Things of the Past
Chapter 1

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"Noooo, I don't wanna go, Zarbon-san!" the little, blue-haired girl in his arms wailed. He smiled at her reassuringly.

"It'll be okay, Bulma-chan. Afterall, I'll be back for you and ChiChi at three o' clock," the green-haired man told her. He gripped the little black-haired girl's hand beside him as the three continued to walk towards the class.

He loved the two girls as if they were his own sisters. Many thought that his job as a "babysitter" was tedious and servant's work, but he would have it no other way. Some ignorant people even thought that he got stuck with the job because he was only seventeen years old. People always asked him how Frieza's right-hand man got stuck with such a task, but in all actuality, he had requested from Frieza to watch over the Aisujin's two adoptive daughters. Frieza was, afterall, a very busy man, so he couldn't devote all of his time to the little girls.

Bulma loved Zarbon, too. In her mind, he was nothing short of her big brother and he liked that she thought of him that way. ChiChi loved him just as much.

"Zarbon-san, why do we have to come here again?" ChiChi asked, looking up at him with wide, ebony eyes. He smiled down at the little five year old.

"This is the most prestigious school in the universe. You'll get nothing short of the best education available here. You'll be smarter than all hell!" He told the little girl and she giggled, jumping up for him to hold her on his other hip. He complied and picked her up and placed her opposite Bulma who was resting contently on his right side.

"Uh-oh! Zarbon-san said a bad word!" Bulma tsked. Zarbon made a shocked expression before laughing.

"Shh, don't tell your dad!" he told her, speaking of Frieza. She giggled and nodded. As they reached the classroom, he set the two five year olds down and held their hands. He knelt down beside them.

"Plant me one right here," he said, tapping on his right cheek. Bulma giggled again and stood on her tip-toes to kiss him on his cheek.

"And you, too, little lady," he said to ChiChi. She reached over and kissed him on his other cheek. He smiled and stood up.

"Have fun today and Bulma, please don't correct the teachers too much. It embarrasses them to be out-smarted by a five year old," he informed her with a chuckle. She puckered out her lower lip.

"It's not my fault that I'm a genius!"

He smirked pridefully. "Yeah... okay, girls, in you go. I'll be back at three o' clock."

They nodded and skipped inside the classroom to be greeted by their two instructors. Zarbon smiled and shook his head, turning to leave.


"I'm the prince! Tutors should have to come to ME," a little boy frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. He wore regal Saiyajin armor with the crest of Vegetasei over his left chestplate.

The bald man next to him and the little boy on the other side of him both looked at the stubborn boy.

"This is the best school there is, Prince Vegeta. All of the excellent tutors are here," the older, bald man replied.

The little prince "hmph'd" in return and continued walking towards the classroom.

Universal Junior Institute, or UJI, was reserved strictly for royalty and nobility of the universe. It contained the best intructors in the universe and also had the best facilities. Children from the age of five through fifteen attended it. At age fifteen, they graduated junior school and continued on to high school until they were eighteen.

When the prince and his caretaker reached the room, Vegeta scowled at all of the "weaklings" the room contained.

"Well, Kakkarot, it seems we're the only people in here with worthy blood," Vegeta told his friend arrogantly. Upon hearing this, another little boy turned at glared at them. Vegeta noticed he had the name "Krillin" written across his t-shirt.

Kakkarot snickered and turned to the caretaker.

"Goodbye, Nappa!" he said as he and Vegeta entered the classroom.

Nappa nodded at the two boys and turned to leave. He passed another man with two children at his side. One was a little girl with blonde hair and the other was a little boy with black hair. They both had the same bright, blue eyes.

"Bye-bye, daddy!" the blonde-haired girl said before hugging her father. The father wore a purple cape over his clothing.

"Goodbye, Juuhachigou," he said. He turned and ruffled his son's hair before bidding him goodbye, as well.


"Alright, children, take a seat, please!" one of the instructors said loudly. The children complied and each selected a seat.

"Here at UJI, we don't believe in over-crowding classrooms. Each class has only eight children, so that you may each get the special attention you need to receive the best education possible," the man said, looking at each of them as a few nodded. "Now, let me start by introducing you all before we start to work, okay?"

"First off, we have Miss Bulma and Miss ChiChi, princesses of Aisusei," he said and the two girls raised their hands to indicate them being present. The teacher nodded with a short thank-you before continuing.

"Next, we have Mr. Krillin and Mr. Yamucha, prince and nobleman of Chikyuusei." Krillin and Yamucha each raised their small arms into the air.

"Miss Juuhachigou and Mr. Juunanagou, princess and prince of Adajinzounsei, are you present?" he asked, looking through the rows of seats.

"Here!" the little blonde girl said and her brother raised his hand.

"Good, good. And lastly, we have Mr. Vegeta and Mr. Kakkarot, prince and nobleman of Vegetasei."

Kakkarot raised his hand and pointed at Vegeta when the little prince refused to lift his arm. The instructor nodded at the two of them before setting his rollcall sheet down on the desk. He sat atop his desk and rested his orange arms in his lap.

"Now, my name is Professor Lackin. I'm sure you've realized by now that you're each from the Four Rule planets and as such, your lessons will be more complicated than the other children's of this school," he paused as Vegeta groaned while Bulma made a giddy noise of happiness, "Also, because of that reason, you will all be together in one class for your entire stay here at UJI. That is, until you graduate at age fifteen, so you had better get along with each other."

Bulma nodded happily. She was just excited to be getting more challenging work. Her father had told her and ChiChi about the Four Rule planets before they had came to UJI. There were four planets in the universe which ruled over all the others. They had the best of something or another and reigned cooperatively together.

Aisusei was the ruling planet of every planet in the universe, its ruler being the strongest person in the universe: Frieza. Aisusei was located in the North quadrant of the universe and was a cold, icy planet.

Vegetasei was located in the South quadrant and was home to the strongest race of people in the universe: the Saiyajin. They were cruel and cunning and because of such, nobody was brave enough to mess with them. Bulma had been told by her father that it was a hot planet consisting of reds and pinks.

Adajinzounsei had the best technology around and it was the Androids that lived on that planet. It was in the East quadrant and Bulma loved the weather there--it was just warm enough, but not too hot.

Lastly, Chikyuusei, in the West quadrant, was the planet with all of the goods and minerals which were traded around the universe. It was almost as beautiful as it was valuable, Bulma thought, with the pretty blue sky and cool breeze.

"Psst," Juuhachigou whispered, catching Bulma's attention. Bulma looked at her questioningly.

"I'm Juuhachigou, you're Bulma? Frieza's daughter?" she asked and Bulma nodded and held out her hand to shake. Juuhachigou complied and smiled brilliantly.

"That's great! I hardly ever get to play with other girls my age, just stupid Juunanagou over there," she nodded with her head towards her brother. Juunanagou turned and stuck his tongue out at his sister.

Bulma giggled and pointed at ChiChi, "This is my sister, ChiChi."

Juuhachigou whispered a "Hi" to ChiChi who smiled in return. They each turned back to the front of the class where Vegeta was insulting the teacher.

"So, basically, you're trying to tell me that baldy's planet supplies some important mineral?" the little prince asked with sarcasm reserved for a Saiyajin. The teacher sighed dramatically.

"Prince Vegeta, respect your classmates, please," Professor Lackin berated him. Vegeta snickered and leant back into his chair. Bulma frowned and shook her head, not too happy about having a troublemaker in the class.


"Zarbon-san!" Bulma squealed and jumped into the arms of her 'big brother.' He smiled and ruffled ChiChi's hair.

"How was your first day of school, girls?" he asked as he began walking out of the class.

"Oh, it was great!" ChiChi exclaimed and Bulma nodded feverishly.

"Yes! We learned lots of great stuff, but that Prince Vegeta does nothing but cause trouble," Bulma chimed in. Zarbon nodded and stopped as he reached the Teleporter. It was a device just recently invented by the King of Adajinzounsei that allowed one to simply step inside and enter the coordinates of a location on any planet in the universe and be transported there immediately. It was extremely handy in the sense that UJI was located in the center of the universe and anyone could go to school there without it taking months for them to reach the school.

"Well," Zarbon began as the three of them stepped inside the Teleporter, "You'll just have to tell me all about it then, won't you? I'm sure your father would love to hear, too."

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