There you are cradling yourself from a nightmare. You're in a pitch-black room, rocking yourself back and forth, back and forth. Repeatedly chanting, Just a dream, Just a dream Just a dream. But what if it wasn't a dream? Time goes on and your still trying to stay awake, so the monsters wont find you. You find yourself getting sleepy; your eyes start to droop. Slowly loosing consciousness. You find yourself running, running down an old abandon subway tunnel. What's behind me? , What's coming to get me?, Is it them? How did they find me? They won't catch me again, not this time. You keep this in your head like a mantra, repeating it to yourself again and again and again. You keep running till your out of breath and your feet are bleeding. Leaving a trail of blood, where ever you walk. There quickly catching up to you, you hear the sound of shoes pounding on wet concrete. The tap tap splash tap splash tap taps, repeatedly coming closer. You want to run, but your feet are aching and you collapse to the ground, when you fall you breath is taken away. It leaves you gasping for air. They shine a light your way, blinding you. You try to scramble away but you find that they now have surrounded you. Encasing you like an animal in a cage. They then part and another person comes up to me, you struggle backwards only to find that there is a concrete wall. He slowly bends down. You can't see the mans face but from what you can, you see in his eyes and he's hiding something, something dark and nasty, wanting to be unleashed. then you see his raises hand and when he is about to knock you out, you see the darkness of his eyes and you're jolted awake. You're still in the corner when you wake up. you look around to see if anyone else is awake. Nobody. So you go to stand up, you then find that if you lift up the paper gown and see you're feet they are all bloody and covered in grime. Was that real?