Chapter 30: The Bond and Love Repaired

Last time on "Pokémon Sinnoh Journey", while the group were continuing their way to Snowpoint Cuty while traveling in a forest to the next town, they come to a short stop as Hikaru requests that he try and reconcile with Luxray, due to their issues earlier when she was sent out.

But as Hikaru tries to fix his bond with the Gleam Eyes Pokémon, it only backfires as the confrontation between Infernape and Luxray makes the Electric Type even more distanced and aggressive to her human brother! This however, all ends quick when a wild Aggron suddenly attacks Hikaru and Luxray, along with Riolu!

With the three separated from the others and Infernape, Hikaru and Riolu once again tries to reconcile with the Electric Type, only for another backfire to occur as they search for her, only to run into her again when they meet up with the aggressive wild Aggron once more.

As Luxray fights, she ends up losing, causing her, Hikaru, and Riolu to fall off the cliff, injuring herself and the Twinleaf boy in the process. Learning how to heal himself and how to make medicine for Luxray from his past learning, the Twinleaf boy helps the Electric Type out as he tries to once again bond with Luxray.

But when the Gleam Eyes Pokémon reveals her true reason for her fierce and savage personality, the Twinleaf boy soon realizes that he's in for a surprise from his Pokémon sister's story.

"Your eyes... Your eyes were the reason why I acted fierce, Hikaru..." Luxray said, catching the Twinleaf boy by surprise once again. "What...?" Hikaru asked as he let his pupils glow die down. As he was bewildered, he couldn't think on what to say to this answer.

He listened as Riolu listened too. The Gleam Eyes Pokémon looked down, before she looked up at the sun that was setting down, which would mean that night was approaching. She narrowed her eyes, still remembering the day when she tried to stop Team Rocket from capturing Cresselia.

"That night... that same night when I evolved... I saw your eyes. The eyes that didn't seem to be the Hikaru that I knew and loved as if you were my big brother. That scared me. When I saw it, I thought... that you weren't you." Luxray explained as Hikaru frowned.

Riolu watched as he frowned, feeling worried for both his sister and his human brother as the Gleam Eyes Pokémon continued on.

"I believed it happened, when Mamoswine and I were being taken down by Team Rocket, right before I evolved into a Luxray, and before Mamoswine as a Swinub evolved into Piloswine." Luxray said as she still remembered that night when she was all beaten up with Swinub at her side.


"HEY! Since you don't want to listen to your twerp and twerpette, I'll help you! With THIS gentle pat!" Meowth snapped angrily. He slammed Swinub away with the fist on his stomach with his giant Magikarp machine, while Luxio was hit on the cheek.

Both Luxio and Swinub yelled in pain as they were smashed to the ground this time, both beaten up badly.

"SWINUB! LUXIO!" Everyone cried out in shock. For Hikaru, this attack cracked him... cracked him like a stone breaking as he felt something awaken his spirit, as he gritted his teeth, while his eyes turned only yellow in anger this time.

"You... You... filthy... idiots!" Hikaru breathed out with anger. He clenched his fists, while gritting his teeth even more. At the sight of Luxio, his Pokémon sister getting hurt badly by the enemies, this was something he could never, NEVER forgive.

"By that time, I managed to take a glimpse at you... And from what I was seeing... You weren't acting like yourself at all. It's as if... someone else was taking control of you... taking control of your emotions, body, and your mind." Luxray said seriously.

Flashback End

By the time the thoughts to the past had ended, the Gleam Eyes Pokémon turned to her human brother with a sad look on her face, while Hikaru stared at her, as if she seemed strange as he bit his lips. He remembered too, when he felt his anger getting to the best of him.

"I remember that, too... When you were hurt badly by those morons, I couldn't think of anything else but to tear them apart, because I thought they were torturing you... not just by annoyance, but because they wanted to have fun. You know how I feel when that happens, Luxray." Hikaru said.

"I know... You were always like that when it comes to morons like those three and the bad guys we've faced... Such as Hunter J and Team Galactic... Gardevoir and Dragonair told me everything of that incident... on how you lost the will to fight." Luxray said solemnly.

The Twinleaf boy nodded to her as Riolu watched sadly, listening as the two remembered their past times together, until the female Electric Type looked back at the orange sky, remembering the time when she had let her fear and anger get the best of her.

"Right after that Cresselia incident, I evolved into myself as I am right now. And of course, when a Luxio evolves, their personality can be wild and aggressive... But, I think I may have gone too far with my personality, considering on how you and the others reacted." Luxray continued darkly.


Hikaru smiled at his girlfriend's happiness for Piloswine. So at seeing that, he and Monferno walked over to Luxray, who was staring off at the cliff, to where she stared at the moon. "Luxray. I need to thank you, too. Because of you, we're all saved! Along with Piloswine, that is!" Hikaru thanked.

"Monferno!" Monferno replied with a smile. But then, just as the Twinleaf boy was about to pet his Gleam Eyes Pokémon, Luxray glanced at Hikaru with a glare and growled lowly, much to Hikaru's surprise.

"L-Luxray? What's wrong?" Hikaru asked. Brock and Ash looked over, seeing the tense situation between Hikaru and Luxray. The Twinleaf boy tried to touch his Electric Type again, only for Luxray to shock him with Discharge!

"AHHH!" Hikaru screamed as he fell to the ground, almost paralyzed by the sudden attack. "Mon!" Monferno gasped as he ran over to his human brother. "Hikaru!" Ash and Brock called as they ran over to their Twinleaf boy friend.

As they helped him up, Hikaru glared at Luxray with hurt and shock. "L-Luxray!? What was that for!? I was only trying to thank you for helping us!" Hikaru snapped. Luxray only growled back, before she scoffed, turning away.

"No way... Luxray?" Hikaru breathed out in disbelief as he frowned sadly. Officer Jenny and Dawn came over, along with Piplup and Pikachu. "Brock, what's going on? Why did Luxray just do that?" Ash asked.

"Well... You see, when a Luxio evolves into a Luxray, the Trainer must be able to tame it enough in order for Luxray to become much more friendly and comfortable with its trainer... But..." Brock explained.

"That Luxray is much more fierce than the other kind..." Officer Jenny finished, frowning. "Does that mean... Luxray doesn't like Hikaru right now?" Dawn asked, feeling worried. "Pip Piplup?" Piplup asked in worry.

"Brock was half-right at that, while Dawn was half-wrong at the same time. I never hated you... It was more likely... I was scared of you. And yes, I needed to be tamed since I became more fierce. But I let my own fear get to me, and thought you were my enemy at that time." Luxray said sadly.

Flashback End

That time left the Gleam Eyes Pokémon narrowing her eyes as she tried to prevent the tears from escaping her eyes as Hikaru frowned again, as he also remembered on how wild his Electric Type had reacted to him when he and Infernape as a Monferno, approached her.

"I really didn't want to think you as an enemy... But right after I looked you in the eye when you were angry... I... I couldn't bring myself to be closer to you even when I wanted you. I was selfish... Selfish because of my fear... and because of my actions." Luxray said shakingly.

At that point, this was where she broke down as tears began to slide down her cheeks as she tried to hide her face from her human brother, as Hikaru watched solemnly, with Riolu watching, upset for how upset she was feeling.

As the Gleam Eyes Pokémon cried, the Twinleaf boy rubbed her head, trying to comfort her as he hugged her again, whispering to her as she was clearly upset for what she had done in the past.

"I couldn't believe myself... I wanted to fix my mistake... I really did, but... I guess my instinct to attack the enemy got the better of me, which was why I attacked you, with the savage look on my face..." Luxray sobbed as she revealed her teary eyes, with her cheeks wet.

Hikaru blinked in confusion, before he realized that the Gleam Eyes Pokémon was talking about the time when he and the others went to the Friendship School created by Team Rocket. But before that occurred, Luxray was still angry as before.


"Piplup! Oh, oh dear..." Dawn exclaimed in shock. Just then, the Water Type managed to recover as he got up, assuring that he was alright. So, with that done, Hikaru took a deep breath, before walking closer to Luxray.

Luxray felt his presence and glared, before she growled. "Luxray... Just look at me. Am I nothing to you? What have I ever done in order for you to be like this?" Hikaru asked, feeling serious about the question.

Instead of answering, Luxray grew annoyed as she lunged at Hikaru, much to his and everyone's shock. "HIKARU!" "LOOK OUT!" Dawn and Ash yelled. But, it was too late for Hikaru to dodge as Luxray chomped on his left arm, using Thunder Fang.

The electricity zapped Hikaru hard as the Twinleaf boy yelled in pain, electrified by the direct hit he just took. Luxray still held his arm in her mouth as Hikaru weakly looked up at her. "Let go... Luxray..." Hikaru grunted angrily.

His eyes glowed yellow and green again, startling the Gleam Eyes Pokémon. She slowly released Hikaru's left arm, allowing him to be free. His eyes returned back to normal as he held his left arm.

His left jacket sleeve was ripped off, and there were fang marks on his arm. Blood leaked out a little as he gritted his teeth in pain. He slowly backed away from Luxray as Ash and Dawn ran over, helping him.

"Hikaru! Hikaru, are you okay!?" Dawn exclaimed, looking at Hikaru's wound. "Oh man... What happened!? What's wrong with you, Luxray!?" Ash snapped, glaring at Luxray. "Pika Pika!" Pikachu snapped along, as Luxray just glared, although it wasn't an angry glare.

"I couldn't blame them... for now they reacted when I attacked them. When I saw you approaching me, I felt as if... an enemy was approaching and that I needed to attack before that enemy can... But it wasn't an enemy that I hurt... It was you." Luxray said solemnly.

Flashback End

"So you thought of me as an enemy because of what you saw in my eyes, right...? Because of the anger and frustration I displayed when we were trying to save Cresselia." Hikaru said, earning him a nod from the evolved Electric Type.

"What I did back then was unforgivable... I know that... So, when you haven't released me in a while after the last stunt I pulled... I thought you gave up on me..." Luxray said, catching Hikaru by surprise as Riolu placed his paws on his maw as the Electric Type continued on.

"When that thought came to mind, I thought... Maybe, that was the best if you never did... I waited... and hoped to be released, so you could tell me on how much you hated me... If you did, then... I would've understood." Luxray continued as Hikaru bit his lips.

Despite of Luxray's efforts to not show her tears, the Twinleaf boy was able to see it as Riolu crawled up to the Gleam Eyes Pokémon. "Big sis...? Are you okay?" Riolu asked as Luxray blinked, before she frowned as she turned away from the young Fighting Type.

"I don't think I am, Riolu... And... I need to apologize to you too... for acting all threatening to you before." Luxray said as Riolu widened his eyes as the Gleam Eyes Pokémon explained.

"I just met you and you just me for the first time, but... I acted wild on you, when you were only trying to protect Hikaru from my threats... I'm sorry..." Luxray said as Riolu felt tears welling up in his eyes too, as the Fighting Type shook his head while sniffling.

"B-Big sis...? No... Please don't cry. I'm okay! I really am!" Riolu whimpered as he nuzzled his cheek onto the Electric Type's cheek, as he tried to comfort his big sis, while Hikaru watched, with an understanding, but serious look on his face.

As the comforting was done, the Electric Type turned back to the Twinleaf boy, with tears still on her face.

"When I was finally out again, I was hoping for you... to say that you hated me. That would've been best for me... But still... You... You still tried to get through to me... Even after all the cruel things I did to you and the others. Why? Why do you still care for me even when I was like that!?" Luxray sobbed loudly.

As she cried, Riolu tried to comfort her again as Hikaru closed his eyes, as guilt began to eat up on him, as he placed his hand on his Pokémon sister's shoulder again, to explain his reason on why he was still persistent to fix their bond.

"Did you not hear what I said recently to you? You're like a sister to me. A sister that needs to be lwved again so she could go back to the way she was before... You're that sister, Luxray. No matter what you do or what you become... I'd still love you, no matter what." Hikaru said reassuringly.

At his explanation, the Gleam Eyes Pokémon widened her eyes before she gritted her teeth, as she felt more tears beginning to well up in her eyes, until something dark interrupted their touching moment.

"You'd still love her? Pfft... Ha ha ha! Now that's a terrible joke!" A dark, but familiar voice laughed, catching Hikaru, Luxray, and Riolu all by surprise! Standing up and taking out the Aura Blade, the Twinleaf boy ran to see where the voice was coming from.

"Who's there!?" Hikaru snapped, as he felt something dark approaching him and the other two. As he carefully looked around, he noticed a dark miasma forming on the ground near him and his two Pokémon! Riolu whimpered, while Luxray placed her paw around him to keep the young one safe.

As Hikaru got back to his two Pokémon, the miasma began to form, growing bigger and bigger, until it was the size of Hikaru's body! Then, as the miasma went away, everyone received a shock of surprise on who they were facing!

It was another Hikaru... but with piercings golden eyes and a dark aura surrounding the figure! "What the... What are you supposed to be?" Hikaru asked as Luxray and Riolu watched, still with surprised expression on their faces. The second Hikaru smirked darkly before he began to walk closer to him.

"Surprised? I guess you should be... considering that I look just like you, except with the eyes and the dark aura around me..." The second Hikaru smirked as he folded his arms, before he introduced himself to the real one.

"I'll tell you what I am. I'm the exact figure of you created from the shadows... Or simply put, the darkness in your heart! And most importantly... the suppressed feelings that you failed to take control over!" The second Hikaru sneered as Hikaru widened his eyes.

Shaking the surprised expression out of his face, he threatened his second self with his blade.

"So, this means you're a fake me? Except that you're only a dark part of me..." Hikaru started to say, until the Shadow scoffed before he denied the recent statement the real Hikaru had made.

"Not a fake! As I said, I'm you! Your Shadow! The darkness that you failed to take control when you tried to hide your true feelings!" Shadow Hikaru snapped as the Twinleaf boy narrowed his eyes. Riolu shook, as he couldn't decide which Hikaru to look at, as Luxray tried to comfort him.

"You may be able to fool the others with those weak and soft statements, but you know the truth already, whether you want to accept it or not. You're scared... Scared of the Gleam Eyes that attacked our friends!" Shadow Hikaru snapped, as he gestured towards Luxray.

The female Electric Type blinked in surprise until Hikaru intercepted his Shadow by getting in front of his two Pokémon.

"What are you saying? How do you know how I truly feel? Me? Scared of Luxray? I won't deny that I was on the previous attempts when I let her out, but if I need to say the truth... my love and bond for her doesn't change a thing!" Hikaru cried out.

"Idiot... You say you love her, but then why did you imprison her with the Pokéball that you keep in her? Every time when something good happens, you never let her out, especially when it came to events such as competitions or Pokémon Contests!" Shadow Hikaru scoffed angrily.

The Twinleaf boy widened his eyes, as he knew that the Shadow caught him with those words as he kept defending himself and Luxray.

"It's true, isn't it? You were scared of her... Scared of Luxray! That's why you never call her when something good or bad happens. You're scared, because you feared on how she would behave or how she would react if she saw you in the eye!" Shadow Hikaru called out.

At the words the Shadow was giving out, the Gleam Eyes Pokémon looked down sadly, as if she was starting to believe that the Shadow's words, and that her fear was coming true. But that was when her human brother intercepted his dark self again.

"How much are you gonna babble on something that's not true? Yes, I was scared of her... But not scared enough to hate her because of her personality and her instinct! If you want to badmouth me, then that's fine! But against any of my Pokémon and family, that is where you go too far!" Hikaru snapped.

He stepped up, before clenching his fists as he glared at his Shadow. "No matter how harsh she may have acted, she's still like a sister to me! A sister that I can always love no matter how she acts!" Hikaru snapped as his pupils glowed once again.

At his words, the Aura Blade began to glow as the Shadow narrowed his glowing gold eyes, before he summoned a weapon that looked just like the Aura Blade Hikaru had, but with dark shapes and patterns, along with a dark aura.

"You still deny it... In that case, maybe the fight between the both of us will determine whether my words are right, or if your words are the truth! And with this, I can also wipe the floor with you!" Shadow Hikaru snapped as he aimed his Blade towards the Twinleaf boy.

Hikaru ran towards him, just as his Shadow came for him! The two weapons clashed together, creating sparks between the two warriors as Luxray widened her eyes to see her human brother fighting his true self.

"Hikaru!? Hikaru, no! You can't fight that thing now! You're still too injured to be fighting like that!" Luxray cried out as she kept Riolu in her paws, as the young Fighting Type tried to call for the human brother, too.

"Big bro!?" Riolu barked desperately as Hikaru gave a quick glance at the two, before he continued to fight. The blades clashed together multiple times as the Shadow smirked before he vanished out of sight all of a sudden! The Twinleaf boy blinked, before something kicked him from below!

It hit his legs, knocking himself down as he watched to see the Shadow aiming to stab him with the Dark Blade! Rolling out of the way, the young Aura Guardian deflected the next hit with his Aura Blade as the two weapons began to clash again.

The Gleam Eyes Pokémon watched in horror as she realized that Hikaru was fighting his own self to keep her safe... Not just her, Riolu as well! She bit her lips and looked down, remembering of what the Shadow said about Hikaru being scared of her in truth.

"I knew it... I just knew that had to be the reason... Because Hikaru was scared of me... I was never let out on some days..." Luxray said bitterly as the clashing of swords were the only thing she was hearing, along with grunting and yelling from the two warriors.

But before she could succumb to giving up on herself, Riolu gave a big pout before he placed his two small paws onto the Gleam Eyes Pokémon's cheeks before he began to stretch them, as if he was trying to make her smile!

"Wh-What in Arceus are you doing, Riolu...? You heard what the Shadow said about Hikaru's true feelings, right? He was scared of me... Which was why I never got to be freed while being out..." Luxray said with a bitter expression.

"Listen to yourself, big sis! The Shadow that just talked was the fake big bro! How can you tell whether the fake was telling the truth or not!? You have faith on big bro, don't you? You love him as our big brother, right?" Riolu snapped out loud.

Luxray widened her eyes as she listened to the little one snap at her as the Emanation Pokémon continued on.

"I may not have been with big bro longer than you have, but I know he's someone that you can love! Someone we can love! And the fake that said he was scared... Well... Big bro is fighting the fake to protect us, isn't he?!" Riolu continued on.

Those words shattered the doubt on the Gleam Eyes Pokémon's mind as she looked back to see the Shadow attempting to drive Hikaru into a corner, only for his attempts to be countered multiple times as the Twinleaf boy used Aura to block his attacks.

"Heh heh heh... Not bad! As expected of the real me! But it doesn't change a thing! Once I kill you, you'll die, knowing that my words were the truth to begin with!" Shadow Hikaru laughed as the Twinleaf boy narrowed his eyes in disgust.

"Shut up and keep fighting. You haven't won't yet, so don't talk like you already have! Overconfidence can lead to your downfall, you fake!" Hikaru snapped back as the Aura and Dark Blade clashed together.

The Shadow scoffed as he tried to jump and strike his real self from above, until the Twinleaf boy used his Aura to create a barrier to block and deflect the attack back! As he did so, the Shadow grunted in pain, feeling the barrier giving the damage to him instead!

Once the Shadow was stunned, the Twinleaf boy ran to him, knocking the Dark Blade out of his hands, before he slashed the Shadow right onto the chest! The Shadow screamed in pain, before he jumped back to let his body heal from the attack he had just taken.

"Regeneration abilities...!?" Hikaru thought as the Shadow summoned the Dark Blade once again.

"If you thought it would be that easy to take me down, you're dead wrong! I've still got more tricks up on my sleeve!" Shadow Hikaru snapped as he aimed to attack his real self again. But this time, it was with Aura as the Shadow created a Dark Aura Sphere!

The attack blasted Hikaru away, making the wound on his chest even worse than it is! "GRGH!" Hikaru grunted as he fell on one knee, as he kept hold of the Aura Blade. Both Luxray and Riolu widened their eyes as the Gleam Eyes Pokémon slowly stood to help her human brother.

But a shake of Hikaru's head was enough to tell her that he didn't want her to interfere and get hurt than she already was right now. By the time Luxray hesitantly obeyed his mental order, the Shadow yelled, preparing to attack again!

"I'll finish you this time! Take this! Dark Ascension Slash!" The Shadow bellowed out, as he began the 12-hit combo! The Twinleaf boy widened his eyes as he managed to dodge the first strike, while blocking the second and third with his Aura Blade.

Then, using the power of Aura, Hikaru concentrated on his abilities to enter Aura Guardian Mode to counter his dark opponent. Then, as if his wishes were coming true, the Twinleaf boy began to glow, blocking the fourth, fifth, and sixth hit from the dark combo!

Stopping the 12-hit combo, the Shadow jumped back, gritting his teeth in frustration to see the change happening to his real self. "Argh! So you activate your powers now!?" The Shadow snapped as Hikaru opened his glowing pupils in his Aura Guardian form!

"No way... Is that... Hikaru?" Luxray asked as Riolu grinned, before he began to cheer for his human brother.

"Yeah! That's the power that Sir Aaron had given big bro! Aura Guardian Mode! Now his powers will be even stronger than before!" Riolu barked happily, as Luxray watched in awe to see her human brother countering his Shadow, as the Shadow tried to block his incoming attack.

"You've shown me your combo, now it's my turn to show mine! Aura Ascension Slash!" Hikaru yelled as the Aura Blade began to glow, letting the power surge through it as it also surged through the Twinleaf boy's body. The Shadow backed away as the 12-hit combo began to make its work!

As the Shadow managed to block the first and second hit, the rest of the ten hits were too fast for the Shadow to block as he couldn't block well, due to the severe wound he gained on the chest, despite of its regeneration abilities.

"GAAAAAHHHH!" The Shadow screamed as he was blasted away, tumbling on the ground as he struggled to stand up, only for him to fall down on one knee in defeat. "He did it! Big bro won!" Riolu cried out as Luxray was still shocked on what she had seen just now.

As the Aura Guardian Mode disappeared, the Twinleaf boy still got his guard up with the Aura Blade ready, despite of his exhaustion of the power he had just used to defeat his Shadow just now. For the Shadow, he pounded a fist on the ground with both anger and frustration.

"Dammit... How could I lose to a freak and a coward like you!? You still hide things from others that only I know of!" Shadow Hikaru snapped as he managed to stand back up, only to hear an insult coming from his real self.

"You were saying before... I thought you said, you were going to wipe the floor with me?" Hikaru asked with a mocking smile on his face, as the Shadow spat at the ground, before he glared at his real self with intense amount of hatred and anger as he smirked back darkly.

"Hmph... Go on, laugh... You were just lucky because of that Aura Guardian power of yours... The next time we fight, I assure you... You're finished!" Shadow Hikaru reassured as the Twinleaf boy narrowed his eyes, as he readied his weapon again to start a second fight!

"There is no next time! I'm taking you down right here and now!" Hikaru yelled as he tried to run for his Shadow, until he winced in pain, causing him to fall on one knee as he noticed that his wound was still bad, and it became worse, thanks to the fight they just had.

As he winced in pain, Luxray and Riolu ran over to their human brother (with Luxray struggling to run), as the Shadow sneered, before he laughed at the pitiful attempt his real self was trying to do.

"Heh... So the coward and weakling is trying to play tough... How cute is that?" Shadow Hikaru asked mockingly, only for Hikaru to snap back at him! "Shut up!" Hikaru snapped as the Shadow raised an eyebrow before he became surrounded with the dark miasma again.

"Temper, temper... Until we meet again, 'real me'." Shadow Hikaru smirked as he disappeared with the miasma as the Twinleaf boy tried to pursue his other self. "Come back!" Hikaru snapped, only for his call to be too late as the miasma was already gone.

And by the time the Shadow was completely gone, the Twinleaf boy's vision began to cloud as he gritted his teeth, while he struggled to stay conscious. "Dammit... Not now..." Hikaru groaned as he fell on the ground, as he heard Luxray and Riolu calling for him before he became unconscious.


Feeling something wet on his cheek, Hikaru slowly opened his eyes to see two figures staring at him as he blinked twice, to get a better vision on who was checking up on him. As his vision cleared, he noticed both Riolu and Luxray looking at him in concern.

"Big bro! You're awake!" Riolu chirped out happily as the Twinleaf boy smiled. "Yeah... I guess... I am, Riolu." Hikaru grunted as he managed to sit up straight, and notice a small fire burning from the firewoods that seemed to have been gathered, while Riolu looked a little dirty.

"Did you gather the firewood to keep us warm, Riolu?" Hikaru asked, as he earned himself a nod from the young Emanation Pokémon.

"Yeah... Your body was all cold, so I ran around to get some twigs and woods to keep you warm. Big sis Luxray was the one that kept you warm with her fur before we managed to make a fire together!" Riolu explained, causing the Gleam Eyes Pokémon to widen her eyes.

Blushing a little, she watched to see Hikaru turn to her with a surprised look on her face. "No wonder I felt warm fur on my face when I was asleep... Thanks, Luxray." Hikaru said, as he rubbed Luxray's head, causing her to purr a little, while growl in content after she did.

"Anytime... Hikaru..." Luxray said hesitantly as she let the Twinleaf boy lie on her furry body, before she asked.

"Um... Hikaru?" Luxray asked, catching the Twinleaf boy's attention, as he weakly turned to his healing Electric Type.

"Yeah?" Hikaru asked as the Gleam Eyes Pokémon was unsure on how to ask, as she immediately went to the point of what her main point was going to be.

"Did... you mean what you said when you were starting to fight your dark self...? That you would always love me as a sister?" Luxray asked hesitantly. As she asked, the Twinleaf boy noticed her blushing a little, with her eyes looking soft and solemn as Hikaru smiled back at her.

Before Luxray could react, she felt something wet, and small on her head as she widened her eyes in surprise to see her human brother, showing his answer by a small kiss! As he drew back, he showed her the soft smile that he usually had shown to the people and Pokémon he cared about.

"Does that answer your question?" Hikaru asked, causing Riolu to wag his tail happily, as he was both relieved and ecstatic to see her human brother and her big sis reconciling in a family way as tears once again began to well up on the Gleam Eyes Pokémon's eyes.

She pushed her head onto her human brother's chest, nuzzling him lovingly as the Twinleaf boy hugged her back warmly. Riolu joined in with the hug as he and Hikaru listened to Luxray sobbing a little, not by sadness, but by joy to hear that she was forgiven.

The night went on as the the bond between the young Aura Guardian and his Gleam Eyes Pokémon was bound together again, never to be severed or cracked by others.

The next morning...

As the sun was rising up, the Twinleaf boy started to awake until he felt something keeping him down as he felt something wet lapping on his cheek again as he scrunched up his face and open his eyes to see Luxray smiling softly at him, as if she was waiting for him to wake up.

"Morning... big brother." Luxray said playfully as Hikaru smiled in amusement. With the expression and tone she was giving off, the Luxray he had loved finally returned to her original state.

But by the time he thought that, he noticed Luxray sitting on his lap, with Riolu lying on her furry body, as he looked comfortable sleeping with the way he is. As the Twinleaf boy struggled to move, he felt more resistance from the furry body keeping him down as he eyed Luxray with a knowing look on his face.

"Morning, Luxray... Um, can you move? I need to get up and get ready to find the others." Hikaru asked as Luxray shook her head, before she gave her human brother another playful lick on his cheek.

"Mm... No. I think I'm going to stay this way... unless you say the magic word." Luxray said teasingly, causing the Twinleaf boy to sweat drop, before he sighed in defeat. With her weight being larger than hers, there was no way getting out of this mess unless he complied to her orders.

"Okay, Luxray... You win. Can you move, please?" Hikaru asked, causing Luxray to smile as she got off of his lap, with Riolu still on her back as the Twinleaf boy stretched, before he noticed that the wound on his chest was gone. "I guess the Aura must've finished the wound off..." Hikaru thought.

Before he fell unconscious again by sleeping, he used some of his remaining Aura powers to fix the wound on his chest to keep it from being worse as he let his powers heal him. But now that he's woken up, he noticed that by looking at it, the healing powers had done their magic.

By the time he looked back up, Luxray was licking Riolu, as if she was trying to tickle him awake. "Come on, little one. Time to get up." Luxray said softly as Riolu squirmed, before he slowly got up, yawning from the awakening his big sis had given him.

"Sis... You could've let me sleep a little more." Riolu whined as he yawned again, revealing his small fangs. Before Hikaru could tease his young Fighting Type, he heard an angry roar, coming from a familiar Pokémon! He narrowed his eyes, letting his glowing pupils die down as he confronted the giant enemy.

The one that was approaching them was none other than Aggron! It roared at him and his two Pokémon, as if he was ready to make some more trouble! "Tch... And just when we thought you gave up on hunting us down... You want some more!?" Hikaru snapped as he got ready to fight.

That was, until Luxray got in front of him, having her wounds all fixed up! "Let me handle this, Hikaru... You need to stay healing, no thanks to the fight you had to start with your Shadow, remember?" Luxray asked as Hikaru blinked, before he nodded in understanding.

But before he could speak, he felt Luxray bumping him, forcing him to get on her back as Riolu joined his two elder siblings. He frowned, until he noticed Luxray smirking at him playfully, making him realize that he was tricked into this.

"I'm just kidding... I'm not letting you slack off on this situation. You give the orders, Hikaru. And Riolu, watch how I really fight!" Luxray called, earning herself a nod and call of understanding from Hikaru and Riolu.

"Alright. Follow my command, Luxray!"

"Okay, big sis!"

By the time the two opponents were ready to fight, no one noticed Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Hareta all arriving at the scene! "Look! It's Hikaru!" Ash cried out as Dawn noticed in who he was riding. "And... is that Luxray?!" Dawn shrieked as Brock smiled in understanding and realization.

"He must've gotten through to her!" Brock pointed out as Hareta and Ash grinned together.

"That means Luxray must like Hikaru again, right?" Hareta asked as the Twinleaf girl smiled in relief as she placed her hands to her chest. "Hikaru... You did it..." Dawn thought as Aggron roared out loud, surprising the others as they recognized the Iron Armor Pokémon that was standing right in front of them! before he unleashed his Double-Edge attack!

"It's that same Aggron again! I thought it learned its lesson by now!" Ash exclaimed as Hareta pouted in annoyance. "And I thought the big guy was never going to cause trouble again, too..." Hareta grumbled as Hikaru saw the attack coming.

"Here comes a Double-Edge! Show that big brute your true power with Wild Charge!" Hikaru called out as Luxray did so, by charging her mane with electricity! To the Twinleaf boy's relief and surprise, the electricity wasn't hurting him and Riolu as the Gleam Eyes Pokémon was surrounded by the power!

As the Double-Edge grew near, the Wild Charge attack collided with the brutal attack, creating an explosion! It knocked both Aggron and Luxray back as they glared at each other, as the Iron Armor Pokémon continued with Hyper Beam!

"Let's try this again from last time! Discharge, to counter!" Hikaru yelled, causing Luxray to roar out loud before she used her powers to negate Hyper Beam and shock Aggron at the same time! The others were amazed with the cooperation the two were giving each other as Brock smiled.

"Those two are like in sync with each other! I guess we don't have to be too scared of Luxray's behavior now." Brock said as Hikaru continued with the attacks. "Now, use Hidden Power!" Hikaru called, allowing the Gleam Eyes Pokémon to blast the Iron Armor Pokémon away with the glowing orbs!

This knocked the Iron Armor Pokémon down as Riolu cheered for the win his big sis was getting close to. "You can do it, big sis! Just one more!" Riolu cheered as Luxray smiled, feeling confident that her victory was near.

"One more time, Luxray! Discharge!" Hikaru cried out as the Gleam Eyes Pokémon shocked Aggron once again with the Electric Type attack! At being hit once again, the Iron Armor Pokémon had had enough as it wailed while trying to run away as Riolu barked to it while it ran.

"And don't come back!" Riolu barked out as Hikaru chuckled before he got off of his Gleam Eyes Pokémon. Feeling thankful and proud of his Electric Type, the Twinleaf boy rubbed Luxray's head with thanks. "Thanks for the battle, Luxray... You were awesome against that big brute." Hikaru said softly.

The Gleam Eyes Pokémon purred as she snuggled her human brother's chest again warmly, to show her return of affection.

"Hikaru! You're okay!" Dawn cried out as she ran over to her boyfriend, with the others following. As she reached him, she threw her arms around the young Aura Guardian, catching him by surprise before he smiled, as he hugged her back.

"Sorry to worry you guys..." Hikaru said sheepishly as Hareta walked over, until he noticed the rip on the Twinleaf boy's clothes on his chest. "What happened to you? Did Aggron have something to do with that huge rip on your outfit?" Hareta asked as the Twinleaf boy smiled.

"Y-Yeah... I was trying to use Aura to fight it off, until I got the wound on here, but... it's thanks to Luxray that Riolu and I managed to be safe. If she weren't here, then... the two of us would've been toast." Hikaru said as he rubbed Luxray's head again, causing her to purr in affection.

"So, is Luxray cool with all of us now?" Ash asked as he tried to approach the Gleam Eyes Pokémon slowly. But to his and the others' surprise, the female Electric Type didn't make any movement to attack while she was being approached.

Instead, she let the Kanto trainer pet her, causing her to growl in content, much to the others' surprise and relief. "Wow... Luxray... She's back to her old, sweet self again." Brock commented, earning a nod from the Twinleaf boy.

"That's right. She's back to her sweet self... but she still has her great powers that her opponents would need to look out for in case if they were to battle her." Hikaru said, as he scratched her chin, causing her to once again purr in affection as Pikachu went down to greet her, now that it's been a while.

Before anyone else could react to the Electric Type communicating with the Gleam Eyes Pokémon, the Twinleaf boy felt something or someone behind him as he felt warm, strong arms hugging him from the back as he smiled, recognizing on who the mysterious figure was.

"I'm so glad... you're okay, big bro..." Infernape said softly, causing Hikaru to smile as he turned and hugged his Flame Pokémon back. "It's good to be with you again, Infernape. I'm glad you're okay, too." Hikaru said as they released each other after a while, before the Flame Pokémon turned to Luxray.

"So... Are you cool now, Luxray?" Infernape asked, causing the Electric Type to frown at the question.

"What kind of question is that, Infernape? Of course everything's cool now. I'm back to the way I was... The sweet, but strong Luxray that you know." Luxray said unamusingly, as Infernape smirked back.

With that said, the Twinleaf boy smiled, before he hugged Luxray again in a side-hug with his right arm, before he used his left arm to give his starter a side-hug, too. Riolu joined in as well, while the others watched, as they were all happy to see their friend getting along with all his Pokémon now.

With the bond fixed, nothing was going to get in the way of the Twinleaf boy from accomplishing his own quest to save his father, while continuing to fight and battle for the Sinnoh League and the Grand Festival.

But what Hikaru didn't know, was that this was another part of the adventure that would soon become wild, now that his Gleam Eyes Pokémon was back to her old, sweet and strong self again.

To be continued...

Hikaru's Team:

Infernape: (M): (Flamethrower, Mach Punch, Flame Wheel, Close Combat)

Luxray: (F): (Wild Charge, Discharge, Iron Tail, Hidden Power)

Buizel: (M): (Ice Beam, Aqua Jet, Razor Wind, Water Gun)

Togekiss: (F): (AncientPower, Aura Sphere, Safeguard, Air Slash)

Leafeon: (F): (Magical Leaf, Shadow Ball, Synthesis, Leaf Blade)

Gardevoir: (F): (Psychic, Double Team, Thunderbolt, Teleport)

Riolu: (M): (Endure, Quick Attack, Foresight, ?)

With Prof. Rowan:

Dragonair: (M): (Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail, Thunder Wave, Safeguard)

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Next chapter preview:

Hareta: Hey, guys? Is it just me, or is the weather kind of strange today? It should be hot, but it's cold.

Brock: That's not cold weather! That's Powder Snow! And the grass here is like... Grass Knot!

Dawn: Do you guys think a Pokémon would've done this? But what for? And why would it do this?

Ash: I don't know, but I know for one thing that it's playing tricks on us! Ah! Is that it! That's the one!

Hikaru: What is this...? Leafeon gets all timid all of a sudden, and your Grotle is angry at our new friend here...

Ash: Hey! Come on, Grotle! Calm down! There's no need to get so angry on poor Snover here!

Events that occurred:

- Hikaru meets his Shadow for the first time

- Hikaru and Luxray fixes their bond and sibling love together