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Those were the simple three words that once seemed nonexistent in what defined the life of the woman formerly known as Emily Thorne, only to be revealed as Amanda Clarke, but as of half an hour ago, now was established as Amanda Porter. Once upon a time, when she was a child, those three words held meaning and moralistic values in what it took to be known as a good person, and it was what made her sweet and light innocent nature shine like the first star of the night.

But overtime that light had darkened through circumstances beyond her control.

But she was willing to blend into the darkness in order to pursue a justice of her own that she believed to be merited. And though it proved to have long-lasting results, it also had substantial setbacks and losses: consequences that would serve as haunting wounds that would forever imprint her memory.

Nonetheless, because of her father and his intimate legacy along with the bonds that she formed with different loved ones, she now knew that somehow, mercy, hope, and happiness still managed to exist in her life after all.

It would be hard, and it would take time, but in the end…She believed that everything was going to be okay.

And in that moment as she gazed into Jack Porter's bright, piercing blue eyes that shone with nothing but love and affection for her as they slow danced for the first time as husband and wife, she never felt more validated in that belief. Though many other guests of their wedding began to waltz all around them, the newly wedded couple felt as if they were the center of each other's universe.

And they loved that.

For once in Amanda's life, it seemed as if something had finally gone completely right. Though much was lost, so much was also gained. She now had a new family, a new chance at life.

The couple laughed softly as little Carl Porter wedged his way through their closeness, desiring his new stepmother's attention. Jack smiled as his bride danced comically with his son, grabbing the attention of the cameras that made sure to capture the sweet moment. Later after they cut the cake, conversed with their different guests and family members, and the bouquet was thrown, Amanda headed back towards her dressing room to switch into her reception dinner dress and join her husband for the christening ceremony of their new boat that her father left for them before they would set sail.

On the way there, she paused as she looked out the window, watching the crowd gather near the enormous sized vessel that was mooring at the docks, her hazelnut colored eyes catching the familiar words and symbol of her father's legacy on the back of the stern.


Her stoic expression softened slightly as she felt the tiny ache in her heart over her father's permanent absence.

If only he could be here today...

To see the day that he somehow always felt would come to pass ever since she was a little girl…

She let out a small sigh, but then suddenly smiled knowingly. "I know you're there. What is it Nolan?" She murmured without turning around.

Nolan Ross bowed jokingly and smirked. "Just checking on Her Royal Hamptons Highness…They say that every queen needs a king and now that you finally got yours, I must know. How does it feel to at last have your happily ever after?"

She wanted to shake her head at her best friend's jocularity, but continued to gaze out the window.

"Well the story is far from over Nolan…" She started cryptically as she reflected on the dreams that recently started to haunt her at night, "And as you already know, my abdication from the throne is evident since I'm leaving the Hamptons…But overall, it feels pretty damn good." She finished, chuckling as she turned to face him with a bright smile. "I just wish-"

"-That King Triton was here to see his little Ariel happy with her skipper?" He questioned though it was more of a statement.

She furrowed her eyebrows, bemused at the way he put it, but shrugged vaguely. "Something like that."

"I'm sure he'd wish that too…But I know that he would be beyond proud of you…And that he's at peace knowing that after everything, you're finally having the chance to be happy." Nolan softly yet seriously stated as he put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

She closed her eyes, taking in his words, picturing the image of her dad and the smile of pride that would spread across his face if he were there to behold her on her special day. She remained silent, but nodded in agreement, smiling wistfully.

"Oh! And while I'm not trying to change the subject of our dearly departed David," Nolan started as he reached inside his suit jacket pocket to pull out a small yet beautifully wrapped, light pink colored present, "this…is for you and the groom."

She tilted her head slightly to the side in confusion and curiosity. "What is it?"

"That's for me to know and for you and Jack to find out…preferably later on when you're out at sea? That is if you two aren't too occupied with other…activities if you catch my drift…" Nolan wiggled his eyebrows knowingly and winked.

Amanda tried to conceal her flushed features and punched his shoulder. Hard. "Shut up Nolan."

He rubbed his now throbbing shoulder blade and laughed, putting his hands up in surrender. "Alright, alright I'll behave…for now."

She smiled and shook her head, rolling her eyes at him.

"But seriously, promise me that you both will check it out? I swear it's not a petty toaster…though I did debate on whether or not to get you two the latest nutri-blender, you can never have too many vitamins…well, scratch that you actually can, but you get what I mean."

She blinked at him, raising her eyebrow in confusion, suspicious of his eagerness, but giggled in reply. "Sure…Nols, whatever you say." She took the small gift from him and gave him a thoughtful smile. "Thank you…" She said softly, her thankfulness to him extending for far more than just the gift alone.

Nolan took his best friend in a warm embrace. "You're going to love it Ams…Both of you will." He whispered lovingly.

After they broke the hug, Nolan smiled secretively and walked off to check on other guests that were still gathering outside for the extended ceremony, leaving Amanda to finish getting ready. But as the celebration commenced, she couldn't help but wonder what could be inside the fair sized, yet expertly wrapped little pink box...

To be continued...