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Timeframe: This story is going to take place fifteen years before the start of the Harry Potter storyline. In the Harry Potter part of the crossover it will only have been 12 years since a burst of accidental magic caused Female Harry to disappear from the Dursley home at the age of 4 in the year 1995, and wound up in the Hidden Elemental Nations after discovering information on her mother's family originally coming from there under the Uzumaki name, where she grows up as Kai Uzumaki and becomes a trained Shinobi and is later found by Zabuza and Haku. It will be the year 2007 when she gets found and dragged back for what would be her sixth year at Hogwarts and making her 17, instead of the year being 2004 in her fourth year and being 14 instead like in canon. I'm also moving the Triwizard Tournament into the sixth year time slot so she won't miss it. I'm also making it so that female Harry and everyone she would have known in Hogwarts in her first year are all born in the 1990's instead of the 1980's.

Author's Notes: I'm adopting this story from TheBlackSeaReaper who has recently put up a bunch of her old stories for adoption and has given me permission to adopt and try and continue a few of them. I'm going to post her old chapters up on my account and combining them into one single chapter, before continuing on with my own chapters for them. I won't change that much from the original version.

Update as of: November 17, 2016 - I've updated some things in this chapter. If you have already read the prologue chapter before now, then you should go back and reread it, because I have updated the prologue which is now 6,649 words longer than it was when it was first put up months ago, where the word count used to be 4,227 when it was first put up.

Next is what month and year it currently is. She's currently 16 right now when she gets pregnant, but please notice from the listed dates that she gets pregnant exactly on May 1, 2007 when she meets Team Kakashi, then her 17th birthday is coming up soon. Unless I have the year wrong.

As you must have also noticed from the Disclaimer, I've added the anime series known as Wolf's Rain as part of this crossover. Since the boss of her summoning contract is the ten tailed wolf demon (who I will name Muramasa), I decided to have some fun with some of the wolves that get summoned to her aid when she summons them. They will be the pack from the Wolf's Rain series and will keep their ability to take human form if they want to. They are like her second family and overprotective of her.

Second thing is that I removed the scene where Professor McGonnagal comes rushing into Dumbledore's office to tell him that Kai has suddenly been found. First the whole scene was too short, and second I want Kai to have a little more time before the wizards show up looking for her, so I moved the office scene to a different chapter. lol

Another thing is that I decided to make Remus Lupin a woman in this story. She will be married to Sirius Black, and they will have their own kids, to help start off the next generation of Maruaders. Her new name will be Reyna Black nee Lupin, and she'll still be a werewolf known as Moony.

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Word Count: 10,876

Summary: (HP!Naruto!WR xover) When she was 4, in an attempt to get away from the Dursleys abuse, a burst of accidental magic sent Makaila Potter into the Hidden Lands where she grew up. At age 16 and now known as Kai Uzumaki made a promise that she would help to continue their bloodlines. -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!FEMALE Harry) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny Weasley bashing)-

'Hi' - thinking
"§§Hi§§" - Parseltongue
"Hi" - Japanese
"Hi" - Demon Speaking
"~Hi~" - Mentally Speaking to Demon

A Shinobi, a Mother, and then a Witch
Originally Created By: TheBlackSeaReaper
Adopted By: Sakura Lisel

From a young age, before Kai Uzumaki ever entered the Hidden Countries, she was once known as Makaila Willow Potter, a young orphan girl with long bright red hair and emerald green eyes and dressed in raggedy clothes, and she was left in the 'loving' custody of her mother's sister, Petunia Dursley nee Evans, and her family when she was only just fifteen months old.

For the first three years of her life, Makaila barely remembered a moment when she was last happy, as all she could remember now was the misery she felt as time went by as she lived with her relatives, who barely fed her or showed her any other signs of affection. As soon as she was able to walk, they had put her to work doing chores around the household that Petunia didn't feel like doing herself, while her cousin Dudley was allowed to get away with anything he wanted and wasn't forced to do chores. If she was too slow in her tasks, she was punished by being hit by her uncles' belt, before being thrown inside of her 'bedroom', which was the cupboard under the staircase, with no food for a few days or longer.

One of the few times she had tried to ask her relatives about what had happened to her parents, the only thing they would tell her was that her parents were a pair of drunks and drug addicts who had gotten themselves killed when she was a baby in a drunken car accident, that had left her alive with the lightning bolt shaped scar on her forehead.

She remembered how her aunt always talked about the Uzumaki clan that her mother came from and how they too were freaks like her and also got themselves killed like her parents. She even remembered how back on July 16, 1995, when she was four years old after an incident with her cousin Dudley that left Dudley badly injured as a result.

In her panic to try and escape punishment for hurting Dudley, she had wished as hard as she could to be where ever her mother's clan was, not caring where they were as long as it was far away from the Dursleys as possible and that nobody would be able to find her to take her back to them, and a strange gold and black glow surrounded her body moments before a bright flash of white light filled the area she was in, and she soon found herself in the ruins of Uzushiogakure Village that was located in Whirlpool two weeks before her fifth birthday, where she encountered the ghostly inhabitants of the Uzumaki clan who haunted the ruins, who had been surprised upon seeing her arrival, though they welcomed her with open arms once they heard that she was one of them.

Makaila was later renamed as Kai Nuriko Uzumaki by one of the Uzumaki ghosts of and was taught the art of sealing for two years and other ninja arts, as well as give her the Uzumaki clans most precious treasure which was a animal summoning contract with Wolf summons that only those of Uzumaki blood were able to make a contract with.

Ten months after her arrival in Uzushiogakure, she was given the Okami (Wolf) summoning contract by the Uzumaki ghosts, to see if she had what it took to make a contract with the Wolves, and it had taken a few more weeks of training before she was finally ready. When she performed the summoning ritual, everyone had been expecting her to summon at least one of the lower level wolves of the contract, but to the shock of everyone she wound up summoning forth Muramasa, the legendary ten tailed Wolf demon who was also the leader of all of the wolf summons.

When it happened, Muramasa had at had first been shocked at being summoned, especially by a human child who was as young as Kai was, but at the same time he had been impressed that a mere five year old had somehow managed to have enough power to call him forth out of the contract, so he had readily agreed to allow the Summoning contract to become hers.

During their first meeting, Muramasa had also sensed some kind of dark energy radiating from Kai's forehead, and had used his demonic powers to remove what appeared to be a dark cloud of smoke, from the scar on her forehead, that had twisted and shrieked in anger as it tried to break free of Muramasa's grip on it, before the wolf demon easily destroyed within seconds. After that, they had ended their first meeting with Muramasa leaving her with the promise that he along with all of the summon wolves who were under his command would help her when she needed them, before he poofed away back home after they sealed the deal between them.

As time went by and her skills increased, she discovered that she had unique and unknown non-shinobi related skills that not even the ghosts of Uzushiogakure Village could explain away as being normal, which reminded her of the incidents from her time with the Dursleys, as she wondered if it was the same thing.

One of the skills she learned to master quickly was that she had the ability to transform into one of four animals. Her first animal she discovered by accident when she was training with some wolves she had summoned, and in a burst of bright light she somehow transformed into a black and white Direwolf pup with bright green eyes, in front of everyone. It had taken her awhile to change back to normal much to the amusement of the summon wolves and ghosts.

At the age of seven, Kai was almost discovered by Iwa Nins who were looking for scrolls and Justus that might have been left behind in Uzushiogakure Village, so she had to seal everything into a storage scroll and escape before she with what she could carry before the Iwa Nins could find her, and started wandering around learning new skills and techniques over the years, with the help of her Wolf summons who became like a second family to her.

By the time she was around fourteen years old, she was already well known around the Hidden Lands for her skills, which she used to earn money to keep her going, and it was around that time that she met Zabuza Momochi, and his apprentice Haku Yukimura who was only one year older than her, who took her in when he had learned what clan that she was from, and the trio became close friends as time went by, as the two men helped her train and hone her skills, while she used her skills to help them on their jobs, sometimes even using one of her different her animal forms to spy on their intended targets before reporting back to Zabuza and Haku whatever information she had gained.

By the time she was sixteen the Haku and Zabuza had taken on a job in the Land of Waves as mercenaries for a man name Gato, and that was when Kai started acting weird around the duo, with the two men noticing how she always looking sad when she looked at them when she thought they weren't looking her way as they prepared for their upcoming job, but she would never tell them what was wrong when they asked.

Then about two weeks into their job on February 29, 2007 out of the blue with no real explanation for why she was offering, she had surprised both Haku and Zabuza by offering to become a surrogate mother to their kids, saying that they would never know when they might be killed in battle, and offered them the chance to keep their bloodlines alive through her.

At first both Zabuza and Haku had flat out refused her offer, since neither man were interested in her in that way and didn't want to be intimate with her to get her pregnant, and didn't think it would be right to burden her with the extra responsibility, seeing how hectic their lives currently were, with them constantly on the run because of what the three of them did for a living.

But despite their arguments with her, she told them that she already had things planned out perfectly, as she proceeded to pull out some old Uzumaki clan scrolls that went into detail about a ritual that the three of them could perform that would impregnate Kai without either Haku or Zabuza even touching her, and would also ensure that she would definitely get pregnant with both men's children with no further problems. It had taken a lot of convincing from Kai before the two men finally gave in on doing the ritual with her.

On the night of March 1, 2007, the trio followed through with the ritual, and a few days later she took a pregnancy test that came up positive to show that she was indeed pregnant as planned because of the ritual, much to Kai's pleasure as the trio prepared for the upcoming job for Gato.

After her pregnancy had been confirmed, she had gathered blood and other DNA samples from both Zabuza and Haku and sealed them within special preservation seals and jutsus that would keep the samples fresh and uncontaminated until they were unsealed, so that when her babies were born she could use the samples to do a paternity test to find out which of her babies belonged to which of the two men.

With her pregnancy confirmed, Kai had reluctantly stepped out of the job, though she still did renascence for Zabuza and Haku in her animal forms, as they dealt with all incoming threats to their client, a group of ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village arrived after they had been hired by an elderly bridge builder named Tazuna who hadn't been in the village when Zabuza, Haku and Kai had first arrived two weeks ago.

It turned out that Tazuna had left the Land of Waves Village shortly before the trio had arrived, to look for outside help to deal with Gato, and for protection as he tried to build a bridge that would connect the Land of Waves village to the mainland in order to bring more commerce and economy to the small village.

The day Tazuna and Team Kakashi had returned to town, Kai had been out scouting the area in her white rabbit form, and hadn't been paying attention when she suddenly found herself scooped up by a whisker faced blond boy who was wearing a bright orange jumpsuit who started playing with her. At first she had panicked and struggled to get free, but she slowly calmed down as she let herself be petted by the boy, as she listened to the group as they talked amongst themselves.

The Shinobi team that Tazuna brought with him were a bunch of rookie Genins who were led by Kakashi Hatake, and she didn't learn that much about the group before Zabuza showed up and attacked the group, causing Naruto to drop her instantly as he went on the defensive instantly with his team, allowing Kai to get away during the fight.

Zabuza was nearly killed during their first encounter with each other if it wasn't for Haku's quick thinking with his senbon needles hitting pressure points on Zabuza's body that made it look like he was dead, that enabled them to fake Zabuza's death and take his body away and be revived, and the trio plotted their next course of action in dealing with Team Kakashi.

~-Land of Waves - March 19, 2007~-

It had been a long hard battle in the Land of Waves between Team Kakashi and the invaders of the tiny village they had been hired to protect from a man named Gato, who had hired two missing-nin named Zabuza of the Mist and Haku to assassinate the man Team Kakashi had been hired to protect. During the battle, Haku had been killed instantly trying to protect Zabuza from Kakashi's attack, only for Zabuza to badly injured trying to finish off Kakashi afterwards.

It was after the duo's defeat, that Gato showed up with a gang of thugs and fired Zabuza, saying that since both Zabuza and Haku had failed at what he had hired them to do, then the men he had hired and brought with him will do the job for them and kill all of them.

Zabuza wound up joining the insuing battle, since he no longer had any allegiance to Gato with the termination of his job, and Zabuza wound up getting fatally injured by Gato's thugs as he and Team Kakashi charged through the group taking down as many people as they could, before Zabuza dealt the killing blow on Gato himself and collapsed in a pool of blood from his injuries as the last of Gato's men ran off after their employer was killed.

Zabuza Momochi lay dying next to Haku's dead body after being carried over by Kakashi to where the younger man's corpse lay, while Kakashi knelt beside him waiting for him to die, after staring at Haku's body for a moment Zabuza focused his attention on Kakashi once more, as he struggled to speak.

"Kakashi… I need… another favor…from… you," Zabuza struggled to say as he was dying.

Kakashi looked at Zabuza with respect after everything the other man had done in the end and quickly replied, "What do you need, Zabuza?"

"There is… a girl… her name… is Kai… she's with… us…" Zabuza said as his words came out in short gasps, as he tried to get out what he wanted to say before he died, as he could feel his strength dwindling by the second as his heart started to slow down, "Kai… needs to go… to Konoha… watch her… make sure she's… safe. She is… carrying my… and… Haku's children. Twins…"

Before Zabuza could say anything else, he had died. Kakashi and the others were shocked by what they had heard, that Zabuza had another with him, as he wondered where this 'Kai' girl was and how they would find her, when a sudden noise caused all of them to spin around with their weapons ready for anything only to stop at the sight before them making its way from some nearby trees.

As the group watched in shock, a red haired girl with her long hair tied back into a braided ponytail, with emerald green eyes and was dressed in beige and black colored kunoichi uniform with four huge rolled up scrolls strapped to her back, suddenly appeared out of nowhere and walked up the bodies of Haku and Zabuza, moving past Team Kakashi as if the team wasn't even there as her eyes remained on the unmoving figures on the ground.

Kakashi was about to tell her to stay away when he noticed tears running down her face, as she pushed past him and knelt down on the ground in between the two bodies and gently touched both their faces, and Kakashi realized who the girl might be.

Kakashi wondered if this girl was the one that Zabuza asked him to take care of. So he asked, "Are you the one that Zabuza asked me to take to Konoha?"

"Hai, Kakashi-sama. I'm Uzumaki Kai; it's nice to meet you." The girl, Kai, said as she nodded as she finally turned her gaze on Kakashi as she wiped at her watering eyes before said, Would you be willing to take me with you to Konaha, as Zabuza-sama asked?"

Kakashi felt his eye widen at her last name. He was shocked that there was another Uzumaki out there, who survived the slaughter of the clan, but as he stared at the girl before him and got a good look at her face, he could only stare in shock at the resemblance Kai had with another woman he had once known who had been dead for over thirteen years.

"Hai, I would be willing to escort you to our village," Kakashi started to say, when he was suddenly interrupted.

Suddenly, Naruto popped up and exclaimed, "You're an Uzumaki too?!"

"Hai. I take it from your question, that your last name Uzumaki as well?" Kai answered with a small smile as she was glad that she had some family left in the world, as Naruto nodded his head excitedly at her question, "Then in that case, it's nice to meet you."

"That is so cool! I finally have a family!" Naruto shouted at the top of his lungs while running around like a mad dog, as a wide grin spread across his face as he stared at her, "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, it's nice to meet ya!"

While Naruto was dancing around, Kai took that time to heal Kakashi's injuries and make sure that he was alright. Between her and Haku, they were able to heal a lot of injuries that Zabuza sometimes gets. Kai is very good at performing healing Justus even though she had a huge amount of Chakra, which most of it is used for Chakra chains.

Kai went over to where the dark haired boy who fought Haku and started healing him with her medical jutsu as she slowly and carefully pulled out the senbon, and was done in a matter of minutes, before moving onto Sakura and Naruto and healing their own injuries as well.

Once everyone was successfully healed, Kai started digging graves for both Zabuza and Haku in an area that overlooked the ocean with Team Kakashi's help, and once the task was done, she took Zabuza's sword and Haku own collection of weapons and sealed them within her storage scrolls, saying that she would pass the weapons down to her kids in honor of the two men.

Later that night, while most of the residents were asleep, Kakashi, on the orders of the Hokage, questioned Kai about her past, what she learned, and what village did she belonged to before traveling with Zabuza. And Kai answered them all as truthfully as possible.

Kakashi, on the other hand, was shocked to learn that Kai was from outside of the barrier and that she was severely abused by her relatives before escaping them when she was four years old and somehow found herself transported into the Elemental Nations and into the old abandoned Uzushiogakure village where the Uzumaki clan once lived in. Then the Uzumaki ghosts who had raised and trained her in her clans fighting style, the arrival of Iwa Nins and her escape before she could be discovered by them, and then meeting up with Zabuza years later in her travels. Everything up until recently, when the ritual was performed back on March 1, 2007 with a boat load of seals that had been used to ensure that Kai would give birth to twins even though one kid had Haku's DNA and the other kid has Zabuza's DNA. When asked why they had picked that particular day to get her impregnated, she only said that she had wanted the pregnancy to be exactly nine months long, so that the twins would be born exactly just before or after the start of December of that year.

Kakashi shifted around in his seat uncomfortably as he stared uncertainly at Kai's still flat stomach for a moment just before he finally asked, "How far along are you into your pregnancy?"

"Almost three weeks now, Kakashi-sama," Kai answered honestly.

Kakashi gave her an eye smile and said, "It is safe to say: welcome to Konoha, Uzumaki Kai. I will send word to Hokage-sama."

"Thank you, Kakashi-sama. I would love to get the chance to get to know Naruto better since he is family," Kai exclaimed cheerfully, but not loud enough to wake anyone else in the house. It was Kai's dream and goal in life to see if there were any more Uzumakis in the world. Now she has three, one upstairs sleeping, and two more growing inside of her.

"Naruto would love that. But right now, I think it's time to go to bed and rest up. I don't want you be tired tomorrow or Naruto will have my head. That boy is already very protective of you and goodnight, Kai-chan." Kakashi said, before going to bed himself. But he was very happy that his sensei's son had a relative that isn't dead. He is going to do everything in his power to make sure that never happens.

"Goodnight, Kakashi-sama," Kai said before going to bed in the same room that she was sharing with Sakura.

~-A Week Later - March 26, 2007~-

Naruto, Kai, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi-sensei were standing before the road that leads to Konoha, saying goodbyes to their new made friends (except Sasuke as he still thought he was better than everyone else even after having his ass handed to him who was just as young as he was) and Tsunami giving last minute advice on being pregnant to Kai who was writing them down on a notepad with a pencil. Where she kept those things was a mystery as the clothes that she was wearing did not have any pockets on them.

As they started jumping through trees, Kakashi made sure that they took it easy as he did not want Kai to overdo it. Kai and Sasuke were talking as they were traveling, while Sakura was sulking as they traveled and shooting glares at Kai's back as jealousy filled her as she watched how Sasuke interacted with the redhead, when Naruto suddenly sped up to Kakashi who was ahead of the rest of the group.

"Kakashi-sensei, I was wondering if you could help me with something?" Naruto asked calmly, which was very unusual for him to do anything calmly.

"Depends, what do you need help with, Naruto?" Kakashi asked him curiously.

"I was wondering if you could get me some parenting books as I want to be the best dad to Kai's kids when they are born. Wait, before you say anything sensei," Naruto said, as he looked nervous for a moment as he answered seriously, then quickly continued talking when he saw the incredulous look Kakashi was now giving him because of what he had said, as a slight blush of embarrassment crept to his cheeks as he realized what he said might have sounded like to Kakashi, before giving the older man one of his trademark cheeky grins, "I know that Kai is my cousin, and I didn't mean it like that. But I can't help but feel somewhat responsible for those kids to grow up without their dads. So I want to make it up to them. I'll be a stand in dad for them, or at least their favorite uncle. I want to be able to help her take care of them. I want to be prepared when they are born. That doesn't sound stupid does it?"

"No it doesn't sound stupid, Naruto, and I am glad to hear that you seem interested in helping out Kai, despite the fact that the two of you haven't even known each other that long," Kakashi said after a few moments of silence, as he thought about what Naruto had just told him. Kakahi was truly surprised at what Naruto had requested, but he understood. No child or children in this case, should grow up without a father figure in their lives, yet Naruto was prepared to try and be a father figure to his newly discovered cousins unborn children at the age of thirteen. So Kakashi replied calmly, "I will get you the books so you can count on me for this matter. I believe that you are doing a great thing, Naruto, and I am those kids would not have a better father figure with any other person, other than you. I believe that Haku and Zabuza will be smiling down from wherever they are."

"Thanks, sensei!" Naruto exclaimed loudly, causing Kai and Sasuke to stop talking and look at Naruto curiously, but was told later what Naruto and Kakashi had been talking about, and the news had pleased Kai greatly when she heard what Naruto was planning to do to help her out with the twins once they were born.

Kakashi was thinking about what Naruto had just asked of him. It would have been the understatement of the year if he had said it shocked him to the core. He should have known though, Kushina would have done the same as well. He looked over to the tent that Kai Uzumaki was sleeping in peacefully and with Naruto sleeping at the entrance to make sure that no one could harm his cousin. Kakashi had already sent a couple of blood samples to the Hokage to compare them with Naruto's and he just received word that it was confirmed that Kai is definitely Naruto's cousin and a close one on top of that and also that Kai is pregnant.

Kakashi shook his head and stared into the burning coals. Naruto was not even thirteen years old and he wants to be a father. Kai, on the other hand, is almost seventeen years old and is going to be a mother of twins in about eight months. He will have to make sure that Kai, Naruto, and the twins are safe and doing well. Kakashi suddenly thought of the expressions that Konoha would have, once they see Kai. After all, Kai almost looked like a mini-clone of Kushina Namikaze (nee Uzumaki) when she was that age, with the only difference being between them was that Kushina's eyes had been a deep violet color compared to Kai's bright green eyes. That is going to so much fun to witness everyone in the villages' reaction when they saw her, that Kakashi couldn't wait as he smirked behind his face mask as the image over everyone's faces came to him.

Soon, the sun started to rise causing Kakashi to wake everyone up, so they could pack up and leave as they were only a half of a day away from the grates of Konoha.

"Kai-chan, let me carry one of those huge scrolls for you," Naruto exclaimed loudly, but Naruto did not wait for an answer as he had already snatched two of the scrolls from off of her back, before his eyes widen in shock as he nearly toppled over under the sudden weight of the two scrolls, as he settled one of them on the ground as he struggled with the weight of the second one as he pulled off his backpack and sat down on the ground as he tied the first scroll container on top of his backpack,, "What the heck? What's in these things that's making them so heavy?!"

"It's just my ninja storage scrolls that I keep all of my necessary supplies in. I had the casings surrounding them reinforced so that they won't get damaged so it makes them a little heavier than normal," Kai said with a slight shrug of her shoulders, as she frowned a bit at Naruto as the younger muttered 'a little heavier?!' under his breath, as he struggled with the scroll as he slung it over his back, as Kai started to reach for the second one he had left on the ground, "Thanks for the offer, Naruto-kun, but I'm used to their weight, so I can carry them…"

"No way! I said I'll help out and I will! If I can't handle a little extra weight then I wouldn't be a ninja!" Naruto said stubbornly, as he quickly reached down to grab the second scroll container, and slung it onto his back, tying it securely on top of the first scroll as he does so before pulling his backpack back onto his back as he struggled to his feet for a moment under the scrolls weight before steadying himself quickly, before turning his gaze back on the others once more as he flashed them the victory sign with his left hand as he took a few steps forward without any problems, "Ya see? No problems at all."

was already tying it to his backpack before Kai could even respond. Kai smiled at Naruto and soon they were traveling at their usual pace, jumping through trees.

"So what's in these scrolls, Kai-chan, that's making them so heavy?" Naruto asked curiously, but remained focused on his traveling.

Naruto's question got the attention of Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi. Sakura was trying to stay as far away from Kai as possible without getting into trouble with her sensei. Last night, during dinner, Sakura made the mistake of trying to bully Kai and make her give up her sleeping bag to Sasuke as he deserved it more than she did as it looked to be very soft. And Sakura believed that Sasuke should not sleep in a thin sleeping bag. And the results of trying to bully her, was not pretty.


Kai was busy setting up her camping gear near where Team Kakashi was, while talking with Naruto, as the two of them got to know each other better as Kai informed him everything she knew about his mother's family, when an enraged Sakura came storming over, looking jealously at the things that Kai was setting up for the night.

"Hey Uzumaki! I want a word with you." Sakura demanded rudely, cutting into Naruto and Kai's conversation, as the two duo turned their gaze upon the pinkette as Sakura stood directly in front of Kai with her arms crossed over her chest, as Kai's eyes narrowed a bit in irritation at the interruption while Naruto looked on worriedly, as he wondered what Sakura wanted as he glanced back and forth between the two girls.

"Excuse you, Haruno, but I believe that whatever you might have to say will have to wait, Haruno. If you hadn't noticed, Naruto and I were in the middle of a conversation," Kai said with a dismissive wave of a hand as she pointedly turned her back on the other girl to return to talking with Naruto, "Since you interrupted us, then whatever you want to say to me can wait until later…"

"No it can't wait! I don't care who you think you are, but that stuff you have looks to good for a little nobody like you. I want you to hand over your stuff." Sakura shrieked out shrilly, causing Kai to turn back to her once more, as her green eyes narrowed some more at what Sakura had said, as Naruto stared in shock at what Sakura had just said, while nearby both Sasuke and Kakashi were listening in as well, "I demand that you hand it over to someone who deserves it more than you."

"Excuse me? Who the hell do you think you are, kid, to be telling me what to do with my own belongings to someone who is more deserving of it? Who would that be exactly? You? Back off brat if you don't want to get hurt," Kai demanded as her eyes narrowed in anger at the impertinence of Sakura, as the two girls stared off with each other with neither one backing down from the others gaze, "It is none of your concern whether I 'deserve' my belongings or not. They are mine and mine alone, and a spoiled little brat like you have some nerve coming up to me and telling me to give it away. Respect your elders kid."

"It's not for me, it's for Sasuke-kun! He's the last Uchiha of Konoha and deserves only the best like what you have. Sasuke-kun deserves it more after everything we've been through so far," Sakura shrieked, causing Naruto to flinch a bit at the high pitch of Sakura's voice started to hurt his sensitive ears, as his confusion seemed to melt away into anger at how Sakura was acting towards his cousin, "You don't scare me, so just hand it over now so I can give it to Sasuke and…"

"No you back off, brat! It's not my problem if the other brat 'deserves' something more. You have a lot of nerve telling me what to do with my own belongings. I don't know what kind of people you've dealt with before, but if you think for a moment that I'm going to let you bully me, you have another thing coming, brat." Kai said with a scoff as she shot Sakura a scornful look, as she pushed herself to her feet so that the two of them were standing face to face now, though Kai stood a good foot taller than Sakura and had to look down at the younger girl, as she released some of her killing intent aura that caused Sakura to instinctively back up for a moment in fear, "Obviously someone should teach you a lesson in manners concerning other people since your parents lacked in doing it if you think you can go around demanding stuff from people and expecting them to do it just because you said so."

"Why I…" Sakura started to say only to be cut off.

"Sakura back off! Kai doesn't have to give you shit concerning that teme." Naruto exclaimed angrily, causing Sakura's rant to cut off as she stared in shock at the blond boy as he started to get off the ground to stand at Kai's side protectively, as he glared back at the pinkette, "Like she said, you have no right to demand anything from her if she doesn't want to give the teme her stuff."

"Here now, everyone. Why don't all of you calm down?" Kakashi said as he starts to make his way over to the trio with Sasuke right behind him, as Kakashi's single eye narrowed in concern as he felt the killing intent that was radiating off of Kai's body, as he had a feeling that if he didn't do something to defuse the situation soon things were about to get messy.

"NARUTO NO BAKA! HOW DARE YOU!" Sakura shrieked angrily, not believe that the blond dobe had the nerve to not only get in her way, but also defend his so called 'cousin' over her, as she automatically launched a punch in his direction with all intents of doing bodily harm to the other boy.

Before Naruto could react, just as Sakura's fist was about to connect with his face, Sakura's incoming fist is quickly intercepted by Kai's left hand, which easily catches the pinkettes swing and stops it in its tracks much to the shock of everyone there, before Kai moved quickly, lashing out with her knee to connect with Sakura's stomach, knocking the breath out of the younger girl as Sakura doubled over from the force of the kick, while still Kai proceeded to use her free hand to grab Sakuras arm and pulled, lifting upwards as she sends Sakura high up in the air in one throw to land hard on her back with a loud thud, as Kai twisted Sakura's arm behind her.

"One warning, little girl. Don't you dare hit Naruto for any reason, you brat. You have no right to do so. In fact, you have no right to hit anybody at all unless it's in battle, nor do you have the right to demand somebody who you don't even know give up their personal belongings to another," Kai hissed out in anger, as her eyes narrowed to the point that they almost seemed to become cat like slits as she glared at the other girl who cowered in fear for a moment, as she gave Sakura's arm a sharp twist, causing Sakura to cry out in pain for a moment, as Kai glanced up briefly at the rest of the Sakura's team to see that they had pulled out their weapons and looked like they were about to attack if she seriously hurt Sakura, though Naruto hadn't moved from his spot on the ground and was just staring in shock at the two girls, as Kai continued to speak, "I'll let you go with a warning for now, if you behave. Stay out of my way or else you'll get hurt, plus Naruto's my family now, so you might not like what I'll do to you if I catch you hitting him for any reason other than when the two of you are training together."

~-End Flashback~-

After the one sided fight, Kai proceeded to really tear into Sakura verbally as she released the younger girls arm, telling Sakura that the next time she caught Sakura trying to hit Naruto for any reason that didn't involve training, she would end the pinkette in the most painful way. Then proceeded to tell Sakura exactly how fan girls were really seen in the real world and how she should quit being a Shinobi while she is still alive as she was weak and pathetic and Kai also, focused her KI on the girl while the speech. It was too much for the fan girl to handle.

When Sakura complained to Kakashi and Sasuke, expecting them to do something about Kai, Kakashi and Sasuke both told her that Kai was right and that she needed to open her eyes and look around her.

"The two scrolls that I'm carrying are storage scrolls and both belong to our clan, along with money I've earned over the years as well as money Zabuza and Haku left me in charge of that is I guess is now mine since they are dead." Kai smiled softly and answered her cousin, taking a moment to think about her answer as she glanced at the two scrolls Naruto was carrying to make sure which ones he had with him before she gave her answer, as she reached up to brush a lose strand of red hair out of her eyes for a moment as she spoke, "And the scroll that you are carrying, Naruto, is a summoning scroll of the wolves and that too, belongs to the Uzumaki clan alone, while the second one you have all my weapons and gear sealed inside them. Keeping everything sealed up in scrolls makes traveling easier."

Kakashi was surprised even though he did not show it as he spoke up, "I have heard the rumors that there was a Wolves' summoning contract, but I did not really believed them until now."

Sasuke took this time to say something that he just thought of, "How come there isn't more people with that contract?"

Sakura was silent as she was thinking of a way to have her mother, who is on the villages Civilian Council force the red haired bitch to give that contract to Sasuke who deserves it more than their stupid clan. So she was not paying any attention to what Kai had to say next.

Kai smiled at Sasuke and answered in a serious tone, "The wolves first made the contract with the first Uzumakis as they showed the characteristics that they were looking for and the wolves made sure that only people who have Uzumaki blood in their veins, would be able to summon them. Anyone else who doesn't have Uzumaki blood in them who tried wouldn't get a response at all." Kai said cheerfully as a light chuckle escaped her lips as she saw the incredulous looks on the faces of her cousin and his teammate at her news as she quickly continued speaking before anyone could voice another question to her, as her smile widens a bit more, "And even then, they are very picky on who they let summon them. Even though at first they seemed to be very bloodthirsty and obsessed with fighting, but once you get to know them, they are as gentle as anyone can be, and can be very loyal and protective to the one who summons them."

Upon hearing that only Uzumaki's could sign the Wolf contract, Sasuke immediately looked downhearted at the news, because he had been hoping for the chance to sign the contract himself so he can use the power of the wolves in his quest for vengeance against his brother Itachi.

'Maybe there is another way I can use the wolf summoning contract, even if it means I have to work with Naruto's cousin to reach my goal against Itachi,' Sasuke thought silently to himself as he half listened to what was going on around him, as he tried to come up with a plan, 'Having a wolf summoning contract would be perfect against Itachi… Not ot mention the power it would bring the Uchiha clan…'

"Wait, so if only Uzumakis can control the Wolf summoning contract, does that mean I have a shot at becoming a holder of the contract as well?!" Naruto exclaimed after a few moments of thinking over exactly what Kai had just told all of them, as excitement filled his voice at the idea of having Wolves at his beck and call, as he stared hopefully at Kai for a moment, "Can I please try and sign the contract as well?"

"Of course you can sign the contract. It's as much yours as it is mine, but I'm not promising anything on what the end results would be. If you get accepted, you will get a copy of the contract to pass down through your side of the family," Kai said as she smiled reassuringly at Naruto for a moment, as she saw the excited look on his face that seemed to make his face light up as she continued to speak, "It will be solely the packs choice on whether or not they will accept you as a contract holder, so I'm warning you right now to not be too upset if they don't pick you."

Finally with only fifteen minutes away from the gates, Kakashi decided it was for the best if they walked the rest of the way there. As they walked, Naruto was practically jumping up and down as he asked excitedly, "Did you summon the Boss already?"

Kai chuckled as she answered, "Hai! I had to summon Juubi to finalize the contract."

(In this story, Juubi does exist, because the Six Path Sage only used half of Juubi's Chakra to create the nine tailed demons and then he somehow put the ten-tailed wolf in the summons world to be only used as a summons.)

Kakashi nodded as he was trying to think of where he had heard the name of Juubi before. It sounds so familiar.

Naruto just heard Kyuubi shout, "~NANI?!~" giving him a slight headache.

~-Konoha Village - March 26, 2007~-

After a few hours of traveling later, the small group finally reached the large front gates of Konoha and after they checked in with the guards, Team 7 and Kai made their way to the Hokage Tower. As they were walking, a lot of people were stopping and pointing at Kai, and whispering to each other. There were a few civilians that had also fainted at the sight of the Kushina-look-alike. For once, Kakashi did not have his perverted orange book out in front of his nose; he was just enjoying the reactions of the villagers, as he chuckled a bit at everyone's reactions at seeing Kai walking down the streets with him and his team.

As the Hokage called for them to enter, they walked in and saw that the Hokage was not alone. Standing in front of him was a Kunoichi with revealing clothes on and purple pupilless eyes, while standing off in the corner were three other shinobi wearing animal masks who were standing guard.

The woman looked like she just had a heart attack as she stared at Kai, she slowly asked, "Kushina-sensei?"

"I'm sorry, but you've mistaken me for someone else because that is not my name," Kai said calmly, as she stared at the older woman in confusion for a moment.

The Kunoichi looked closer at Kai for a few moments taking in all of Kai's features before she finally nodded her head in agreement to what Kai had told her and said, "Your right. You're not Kushina-sensei, you are too young and your eyes are the wrong color. Sorry about that, but you look so much like her. Say, what's your name, girly?"

Kai introduced herself, "I'm Uzumaki Kai. May I ask your name?"

"Name's Mitarashi Anko, the Snake Mistress of Konoha," Anko also introduced herself.

The Hokage cleared his throat as to get on with the meeting, "It's nice to meet you, Uzumaki Kai-chan and welcome to Konoha. My name is Hiruzen Sarutobi, and I am the Third Hokage of this village."

"Thank you for the warm welcome, Hokage-sama," Kai said smiling a bit happily as she bowed courteously to Sarutobi before standing back up straight to face Sarutobi once more.

As they entered, only Kakashi, Naruto, and Kai could enter after Kakashi told the other two to go home and take the week off for vacation, before they started training again. Sitting behind the desk was the Hokage. He was a short old man, who looked like he wanted to burn all of the paperwork in front of him on the desk. Kai could have sworn that the stacks of paperwork were breeding and that they were alive.

Kai smiled and responded in a respectful tone as she bowed to the Hokage, "Thank you for allowing me to come and live in Konoha with Naruto, Hokage-Sama."

"Since you are here, we did a blood test using the blood samples Kakashi sent ahead of your arrival to see if you were lying, but as it turns out that you and Naruto are first cousins." The Hokage asked her, as he continued speaking after waiting to see what Naruto and Kai's reaction to the news was, "And I understand that you are pregnant with twins, Kai-chan?"

Kai nodded and explained how it happened and everything that leaded up to that. Kakashi then told the Hokage what Zabuza asked him to do.

Hokage nodded and then asked in a curious tone, as a worried look appeared on his wizened features as he stared at her for a moment in concern, "What are you planning to do while you are here? I am not going to allow you to become a Shinobi while you are pregnant."

"I haven't decided yet. I'm going to wait until my pregnancy is over before I decide if I'll sign up to become a shinobi of the village if that ever happens. These two will need all of my attention for the foreseeable future, and will need me a lot more," Kai said after thinking for a few moments before finally answering him as a small smile appeared on her face as she glanced over at Naruto who stared back at her with wide eyes, as she reached down with one hand to lightly touch her flat stomach, "Though while I'm on hiatus, I am planning to teach Naruto-Kun the ways of Uzumaki clan as I have the scrolls of our once great clan. It's past time that he learns about his mother's legacy and be properly trained in our clans arts, as well as train the twins once they are old enough to learn."

The Hokage's eyes widen when he heard that she has the Uzumaki clan scrolls with her. He asked her, "May I ask how you got those scrolls, Kai-chan? I have sent many Shinobi out to Uzushiogakure (Whirlpool) to collect those scrolls for Naruto, but they always came back empty handed."

Kai tilted her head to the side, before she thought of something, so she asked, "Did you have an Uzumaki on one of those teams that you sent to Uzushiogakure (Whirlpool)?"

The Hokage shook his head.

Kai then explained, "Only a person with Uzumaki blood could have seen the seals that stored the scrolls. That's why your teams came back empty handed."

"That makes senses. Now that we have that settled, we need to think of your future living arrangements. Naruto has an apartment that he resides inside of, but it is far too small for both of you to reside there as well as raise two young babies when they are born," The Hokage said slowly as he thought about it for a few minutes before an idea hit him, as he pulled open a drawer in his desk and started writing something down as he talked to two of his Anbu guards in a low whisper and handed them the slip of paper he had written on and they nodded their heads in agreement before they left the Hokage office. Turning back to Kai and Naruto, he told them in a happy tone as the duo looked confused at what the Hokage had just done, though they kept their full attention on him as he spoke, "I think that the two of you should move into an empty clan compound, so that your twins, Kai-chan, can have a good place to grow up in. I will have Tenzo-san escort the two of you to your new home. Plus don't worry about your things, Naruto-Kun, I will have some of my ANBU move your things there so that you will have them on the property by the time you get there. Later today I will have someone bring you some paperwork to fill out along with the deed to the property to give the Uzumaki clan full ownership of the clan compound once the paperwork has been turned in and registered."

"Thanks a lot, jiji!" Naruto ran up to the Hokage and hugged as tight as possible, while Kai bowed and said thanked him as well.

The ANBU had stepped out of the shadows and motioned for the two to follow him to their new home. Kai studied the ANBU carefully, the ANBU was male, he was tall, his mask was blank, and he had a nice built body. Fighting down the blush that was trying to make its way up to her face. Being pregnant sucks, especially when it messes with your hormones.

Naruto and Kai were led to a clan compound that was right next to a dangerous training grounds that are known as Training Ground 44 or rather the Forest of Death. Tenzo had stuck around to make sure that everything was in order for them to live there.

Since, Kai and Naruto are going to be living so near to a dangerous place, Kai went around the compound walls to see if the seals were still holding up and keeping the dangerous animals away.

It was getting later in the afternoon, when Naruto decided that Kai should eat the world's best ramen and was bugging her to do so.

It was around the same time that Tenzo decided to leave, but he turned to Kai and said, "Kai-chan, if there is anything that you need, but its too difficult, please call for me and I will help you anyway possible. Have a wonderful day, Kai-chan, Naruto-san."

Before Kai could thank him for his offer, Tenzo had disappeared. And Kai told Naruto to lead the way to the ramen.

"Hey, Teuchi-jiji, Ayame-nee-chan, I'm back from my mission," Naruto called out excitedly when they entered the small ramen stand.

A blur crashed into Naruto and it turned out to be Ayame who Naruto told Kai all about. Ayame was hugging Naruto, and had his head between her breasts. Kai giggled at the sight.

Ayame blinked at the sight of a giggling girl. The newcomer had fiery red hair, and emerald green eyes. Ayame asked, "Who are you?"

Kai stopped giggling and introduced herself, "I'm Uzumaki Kai, Naruto's cousin."

An old man stepped out from the back, just in time to hear who she was. He repeated, "Cousin?"

Kai nodded, "I just found out about Naruto here, just about three weeks ago. I did not know that I had anymore family around, but I'm very glad that I do have."

Ayame eyed Naruto as she was making the ramen that Naruto ordered and asked, "What happened during your last mission?"

As two large bowls of steaming ramen was set down in front of them. Naruto began telling them all about their mission to Nami no Kuni (Land of the Waves). By the time that they were leaving, Ayame and Kai were on the road to becoming the best of friends. Ayame began crying when Kai said that since she was considered a sister to Naruto, that Ayame is going to a wonderful Aunt to her unborn children.

When Naruto and Kai made their way back to their new home, Kai spoke up, "Tomorrow morning, Naruto, I will be training you in the ways of an Uzumaki Shinobi."

"I can't wait! Thank you, Kai-nee-chan! I'm going to kicking ass soon," Naruto yelled out cheerfully, causing Kai to laugh and smile at his cheerful ways. Kai was just glad to have found Naruto. Life will never be dull again. Her personal sunshine.

To be continued...

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