Happy Birthday, goldcaught! I hope it's great and that you've enjoyed this little series of drabbles!

Note: this series is based on the books by Nalini Singh. :)

Caroline woke half-buried under Klaus.

She was on her stomach, partially curled against her pillow and Klaus was pressed against her back, cheek against her shoulder. He was all male heat and the scent of his wolf, and she sighed in pleasure, even as she wiggled one foot free of the covers. Still sleepy, but amused by the possession of her wolf, she stretched completely content at the slide of skin. She hadn't moved in with him yet - although she'd let her toothbrush and shampoo migrate over. To her personal amusement, Klaus had taken her reluctance as a personal challenge.

Last night he'd seduced her with his hands and talented tongue, letting her wolf soak in the feel of him. Klaus had stroked her until she'd dug in with claws and took him, his laughing wolf-eyes wildly possessive. And now, he'd all but pinned her to the bed. She found she didn't mind.

Caroline blinked.

She didn't mind.

Her wolf rolled over, perfectly content. Reaching for her wild heart, she waited. The joy that came circling back had her biting her lip. She absorbed the realization, let it sink into her bones and narrow, as she and her wolf were in perfect agreement about this stubborn, wonderful man. Curling her hand around Klaus' wrist, she smiled.


A low noise, his breath hot against her spine. Trying not to laugh at the way he tugged her even further beneath him, she dug in her nails, just a little. "Klaus."

A sigh, hot lips against her shoulder blade. "It's your turn to make coffee."

Caroline snorted, and decided he deserved a little mean. She'd tried to tell him. Lips curving, she threw open her changeling heart and found the possessive, adoring heart of his wolf - of him - waiting for her. Blue and copper, the mating bond snapped between them and she shivered at the force of it, the way he sank in so deep nothing would be able to take it away. He was hers.

The world spun and Caroline found herself on her back, Klaus feral-eyed and sleep-rumpled, his copper eyes blazing. Caroline smiled at him, fingers reaching for the line of his jaw.

"So I decided yes."

Hot, devouring kisses as the bond between them sang. That wicked tongue she so adored seduced, stroked until wolf and woman needed more. Curling her legs around his hips, hands a tangle in his curls, Caroline rocked against him.

"Slow later," Caroline demanded, panting.

"Anything," Klaus said in between kisses. "Anything."

He took her as she desperately needed, hot and wild. Then he took his time, until her claws shredded the sheets, leaving them both breathing hard and sated in the messy bedding.

"Caroline," Klaus murmured, tugging her close, face pressed against her shoulder. "My stubborn, beautiful Caroline."

The day would start soon, the pack demanding his attention, his time. There was no keeping this quiet for long, and she didn't want to. Her wolf was absurdly satisfied with itself, and Klaus must have caught some of that, because he laughed; low and delighted, everything about him humming against her senses.

"Possessive little thing," but the open wonderment in his tone, that wild edge of joy had her snuggling back against his chest.

"Don't you forget it."

Turning her head, she kissed him because she could. Let her joy sing through them both. Because she'd found a home, here with her copper-eyed wolf.

The End

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