Such A Sweet Face CH.1

I'm not sure why I'm doing this, but with Twisted Passing nearing completion, I wanted a new story in a fandom that I've been apart of since last year.

I'm not REAL sure where I'm going to go with this, but I really wanted to contribute to the fandom. So, please don't be too hard on me, yeah?

So… Without further adue….

"Wow, trapped in a crumbling building with one of your town's superheros must be a sight. Pawsitively the best ending to the purrfect day, oui?"


Adrien sighed when he felt water run down his nose, making him look up at the clouded sky with a grimace. He wasn't entirely sure if it was because of Plagg or not why he began to hate rain so much. Maybe, it was the nights endlessly patrolling as Chat Noir when it was pouring the rain had finally taken his role on him.

But, Ladybug was there so, Adrien assumed it made worth it.

Currently, Paris' said superhero was sitting through his own form of torture, modeling. Oh, how he hated it all. The constant posing, random diets he really didn't need, and the stupid photoshoots, like the one he was at now.

Not to mention how dark the sky was getting. How on earth was this man supposed to get a decent shot in a few minutes? It looked like the sky was caving in on itself.

With an disinterested sigh, Adrien placed his head on his hand and looked up to the cloudy sky, occasionally watching some droplets fall out of his view. His thoughts began to drift back to his partner. Her vibrant blue eyes, her adorable dark pigtails that contrasted nicely to the red in her suit. That smile that seemed to take his breath away each time he saw it.

Ahh, he was completely taken with her.

The photographer began to complain about the teen's lack of attention to his shots, but naturally Adrien wasn't even paying attention to his rantings. His mind already swept up in the wonder that was his Ladybug.

"Adrien! Adrien, would you please- Ugh. Pay ATTENTION!" The man's pleas went unheard by the teenager sitting on the stairway looking up at the sky. "Please! We need to get this done- It...It's beginning to rain!"

He felt himself smiling dreamily despite of the rain beginning to sprinkle from above. It dripped onto his chin, his cheeks, sometimes even his eyelids, but all Adrien could think about was the strong, confident, female superhero that ran atop buildings with him nearly everyday.

The photographer seemed to notice the boy's daydreaming expression and quickly wiped off the lense of his camera and set up a shot. "Goodness, don't you move! It's perfect! That dreamy look, that longing! Ahh~ The fan girls will LOVE this!"

Adrien felt a tug at his pant leg and subtly looked down to see the bright green eyes of his Kwami inside his schoolbag staring back up at him, his tiny face showing annoyance.

"Adrien, can't we go yet? I'm hungry and it's beginning to rain!" The cat creature pawed near Adrien's shoe making the teen subtly glance at the photographer who was still preparing the shot. Good, the man didn't see anything.

With a slight nod of his head, Adrien stood, grabbing his bag and placing it quickly onto his shoulders, just as he took his first step, a loud explosion emitted from across a row of buildings.

Both Adrien and the man looked back at the crumbling building bringing a cloud of dust and rubble with it as it fell. Screams echoed through the pavilion making Adrien's face twist in determination.

With haste, he quickly ran out of sight from anyone, choosing to change within an alleyway just to the left of the photo agent. He opened up his bag, allowing the black kwami to fly up to him with the same determination as his chosen.

"Plagg, claws out!"

As he lept up from the alley, as Chat Noir, of course, he briefly heard the photographer mourning about his missed shot.

He hoped Ladybug was on her way.


"Marinette, this is totally your opportunity to get Adrien to notice you! Think about it! You, him, alone, at the masquerade ball next week. It'll be perfect! Plus, I heard that Ladybug and Chat Noir are going to be there too! Oh, this is going to be wonderful for my blog!" The tan friend squealed slightly at the thought, clutching her Ladybug themed phone close to her chest.

The pigtailed girl grinned nervously at her excited best friend, even scratching at the side of her face. "Alya, I don't really think a ball is for me… and...and ADRIEN? I mean, he has Chloe. Why would he want to go with someone like me?" She fiddled with her hands, looking at them sadly before her redheaded friend grabbed her shoulders.

Said best friend placed a hand on her hip and looked at the other. "Uh, because Adrien isn't attached at Chloe's hip. Come on, Marinette! Adrien would be lucky to go to that ball with you. Besides, it's not as if Chloe or Adrien will know who you are. " Alya leaned down with a terrible grin and whispered in the girl's ear. "That is unless you WANT him to know who you are ~" She gave Marinette an elbow to the side, playfully winking at her.

Marinette felt her face turn red at the statement and she gave her friend a light push in response. "No, no! If I'm going, I'm going completely incognito. No one is gonna know who I am. " At Alya's pout, she quickly added. "Except you, of course. "

Her redheaded friend smiled in response and adjusted her glasses. "Yeah yeah, of course. Anyway! I think we need to figure out some awesome costumes for this.. Think you can manage, Mari?"

The secret heroine perked at the idea of designing both hers and Alya's outfits. Obviously, she was going to design Alya's dress first so she wouldn't forget, then begin working on her own.

She knows for sure that if an Akuma or two show up it could hinder her time significantly on making their dresses. That's another reason she was doing Alya's first. So, if there was a chance she couldn't get both of them done, Alya would at least have hers to wear.

Her expression softened a bit with a hidden sadness as she beamed at her friend. "I can't wait, Alya. You're going to love it!"

"Oh, if it's YOUR design, I'm sure I will, Marinette! Now let's go get umbrellas. It's pouring out there." Marinette giggled at her friend's disgruntled look. She almost reminded her of Chat in this kind of weather.


It was a good thing there were stands that dispensed cheap umbrellas when the city was expecting a rainstorm.

Just as they both got underneath the plastic umbrella a loud explosion rang somewhere out ahead of them.

Alya whistled at the noise, looking up at the darkened sky with a grin. "That's some loud sounding thunder, huh Marinette?"

The other, however, was hardly paying attention to the girl beside her, in favor of staring at the rising smoke coming from far away.

"That's not….thunder.."

Marinette ran out from under the cover of the umbrella and into the crowded city streets of Paris, ignoring the shouts from her friend behind her as she kept running.

When she deemed to be in a secluded place, far enough away from Alya or anyone else that could possibly see or hear her transformation, she opened her purse revealing the red polkadotted kwami that looked at her with a worried expression. The pigtailed teenager gave a small, reassuring smile to the other.

"Tikki! Spots on!"


Chat Noir grunted as the cloaked akuma sent him face first into asphalt. Where on earth was Ladybug? This akuma was ruthless, and he couldn't even seem to find the item they needed to destroy! Not to mention the thing was completely insane...and LOUD.

Said akuma floated over to the superhero, who was currently removing his bruised face from the ground. He had yet to notice the other, who had arms clenched at its sides, glowing with some kind of energy.

Chat's ears twitched in a small warning as his nose scrunched in irritation, a sneak attack,huh? So, that's how it was going to play.

He waited until he felt the heat from whatever the thing was using before he flipped backwards delivering a wicked kick to the akuma's head. His heels slid on the roof of the crumbling building.

Thankfully, everyone had been evacuated long before Chat Noir had even gotten there. It seemed they saw the akuma long before it had attacked.

"Great." Chat Noir gritted out as he dodged several strikes from the akuma's own radiating claws. "This one's REALLY angry, what could have caused something like-"

The akuma made a noise, similar to a banshee's wail, making the cat superhero freeze and cover his ears with a groan.

The ground began cracking underneath the hero's feet, another floor caving in from the power. Chat shook his head, just waiting for the wail to end so he could bring the smack down on this akuma so it'll be ready when Ladybug DID get here.

When it did end, he found the ground was severely weaker than it was when the akuma had started. "Oh, just purrfect. Where is my Lady?"

A sudden zip line wrapped around the satellite tower, accompanied by the all familiar polkadotted yoyo. Well, there goes the plan. But, the sight made Chat relax a bit, enough to where the akuma caught him off guard and got a good nick at his left eye.

Happy that his mask had protected most of the blow, he swept out his leg and knocked the strange akuma off its….feet.

"Chat, Chat! I'm here!" Ladybug cried as she landed gracefully on the collapsing building roof. "I'm so sorry! I-... Chat, what on earth kind of Akuma IS this?! " She quickly got into a battle stance when the angered akuma turned its view to her, though its face and expression was hidden by the cloak wrapped around its form.

Chat jumped on the akuma's back as it began making its way towards the other, grunting when it screeched and flailed trying to throw him off. "I-I'm not sure, my Lady….But, i-it's REALLY strong! Whatever has happened, it-it has a lot more strength than the akumas we've fought before!"

The cat hero planted his feet as firmly into the concrete as he could without making it crumble under the force, and turned slightly to the look at the other. "My lady, try looking for the cursed item! I cannot see one! "

The female squawked in surprise, avoiding a stiff kick from the withheld person, and looked at the other. "You haven't found it yet? Normally were much faster than this! Is everyone out?" She asked while quickly beginning to scan the akuma for the item, without touching it, to avoid the radiating claws.

"Ou-Oui… Everyone has made it out before I had even got here. T-the p-police had informed me when I arrived. " Chat Noir's arms began to shake from the strain the akuma was putting him through. If he thought it was angry with him, it was clearly an understatement to how much it seemed INFURIATED with Ladybug here.

Which lead Chat to question to himself, why was it so fixated on her? This had to be someone they had met before, or maybe she reminded the akuma of whoever had upset her?

"Hold on just a bit longer, kitty. I can't find the item anywhere! " She got a bit closer to the akuma and reached to lift up the cloak wrapped tightly around the creature's form.

Just then Chat Noir's hold slipped, giving the akuma the opportunity to tackle the female heroine, its radiating claws making contact with her forearms as it knocked them both through the crumbling buildings floors.

"Chat!" Ladybug screamed in alarm as she fell down the levels with the strange akuma.

Chat Noir's head peeked out from the roof in slight panic. "Ladybug!" He instantly flipped himself gracefully down onto the next floor below him, peering down into the darkened hole made from the akuma's force as rain made its way in from the storm outside.

Thunder boomed from overhead making the entire building shake, and Chat felt a sense of panic enter him. What if something happens and they didn't make it out? What would happen to the rest of the Paris?

Pushing those unsettling thoughts into the back of his mind, the feline noticed the rain quickly soaking the under levels of the building, and down onto his already soaked form. The teenage hero felt his footing slip on the slick flooring, making him face plant once or twice on his way down to the third level.

No sign of the akuma, but the hole ended here so it must be somewhere, that meant his lady must be here, too.

He clicked a button on the side of his masking, hoping that the akuma's claws didn't damage them so bad he couldn't use his night vision.

Chat felt a sigh of relief leave him when his lenses glowed green allowing him sight in the darkening mess of broken parts, though there was a few pieces of the lenses missing. He stealthily made his way through the third level, flinching at the slightest sound, his ears twitching every so often.

It wasn't until he heard a small feminine whimper that he threw stealth all out the window and ran to the sound. "Ladybug! " He threw a hand up into the air, a dark energy circling around it as he struck it onto a rather large concrete slab that had fallen up against a closet door. "Cataclysm!"

The energy tore through the slab, reducing it to nothing but large chunks of rubble, but not so large that the teen couldn't move them.

He removed the rubble from the door in the office looking part of the floor, being careful of a couple of glass shards, and slammed open the door. "Ladybu-"

The superhero's eyes widened when he saw the form of not his Ladybug, but the one of his classmate. He thought he had been told that everyone had been evacuated before the akuma attacked. Chat sighed under his breath and let go of the door to quickly comfort his tear-streaked classmate.

"H-Hey.. Listen it's going to be okay, oui? I'll get you out safe and sound! " The feline gave his best 'cheerful' voice to the other, and cringed when they only seemed to cry harder.

Chat winced when the building gave a rather unpleasant creak, from the couple's sitting position. With a hesitant touch to the person's face he turned them to him and gave a dashing smile. "Listen, we need to get you outta here. There's no time to be a scaredy cat. I need you to be brave, okay, princess?"

The feline let out a breath when the other looked at him with such bright, hurt blue eyes. He eased his classmate into a standing position and guided her slowly out of the closet, despite her crying, she seemed to cope with the situation rather well. He's certainly had worse.

He knew this person. That's what made being a superhero so hard. When you see those you know break down, get hurt, or involved around your alter ego, knowing you could almost do literally nothing to stop it. He swallowed thickly, the dust from the mucky air beginning to get to him.

He glanced at the other to see how they were faring and saw them sadly glancing inside their purse, for some unknown reason. He furrowed his brow when they let out a hiccup from the sight of it empty.

With a gentle squeeze of the other's hand, Chat Noir lead them stealthily through the corridors, still technically looking for the akuma and Ladybug, but, mainly getting his classmate to safety.

"C-Chat … What are you d-doing..?" The crying girl looked up at him with those doe eyes, filled with small tear droplets that made them look so much prettier than they normally were and-

Whoah, calm down, kitty-cat. You have a love, remember? Though he couldn't help but feel his heart clench at the thought of his classmate being so sad, or frightened, Chat wasn't particularly sure on the fact.

This particular classmate that is.

Adrien would probably never admit it to her face, he wasn't that brave without the mask, but she had always held a small section of his heart.

He looked down at her trembling form and pulled her to him in a quick ' you're going to be okay' hug and smiled softly at her.

"It's all going to be fine, alright, princess? Just bear with me right meow." He gave her and gentle squeeze, ignoring the way her body felt almost familiar against his, and reached down to hold onto her hand again.

Her shy demeanor, her garbled sentences around only him had seemed so endearing at the time, but now, seeing his classmate so broken made him regret even having known her in civilian life. Because, now she wasn't the only one who was broken.

The innocent, the kind, the gentle Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

She nodded her head up at him, letting out a shaky sigh and holding onto his hand like a lifeline.

Which, in a sense, it was.

Chat took notice of the girl's soaked form, watching her shake probably from the cold, or fear. Most likely both. He really wished there was a clothing department somewhere in the building so he could find a jacket or shirt for her to wear. He felt bad by the way she was trembling, using one of her arms to cover her chest. Most likely to hide her now exposed anatomy that was obviously showing through her tank top and sports bra.

The hero bit his lip as they rounded a corner, knowing that the akuma could just be around the other side waiting for a sneak attack. Only this time, he couldn't think just about his own safety, but Marinette's now too.

He felt the girl squeeze his hand tighter and let out another small hiccup from behind him. Chat shook his head sadly, trying to resist to comfort the girl in such a dangerous situation.

Thunder boomed from overhead, making the building violently shake once again and Chat's ears perked at the sound of rubble falling through the large hole further back.

Marinette looked backed as well, hearing the debris falling onto their floor from above. She let out a small gasp from the building shaking under their feet from the impact.

They didn't have much time…

The warning beep of Chat's ring only proved that fact.

With a shuddering sigh, he turned and gently placed his hands onto the girl's shoulders, a small, gentle smile etched onto his face.

"You're my brave Princess, oui? " At the girl's shaky nod, the superhero continued. "Then I need you to do something super important for me, moi lovely. I know you are frightened and sad, and though I'm not sure as to why on the last part, it is very important that we remain quiet right meow. " He whispered to the other teen, choosing to shift his gaze to the open corridor to their left.

Marinette gave another nod, nibbling on her bottom lip and looking down at her feet. "Okay.." She whispered as quietly as she could when she noticed the other's attention was elsewhere.

Chat Noir's ears twitched from a sound a little ways down the next hallway, making him immediately grab hold of Marinette's small hand and squeeze it in urgency. "Good. " He all but breathed out, almost inaudibly.

Where the heck was the akuma anyway? They definitely should have been able to hear the thing by now, yet the only sounds were their own footsteps, fallen debris, and the storm raging outside.

The male let out a huff, blowing a few strands of wandering hair out of his face and leaned against the wall of their spot. Debating on whether or not they should move in the direction of the noise, it could be Ladybug, after all, or continue their careful descent to the first floor, was certainly taking a role on Chat Noir's mind.

On one hand, reuniting with Ladybug right now would be amazing, mainly because she could get Marinette out of the building quicker with her yo-yo, since the best he could do right now is jump out a third story window with her, and he doubted Marinette was in a good mental state to handle that. Plus, while Ladybug would be doing that, Chat could distract the akuma.

On the other hand though, if they went down the stairwell and encountered the akuma there they'd be cornered, and Chat didn't like the feeling of being trapped in a cage. He was a cat after all.

Another sound, similar to a few rocks splashing into a puddle resounded from down the corridor on their left. Luckily, with the angle of the walls they were left unseen to whatever may be down that path.

The feline's ears twitched again, this time the sound of bubbles popping, once again from the corridor to the left sounded. There was definitely something getting closer to them down that hallway and Chat Noir moved a hand through his hair, nervously wondering what he could do.

He turned and held onto the other's shoulders, a nervous smile evident on his lips. "Stay here for a sec, okay, Mar- er princess?"

At her hesitant nod followed by a small sniffle, Chat grinned and patted her shoulder then snuck over to the edge of the wall, peering over only when the noise on the other side stopped.

Instantly, he saw the shadowed face of the akuma and was thrown back down the hallway, breaking the wall from the impact, as the akuma came past Marinette's hiding spot, not noticing her gasp, Chat rose from the rubble on top of him.

"Go, Go! Down the stairs!" He motioned frantically to the stairs ahead of the girl, just across the opening. The akuma turned to look at Marinette and let out a loud scream when it saw her.

This time, however, the superhero grabbed ahold of the akuma from behind and held with as much strength as he could muster. He leaned over so he could look at his classmate, who froze at the screech.

Through gritted teeth and and shaking arms, he motioned with his head to the stairwell. "Go. GO NOW! HURRY!"

Marinette seemed hesitant at first, but then made a run for it down the stairs, the akuma screeching the whole time, another beep from Chat Noir's ring following soon after.

The building shook with each scream, more rubble falling all around the other two as the girl ran out of the first floor door and was immediately grabbed by police officers who led her behind some safety tape.

The screams of the akuma could be heard from outside as the building finally began colasping one floor at a time. People outside could feel their hearts drop at the fact that no one had seen their faved superheros exit the building, after saving the day.

The sounds of the akuma screaming eerily inside did nothing to calm their nerves.

At last, the building caved in on itself and colasped completely before the citizens of Paris. Smoke and dust flowed out of the crumbled building as it now lay only in concreted pieces.

No more sounds were heard from the remains.

The crying form of Marinette could be seen reaching towards the building, rain pouring down on all without an umbrella, and thunder boomed loudly overhead. Though, all the girl could hear was the voice of Chat assuring her they'd be okay.

She rubbed her eyes as the tears came as she screamed out into the rainstorm.



Don't kill me please.

It's only just begun.

Until next time, lovelies.