Authors Note: Okay, so this is my first story that I've ever written and I have had this idea in my head for quite some time. I do plan on making it one big story starting at Hermione's birth(but not her entire childhood) and all the way through year 7. I'm a HUGE Dramione fan, so this story will strictly be that. This is so exciting! And please comment, leave suggestions, or just say hi! But like I said, this is my first story so I'll do my best.

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Chapter 1:

Birth of a Pureblood

Narcissa softly stared down upon the newborn baby in her hand, thick emotions getting caught in her throat. She was happy, so, so happy with her daughter secured in her arms but she could feel the dread lingering around them; like a dark shadow that treaded around the bed simply waiting for the chance to devour them whole. The witch could physically feel it hovering, licking at her skin in anticipation for her to slip and let it in.

She had never envisioned it like this. She had always wanted children years before she had married Lucius and now she had them, her perfect family. Her family was now complete, her sole goal in life was achieved, but everything was...wrong. The world wasn't right, it was too dark and damning for the pure, for the innocent. Children weren't suppose to be raised in such dangerous times, babies weren't suppose to be born in the middle of a war yet, here she was, cradling her newborn daughter tightly to her chest. Tears had sprung into Narcissa's eyes as she took in her daughter's precious face, flush and pink just as an hour old baby's should. Her daughter didn't deserve to be brought into such a dreary world, not with the threat of defeat on one hand and dealing with a madman on the other. Even Narcissa had been raised in a better world; demanding pureblood society was the worst she had to deal with, the loss of her sister and her cousin but that had happened later in her life. There had been no war when she was a child and yet she would describe her youth as a hardship due to the social pressures of the society she had been born into. Being a member of the Black family, she had been given everything and anything she long as she did as she was told. There would be no difference with her own daughter. Living up to Lucius' expectations would be demanding enough but her daughter would have to deal with an abiding war, with no power to defend herself. Narcissa was far from ignorant and she wouldn't deny the strength that both sides possessed and that there was no clear winner that would be conquering the other any time soon. This war was going to drag on for years. Decades, possibly, and it made her heart clench in agony. How long could hell last in the Wizarding World before it tore everyone apart? How long would it be until it went after her own children and ripped them out of her arms, out of her life forever?

Her gaze hardened, darting towards the door before she tightened her arms around her newborn. She wouldn't let it happen. Her children would be fine if she kept them in the Manor. The magic in the wards was too strong to be penetrated by their enemies and as long as her children remained there, all would be fine. She would be able to protect them even from him.

She quickly swept her piercing eyes around the room to make sure she was truly alone with her daughter before she nuzzled into her baby's cheek, letting her lips linger at the newborn's ear. "I'm sorry, so, so sorry, my love," she brought her free hand up to swipe at the tears that were falling from her eyes. For bringing hers into such a dreadful world, it did make her feel sorry for her child, but never would she regret her daughter's birth. She had always been a greedy woman and had craved for a daughter for years. Now that she had one, she wasn't ever going to willingly let go. She would die before handing over any of her children.

"My sweet, sweet daughter," she cooed down at her baby, kissing the curled brown hair on top of the child's fragile head. "So perfect, so pure. Mama loves you." Narcissa closed her eyes against her daughter's skin, feeling the overwhelming surge to keep the contact, knowing that their moments alone were limited and Lucius would be entering the room soon along with… She swallowed heavily at the thought and opened her eyes, scanning over her daughter for the umpteeth time. A mother was always the first one to memorize the faces of her children. Looking down at the newborn, Narcissa couldn't help but reminisce back to when her son had been born, just three years prior. Her daughter had all the features that Tom had, except her son had inherited Lucius' mercury eyes and had made his debut with the signature Granger smirk firmly in place. Her daughter had been different, with her own pale blue eyes and nothing but toothless smiles, sleepy grins, and the carefree spirit that Tom didn't have. From the moment her son had been born, he had been a quiet baby and it was rare for him to do anything but smirk - a trait he quickly picked up from Lucius. It was a relief to see her children as opposites because she knew they would balance each other out. Her daughter would be the gentle one, she could tell, and it was perfect for Tom's more...dominating presence. Her family would be perfect; she could see their lives flashing before her eyes, every holiday, every milestone as her children continued to grow.

A warm smile stretched across her face. "You complete our family," she whispered. "We'll be happy, I promise. Everything will be fine as long as we are together." She placed another kiss upon the newborn's head just as she heard a soft knocking at the door. It took less than a second before it was opened and Lucius walked in, closely followed by their young son.

Her husband looked unsure as he gazed at her and the bundle in her arms but at her nod, beckoning them toward the bed, Lucius picked up Tom and strided forward. In Lucius' grasp, Tom clung to his father's shoulder, never taking his steel eyes off of her or his new sibling. Once Lucius made his way next to the bed, he gently sat both him and Tom on the edge, letting go of their son to let him get closer to her.

Lucius was quick to take their daughter into his own hands. He didn't break his gaze from her face as he inspected every inch of her; his pointed face but prominent curves of her cheekbones and jaw. Narcissa couldn't help but smile at the scene. When they had first married, Lucius had been adamant on a child to further on the family name. A son was what he always wanted, and it had been a relief when Tom was born. They didn't have to conceive more because a son was all they - Lucius - had desired, but he hadn't shunned her longing of another. All worry of Lucius' reaction turning sour disappeared as he smiled softly down at their daughter. She was perfect in his eyes, otherwise he would've… She would've already known had he not been pleased with the newest addition to their family. At the moment he appeared to be the happiest wizard in the entire world, a rarity for her husband, and it made a warmth spread throughout her body. They were going to be happy. So, so happy.

Her gaze shifted to Tom who was intently watching the interaction between his father and the baby. She reached out and wrapped her arms around Tom's small frame, bringing him closer to the rest of them as she pressed a kiss to his cheek. He blinked up innocently at her and smiled. "Mine?" He shifted to loom over the baby in his father's hands, staring down at her with eager eyes.

Lucius nodded his head, briefly switching his attention to their son. "Yes, Tom. This is your sister," he said with a grin. "You're a big brother now, son. You are responsible for her now. Son, you must promise your mother and I that you will protect her. Do you understand?"

Narcissa watched Tom nod at his father, too seriously for a boy of his age. "I promise Father. I will protect her from them." She felt her face threaten to crumble at her son's words. She had no doubt he would be a protective brother but it was the fact that he knew the difference between the sides of war that he distinguished with one. The war had already touched her son, Lucius had already exposed their loyalty to forces she never wanted Tom to see. It was devastating. She fought back the tears when Tom lowered his head to kiss at his sister's lips, a bond already forming between her two children as her daughter's eyes fluttered open. It was as if time stood still while the two siblings locked eyes, Tom's promise silent as he hovered over his sister and smiled down at her.

"I love you sister," he muttered close to the baby's cheek, his pale skin brushing against the newborn's flesh. "Forever and ever, Hermione."


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