Second Chance

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After getting the pack settled at Sam's house where Emily and Kim had been cooking all morning I headed back to Old Quil's house to see my Bella to make sure she was alright as I jogged down the street I passed The Clearwater's house and saw that Sue was helping Harry into their house. I realized that they must have realised him the hospital today. I smiled and waved as I passed as they waved back.

Once I made it to Old Quil's, I ran up and entered his house to find Bella sitting on the sofa talking with Johnny H.

"Hey," Bella said as she tried to stand and Johnny caught her arm to keep her from falling. I guess she was still trying to get her sea legs after Lana left her or hid, anyway whatever, she wasn't with Bella at the moment. I ran over to her and pulled her into my arms as Johnny rose and left the room to give us some privacy.

"Hey yourself beautiful. You were awesome out there today," I told her. She shook her head.

"That was all Lana not me, but I feel stronger somehow. Like while she was using my body a lot of her power seeped into me."

"I can tell," I told her.

She furrowed her brow at my comment. "How?" she asked confused.

"Your eyes have changed," I told her.

"They have, how do you mean?"

I picked her up and carried her over to the mirror that hung on the wall across the room.

She gasped as she looked at herself in the mirror. I walked back to the sofa and sat down keeping her on my lap.

"Do you think it's because Lana is still inside my body?"

"I don't know, Bells, maybe. Speaking of how long Lana will inhabit your body, do you have any idea how long that might be?" I questioned not wanting to be away from her for any length of time.

She shrugged and kissed my lips softly. She pulled back and held her hand out in front of her and I heard her chant something I didn't understand as a ball of fire floated in her hand. I looked into her eyes surprised at what she had just done. She smiled at me and made a fist as the fire distinguished into a puff of smoke.

"Was that Lana or you doing that?"

"It was me. Lana said that It might be good to show you how close I am to completing the transformation."

"That's good, baby, really good."

"Don't worry Jake a couple of more days and it will be all over...well, the learning part," she chuckled.

"Thank god, Bells, I don't think I can take being away from you for much longer than that," I told her.

Just then young Quil walked in and began singing praises to Bella.

"You were awesome out there, Bella, I couldn't believe all that I saw, it was so cool," he began rambling on and on. Old Quil and Johnny walked in to see what all the commotion was about just as Bella put her finger to her lips and made a motion like she was locking a door. Young Quil voice cut off to only a mumble and the room exploded into laughter.

"Oh my dear Granddaughter, we need to keep you around if for nothing else but to keep young Quil in line," Old Quil said still laughing.

Lana was good to her word. Two days later she left us with her best wishes and her promise to help if ever we need it. Bella was now the most powerful Woodwitch in the history of our lineage.

To me she was just Bella, my mate, my everything. She was a little different but nothing too drastic. She wasn't as clumsy any longer and she walked with a grace, even the way she spoke was a little different, more pronounced and you could feel the power flowing off of her leaving everyone a little more respective of her, she was the Alpha female after all as well as the all powerful Woodwitch. She hung out a lot with Old Quil, not just because he was her Great-grandfather, but to share magic tips, and stuff, she even learned our language as she did every tribes.

She also called Johnny H. from time to time to make sure things were running well with the other tribes. I really freaked out one time when she had to take care of a problem across country. One minute she was on the phone, the next she was kissing me and vanished into thin air. I came to find out she teleported to North Dakota.

I called Old Quil and after telling him that she disappeared before my eyes he laughed and told me that she could teleport now and was probably handling a problem on another Reservation. Once she returned I made a point to tell her we needed to communicate more often. Of course she apologised and from that day forward she made sure to let me know of new developments.

Bella and I married a year later after things began to settle down somewhat. She teleported us to Hawaii for our honeymoon, the scenery was amazing not that we saw any of it because we locked ourselves in our room the whole seven day enjoying each others bodies, and let me tell you that was amazing even more so than our beautiful surrounding, and nine months to the day of our honeymoon our little girl was born, Sarah Molly Black.

She was most definitely her mother's daughter. Bella's eyes stayed green like her predecessors and Sarah's were just as green if not more...she did at least have my dark hair and as soon as she could walk Bella began her training. Not full on of course she wasn't about to teach her magic. I could only imagine getting a phone call from school saying that our little girl turned one of the children into a toad. But the rest would come with time.

Charlie married Tiffany a year after Sarah was born, she moved into Charlie's little cabin giving her house to Embry who imprinted on a girl from our tribe...Jenny Fox. They married two years ago and started their own little family and were happy.

Charlie sold his house in Forks, to none other than Mark the guy who took over his job as Chief of Police and soon after they bought it they had a daughter and you will never guess what they called her, you guessed it Isabella Marie. We were all shocked at that one. It's almost like that family was living Charlie and Bella's life for them...well, Forks wise anyway.

Paul imprinted as well, on none other than my sister Rebecca when she was home on holiday. Of course she stayed and moved in with him they too are happy and Becca is also very pregnant, she's ready to deliver any day now. Paul is about to drive us all mad with his constant worry for Becca, but we give him a break; as most of us have been there so we understand.

Young Quil is still single, still prowling around with all the young ladies, but I have to admit that he is at least settling down, he's not so loud and obnoxious, but that might have something to do with Bella for she was constantly putting him into his place. I think he just got tired of being punished which I'm sure his mother and Old Quil are happy about. It also didn't help that he still had Claire who was a few years older now, but still too young to be anything but his little sister. I do wonder sometimes how he will react when she becomes of age, we'll just have to wait and see.

Sam and Emily got married a few months after the confrontation with the Volturi. They now have two children. Mary Ann and Joey, they are happy as well.

Jared and Kim married soon after Sam and Emily. They have five kids...Five! I won't even go into naming them. But they seem to be fairing well.

Jared, Sam and Paul run and work at Sam's construction business where Embry, Quil and I run our own auto repair shop. The small amount of money we make as the protectors wasn't enough to raise a family so we each decided to start our businesses.

Bella does well though, with her being who she is each tribe sends her a small amounts of money for their protection. She argued the fact at first, but Johnny made her see that she was needed and no amount was worth all she had done for them all.

Dad still lives with us and enjoys spending time with his granddaughter, and she adores him. When she is in trouble he's who she seeks out thinking he will protect her and I guess he does in away, even with Bella and myself trying to make him see that he was spoiling her. His answer to that was 'that's what grandfathers were for' What could I say to that. Besides, Charlie and Tiffany do the same thing.

There has been a few instances where vampire's find there way to some of the tribes, but Bella seems to have it under control. Caius seems to be handling thing.

Carlisle did indeed join Caius in the rule of their kind, but only when Esme's distraught demeanor brought her back to La Push demanding a fight with Bella for killing her son. Bella ended her sorrow by sending her to her son so they could be together with Hades and that was the end of that.

Esme as well was not Carlisle's mate, though he mourned her loss he knew well enough not to face off with Bella so he joined the Volturi instead.

Jasper rejoined his own coven with the other Whitlock's and they keep pretty much to themselves.

Rose and Emmett moved off on their own not wanting anything to do with the Volturi, the last we heard they were living somewhere in or around Tennessee, Emmett's home town.

You may ask how we know where the vampires relocated. Easy answer...Bella, she keeps track of all vampires and what they are up too for the safety of all the Guardians.

Tonight is Bella and my anniversary and Billy has taken Sarah to Charlie's and Tiffany's to spend the night to give me and Bella time to ourselves. Bella cooked us a wonderful meal and now we were retiring to our room for a little romance.

'Start of a lemon'

We toasted one another before taking a sip and Bella grabbed my glass and placed them both on the side table before she rolled me on my back and started to unbutton my shirt. She leaned down and kissed me softly, but with passion. God, I can never get enough of her. There wouldn't be any foreplay beforehand, for as of late there was little time for one another, and I needed to be deep inside her right away. The foreplay would have to come later.

I rolled her back over and positioned myself over her and literally ripped her clothes from her body. Once we were completely bare I placed myself between her thighs and slowly entered her, her warmth tightly surrounding my length as we both moaned at the feeling.

I slowly began to move completely engulfed in Bella there was no one or anything more important at the moment as I lost myself in the woman I loved more than life itself. As the familiar tightening began in my lower region I began to speed up, Bella thrusting in time with my own movements, her legs wrapped tightly around my waist giving me more depth. Once I began to feel Bella getting closer I sped up even more until we both exploded in a passion I could never was magical and warm and sent me to places I've never been before as it always did when I was with this woman. "I love you," I whispered as we lay still connected panting trying to catch our breath's as we came down from our sensuous highs.

"As I love you, Jacob," she replied. The night continued as we shared our love for one another, finally finding sleep in one another's arms.

'End lemon'

I awoke the next morning still holding Bella, my wife looking into that precious face of hers I couldn't help but think back to the beginning when this all began. This beautiful woman chose me, and I can't help but thank the gods for giving her to me, even though it was the god of the underworld that did so, and with thinking that I couldn't help thinking of my poor Bella and her confusion as she woke to this new life, not knowing what had happened to her trying to figure out where to go from there, and thank god she came to Forks and wanted to make a life with me.

All is well now she has become what she was meant to be, the Reservation was safe as all others were. Oh, we still patrol but only once a day to make sure we don't pick up any foreign scents and so far we haven't not since Esme showed herself at least.

Everyone is happy, content and the world is good...hopefully it will stay that way.

The End.

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