting for the last bit of dignity, but the Malfoy pride ran supreme in his blood and he was at least going to keep that.

"What is it?" Draco mumbled, trying to focus.

"The bar is closing." The bartender eyed him. "Are you finished?"

Draco nodded, lightheaded, as he tried to stand up. He stumbled a few steps to the exit and almost knocked into another person. It was a rather attractive young lady, with flaming red hair and dark brown eyes. Draco could've sworn he'd seen her somewhere before. She seemed to have been drinking quite some amount as well, because she seemed even more tipsy than him. And then it hit Draco. It was Virginia Weasley, the little sister of Ronald Weasley and the worshipper of the "great" Harry Potter.

"Hello…" murmured Ginny, leaning slightly on the door. "I've seen you somewhere…haven't I…"

Draco had to support himself the same way. "Yes," he said. And suddenly a thought grappled him. His father hated the Weasleys with every ounce of his strength. Suppose…. His thoughts were interrupted by the bartender.

"I'm locking up," the bartender warned.

Ginny stumbled forward out onto the streets and nearly fell, but Draco caught her. "Harry…" she whispered, sliding her arms around Draco. "Please don't leave me…please…"

Draco had to admit that it actually felt nicer than when Pansy Parkinson was clinging to him. He put his arms around her too, and gentler than he thought himself capable he led her to a nearby Muggle motel, where he used a simple charm and got themselves a room. Draco had actually felt a very un-Malfoy sympathy for the Weasley girl (since the alcohol had unconsciously screwed his mind a bit) and had only planned to leave her there, but when he tried to lay her on the bed, she wouldn't let go of them.

"NO!" the girl murmured. "Don't go…don't go and marry Hermione…marry me…me…"

She was stronger than he'd expected, and Draco was pulled on the bed beside her. He was too sleepy to get up, so he lay there for a moment, thinking he'd just Apparate back to the Malfoy Manor when his head cleared a little. But suddenly, Ginny was right next to him, kissing him, still murmuring Potter's name. It feels good, Draco thought, and he pulled her closer, kissing her back fiercely. Their tongues toyed with each other, till finally they broke for air.

They stared at each other for a moment. Draco had to admit that she was really very pretty. Her flaming red hair had a hint of golden brown in it, and her eyes were large and beautiful. She was much prettier than Pansy, and sexier too. She was wearing some really fancy Muggle spaghetti-strap dress, and the straps had fallen down, revealing her firm, white breasts. Draco felt himself stirring as the girl leaned in for another kiss. He magically locked the door just as both of them fell back onto the bed, kissing more fiercely than before.

"Harry…I love you…" said Ginny.

Draco kissed her harder in reply. As she brought herself closer to him, Draco knew he could stand it no longer. Flickering his wand, he turned out the light.


My head hurts, was Ginny's first thought as she woke up from a very strange dream, in which she and Harry were kissing very hard in a dim place. Wearily, she opened her eyes, vaguely remembering a very important conference in the Ministry.

What she saw appalled her. She was completely naked, her clothes flung on the floor of a strange place she couldn't recognize. There was a few hickeys on her neck, and two arms were still wrapped firmly around her. Ginny swallowed nervously, trying to remember the previous night and found she couldn't. She only remembered someone holding her…leading her….


Ginny nearly fell out of the bed in surprise, but the arms held on. She pried the fingers loose, just as the owner opened his eyes. For a moment, the two stared at each other in shock. Draco Malfoy? Ginny thought, her eyes wide, staring at the sworn nemesis of Harry and Ron. He was every bit as naked as she was, and every bit as surprised too. Then Ginny remembered that she was not wearing anything, and hurried she tore the sheets and covered her body with it while saying tensely, "What are you doing here?"

Draco stared at her. "I could ask you the same thing," he said. "You are Weasel's little sister, aren't you? What are you doing, naked in my room?"

"You're one to talk!" Ginny fumed. And then she realized at the same time what Draco realized. "What did you do yesterday?" they cried at the same time.

And at the same time, they answered "I don't remember."

If Ginny had been looking at the sheets, she would've realized that they were covered with dried blood, but she wasn't. She was too busy pulling on her clothes and nervous that she would miss the meeting. "Loo-look," she said nervously, looking herself over in the mirror and trying to straighten her messy red hair and magically conceal her hickeys. "I don't remember anything…and since you don't either…" HE DID NOT RAPE ME! HE DID NOT RAPE ME! "Let's just pretend that nothing happened between us yesterday."

Draco nodded. Clearly he wanted only too well to pretend the same thing as well. Ginny looked at him suspiciously. "You promise you won't blackmail me?" she said. What have I done? What on earth had been happening? Inside she shrieked while trying to keep calm outwardly. She didn't want to think about it. Let's just say I took a shower and went to the wrong room, she tried and failed to reassure herself.

"I do," Draco said. He reached into the pockets of his robes and pulled out a thin chain with a gold dragon pendant. "Here, take this. If I blackmail you, well…throw this in the river or something."

Ginny nodded, pocketing the chain. "Deal," she said. "So nothing happened at all between us, right?"

Draco nodded.

"Are you positive you won't-"

Draco was totally annoyed. "Look, Weasel," he snapped. "If you're thinking that I've had sex with you, dream on! I'm still a virgin, even if you don't believe it. I'm not going to degrade myself by sleeping with you. I should be the one threatening you not to spread this around." He narrowed his eyes. "And I'm warning you…if you do…I will personally track you down."

Ginny nodded, scared, and soon she Disapparated with a pop. And after Draco had straightened out the room after getting dressed himself, he Disapparated as well, hoping that his father wouldn't be mad that they might miss their Muggle flight to Paris.

A few months later

"Voldemort is defeated!"

Ron burst into the room with the Daily Prophet in his hand. "Voldemort is defeated!" he repeated, looking proud that he was finally able to speak the name of the Dark Lord whom everybody had feared for so long.

Ginny was sitting on the couch with Cho, her sister-in-law, and Hermione Potter. Hermione squealed in delight. "That means Harry's done it!" she said ecstatically, hugging Cho. "Harry's coming home! And so is everybody else!"

Indeed, all the Weasleys except for Ron and Ginny, who worked on tracking down the Death Eaters instead, were Aurors, as was Hermione. But Hermione had gotten pregnant and therefore was forced to stay behind while everybody else fought. Ginny grinned widely at the thought that everybody was finally coming home. She had been worried about everyone and nearly jumped out of her skin every time a death was announced, but thankfully except for Percy, who had almost lost his right arm, everybody else was pretty much intact.

Ginny wanted to jump and shout with joy too, but for some reason, she felt nauseous. Hermione noticed. While Ron and Cho Apparated to the Ministry to congratulate everyone, Hermione led Ginny back on the couch. "What's wrong, Gin?" she asked worriedly. "You don't look so good."

Ginny tried to act nonchalant. "I don't think I'm pregnant," she said jokingly. "After all, I've-"

And she stopped in mid-sentence, realizing what she'd said. Hermione looked at her with a slight frown. "What's wrong?" she asked.

Draco Malfoy. Me and Draco Malfoy naked on the bed. Me with three hickeys on my neck. Me with Draco Malfoy's arms around me. Ginny gave a slight shudder remembering back to that day. Draco Malfoy had disappeared off the face of the earth after that incident, so Ginny hadn't given that much thought. She just assumed that they were probably both drunk and either she or him went to the wrong room, thus wrong bed. But…Ginny's eyes widened. She hadn't gotten any more periods after that day. She figured it was just the stress and worries, but now…it could be…. She grabbed Hermione's hand. "Hermione, how'd you know that you were pregnant with Lily?" she cried.

Hermione laid a hand lovingly on the bulge that was Lily Potter. "I had two tests, a Muggle and a wizarding one," she said. "What is it?" Her eyes became suspicious. "Ginny…?"

"Which book?" Ginny cut her off.

Hermione was a bit taken aback, but she answered nevertheless. "I think it was The Standard Book of Spells, grade six or seven." She paused. "Seven, I'm sure of that." She eyed Ginny. "Ginny, what's wrong?"

Ginny was saved from answering. Suddenly, a very dusty and fatigued look Harry appeared with a pop in front of the two women. Ginny hadn't seen Harry for a few weeks, he being too busy in the war to come home lest he should get them in danger, and he became very thin. A nasty-looking slash was across his cheek, but on his worn-out face it was the same familiar grin. "Harry!" they both cried in joyful surprise, and in Ginny's case mingled with relief.

Ginny gave Harry a quick hug, blushing slightly. And then, as Harry and Hermione embraced each other, she said, "I'm going to get some coffee!" but instead of going to the kitchen, she slipped upstairs into her room. She dashed to the bookcases and grabbed The Standard Book of Spells, grade seven and flipped it open to the index. She found the charm and flipped to that page, her heart pounding.

"Conceivus Charm," she read. "'If you use the charm and you do not feel a thing, that means you are not pregnant. However, if you feel a slight ache below your chest, then you are pregnant.'" She slammed the book shut, breathing heavily. With trembling fingers, she raised her wand and pointed it at herself. Do I dare to do it? She asked herself. And biting her lips, she muttered, "Fertus Conceivus."

Nothing seemed to happen. Ginny was about to sigh with relief when there was a sharp jot under her chest. With widened eyes, Ginny performed the charm again. The same thing happened. Weakly, she collapsed onto her bed.

She was pregnant.

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