Second Chance

Author: Peggy McDaniel McCombs

Pairing: Jake and Bella

Beta/advisor/proofreader: A heart filled thanks to 'madmamabear and JJ.' for Beta-ing the first few chapter of this story, and a special thanks to 'sassYNoles' for staying with me for the entirety of the story.

Summary: Bella gets a second chance to change things in her life. Will she change the direction in her life or will she make the same mistakes? Join me to see how Bella handles her Second Chance.

Rating: M Adult Language, Sexual Content, Violence.

Genre: Angst, Romance, Friendship

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended


I used to think when I was a child that life was so unfair, so boring. I mean most children do, don't they? They want to do things like ride their bicycles, play hopscotch with their friends or even play with their Barbie dolls, that's normal, right?

It wasn't so with me, from the time I was able to hold a pen in my hand or tall enough to reach the kitchen sink and stove, I was expected to take care of what most adults do in their everyday life such as pay their bills, do the dishes and cook their dinners. When I was old enough to ride a bike without training wheels I was expected to do the weekly grocery shopping plus go to school and keep up my grades.

Well I wasn't really expected to do those things; at least not at first. My grandmother did most of these things for us with my help, at least up until her death. It was then that I started doing these things alone, and it was then that my mother started to expect these things of me. I had to because if I hadn't we would have starved or the utilities would have been turned off.

I used my Dad's support money most times and let me tell you it wasn't easy to pay all those bills and make sure we ate on what little money he could afford to send.

It really wasn't my mother's fault, not really; she was so flighty at times and she would just forget I had to eat or have electricity to do my homework. She was raised by her mother who pretty much gave her anything she wanted, never gave her anything to worry about other than what new dress she would buy next, or how to fix her hair from day-to-day or, to put it in layman's terms, her mother spoilt her rotten. She could be so childish at times.

Her mother passed away when I was eight, and I remember how she used to cry on my shoulder and tell me how lonely she was. The only company she had left was me, and whatever deadbeat boyfriend she had found for the month who sat around our house, ate our food, watched our television and when I got older stared at me with those scary eyes.

Except for this last one she found who treated her much like her mother use to. He seemed different from the others. He babied my mother like she was the only one he saw, and he treated me with respect; something none of the others ever did. The others mostly had me waiting on them hand and foot and it got tiring after a while, but that was my life back then.

This new one even told my mother that he didn't think it was right that I had to take care of paying the bills or even cook their meals. After explaining this to her he jumped in and took over paying the bills, and every once in awhile when he would get home from work early, he'd jump in and cook dinner for the three of us.

Mom would tell him to let me do it, that it was what I did best, but he would come back with 'she's a child let her be one for a change', and she would finally agree not wanting to anger him to the point where he would leave.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan, and as I sit here on this sandy beach remembering those days, I wish now that I had stayed with my mother, Renée and my stepfather, Phil Dwyer.

I wish I had stayed in that life I thought so boring and unfair, or even if I did choose to leave my mom and Phil and moved in with Charlie, my dad, that I had taken a different road in life, chose a human life with my best friend Jacob Black, who begged me to stay with him, to love him, to choose him instead of Edward Cullen.

And in the end I did choose Jacob, which is why I am here now. If I had stayed away from the Cullen's, or Edward to be more specific, as Billy Black, Jake's father, had asked me to in the beginning this wouldn't be happening to me right now.

I remember those last days pondering on if I really wanted to be one of them, a vampire. Could I leave my father, my flighty mother and her new husband? Could I leave all my friends? It wasn't like I had many of those since I met Edward, who wanted me all to himself; and with me being so caught up in him, I watched as those friends drifted away. I should have realized then, that Edward wasn't good for me.

I remember Jake pleading with me day after day to choose him. I remember the look on his face as I turned him down constantly telling him that he was nothing to me but a best friend and what he asked of me wasn't fair.

A lie…a mistake I learned about too late. I did love Jacob Black more than I even realized. But when I finally figured out he was right, that I did love him just as much as he loved me, it was too late.

In the end, I faced Edward and told him I had made a terrible mistake, I didn't want to hurt him, but I had to be true to my own heart. I told Edward I loved Jake and wanted to live a human life with him, to have his children and raise them by his side. I thought he would understand for he told me time and time again he only wanted what was best for me, and he would step aside if I wanted to remain human.

I found out later by Edward own confession, that this was also a lie. I found out a lot in those last few minutes; like Edward didn't really love me, he only wanted me for the quietness of my mind for he was tired of everyone's thoughts drifting into his. That after we were married, he was going to take me away and use me as a human feeding bag at his leisure seeing that my blood sang to him.

Edward wasn't going to change me as he had promised once we were married, and after taking me away he would never let me go until I had grown old and he didn't need me any longer, that he would drain me and discard me as if I was nothing but an old rag.

Edward said he would tell his family I changed my mind about being changed and we would spend the rest of what was left of my life together away from the family. He said he would tell them he would end his life as well once I was dead…another lie as he continued explaining.

He said he would find another human and do the same thing to her. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I couldn't believe how naïve I was, how stupid, and to top off his deceit, Edward told me Alice knew what he had planned and offered to help him in any way she could, including deceiving their family.

I knew then that my life would come to an end that night. I knew he wouldn't drag me off against my will to be with him for fear I'd tell his family of what he'd planned, bringing down the wrath of his adoptive father, Carlisle.

I also thought I would never see my dad again or even the pack. Jacob, oh God, Jake would be devastated! He would track down Edward and kill him or be killed himself and it would be completely my fault. I told Edward I would fight him. I threatened to find a way to get away from him that he would have to kill me to stop me, and at that moment I knew he would.

'If only'…I sighed. If only I had a chance to change things, to live that part of my life over again. I'd never get the chance to meet the Cullen's because I would ignore Edward and Alice's advances. If I had that second chance I would choose Jacob and my life would be so different. But life didn't give second chances, did it?

After telling Edward I had chosen Jacob he went ballistic and after he told me what his plan was he forged toward me. I knew I couldn't run away but still I had to try. I ran to my bedroom door, but he beat me to it and grabbed me by the throat. At that moment, I saw the demon he truly was.

His dark eyes glowed evilly as he spat venom through his sharp, clamped teeth; telling me he would have what he desired. He tossed me across the room. I crashed into my desk causing it to topple over, my computer and other items smashing to the floor.

I tried to get to my feet, but I was too slow as Edward moved swiftly across the room and picked me up, tossing me again. This time I hit the wall, crashing through the drywall, banging my head on one of the two-by-fours in the process.

I slid to the floor, only barely conscious unable to get to my feet with no one to help me for Charlie was working the late shift that night; not that he could have done anything to help me, and at that moment I was glad he wasn't here because I knew he would die right alongside me and that was something I couldn't bear.

Edward flashed across the room once again and pulled my limp body upright, placing his arms around me holding me tightly to his chest. He moved my dark locks from my shoulder and lowered his head and it was then I felt the pinch of pain as he bit down into my jugular vein and began taking long pulls of my blood. I began to weaken seeing dark spots before my eyes. I was dying. Edward was draining me.

It was then I heard a noise. It sounded like it came from far away as I drifted closer to death. I heard a voice in the distance and it sounded so familiar to me…Sam?

I was dropped to the floor as he entered my room. I heard the sound of metal being torn and then the burning pain began, like hot lava coursing through my veins.

"No!" I screamed as I figured out what was happening to me. I was changing and I didn't want this! I'd rather die than to be one of them! It was then, I felt the warm arms of my savior as he pulled me into his embrace.

"Bella," he said in a sad voice. "He's dead Bella, he'll never hurt you again," he said softly.

"Sam, please," I begged.

"What is it, Bella? I can take you to the Cullen's, they can help you," he said with a broken voice. I knew he must be crying knowing what I was about to become. I shook my head and looked into his warm, sad eyes.

"Please, Sam…I don't want this. I don't want to become one of them…please, Sam…kill me," I begged.

Sam shook his head not wanting to do that.

"I…I can't! Bella, please don't ask me to do this, I can't," he pleaded.

"Sam, you know what I'm becoming and I don't want this, please…tell Jacob that I would have chosen him."

Sam looked down at my burning body as a single tear streaked down his cheek. Sam knew then what had happened, I had told Edward I had chosen Jacob and was killed for it.

I heard Sam choke on a sob just before he snapped my neck and darkness took over.

It was then, that woke up here on this sandy beach, not knowing where I was, as I sat up and took notice of my surroundings.

I looked to my left noticing a rocky hill, shaded in the color of silver, which towered to the sky with a waterfall pouring over its edges. The water was a brilliant shade of lavender glistening from the rainbow-colored sky. My senses were much sharper, the air perfumed with the smell of fresh lilacs.

I took a deep breath wondering where I was. I knew I was dead so, could this be Heaven? Because something this beautiful surely couldn't be hell. It was then I heard a voice coming from behind me. It sounded like Christmas bells softly ringing in my ears.

I turned my head slowly looking over my shoulder to find a beautiful creature hovering just a couple of feet off the ground. She smiled at me with her pink pouting lips. Her translucent veined wings fluttered behind her. Her eyes were the same shade as the glistening water, beautiful lavender. Her skin was shadowed in a leafy green which was lined with stems like veins that were thicker in places to hide her innocence.

'What was she?' I asked myself as she fluttered down and came to stand next to me. Once she was standing on her own tiny feet, her wings tightly folded onto her back, I noticed she couldn't be more than four feet tall and I felt like a giant towering over her with my five foot three inch self.

"My name is Fala, and you are in the In-Between," she said.

I looked at her in confusion and thought that I was surely losing my afterlife mind.