Hippolyta's Diary

Chapter 1

Dear Diary,

Ah, I love Tuesday afternoon. My beautiful daughters are asleep for their nap, my hubby Harvey's at work, the boys are out on patrol, Helena's working at school, so I can have some me time and write in my diary. Anyway, my girls are getting so big. They certainly have been eating their fruits and vegetables recently, even Dinah tried broccoli at dinner last night and she didn't put up a single fuss whatsoever. Anyway, Dinah's doing exceedingly good at school, straight A's in all her classes, the works, etc, etc. oh goodness me, I must be getting the vapors. Seems Garfield got out of his fireproof room and is flying around again. And poor Stephanie is still acting insane ever since Dr. Fate revived her a couple years back, unfortunately though, during said resurrection there were some major and very, very hazardous side effects that completely damaged her mental and psychological health. I do hope she regains her senses sooner or later so my darling little Spoiler can come back to me.

Also, I found out my darling daughter in law Sheila is expecting at long last! My earnest congratulations to her and her dear husband, my sweet son Tommy. I have waited and waited to see mini Hushes and Sheilas walking around the Watchtower. And on that note, I must wrap up this entry. My daughters are awake and they are hungry for some of my famed chocolate chip brownie cookies.