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A Sun's Devilish Maid

Chapter One: An Act of Kindness

He had finally arrived. His heart was racing at how close he had been to getting caught, but he had still succeeded in making it to this place with the Sacred Scroll of the village. Now, all he had to do was wait for his teacher to arrive so that he could finally become a Genin.

Looking back towards the heart of the village, the young teen hummed thoughtfully. He had been able to get away nearly unseen, having to resort to a cheap – yet strangely effective – tactic against the Hokage. Who knew the kind old man the village looked up to for wisdom and guidance was also a pervert?

Still, he didn't feel like belittling his good fortune. And it was still pretty early until the allotted time he was supposed to meet his teacher. Pulling the scroll off of his back, his blue eyes looked to it in a scrutinizing manner. What was so important about this particular scroll?

His curiosity got the better of him, and he opened it to take a peek. The first thing he saw was a jutsu; a technique that ninja were able to use. It was a clone technique, and he pouted at the sight. After all, it was a clone technique that he failed to do, which is why he was taking this make up test.

But, he gave it a closer look. Unlike the one taught in the Academy, this clone technique made solid clones and required a greater deal of chakra; the energy that ninja used and everyone had within them. It amazed him that it only required a single handseal, which was in the form of crossed fingers in an addition symbol.

Giving it a try, he copied the illustration of the handseal and concentrated, bringing out his chakra while whispering, "Shadow Clone Jutsu."

A faint popping sound was heard and he kept his eyes closed. He had little hope that it had worked, which was why he had also whispered instead of declaring the jutsu. Cracking open one of his eyes, he took note of a perfect copy sitting across from him. Both of his eyes opened fully as he took in his own copied appearance.

From the feet up, he saw blue ninja sandals, orange pants that were quite large and held together by a black belt, an equally orange shirt with blue on the shoulders and a thick white collar, and the swirled tassel that old man Hokage had given to him when he first started the Academy. On the copy's face, he saw his whisker birth markings, bright blue eyes with a hint of violet in them, and his sunny blonde hair that spiked erratically. The copy was perfect, right down to the smudge mark he had earned earlier that day on his chin.

"Whoa," he gasped. "It worked?"

"Looks like it, Boss," the clone replied, poking the original to prove it was solid. "That was easy."

"But why did this clone come out easier than the Academy one?"

The clone shrugged. "No clue."

They would've continued to speak, but a sudden crashing sound and heavy thud caught their attention. Without a second's hesitation, both the teen and his clone rushed over to where they thought the source was. Once they arrived, both of them had shocked and concerned looks on their faces.

She winced as she held her side, putting pressure on a gash she had earned from an opposing devil. With narrowed eyes, she sent a burst of power at her opponent, freezing the devil in place before she destroyed the frozen statue it had become.

It was civil war in the Underworld and she had chosen to join the side that held fresh faces. The Four Satans were being pushed back by the younger devils, having grown complacent during their reign. Leading the younger devils was a man named Sirzechs who the woman believed would become a great Satan.

The battle was nearly over and all but Lucifer had been defeated. She winced again and stumbled slightly, keeping her balance as she moved over to her comrades. Her vision was growing dim and she couldn't hear what was being said, but she could still feel the energy in the air, and it was growing. She forced her eyes open wider as she saw Lucifer pull out a strange crystal with a glowing core, and she grew concerned at the grin on the Satan's face.

Seeing that everyone else was on their last legs, she knew that the chances of evading whatever that crystal was were dropping. So, when Lucifer finally threw the crystal – his target being Sirzechs – her mind forced her body to act. She summoned her devil wings, having them flap as hard as they could so that she could fly towards the young devil leader and shove him out of the way.

The look of shocked surprise on his face was equal to that of Lucifer, and no one was able to do a thing as the crystal exploded right in front of the devil woman and engulfed her in swirling colored smoke. The swirling grew in force, become a maelstrom that pushed everyone back, and when it cleared…she was gone.

The next thing she knew was being flung across a sea of swirling colors and lights, nearly blinding her while the pull of the space kept her from struggling. A bright light was seen, getting bigger as she approached and her eyes were forced closed as it engulfed her.

Once the light died down, she felt her body hit and break through some tree branches before finally landing on a grassy field with a heavy thud. The rough landing had proved to be the last straw, and she fell unconscious.

The teen took note of the strangely dressed woman that was beaten and bloody lying on the ground, with a particularly deep cut on her side. Wary, he and his clone stood next to her and pulled out kunai knives, scanning the area visually for any sign of an assailant. For a full and tense minute, they kept their eyes peeled before slowly relaxing their guards. Whoever had attacked this woman wasn't around anymore, if at all.

Turning back to her, he saw that her breathing was heavy, as if she was struggling to draw breath. His concern grew and it overshadowed his desire to wait for his teacher. However, he couldn't take the scroll with him since it would be taken the wrong way.

"Hey, wait here for Mizuki-sensei to show up," he ordered his clone, handing the scroll over to it. "I'm gonna take this woman back home to try and patch her up."

The clone nodded as it took the scroll. "Don't forget about the extra emergency kit you have stored underneath the floorboards, Boss. You're gonna need it."

Nodding, the original blonde crouched down and hefted the woman over his shoulders, making sure not to jostle her too much. He then made so her arms draped over his shoulders and her head was resting against the back of his while his arms grabbed her legs to support her. Using chakra to keep up his strength, he hurried home to treat her wounds, hoping that she would make it.

To the clone the teen had left behind, the last half hour had been a surreal time of revelation. To start things off, his Academy teacher, Iruka Umino, had found him and berated him for stealing the Sacred Scroll. The clone had then told the man that he had done so because Mizuki had told him it was part of a makeup exam so that he could become a Genin. He even went further and said that he was a Shadow Clone and that the original was doing something more crucial.

Before Iruka could've questioned him further, Mizuki had shown up. What followed was the revelation of the Kyuubi, a nine-tailed fox that had attacked the village years ago, was sealed into him. The clone couldn't help but freeze at that, but Iruka had grown furious with Mizuki for dropping such a bomb on his student and attacked Mizuki with a level of skill he hadn't used since his days as an active Chunin.

With Mizuki taken care of thanks to the ANBU arriving on the scene, Iruka and the clone were taken to the office of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage of the village. This is where the clone had found himself now, sitting before the village leader with a new headband resting in his lap.

"I'm sorry that you had to find out this way, Naruto," apologized the elderly man to the clone. "I had planned to tell you in a more suitable environment, but what's done is done."

The clone of Naruto Uzumaki was silent for a few moments before he asked softly, "Why me?"

Hiruzen sighed at that. "I wish I could tell you. How are you taking this; knowing that you're a Jinchuriki?"

"Honestly…I don't know what to feel, old man. I mean, I now know why I'm always getting these dirty looks and whispered insults. I thought it was something that I did; not because I was holding back the being that nearly destroyed our home."

"If you need to talk more about this, then you can always come to me. Alright?"

Nodding the clone was about to leave before he remembered something important. "Old man, before Iruka-sensei showed up, Boss and I found this woman unconscious nearby. From what we saw, she was in a really tough fight and crashed through a few branches before we found her."

Sarutobi's eyes widened in surprise. "Did you see who or what did that to her?"

"No, when we got there she was by herself. Boss took her back to his apartment to patch her up before he left me behind with the Sacred Scroll."

The Hokage nodded, though hid the suspicion from showing on his face. "Then we better see how this woman is doing," he stated before he moved over to the blonde teen, placing a hand on his head before both of them disappeared in a burst of smoke.

"Dammit," cursed the original Naruto as he carefully wove a needle and dissolvable thread through the woman's skin, stitching up the deep gash. "Whatever cut into your side nearly reached your muscle…" He then grabbed two sturdy pieces of wood and tied them tightly around her left forearm. "Some scrapes and bruises…a deep cut into your side…a cracked arm," he placed the back of his hand against her forehead and cringed, "and a high temperature. By the kami, what the hell happened to you?"

He had been at this ever since he had arrived at his apartment, laying the woman down on a mattress so that he could clean up her wounds and patch her up. Her breathing had gotten worse when he had arrived, and he frantically worked to do whatever he could to help ease her pain.

Thankfully, her breathing had gotten better over the time he worked on her, but her temperature was still above normal, and it was worrying him. He changed the water he had been using to dampen her forehead, making sure it was cold before he dabbed it again.

Once that was done, he sighed tiredly and nearly collapsed in the chair that he had set near where she rested. He rubbed his face in a feeble attempt to stay awake, the lateness of the evening and his dying, worry-filled adrenaline taking its toll on him.

Taking this moment, he looked to his "patient" closer, noting her features. She had long and cascading silver hair that would've reached her lower back if she was standing, flawless skin that was a stunning pale (though not sickly), and a gorgeous figure that was being covered by a bodysuit that had been ripped, scorched, scuffed, and torn. The bodysuit itself was black in coloration with blue swirling designs on it, and it had thicker material in certain areas, making him deduce that it was some form of armor.

While he didn't know what color her eyes were, everything else had shown Naruto that, whoever this injured stranger was, she was a woman who could be the epitome of beauty without even trying.

He was glad that he had been able to stay focused enough to wrap her chest in bandages from behind. Never in his life had he been in a situation where a woman needed to be stripped of her clothing, so it was extremely awkward for him to have to dress her injuries with her chest open for him to see.

"Just what the hell did you go through?" he asked softly to her resting form as his fight to stay awake ended up in his loss.

Grayfia Lucifuge gradually became aware of herself as consciousness returned. Slowly opening her eyes that were the same stunning silver as her hair, she brought her hand up to shield them from the harshness of the light that was invading them – an act which brought a wince of pain from her side. Bringing her other hand to her side and favoring it gingerly, she felt stitches in the painful area. She looked down to her side, noticing that the sutures were very well-sewn. She also noticed that she was naked, at least from the waist up with her chest bound in bandaged wrappings. Her injured arm had also been treated and a splint was placed around it to keep it straight.

She took a look around to get her bearings in this unfamiliar place. She was in what looked like a rundown bedroom if the peeled paint and patches on the walls were any indicator. She then looked downward towards the side where her stitches were, and she saw that she wasn't alone. Sleeping in a chair next to the bed was a young blonde boy wearing an orange track-suit of some kind, his sleeves and hands covered in blood. Seeing no injuries on his person, she could only conclude that the blood was hers.

'Is he the one who helped me? This young boy?' she wondered.

She slowly rose from the bed so as not to further aggravate her injuries, placing her feet on the floor and standing up. She noticed that she was indeed mostly naked from the waist up, as her panties were still on and the wrappings on her chest were nicely made. It relieved her to know that she had not been taken advantage of, and immediately the level of esteem for her young physician rose several notches. She slowly turned her head to face him, taking note of how deeply he was sleeping, and she couldn't help but smile gratefully.

'You really pushed yourself, didn't you? Just to help a complete stranger to whom you owe nothing…' she mused at the blonde teen whose head was rolled back in the chair, asleep with his mouth wide open.

She couldn't help but giggle at how utterly cute and adorable he looked, especially with those lovely foxlike whisker markings on his cheeks. She quietly stepped toward him and stopped when she was standing just above him. She brought her uninjured hand to his face, brushing back a few stray locks of hair and caressing his cheek with her fingertips. She bent down slowly, her side once more reminding her that it was injured, and kissed his cheek softly.

"Thank you," she whispered to him softly. "Never before has anyone ever been so selflessly kind to me."

Standing back up, she looked around the room and saw the entrance to his bathroom. She went in there and found a small bucket, some soap and a couple of small towels. Filling the bucket with warm water and soap, she brought the towels and the soapy water back into the bedroom where she proceeded to gently remove the bloodstained jacket that the boy was wearing.

"Let's clean you up before putting you to bed," she said quietly as she proceeded to dip one of the towels into the soapy water and give him a sponge bath to remove the caked blood from his hands and forearms. Once she was done and the blonde was dried off, she removed the blood-soaked linens from his bed and went into the main living area of his dwelling, not paying much attention to the space as a whole while opening closets in search of a change of bedsheets. She frowned when she found none; though she did find a blanket to cover him with.

Returning to the bedroom, she concentrated and used her magic to levitate him from the chair and into the bed that she had just been occupying, removing his footwear and his pants, leaving him in just his boxer shorts and an undershirt. Once she had laid him in the bed, she covered him with the blanket she had found. Smiling at him again, she leaned down once more and kissed his forehead gently.

"Sleep well, my savior. Sweet dreams," she whispered softly, wishing him a good night before gathering what was left of her clothing, turning the bedroom light off and leaving the room, leaving the door only slightly ajar.

She dressed herself as best she could, considering the state her clothes were in, and took a moment this time around to study the rest of the boy's dwelling. It was a small apartment that looked to be only three rooms: a kitchen/living area hybrid room, a small bathroom, and a single bedroom. The living room and kitchen looked to be in as poor a shape as the bedroom was, with damaged floors and walls, tape over cracks in the windows, and dust covering many various spots. But, there were a couple of things that showed that the young man had tried to liven up the apartment: a couple of potted plants and a handful of pictures on a worn out table placed against a windowsill.

'Does he live here by himself, and at his age? Does he not have any family?' she mused with a concerned expression as she looked to the pictures the young man had. There were three in total and the first showed him, though younger, with an elderly man inside of an office. The boy was wearing a diamond-shaped hat that was much too big for him, smiling brightly for the camera while the elderly man had a content look on his face.

She had a small smile at the sight, seeing pure happiness in the boy's blue orbs before moving to the next picture. This one was of the young man again, slightly older than how he looked in the first picture, sitting at a small food stand with two other people. The first was a man reaching his middle-ages and a young girl a few years older than the blonde boy. All three of them were smiling and the woman took note of a message written in the corner. "To Naruto, our favorite customer" it said and was signed by the two other people.

'So your name is Naruto?' she mused, pleased to finally have a name to match him with, before moving to the final picture. This one had the teen in his current age alongside a woman with violet hair styled in a manner that made her think of a peacock's plumes, wearing a large tan trench coat. Both of them were grinning so wide that their eyes were closed as they were covered in splotches of various paint colors. Behind them was a large mountain with four carved faces on it, each one with a different form of painted mischief on it. She giggled in amusement at the image.

Another note was on this one. "Gaki, I had a blast with you. Hope to do it again sometime. -Anko" the note had said, and it showed that the two had a close relationship. The small smile that was on her face never left as she went through the pictures, seeing how happy the teen was in each one.

However, a part of her realized that he was most likely an orphan and these few moments of happiness seemed to be the only ones worth commemorating. Such a realization filled her with pity for him, and she wondered what the rest of his early life had been like.

Feeling as though she was snooping, she moved away from the pictures and to the kitchen, looking around before she found some cleaning supplies underneath his sink. It wasn't much, but at least it was something, and it provided her with a way that she could begin to express her gratitude to the young boy who had just saved her life.

With a satisfied nod, she grabbed a sponge, the bucket, and the cleaning solution before she got to work.

When Sarutobi and Naruto's clone had arrived, it was right outside of the blonde Uzumaki's apartment. Sarutobi was about to knock to let the original Naruto know he was there, but the clone took the initiative and opened the door before walking in.

What greeted them was the sight of a gorgeous silverette woman in a damaged black and blue bodysuit cleaning up the apartment with a calm face. When she heard the door open, she turned her gaze to it and was slightly surprised to see an exact copy of the blond teen that had helped her along with the elderly man that she remembered from Naruto's first photograph, in his same white and red robes and diamond-shaped hat.

'Is he a twin?' she thought to herself before shaking it off and giving both of them a respectful bow in greeting.

"Uh, should you be up and about?" asked the clone in concern. "You were really banged up when I found you."

Standing straight with a hidden wince of pain, she answered, "I'm well enough to walk around and clean, as you can see. Your brother did very well to patch me up, and he has my thanks."

"Brother?" The clone tilted his head in query before realization hit, "Oh, you mean Boss! No, we're not brothers; I'm a chakra made clone of him."

'Chakra? This boy can use chakra to this degree?' She was honestly surprised since chakra users were said to be quite a rarity. She then took a closer look at them, and hid her surprise at the sheer level of chakra both humans had. "I see," she began before greeting him once more. "Then welcome home, Naruto-sama."

"Eh?" the clone asked while Sarutobi cleared his throat.

"Ma'am, I'm Hiruzen Sarutobi, Hokage and leader of this village. Would you mind if we sit down so I can ask you some questions?"

She nodded in understanding, putting down the cleaning supplies in her hands and moving to the table. Sarutobi took note of how she made sure he and Naruto's clone were seated first before sitting down. "I'll answer whatever I can, Hokage-sama, but I must point out now that my answers may seem confusing, if not unbelievable to you."

"I'll be the judge of that. Firstly, who are you and how did you end up with enough wounds to prompt Naruto-kun to take care of you in his own home?"

She easily detected suspicion in his tone, alongside the look he gave her. Though elderly, for a human, this man was not one to underestimate. "I am Grayfia Lucifuge, a devil allied to the New Faction that was formed to usurp the regime of the Four Satans led by Lucifer," she answered calmly and in a serious tone.

Both Sarutobi and Naruto's clone blinked before the blonde asked, "What's a devil?"

"Devils are the inhabitants of the Underworld, and we're seen as enemies of the Biblical God."

"So, you're a being of darkness?" Sarutobi asked with a raised brow.

"It's not quite that simple, but that is how humans tend to categorize us, yes. However, the New Faction was formed so that we could put an end to such biased thoughts. The leader of our faction, Sirzechs Gremory-sama, was planning on making attempts to come to terms with the other factions as well. Seeing as there'd be unnecessary bloodshed, there was hope for at least a ceasefire between us, the angels, and the fallen angels," Grayfia explained, seeing the clone's interested look while Sarutobi was sitting calmly.

"I'm assuming then that your wounds were from the battle that was taking place?" Sarutobi asked, to which she nodded. "Then how did you arrive here?"

"Lucifer planned to use something against Sirzechs-sama in a last ditch effort, but I was able to push him out of the way and took the hit from it instead. The next thing I experienced was flying through a strange space of distorting colors and lights before crashing down in a forest. I vaguely recall hitting some branches before passing out. Once I woke up, I saw that my wounds were patched up by Naruto-sama, and he did quite well, I must say," she finished with a nod towards the clone.

"Where is Boss, anyway?" the clone asked.

"He's resting in bed. He had fallen asleep due to exhaustion, so I set him on his bed and admittedly looked around this apartment before I found those cleaning supplies," she answered, taking a short glance at the sponge and bucket. "I thought I might begin to express my gratitude to Naruto-sama by doing some chores on his behalf, and as I was doing that, the two of you walked in."

"Do you have a way to return to wherever it is you came from?" asked Sarutobi, "And how can you prove you're a devil as you claim?"

Instead of a vocal response, she answered his second question by revealing her black leathery wings. Along with this was a small flux of her power, letting both men feel its darker nature.

"I presume that is proof enough of my claim?" she asked in return, making both of them nod while Naruto's clone looked a bit awed. "As for returning home, I have no means at my disposal and I do not know if I will find any. For all intents and purposes, I'm stranded, here."

The clone felt for her and immediately spoke up before Sarutobi could say anything. "Well, if you need a place to stay, then you're more than welcome to live here."

"Naruto, I'm not sure that-" the Hokage tried to say, but the blonde continued.

"No one else lives in this building, so it's basically mine. You can have one of the rooms to yourself if you want!" The smile on his face showed the other two that he believed that the problem was solved.

Grayfia gave a grateful smile to him, one that made him blush at the beauty of it. "Thank you, Naruto-sama. I can accept that arrangement."

Sarutobi finally got a word in. "Naruto, you actually won't be living in this apartment anymore."

That earned the elderly man a confused look from his charge while the she-devil silently watched the exchange. "What do you mean, old man?"

"What I mean is this," the Hokage said as he pulled out a scroll that had the blonde's name on it. "This, Naruto-kun, is everything that you've inherited from your parents."

"My parents?!" he asked in shock while Grayfia took that as confirmation that he was orphaned. "I thought you said you didn't know them?!"

"I had to say that because that was the terms of agreement the Clan Heads, my personal council, and I made after their death. You see Naruto, you're far more important than you were grown to believe, and not just because of what you hold."

'What he holds?' mused Grayfia before her eyes moved to the slightly opened door of the bedroom. Reaching out, she took a second feel for his power and moved past the chakra he naturally had. What she felt stunned her, for it was a heavy energy that was not his; but alongside that was a bright sliver of power that was deeply linked to the blonde. 'What is that?'

Unaware of what Grayfia was doing, Sarutobi continued, "You see, your mother was the last member of the Uzumaki Clan that lived in this village. Due to their village's destruction and their near genocide, this makes you heir to the clan here in the Leaf Village."

The clone had a look of utter shock on his face. "I'm… I'm an heir?" he asked softly, disbelief flooding his tone.

"That's correct. In fact, since you've become a ninja, you now have a seat available to you on the Clan Council, alongside Sasuke and the Uchiha Clan's seat. Your mother was an active member in many meetings and a lot of her ideas became incorporated into the village's system. As for your father…"

"Forgive me for interrupting," cut in the she-devil, "but am I correct to assume that he is related to someone associated with the Hokage seat?"

The two men turned to her, one in confusion and the other in suspicion. "And how have you come by this conclusion?"

She stood up from her seat, moved over to the table that had the three pictures, and brought over the one that had Naruto at his youngest. Pointing to a specific spot in the picture, the two saw her finger directed at a frame at the end of the office wall that held a portrait of a blonde man.

"The similarities between Naruto-sama and that man are practically impossible to miss. The only differences I can see are his whisker markings and the shape of his face; which I will assume matches his mother," answered the woman calmly.

"Hold on," the clone began, looking closer at the picture. "That's…the Fourth Hokage! The Fourth was my dad?!" he asked in shock. "My dad sealed the Kyuubi into me?!"

'A Kyuubi?!' thought a surprised silverette. 'If he holds a Kyuubi, then that would explain the heavier presence within him. But what was that other power that was deeper down?'

Sighing, the Third nodded in confirmation. "Yes, the Fourth Hokage was named Minato Namikaze…and he was indeed your father after Kushina Uzumaki, your mother, gave birth to you." The man then pulled out a small picture and handed it to the clone.

Looking at it, Naruto's clone was already fighting tears while Grayfia, driven by curiosity, stepped up behind his seat to take a look. In the picture, there was Minato without his famous flamed cloak. He was smiling brightly at the camera and hugging a redheaded woman from behind. Said woman was stunningly beautiful, and Grayfia would've mistaken her for a Gremory if she hadn't already heard the Uzumaki name. Her slightly rounded face was matched by Naruto, and in the photo she had a noticeable bump in her stomach; proof that she was pregnant with Naruto at the time the picture was taken.

"Dad…" whispered the clone. When he looked at his mother's beautiful smile, a tear rolled down his face. "Mom…"

Sensing his need for support, Grayfia gently placed her uninjured hand on his shoulder and gently gripped it. He turned to her and she offered him a small smile, one that he returned before he gingerly put the photo on the table, as if it was made of glass.

"Thank you for giving me this, old man," gratefully stated the Uzumaki. "But, what happens now? The Clan Heads and your council obviously know about my parentage, so what does that mean for me?"

"It means that you're now within your right to live in your parent's estate, which was declared to be the Uzumaki Compound by myself and my council."

"Can Grayfia-chan come with me?" he asked, surprising the woman at both his request and the affectionate suffix added to her name. "I want her to have a place to stay if she's stuck here."

An idea sprang up in her mind and she spoke up. "Hokage-sama," she began, getting both of their attention, "I request citizenship here in your village, along with the opportunity to serve as Naruto-sama's personal maid."

That declaration earned her a raised brow from the Hokage while Naruto's clone looked surprised. "Y-You don't need to be my maid, Grayfia-chan," he tried to assure her, not wanting her to feel like she owed him anything.

"I appreciate the concern and care you've both given and offer to me, Naruto-sama, but this is a request I wish to see fulfilled."

"Explain," replied Sarutobi before Naruto's clone could comment.

"The Lucifuge family have always prided ourselves in serving the Lucifer Satan, the strongest of the four. If I hadn't been taken by that strange crystal, I would've made the same request of Sirzechs-sama after he had taken the Lucifer title. However, this request goes beyond that form of duty to my family's name," she stated. "Naruto-sama has shown himself to be someone with an incredible level of potential; and I don't mean because of his parentage or the Kyuubi."

The clone was fighting off a bashful blush at the strength in her voice when she said he had potential. Only a handful of people ever showed that kind of support to him. Meanwhile, the Hokage queried, "If not for those reasons, then what is the source of the potential you see in him?"

Standing just a fraction taller, she answered, "Naruto-sama's compassion is where I find that source. It reminds me of Sirzechs-sama, and he proved himself to be an invaluable leader. If nurtured and allowed to grow, Naruto-sama's compassion could lead him to becoming someone worthwhile; a man that you humans could look up to."

Now, the strength in her voice, along with the conviction she showed in her claim, made the clone's blush present while Sarutobi was smiling inwardly. 'Finally… Someone else sees just how special you are, Naruto-kun.' Nodding, the man allowed the smile to show as he regarded the woman. "Very well then. I'll provide you with all of the necessary forms and you're free to become Naruto-kun's maid if you wish. This should allow you to become an honorary member of his clan due to the Clan Laws that were agreed upon by the other Clan Heads. I should have the paperwork ready for you tomorrow, so just have Naruto-kun take you to my office."

She nodded gratefully and turned to the clone, giving him a bow from the waist. "I look forward to serving you, Naruto-sama."

Embarrassed, due to never having received such a respectful gesture, the clone rubbed his head bashfully. "I still don't think you need to do anything for me," he began, "but, you say I have potential to be a great person. So, who am I to let you down?"

His rhetorical question was followed by a bright grin that made Grayfia smile in return. Sarutobi, still smiling, handed Naruto's clone the scroll. "In there are records of your clan's history along with personal jutsu from both of your parents and their combined notes on fuinjutsu. The keys to your new home are also sealed within."

The new Uzumaki heir nodded gratefully. "Thank you, Hokage-sama."

That caught the elderly man off guard for a moment, but he then gained a deadpan expression. "This is gonna be one of those rare few times you ever call me that, isn't it?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," cheekily replied the blonde with an innocent expression.

Rolling his eyes with a smile, the Hokage left the apartment in a flicker of speed, leaving the clone and Grayfia alone. The woman then spoke up, "Well Naruto-sama, seeing as how your original self is resting, I'll finish tidying up in here."

"Alright then. I'll dispel in a few minutes anyway since I'm low on chakra. Make sure to let the Boss know what happened tonight, will you?"

She gave him a bow. "Yes, Naruto-sama." And with that, the clone of her new master dispelled and she went back to the cleaning bucket. Once again grabbing the sponge, she resumed where she had left off in cleaning the apartment.

The following day found Naruto and his new maid standing inside of the Hokage's office. Naruto had been able to recall bits and pieces of what his clone had experienced and Grayfia was more than ready to fill in the blanks as needed.

Also, she had inexplicably been able to obtain a uniform fit for a woman in her position. It was a blue and white dress with a white apron and headpiece that held her hair in place. She let her hair flow down behind her, tying it low to keep it from being caught in the breeze. To finish off the uniform, there was a red swirl directly over her heart and a larger one encompassing the back.

Sarutobi would've asked how she obtained such clothing, but the look he received from Naruto stopped that notion. The message was clear: don't try to understand it because you never will.

"Well, as I told you the previous night, here are the forms needed to have you legally become a citizen of the Leaf Village." Grayfia took a moment to fill them out with the necessary information before handing them back to the Hokage. "Now, considering the circumstances, I'm going to ask you to keep your devil features hidden. If they are discovered, we'll explain that it is simply a bloodline under your family's name."

"I understand, Hokage-sama," she replied. "But what about my place of origin? I left that blank since it would be unwise to note I'm from the Underworld."

"I have that covered as well. The Hidden Mist is currently undergoing civil war at this time, so it won't be hard to say you're simply a refugee escaping the war."

"Thank you for the consideration, Hokage-sama," she said with a bow.

"What about the Clan Heads and your council concerning me?" asked the Uzumaki.

"They are aware of your new status and we're only going to reveal that you're set to lead the Uzumaki Clan to the public. Considering the fact that your father made himself the most hated man in the Hidden Stone, we believed it'd be best to keep the knowledge of his connection to you to ourselves. We don't want to risk the Stone to reignite their old grudge with that knowledge."

"Got it. I don't think I'll take his name anyway. I've been Naruto Uzumaki my whole life, so changing it to Namikaze would be too strange for me."

"Understandable. Now, remember that your team placement is set for the end of this week. So, be sure to prepare yourself for that day."

The blonde nodded while Grayfia assured, "I'll make sure that Naruto-sama is well prepared for that time, Hokage-sama."

With that, the two left the elderly man alone to fill in the blanks on Grayfia's citizenship papers. Just as he finished and had his secretary go submit them, a familiar face jumped into the office via the window.

"Yo, old man!" greeted the boisterous voice of Anko Mitarashi, who was grinning at him with a dango stick acting like a toothpick in her mouth. "I'm here about that request I made of you last night."

After the Hokage had returned to his office from his meeting with Naruto's clone and Grayfia, he had been approached by Anko. Her request had surprised him, but he saw the benefits in it; especially for a certain Genin that showed a lot of promise.

"Yes, I thought it over this morning and I can see the merit in it. While Kakashi will be disappointed, he'll have to make do with the team I assign him." He pulled out a form from a folder that had been marked with a reminder and stamped it to make it confirmed. Handing it to her, he said, "As requested, I'm going to let you take over Naruto's training with him as your apprentice. You and he have similar problems and can work well together, so I'm expecting great things from the both of you, Anko."

She grinned brightly at him as she read the legal form in her hands. "Don't you worry, old man! I'll make sure to turn the gaki into one of the best damn shinobi this village has ever seen."

"Good. With you and Grayfia-san in his life, I can't wait to see what kind of man Naruto-kun will become."

She blinked at that. "Who now?"

"Ah yes, you weren't aware. Naruto has earned the trust of a woman named Grayfia and she has volunteered to become his personal maid, making her an Honorary Uzumaki. I believe she will also take an active role in his growth and help him learn to harness his own power."

"Oh really?" she asked with a slowly growing grin that showed a pair of wicked fangs. "Well, I suppose I'll have to pay them both a little…visit."

Before Sarutobi could say anything, she was gone. With a sweatdrop, he commented, "I hope she doesn't go overboard with that visit. From what I felt from her, Grayfia could no doubt give myself a lot of trouble…"

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