Things of the Past
Chapter 11
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Three quick knocks sounded at Frieza's door and ChiChi ran to answer it. Juunanagou, Juuhachigou, Krillin, Yamucha, Bear-chan and Kakkarot all came dashing into his quarters and Frieza sputtered.

"What are you all doing in here?! Get out at once!" he yelled. They all stood unabashed and he slanted his eyes dangerously.

"Where's Vegeta and Bulma?!" Juuhachigou asked frantically. ChiChi shrugged. Juunanagou took it upon himself to sit down at Frieza's desk, causing the white lizard to protest.

"I can't believe this!" Yamucha exclaimed, everyone ignoring Frieza, much to his displeasure. I get no respect, he thought to himself.

"I never thought that Vegeta and Bulma would be like THAT!" Krillin chuckled. He seemed to be the only one to find humor in the situation. Just then, Zarbon, King Vegeta and Queen Mahia burst into the room. Frieza sighed exasperated.

"Why is everyone in my room?!"

"Your daughter brainwashed my son!" King Vegeta shouted, pointing a finger accusingly at Frieza.

"Your SON ruined MY WEDDING!" Zarbon retorted angrily.

"By the way, dear," Queen Mahia turned to ChiChi, "You look just marvelous in that dress!"

ChiChi beamed. "Oh, really! Juuhachigou picked it out."

"Well, you helped me!" Juuhachigou chimed in.

"I think you look great, too, Chi!" Kakkarot grinned and ChiChi blushed. The other males present glared at the four and they quickly quieted down. The room was suddenly very crowded and the silence was very unbearable.

"Look, everyone," Frieza began, "I think we should just let Bulma and Vegeta be." Everyone looked at him as if he had just entered the room.

"Well, Vegetasei isn't even part of the Four Rule Order anymore!" Juunanagou said. Mahia nudged her mate and he rubbed his side while glaring at her.

"Ahem, okay, whatever. We'll be part of the Order again," he gushed out, rolling his eyes. He held his hand out to Frieza and they shook wrists. Juuhachigou clapped gleefully, but was interrupted as Bulma and Vegeta entered the room. They looked surprised.

"Oh, wow... was there supposed to be a meeting or something?" Bulma asked while blushing. Everyone turned to glare at her and the Saiyajin Prince.


Juunanagou had a man-to-man talk with Zarbon and finally made the Zarbajin realize that he truly did only love Bulma as a sister. Zarbon had slowly begun to support Bulma and Vegeta's union though he was still somewhat hurt. Over time, he and Bulma had regained their sibling-like bond and it was stronger than ever.

Krillin finally talked Juuhachigou into marrying him, with much effort. She had insisted that such a ritual was stupid, but with his charming personality, had finally been unable to resist. They were currently residing on Chikyuusei as King and Queen.

Kakkarot and ChiChi had been happily married not too long after the whole incident. Kakkarot moved to Aisusei and the Aisusei Princess and he had a small palace built strictly for them not too far away from the main palace, much to Frieza's insistence.

Yamucha had met a pretty young thing on Chikyuusei and they were engaged with one child on the way already.

Bear-chan and Chris had moved to Vegetasei, so Bear-chan could be nearer to Bulma. Chris had begun training with Radditz and Turles as they had taken it upon themselves to "help a man in need."

The Four Rule Order had become steady once again. King Vegeta had agreed to try Krillin's idea of taxes and it was working out great so far. Queen Mahia made sure to keep her mate in line, so he wouldn't lose his temper again.

As for Bulma and Vegeta, well... they had become mates, naturally, and were living on Vegetasei together. Their first son was also on the way.

The gang kept up-to-date on all visits and they often had group gatherings, staying in much better touch than they had for the past ten years. All was well in the Order once again and hopefully, it would stay that way.
The End
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