I use to think that it was the graveyard of life. The prospect of having to work and go back to my loving wife and our children after work sounded pretty annoying to me, that was until of course I got a wife myself, and in High School of all places!

Yukinoshita Yukino; now you wouldn't say that being with her was a handful but well, that's because you aren't me. After she cured herself from her horrible experience, she turned into the bossiest person I know, and that includes Shizuka, yes; I am now on a first name basis with Sensei. Cool, right? Anyways, back to Yukino being bossy.

Sometimes she demands ridiculous things. For example, she demanded heirs in the next four years of our marriage and we were still in high school! She said something along the lines of grabbing a hold of me with kids and never letting go.

Also, after Yukino cured herself from her problem with people, she didn't leave me as I originally thought. We were married for about a year and a half by that time, and immediately after she got better, she began using me as her ''girl in the relationship'', her words, not mine. We stayed together even though I told her that I would disappear for her sake, she didn't had any of that. Eventually after we finished high school, the two of us studied politics at the University of Tokyo. She did it as her plan to change society so people didn't end up like us: alone and rejected.

I, on the other hand, took it for another reason. Of course, I want to make society better, but I took this path after talking to Shiro-san. Yukino is someone that would work herself off for the sake of her goal, and certain people might take advantage of that, so he told me about the art of Shadow politics. I refused at first because most of the politicians are hypocrites that only care about making money and not helping anyone, but there are some people that work from the shadows, helping the one that is on top and fixing some mistakes that they might make.

That's why, I got fixated on the idea of working from the shadows and helping Yukino from there, ensuring her public image and safety. We were already engaged when I made that decision, and I studied and studied to the point that I surpassed Yukino for a semester in our third year. That was of course, until she got offended and beat me immediately after.

We graduated as the first and second of our class, and we were contracted in Shiro-san's diet. I didn't want to use his influence to get a job, but Yukino told me that he wanted to make it up to me for all the help I've given his family, so I accepted his kindness and we began Yukino's campaign. She was the public figure and the one who would speak in the events while I managed everything in the shadows with my ability to read people. I could tell when one of our collaborators intended to harm Yukino by identifying their liars and risks. Thanks to that, we won fair and square without a hitch.

Maybe you're wondering what happened to Yui? Well, right now Yui is our Maid, well not really our maid, more like our assistant. She takes care of the kids when we have work and all those kinds of things. She also cleans the house and does the majority of the domestic jobs in our lives.

She's married to an american chef named Alex and thank God for that because her cooking skills didn't improve at all, no really; if anything, I think she got worse. She also has a daughter that she named Lucy, a cute and bubbly little girl that I'm making sure doesn't learn the cooking path of her mother.
Yukino and I also have children, Natsu and my most proud achievement, the cute little Hikari, my daughter! We choose standard Japanese names because Yukino's naming skills sucks and mine weren't brilliant either.

I could say that I regret many things in my life but marrying Yukino was definitely not one of them. I'm glad I did, and I think it as drive us both home this night.

''Hachi did you remember tomorrow's meeting?''

''Of course Yukino, everything is ready, that guy won't know what hit him. I even called Hayama in case things escalate to a legal level, but seriously, that guy has way too many openings.''

''Not really, its ust that you are good at identifying other people's weakness.''

''All we needed was a called to Zaimokuza and he investigated a lot of evidence that makes that guy look bad. A womanizer that goes with three apart from his wife, also the thieving he did on the council and the disappearing of his rival on the diet, of course a murder. Easy, sick; but easy. How this guy didn't bother hiding anything at all really boggles my mind."

''I still get the chills when I think about it. Hachi are you sure you want to continue doing this job? These things that you find out aren't pretty at all and if you didn't tell me, I'll be on the bliss of ignorance.''

''And that's precisely why I'm doing it. I know how ugly this world really is, so don't worry. I'm still ensuring my safety as you made me promise.''

When we got married, she made me promise that I would ensure my safety above all things, because it will hurt her to see me suffer, and I'm doing exactly that. When Zaimokuza and I are investigating some diet member or some political rival to Yukino, I make sure to not do anything that might hurt myself. Funny part is that Zaimokuza became a private detective, haha. When he realized that he sucked at making novels, he tested out this line of word and he was surprisingly good at it. His trashy appearance makes you think that he doesn't know anything and that made him the perfect guy for that secret agent kind of shit. I hired him as our personal detective immediately after I got my job, and the two of us work on the shadows for the sake of Yukino's goals.

''That's good, what do you want to eat tonight?''

''Ah, we could eat outside, aren't you tired? You worked a lot today too.''

''Not as much as you did. Don't worry, I want to make something tonight.''

''Yui sent me a text earlier saying that everything was okay in the house.''

''Don't try to distract me. I'm cooking and that's final, didn't I tell you to not use your manipulation with me?''


''Don't forgot your place, you are my girl.''

I just sighed at that. Yukino really did make good on her promise of making me the bottom in the relation, even when we are doing our ''baby making''. She makes me the one on bottom receiving her love.

I could see our house in the distance and I smiled at it. Maybe this have disadvantages, maybe it is a little hard to keep up with the political world, and maybe Yukino is a handful, but I'm sure of something: I'll never choose a different life than this one.
Because I'm really glad that I'm her



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