SASF ch. 3 : Evil in a Veil.

Sorry for the long wait. Lots of things have been happening. But, I promise I have actually thought of plot for the story. This technically is a made up akuma. Obviously. But, there won't be anymore.

Some spoilers this chapter regarding Hawk Moth's identity. Like… immediately.

"Where there is great love, there is always miracles." - Willa Sibert Cather


"Honestly, Gabriel. I expected you to react more. Especially seeing how your own son had been Chat Noir the whole time. You seem like you're brushing it off. "

Gabriel Agreste, otherwise known as Hawk Moth, glowered at the akuma taking his son's body hostage. He grit his teeth at the side of the wide smirk spread across his face.

"I am reacting just FINE, Morphina. I'm busy, and YOU have a job to do with bringing me Ladybug's miraculous!" The man slammed his hand down on the desk the akuma was currently sitting on and glared up at them.

Morphina narrowed Adrien's bright green eyes at him and slid off the desk. "You're bottling it in. That's not good for you, you know." They stated simply, giving a smug smile towards him before walking over and lounging on one of many couches in the fashion director's office and sighed. "Adrien would feel better if you talked about it." They muttered.

The older man almost relented, eye's widening at the mention of his son's feelings, he quickly snapped out of it and frowned at the akuma sprawled across a couch. "There is nothing to discuss and A..Adrien should know this. " He trailed off, breaking his gaze away from his son's form and suddenly found the paperwork on his desk interesting.

He could feel the akuma's gaze on him and he did a good job of ignoring it, until it spoke. "You should know by now when to admit you are wrong, Mr. Agreste. Adrien is very upset with you, even I am beginning to get frustrated at your lack of attention to this situation. Are you even going to continue being Hawk Moth with Ladybug's power sealed away and Chat Noir's in your grasp? Would there even be a point now..?"

With his head still down, the father replied. "I had people I had to protect, Morphina. Same as anyone, the point is I needed the power to do it. I didn't realize so many things were already out of hand by then. " He ran a hand through his greying hair and sighed. "What have I done..?"

The akuma was now sitting up part ways off the couch to lean closer to him. "So.. What are you going to do now..?" They asked, studying his reaction when the man tensed a bit in his seat.

Gabriel finally looked up, staring into his son's emerald eyes and felt the guilt wash over him. He bit it back down and his gaze hardened once more. "Same as before. Bring me Ladybug's miraculous, Morphina! With Chat Noir out of the way, it should be a lot easier. "

Said akuma huffed and slowly fell back on the couch, slouching with a small pout. "You say that as if it wasn't easy before..and you're still avoiding all of the situation. Your son is Chat Noir, Gabriel Agreste. You need to acknowledge that before you both go insane. "

The man simply glared over at the akuma again. "BRING me her miraculous! It's why you were given power in the first place! Besides… Think about how much harder it'll be now that Ladybug's powers are sealed away? She wont be running around in a bright red spandex suit anytime soon. How are you going to find her?"

Morphina scowled, crossing their arms over their chest. "I have my ways. Have some faith in me. Or at the very least a little confidence. Besides.. I already have a clue as to who she is."

"Really? Who?" The designer prodded, only to receive a wink in response. "What? You won't tell me?"

The akuma grinned and placed a finger to their lips. "My lips Are sealed, Mr. Agreste. It'll be a surprise for everyone." Morphina walked over to the back of the room and grabbed Adrien's backpack, slinging it over their shoulder before looking back at the father. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get to school."

Gabriel watched as the akuma turned and walked back out of the room. He sighed shortly after, once again running his hands through his hair.

What had he done?


Marinette blinked at the boy she has had a crush on since the beginning of the year. His eyes were slightly darker than what she remembered them being, but that could be summed up to a rough night or lack of sleeping.

She gave a small, petite wave and gel her shoulders hunker in her embarrassment. It was times like this she wished Alya was here, even though it was a selfish thought after the stunt she pulled yesterday.

"H-...Hi, Adrien. I thought… I thought you were…" She stammered, only getting about halfway through before she bit her lip and looked away.

Adrien tilted his head at her reaction, then after a bit of eyeing her earrings she now exposed to him, he grinned. "I'm fine, Marinette. Though...I'm more worried about you. Are YOU okay?"

Said girl whipped her head back around, her pigtails nearly hitting her in the face from it. "Me? Well, I'm fine…" She absentmindedly twirled a piece of her hair.

The model furrowed his brows and leaned closer, just as the teacher walked in. "Didn't you...Uh. Weren't you evolved in the battle with the akuma, last time? I heard you came out just minutes before the building collapsed…"

Marinette felt her breath catch in her throat at the mention of the events that happened yesterday. Her mind trailed to Chat Noir, making her let out a slight whimper and look away once more. "Y-...Yeah I was. Chat Noir saved me…"

The akuma blinked, not gaining any information from that, and was about to ask another question when the teacher in the front of the room called out to them.

"Socialize outside of class, hm?" She said gesturing to them.

Adrien saw Marinette shrink down in her seat and couldn't help but smile. 'This girl couldn't be Ladybug. She was too timid.'

The teen's nose crinkle at another thought. ' Althoughhh, it could just be how she acts out of the mask. Adrien is a fine example afterall.'

The akuma spared a glance at the girl from the corner of their eye and 'So could she really be..?'

Shaking his head, Adrien turned and pretended to pay attention to the teacher blabbing on in the front of the room. Trying to focus and succeeding for some time.

'If she then she'll die.' The akuma frowned and resisted the urge to turn and look at the other again. But, he did glance over at the preppy blonde girl at the front of the room.

She was passing notes to a redhead sitting beside her and scowling when she took too long answering.

It wasn't until the teacher saw and took the note that the akuma found another alternative.

"Chloe, Sabrina. Mind telling me just what you two were doing passing notes in class?" The female asked them, holding the folded piece of paper up.

The blonde jumped out of her seat and pointed to Sabrina. "It was HER, teacher! I'm an innocent victim in all of this!"

Sabrina gasped and placed a hand over her chest, angrily glaring at the rich girl while the teacher shook her head.

"I watched you, Chloe. You're not as innocent as you claim to be. Besides.." She unfolded the note and looked it over before pointing to a part and showing the mayor's daughter. "...isn't this YOUR handwriting?"

Chloe scoffed, placing a hand on her hip. "Isn't it MY dad that controls your paycheck?"

The akuma narrowed their eyes at the blonde girl before taking another glance at Marinette. They were sure she was Ladybug. But, they could feel how Adrien felt about her. She was one of the boy's best friends, one of his only friends. And, if she truly was Ladybug, then the akuma knew that the boy loved her as well.

Now, why would the akuma care? Simple, this akuma had known the boy since before he was even born.

Before when they fought both Ladybug and Chat Noir, their form was not capable of speech, so the akuma used their wails as a form of an attack.

When they had seen Ladybug, they knew they would need to take her out first since she was the one who purified the akumas. That's why they were almost certain that Marinette was Ladybug.

They already knew Adrien was Chat Noir a few months before as well as the boy's chauffeur.

So they didn't want to hurt Adrien by killing this girl. So..

The akuma looked back at Chloe and a smile stretched across Adrien's face.

What about HER?


Slightly short chapter, but I wanted to hurry and get it out.


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