This story has been removed for renovations and I am working on it as you read this!

The Meaning Behind Special is my second story that I've published in the Twilight fandom. I wrote it over a year ago and I've gotten reviews that as time has passed, I have become more confident in this story and my writing.

Yes, I have and along with this timespan, I, myself, have matured and have educated myself and I am offended by my own writing. This story is offensive and very inaccurate. I don't want to get into specifics, but just know, that I am uncomfortable having it up, when over 200,000 people have and continued to read it.

Before anyone gets upset, know that no one came to me or messaged me that this story was offensive. But I myself have come to this conclusion and I, myself am uncomfortable with it and that's that.

So, this note is going to be very short, but I'm hoping I can work around some things, figure it out and republish it, but I am starting over and like I said, am working on the first chapter. I might have to completely revamp it, I don't know.

Thank you to my Beta Reader: Sabrina06 for sticking with me throughout the year and working hard on making this story as flawless as she did.

Thank you all for your continued support, love, reviews, criticism and following of this story. I really do appreciate it and I am so grateful. I hope you all can respect my decision.

Thank you,