And then after a mammoth chapter, a baby one -sorry everyone but I do adore a cliffhanger!

Buffy stood, numbness stealing over her body. Faith had dropped to her knees, one hand stretched out to the cage in denial, tears streaming down her face. The caged vampire tore at the bars in fury, the smell of fresh human blood standing a mere few feet away infuriating the obviously starving vampire. Buffy could see that Angel's once muscular body was now thin and sickly. Burns and wounds covered his body and it even looked like some of his fangs were broken. His yellow eyes glared balefully at the two women and saliva dripped down his chin. He was the epitome of his demon.

Faith stood, rage on her face and her fists clenched.

"I'm going to kill them all!" Her harsh whisper filled the room and Buffy felt a chill run down her spine. Because she agreed. Leaving Angel there was one of the hardest things she had done but she was long done with being fair.

As one, Faith and Buffy spun and left the room at a run. Passing the room filled with weapons was the only thing that distracted her. With a harsh call of Faith's name, she motioned to the room and they slammed their way in, no longer caring about keeping secret. Snapping up an axe each and Faith tucked a mace into her belt, they raced back to the main room. Sensing a change in the air, several of the cages demons lifted their heads, their moans morphing to calls but the two slayers ploughed on. Screams still filled the air, but Buffy forced them away. Now was not the time to be feeling another creature's pain. Bursting into the room, they surprised the cowering demons and with barely a heartbeat gone, three of the demons were dead. Another beat and they were all just worm chow. Only two of the men were present in the room and one was cut down before he even managed to turn around. As he gurgled his last breath, the other spun with a cry.

But Buffy was on him in an instant. With the hilt of her dagger, she slammed his face, the sound of breaking bone sounding. She caught him as he fell and threw him across the room where he slammed into the cage. Bare arms shot out of the cage and the sound of tearing flesh and screams followed. Without stopping, Buffy darted around the portal and followed Faith into the other room. Only one man was there and he had aimed a weapon Buffy assumed, at their entrance. A bolt of light shot out and enfolded Faith, her body jerking as a cry was ripped from her body. She flew backwards and hit with wall with a sicking crunch. Buffy was on him in a second, her leg kicking out and slamming into his hand. Bones crunched and a scream followed, quickly cut off as Buffy followed up the kick with a roundhouse punch to the side of his head. She was on him the second he hit the floor, pulling him up and punching him repeated until his face resembled minced steak. Only when she was sure he was unconscious, did she drop him to the floor. A quick search found that the leader was not to be found so Buffy hurried back to Faith who was stirring.

"Fuck me, that hurt!" Faith groaned and pulled her shirt up to find that the hit had burnt her skin badly but it hadn't actually broken the skin.

Feeling her chest, Buffy was relieved to see that there were no apparently broken bones.
"I'm going to find the main guy Faith. Stay here" With a nod from Faith, Buffy strode back out to the portal room. As she entered the room, a foot appeared from the portal and the man she was looking for stepped out, a smug look on his face as he studied his machine in his hand.

"Pialoor, these readings are just.." words cut off as he was suddenly airborne. Crashing into the console on the other side of the room, Buffy could hear a snapping sound that signified that she had managed to break something. His gasping screams as he tried to scrabble for the weapon in his belt went unheard as Buffy came over and slammed her heel onto his fingers. More crunching sounds filled the room. Yet more screams until Buffy punched him square in the face.

"Now, here's how this will go. You will be a good boy and tell us everything we want to know, or I will toss you in the cage with your 'pet' and let him drain you dry." Her calm matter-of-fact voice chilled him to the bone. Here was someone who was just as cruel as himself and he was unable to prevent his bladder from voiding.

Satisfied, Buffy grabbed him by his collar and dragged him to an empty cage a few feet away. After stripping him of everything but his underpants, she literally threw him in the cage, taking a small amount of satisfaction at the sound of flesh and bones crunching on cage bars. She slammed the cage door shut, taking only a second work out how to lock it and tucked the key into her pants pocket. She heard Faith in the other room as she dragged the other unconscious man out. It was the thud and cry that had her spinning around. But Faith was okay, other than a horrified look frozen on her face. Her eyes met Buffy's and Buffy was shocked to see tears fall down the stoic woman's face. Buffy followed Faith's eyes and found her staring at the cage. The cage that had Buffy's heart literally stopping.

She never heard the scream that rang from her throat or felt the rough floor tearing at her knees as she ran and slid across the floor towards the cage on the low table.

All her attention was on the creature in the cage.

The writhing creature that was trapped in the beam of the portal creator.

Her creature.


Aw come on, I couldn't very well bring back Angel without Spike now could I? I'm sure EVERYONE knew what was going to happen! :D