Brainship Enterprise: The Next Generation

by Starsinger

Just another thought. Brainships live upwards of 300 years. Jim and Spock should be friends for a REALLY long time. A new Enterprise has been built with a young and exciting crew with an experienced captain. Jim takes a liking to the new ship and her captain, Jean-Luc Picard. His new brawn, Commander William Riker, awaits them on Farpoint. Watch as the new USS Enterprise, NCC-WJ-1701-D takes flight 78 years after the exploits of the first Enterprise. Don't own them.

"Captain's Log: Stardate 41153.7,

We're on our way to Deneb IV on this newly commissioned USS Enterprise. The biggest surprise is that the original shellperson, James Tiberius Kirk, signed on and has joined us. I have not met this remarkable man, but his service record of the Admiral and his crewmates is amazing. I have to get used to someone calling me by my name. His brawn, and my First Officer, Commander William Thomas Riker, awaits us at our destination, Farpoint Station. A mysterious place that was built in a matter of months. Mysterious, but something that Starfleet and the Federation are happy to accommodate."

Captain Jean-Luc Picard stood in Engineering looking at the column housing the ship's brain, Jim Kirk, and that was how he was to be addressed, Jim, not Admiral. Picard was an average sized, human of the Caucasian race, balding and a greying, but would still be considered handsome by many women. He also sported a suave, French accent that made him even more appealing. "Jim?" he asked. "Might I have a word with you?"

Minutes later Jim appeared much as he always had, looking young and vital. He smiled at Picard. "Hello, Jean-Luc, how may I help you?"

"I just wanted to meet you," Picard responded. "You've met with many of my crew, and your body has quarters now."

"And you're not sure how to address a human crew member who's well over 100 years old," Jim said with a laugh. Picard could instantly see how the man had been described as "charming, intelligent, and disarming" over the nearly 80 years of his service. "Spock would tell you that it's not logical to be nervous. I remember you," Jim said. "You were at Spock's wedding, right?"

Picard remembered the wedding alright. He'd been so focused on meeting Spock and his father, Ambassador Sarek, that he'd missed most of the others he'd met. Including Saavik, his bride. Picard suddenly smiled, "You were the one who I thought looked like a hologram."

"Yeah, that was me," Jim said.

"I was surprised by you signing on, Jim. Given your history with Klingons," Picard said. The Enterprise's long and storied past included many unpleasant encounters with the Klingons. Worf was a Klingon who'd been raised on Earth after his family had died on Khitomer. Rogue elements of the Romulan Empire had attacked the planet killing most of the inhabitants. Word of the attack had reached Romulus first, and they had immediately dispatched help and asked the Federation, their allies after ten years of talks following the Nero incident, and the Klingon Empire along to help track them down. They also managed to look the other way when the pirates were captured by the Klingons and never seen or heard from again.

"I'd rather be friends with them than enemies," Jim replied. "Worf is a solid officer with an enormous chip on his shoulder."

Picard frowned, but ultimately agreed with Jim. Then, he looked down. "You're not wearing shoes."

"My Mom always told me I'd catch a cold doing that," Jim said with a sad smile. "As an Admiral, I can forgo the shoes." Picard's mouth opened before he realized Jim had made a joke and started laughing.

"Worf to Captain Picard," a voice sounded.

Picard hit his comm badge, "Picard here, Mr. Worf."

"We appear to be being pursued. We cannot ascertain what kind of vessel it is," Worf responded.

"On my way, Worf," Picard stated as he turned to Jim. "See you on the Bridge?" Jim nodded and disappeared.

Picard drew a deep breath. He'd have to get w a deep breath. .

o Jim. "scertain what kind of vessel it is,"used to that.ard here, Mr. Worf."d hit his comm bad made a joke and started Klingons and never seen or heard from again.

hem He walked quickly to the nearest turbolift and took it to the bridge. He still marveled over this Galaxy Class ship. It had families and could separate into three separate parts: Saucer Section, Main Ship, and the Captain's Yacht. He had yet to try out the Captain's Yacht. A smile crossed his face as he exited the turbolift and looked around. He descended the ramp to see a nebulous, if round, series of dots. Unfortunately, scans showed nothing.

"I'm sorry, Jean-Luc," Jim's voice sounded. "There are no records of such a craft."

"My, my, how charming," a voice sounded. "Given your long and violent history, you take pity on the sickly and deformed." The speech not only rose everyone's hackles, but would introduce them to possibly the most dynamic and irritating being they would ever encounter, with the possible exception of the Ferengi."

This is an off-shoot of my "Brainship Enterprise" that I'm not stopping. Just considering the options.